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Mr Rooter Plumbing of Long Beach

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2650 East 70th Street
Long Beach, CA 90805

(562) 731-3015
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Mr. Rooter Plumbing was excellent. My plumber, Andy, was very calming in a stressful situation. I greatly appreciated that and how nice he was.


We called Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Long Beach out, and he said he could fix the drain underneath our house the following day. We said we would be gone all day, and he said that woul...

I would definitely call them again. 11/6/2013

Mr. Rooter Plumbing was excellent. My plumber, Andy, was very calming in a stressful situation. I greatly appreciated that and how nice he was. more

Enjoyable! 10/29/2013

We had a clogged drain and Mr. Rooter Plumbing took care of it. The tech they sent out was a really good worker and everything turned out really good. more

I've had nothing but good experiences with them. 9/10/2013

I definitely recommend Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Long Beach. I've had them out three different times. They're more expensive than I probably would've gone for usually, but from the second they came to the door, I could say their price balances out with the service and customer service they provide. When they came, they showed me their identification at the door and put booties on their feet to protect my floor. After the service, they walked around and checked everything - drains, dishwashers, faucets, etc. - to make sure it was functioning properly. They even reminded me about a coupon I could use, which was great. I liked the fact that there was a guarantee that they explained to me. All their prices were laid out for me in a booklet, too, so I knew exactly what I was getting and what it would cost. When I call, I'm able to speak to an actual technician. They give me their personal numbers, not just their work numbers, and send a little card after to ask how the service went. This way, if there were a problem, the customer would be able to tell them and $@!#% it in the bud. I've used Mr. Rooter for things from casual jobs like drain clearing, to absolute emergencies where they came out immediately the next day. With everything, I've had nothing but a positive experience. more

We were not happy. They didn't communicate and lost our business. 8/29/2013

We called Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Long Beach out, and he said he could fix the drain underneath our house the following day. We said we would be gone all day, and he said that would be no problem. He also said it would be complete start-to-finish in one day, which was also what was in the contract. Instead, one person showed up about a half an hour late, saying he wasn't even there to do work, just to get things prepared. We headed off to the wedding we were attending, and when we came home we didn't know what had been done. We actually tried to cancel the work because there was just no communication. We went to use the washing machine, and it backed up, overflowed, and flooded our whole kitchen. We called early Monday and the guy said there were two people on the way to finish. He said it would take an hour or so. It actually took 3 or 4 hours. My point is, the communication was horrible. The actual workers who came were very nice and fixed it eventually, but there was not communication. We wanted to get an estimate for getting the rest of our piping done, and they said it would be $5000 more, on top of the $2000 we paid for this job. We didn't want to go through with that. Mr. Rooter lost business and service, and all of this is why they are ones. Someone could have called and said they couldn't finish the job, don't use your washing machine, etc. They told us nothing. more

I was very happy! 8/20/2013

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Long Beach redid a bathroom for me. There was a leak in a pipe, so they had to completely destroy the bathroom and then rebuild it. Shiloh, the team's head, couldn't have been better! more

I won't switch plumbers unless someone forces me. He's great! 8/14/2013

Every time I need plumbing done, Mr. Rooter of Long Beach is the one I call. I've had him come out for several different things, probably over a half dozen times. My wife and I are always so pleased with the professionalism and the amount of service he gives us. It's just great dealing with Mr. Rooter, and I'll never have a problem recommending him! more

Good, professional service. They know what they're doing and take care of the customer. 8/9/2013

I have problems with my water heater. I looked Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Long Beach up in the yellow pages and the answer they gave me was very helpful. They were very understanding and very compassionate. The person on the phone asked if it was an emergency and since it wasn't told me to do this and do that in the mean time as well as to save money. It was very helpful for the customer. For me, that was an A+. This was the first time I've used Mr. Rooter Plumbing, but it won't be the last. If you get the kind of service I got, you will be in heaven. The lady who helped me on the phone was outstanding and the man who came to house was very professional. He told me to start he would try the cheaper option first and see if that worked. He saved me money I didn't need to spend. He was nice, quick with his business, and when he was done he checked out my plumbing and told me what I should check out eventually. It was the first time I had somebody want to check out the whole place and make sure it was running perfectly. For me that's worth the money because they understand the stuff and I don't. He gave me the warning signals to look for. For somebody to take time out of their life to do that for me was really, really nice. more

Very hard working staff. 5/1/2013

I had them replace the main piping under my house. They did a very good job. They had good, hard workers. They were very pleasant and conscientious. I must have used them before too, because I had their magnet on my refrigerator. more

A good company to use. 4/26/2013

I had Mr. Rooter replace a pipe that was damaged and clean the remainder of the pipes, in a portion of my home. They were honest, prompt, clean, and efficient in carrying out the job. more

On time, clean, and good work. 3/20/2013

Mr Rooter came right when they said they were going to. They were very polite, seemed to know what they were doing, and cleaned up well. They did a good job. I was very pleased. well they came right when supposed to; very polite, seemed ot know what they were doing; cleaned up well; did good job; pleased; more

Never had a problem with Mr. Rooter. 3/14/2013

I always use Mr. Rooter for any problems. The guy that comes here, Dustin, always explains what's needed and gives you options. He is very efficient and his work is good. more

Great! 3/13/2013

We had Mr Rooter out earlier. He took a look at our problem and got us back on track. We highly recommend him for any job. more

Very professional, and courteous. We would call them again in a heartbeat. 12/14/2012

Shiloh from Mr. Rooter came out and he was extremely informative and spent a lot of time working here. He was very professional and very clean. I couldn't tell anyone had even been here he was so clean. He was polite, a nice fellow, and very courteous. We called and they were out in no time. The kitchen sink backed up, and he spent a lot of time going through, looking at the set-up. We have a double sink in an older home with old pipes. He gave us material to use. He even advised future maintenance to help prevent clogs down the road. more

Professional and polite. 12/13/2012

I had them come out recently to open up a sewer line. They were professional, polite, friendly, and seemed to know what they were doing. I've used them for quite a while and they've been great. more

Very good. I would call them again. 12/10/2012

I used Mr. Rooter for two projects. The first project involved roots in the terra cotta pipe in the front yard. The replaced the pipe and cleaned up out front, and did no damage to the lawn. The second time, our bathtub drain clogged. They took care of it. They finished the job, were courteous, didn't make a mess, and arrived on time. more

They are great. 10/30/2012

We've had them out twice. Once, they did the whole sewer line, from under the house into the street. They worked hard in 100 degree weather, and they were clean both verbally and dirt-wise. The second time it was quick, they worked as efficiently as they could so we could have use of our one bathroom again. They are very tolerant of our kids and dogs. more

While I expected something to go wrong, the whole project went like clockwork. 8/31/2012

The team doing the job are very knowledgeable, very professional, respectful and very clean. All the work areas inside the house were protected and thoroughly cleaned at the end of the day. Every question I asked was readily answered without hesitation, demonstrating how experienced the supervisors are in their field of work. more

Happy with the work 8/23/2012

I've used them before, this time I really needed someone right away. They took the pipes from my house and put a new line in from the house to the sewage. It comes with a guarantee and I was very happy with the job. more

They treated my home like it was their home 8/8/2012

Mr. Rooter did a major plumping job in my house. They tore through the walls and the ceiling to replace the old piping in my 100-year-old home. They restored the house to it's original condition. Now the plumping is in great shape. I'm very happy with every one of the gentlemen that came out to do the work. They eased all of my fears about this invasive procedure. They were just fabulous to work with. I'd have them back in a heart beat. more

Wonderful service. 7/27/2012

We called two other companies, and they wanted more money and wouldn't come out until a day later. We called Mr. Rooter, and he said he could be here within half an hour. It was 8:15 on a Saturday evening, and he came right on time. It was wonderful. He didn't take long, and he charged less. The experience was very enjoyable, because he had a nice attitude, and we didn't have to wait a day. He also did other stuff, like checking every sink we asked him to. We were thrilled with his service. more
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  • Mr. Rooter Plumbing is your trusted plumbing professional for courteous and reliable services. Plumbing issues can occur unexpectedly and when they emerge you want to ensure that you have a reliable plumber by your side. Our teams handle a wide range of residential and commercial plumbing issues, including drain cleaning, sewer line repairs, leaking pipes, water line repairs, maintenance, plumbing installations, and more. Not only are all of our plumbers licensed and insured, but Mr. Rooter Plumbing also provides upfront, flat rate pricing with no overtime charges! Call your local plumbing professional today to request an estimate or schedule a service.

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