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Mr Cecil's California Ribs - 23 Reviews - 13625 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA - Lunch Spot Reviews - Phone (818) 905-8400

Mr Cecil's California Ribs

13625 Ventura Blvd
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
(818) 905-8400
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Mr Cecil's California Ribs - Sherman Oaks, CA
Mr Cecil's California Ribs - Sherman Oaks, CA
Mr Cecil's California Ribs - Sherman Oaks, CA
Mr Cecil's California Ribs - Sherman Oaks, CA
Mr Cecil's California Ribs - Sherman Oaks, CA
Mr Cecil's California Ribs - Sherman Oaks, CA
Mr Cecil's California Ribs - Sherman Oaks, CA
Mr Cecil's California Ribs - Sherman Oaks, CA


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i went to this so called rib joint the other nite.... all i can say is.............WOW... WOW, it was some of the best i've had... we sat at the bar. Sarah or farah was her name.....


I have never written a review before, but felt compelled to sign up for Yelp and write a review based on my recent experience at Mr. Cecil's. I ordered food via the phone for...

Finger Lickin' Good 7/20/2010

Mr. Cecil's was a perfect treat after work. A few co-workers and I swung by after she raved about this place. She did not disappoint us! Your favorite rib joint has nothing on these ribs. The pork ribs fell right off the the bone and the beef rib basket were the biggest ribs I have ever seen in my life, it looked like a Flintstone Brontosaurs rib! Perfect place to have a beer and hang out with your friends, I will definitely be back! Pros: Great tender ribs Cons: A little empty especially for a weekend more

My first review - and it ISN'T GOOD!!!! Go somewhere else!! 2/6/2010

I have never written a review before, but felt compelled to sign up for Yelp and write a review based on my recent experience at Mr. Cecil's. I ordered food via the phone for takeout and walked up to get it. 75% of my food was just coming out when I got there, but not the rest....they left the bulk of the food with me, then went to check in on the rest. 12 minutes later, once most of the food was cold, I got the rest of the order. When I asked for all of my food to be hot, the hostess couldn't understand my issue. Eventually, they did make me some new food, but once I got home, I found they had not included sauces (despite two reminders), nor my hot links, and one set of ribs was very tough. I did call back later that evening, after my newborn had gone to sleep, spoke to the assistant manager, who said he could do absolutely nothing, (even though I paid for some food I hadn't rececived), and he would take it up with accounting on Monday........that was a week credit, no apology, no nothing........ So, cold food, not all of my food, paid for food not received, powerless and unepologetic employees, and some food wasn't even very star, and that is generous. I will never go back, and don't suggest you do either. January, 2010. Pros: They sell ribs Cons: Cold food, overcharged, poor service...... read on...... more

If you HATE Dr. Hogly Wogly's... 9/18/2008

You'll LOVE Mr. Cecils. It has the dried out grilled ribs, soggy fries and bland sauce direct from Smart & Final's that you CRAVE. And then the pretentious Chuckie Cheese meets Nightmare on Elm Street decor will make you swoon. And you pompous elites will puff your empty chests out with pride at having your car parked by a real paid valet. So you can rub elbows with more of your smug empty suit poseur pals. All while being left to wait for a wobbly table in an otherwise empty dining room and attended to by an overly inked would be actress whose bad attitude is softened only by her story of how she got HEP-C from her last piercing. Pros: Nothing like Dr. Hogly Wogly's Cons: Not expensive enough. more

Mama likey 8/7/2008

I have been here two times, and both times have I left saying ""I should come here more often!"" I am thinking of adding it to my list of regular haunts. I tried the pulled pork sandwich the first, then last week I enjoyed the BBQ'd brisket sandwich. They are large portions, the sides are large and shareable, and there is so much on the menu I'd like to try. The restaurant has a comfortable feel to it. It was very clean and the staff was friendly. I will be returning, and would hope to have a few drinks next time with my meal. Pros: delicious, large menu Cons: valet or hunt for parking on Ventura more

cecils, my oh my, cecils 4/14/2008

the place s*&^&, we went twice since eric, an old time manager left, two times too many!! the place is run by kids, Eric was the only manager worth anything over there, and he had the right mind to leave, the place has gone to the dogs. more


I wanted to throw my boyfriend a fun (yet casual/intimate) surprise bday party with a few close friends. He loves ribs and I came across Mr. Cecil?s in a Google search. I had never been there and sight unseen, I decided to proceed with my plans and hold the dinner @ their Sherman Oaks location. From my first conversation with manager Ali, to our emails to the event was smooth sailing. Their attention to detail and service delivery was fabulous. At the actual bday dinner, we were greeted by the owner and Ali to ensure all plans went well. They introduced us to the staff which included our FABULOUS server, Mara. She was beyond phenomenal. She was so lovely, so accommodating, so vibrant. I loved that she remembered our names and constantly greeted us that way. Her service (without question) made the experience above and beyond my expectations. Not-to-mention the very delicious food. My guests included major meat lovers and vegetarians like me. The menu truly catered to all tastes and the dessert was unbelievable! more

are you kidding me???? 4/9/2008

I went to this rest. the other night to celebrate my wife's birthday. Well, it was a Saturday night, looked like there wasn't enough servers for the place. We waited for our server, some gal, tattoos galore, (i thought this was a family rest.) was quick with trying us to rush trough our order. Food comes out, i ordered the short rib dinner, my wife ordered the baby backs. food was cold, took another 10 minutes to get out waitresses attention. She grabs the plates like she's doing us a favor. No manager on the floor. Ridiculous service, sorry to say, we wont be going back there. How this place still stays in business is a wonder to me. Quincy's down the street on Ventura is worlds apart. Much better customer service and amazing staff. Always there if you need anything. I wouldn't go there again, not if they paid me... what, the owner cant afford to have managers on the floor?? we paid for our food and left. It would have been nice to voice our complaint to someone there, but i guess it was every person for their own. Pros: nothing at all, waste of money.. Cons: used to be a good place. more

best bbq ribs 3/24/2008

i went to this so called rib joint the other nite.... all i can say is.............WOW... WOW, it was some of the best i've had... we sat at the bar. Sarah or farah was her name..... so nice and so sweet... very attentive... the food, out of this world... ribs were just what i hoped.... drinks, well i had the mojito,,,,, sooooooooooooooo gooooooooooooooooooooood... all i can say is two thumbs up LA!!!! wish they had more happy hour specials!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pros: great food Cons: nothing more


I have had ribs all over town and they are usally poor quality meat, greasy and covered in a sauce to hide the quality. These ribs-we had all 3 kinds were tasty with out any sauce and came clean off the bone. I have no idea what all those negative comments were about. I do not think we were at the same place I was. We drove over the hill into the valley just to see if everything I heard about this place was true. It was and more. The sides were tasty and I tried them all but the cornbread. The beans were good but the other sides were much better. The staff was really nice. I casually mentioned the air was blowing right on us and she ran and turned it off with a big smile happy to help out. I can't imagine anyone not having an amazing meal. I LOVED THIS PLACE! Pros: GREAT RIBS and STAFF Cons: ITs a drive over the hill for us but worth it. more


In a half-empty restaurant, the hostess parked us at the bar, left us for thirty min. then when I asked her what we were waiting for, told me that she had walked through the (empty) bar calling us (!). UNBELIEVABLE! The unbridled arrogance was astonishing. Food is fair at best. ""Baby Backs"" weren't, got fatty spareribs instead, waitress ARGUED with us that they were in fact good when they were AWFUL, as if it was I who didn't know any better. GRILLED on top of that, not slow-cooked as real BBQ must be. Greasy fries, mediocre sauce. NOTHING to RECOMMEND this PLACE except it is ""BBQ"" for those who don't know any better. Cutsey decor is for children. And to add insult to injury - this place charges DOUBLE what this cheap chow should cost. SO... FOOD: NO! - SERVICE: NO!! - VALUE: NO!!! Any Questions? Pros: It was open when we got there. Cons: The Entire Experience. Awful! more


I heard so much about this place that I had my daughter take me here for Mother's Day. BIG MISTAKE!!! I love Baby Back Ribs and love grilling them at home. Someone even said this place was as good as Tommy Bahama's in Palm Desert. THEY CAN ONLY DREAM OF BEING THAT GOOD! I'd rather drive the two hours to the desert for T.B.'s ribs then go to this place ever again. Another interesting note is that they don't cook the ribs with BBQ sauce. You have to pour the BBQ sauce on the ribs after they are delivered to your table. Anyone who loves good ribs knows that you cook the sauce on them while they are cooking. It gives them more flavor. Not only that, I ordered Baby Back Ribs and got REGUALR PORK RIBS. Can you believe that? I asked the waitress if she was sure it was Baby Back Ribs and not regular Pork Ribs that I was eating and she smiled and said, ""No! It's Baby Back Ribs."" I knew they weren't but I didn't want to spoil the day so I let it slide. I'm not a complainer and this is the first review I've ever given but these were soooo bad that I decided I had to let other people know so they wouldn't have a horrible meal like we did. As far as the tender, drop off the bone goes. . Another lie! I couldn't even pull them apart with my hands. I had to use a knife and fork! No kidding!!! It was like cutting a steak or a piece of chicken. Really! They were no ""melt in your mouth"" ribs that's for sure. My daughter and I both said, ""NEVER AGAIN!"" How this place stays in business is beyond me. Now I know why they only had four tables being used. The lady told me that they expected more people but maybe because it was Mother's Day that people went someplace else. RIGHT!!! Pros: Location! Cons: The Worst Baby Back Ribs I've ever had! more


We came here for 2008 Super Sunday - all you can eat for $20.00 & it was the greatest. Now they're serving sliced brisket which is the best thing since sliced bread!!! And those beef ribs are easily the best in southern California. Looks like they've changed most of the staff since we were here last and the service too is unbeatable. We think the service is almost as important as the food & obviously so does Mr. Cecil. It's so nice to go out and to be pampered by a caring waiter/-tress. Thanks Mr. C - you're the best! mrcecilscaribs Pros: BEST RIBS, GREAT ATMOSPHERE, FRIENDLY SERVICE Cons: Parking is sometimes hard more

HORRIBLE 2/8/2007

This was one of the WORST dining experiences that we have had in a long time. The waiter forgot about us after he took our drink order and then came back and told us he forgot about us. The manager was walking by as we waited for the waiter and did not acknowledge us and we were the only customers in the restaurant!!! In addition, the waiter was difficult to understand because of his very heavy accent and gave us attitude like he was doing us a favor by serving us. TO top everything off the food was way too salty and not very good. I would not recommend this place to anyone, not even my worst enemy! Cons: ENTIRE PLACE--CANNOT BELIEVE IT STAYS IN BUSINESS more

Good ribs but overpriced 11/18/2006

Very good ribs (warning: there's pretty much only ribs on the menu so only come if everyone in your party is in the mood for ribs) and the cornbread's really good, too. BUT the prices seem way, way higher than what they should be. more

This place changed 8/28/2006

What a disapointment. I've been going there since they opened and also brought many friends and family there. The food changed. I don't know what happened but it's GROSS now. GROSS! The ribs are so fatty I couldn't eat them and the fries were saturated in oil. As I say, I've been going since they opened but not again. They also changed the menu. Before they gave two sides with the entree, now most of the sides are $2.00 extra, for example fries or a baked potato. Give me a break, I'd rather go to Tony Romas, no joke they're better than Mr. Cecil. Cons: Food is gross more

Fantastic St Louis style ribs 7/3/2006

I had the beef St Louis style ribs at the Sherman Oaks location. The meat was falling off the bone, and the dry rub seasoning was fantastic. Several years ago I moved to CA from South Carolina, and ever since I have been searching for good BBQ. Most of the choices in LA for BBQ are just terrible, you might as well cook your own BBQ. Pros: Great ribs and service more

My favorite beef ribs in L.A. 4/19/2006

Any place can do a decent job with pork ribs and spare ribs. Not many places know how to make beef ribs where the meat practically falls off the bone the way Mr. Cecil's does. The Sherman Oaks location is a stark contrast to the original Mr. Cecil's on Pico and Bundy. It has a full service bar, patio seating and a lot more tables. But the reason why my friends and I go back is for the beef ribs. I normally go with the beef and baby back combo with beans and hush puppies on the side. The price may be up there but I'm willing to pay a little more instead of going to Tony Roma's and paying for their poor excuse for ribs. I've never had bad service there but I normally go during weeknights when it isn't very busy. Pros: Great Beef Ribs, Great Baby Backs, Great St. Louis Ribs Cons: A little pricey, but worth it! more

Great Barbeque Ribs? 10/2/2005

I was excited to finally try this place after hearing so much about ""great ribs."" Well, I found out - they suck! I can't believe how much hype this place has gotten. Have peoples taste buds been compromised by air pollution or some other factor? The menu indicates ""try the ribs without the barbeque sauce,"" and I'm thinking, ""wow, the ribs must be awesome."" I tried them without sauce and was shocked; they were dry and flavorless. It was like getting a pair of socks for Christmas. The menu instruction must have been for you to understand how good the sauce is compared to the meat. I suggest buying the sauce and going over to Tony Romas! The best thing about this restaurant is the exit. Those $23 dollar ribs are worth less than a McDonalds Happy Meal. more

Good Eats 7/14/2005

Apon entering this establishment i was greeted and seated within a minute. The waitress was very friendly and efficient. Once the food order was taken I waited no longer than 10 minutes for apps. and the food came shortly after that. The ribs were peelaway and if you like ribs this is the place for you. With or without BBQ sauce the flavor was killer. The sides were also cooked with care. I had green Beans that were not over cooked or over spiced. Delicious! I was so full that I didn't make it too dessert, however I all the confidence that the dessert would have been just as tasty as everything else. Overall I give my seal of approval! Thank you Mr. Cecil! more

Not worth the trip or a tip 6/8/2005

My service at Cecil's was terrible. The food was salty, it was noisy and it was dark. The waitress was unfriendly, she made no eye contact and she made a mistake on my bill by charging someone else's tab on my account. When I called management on this they made no apologies. I felt compelled to write a review because customer service is very important to me, and if I receive bad service I want other customers to know what they're up against. I did absolutely nothing to deserve such bad service. On a positive note, the host was great! She smiled, she was friendly, upbeat and she seated us promptly. Pros: Quick Seating, Friendly Host, Casual Atmosphere Cons: Overpriced, Poor Waitressing, Poor Management more
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  • Like its original location on Pico, this barbecue joint might first grab your attention with its cartoonish shack exterior. But it's what's cooking inside this exposed-brick space that keeps folks...

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