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Mount Olivet-Assembly of God

14201 Cedar Ave
Saint Paul, MN 55124
(952) 432-4332
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This is a friendly, welcoming, Bible-believing, Spirit-led church. There are many different activities, so there is something for everyone, whether young or old. Newcomers are i...


The worship is great and the preaching seems spirit led, but you will soon find out after you've invested yourself and immersed yourself into their ministry, the truth. The majori...

Friendly, Welcoming Church 7/6/2017

This is a friendly, welcoming, Bible-believing, Spirit-led church. There are many different activities, so there is something for everyone, whether young or old. Newcomers are invited and encouraged to participate in various activities appropriate for their age or situation. If you miss church, they will let you know that they missed you, and would like you to come back. The worship music is contemporary. If you like contemporary worship music, you will like the music here. If you like traditional hymns, you won't hear very many of them here, so you might want to find a church with more traditional music. Yes, the pastor tells Lutheran jokes, and when he does so, he explains that he grew up in a Lutheran church, and that is why he tells Lutheran jokes, and, yes, they are just jokes that should not be taken too seriously. more

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Spiritually Abusive Church 2/7/2015

The worship is great and the preaching seems spirit led, but you will soon find out after you've invested yourself and immersed yourself into their ministry, the truth. The majority of activity is related to the expansion and operation of “the ministry.” Families are reduced to “giving units.” There is a continuous emphasis on financial giving. The bulk of their energy is to get and retain new families while older families are ignored. There is a high turnover rate in staff especially with the youth pastors. Most of the other leaders or pastors are related to the pastor himself. There's no real accountability in this hand picked circle. There is a “pile of dead bodies behind the bus” that most don't know about. 100's of people have left, were shunned, or kicked out in the past decade. Something is very wrong. They have an elitist attitude. “A church with an elitist attitude believes ‘no one else’ is really preaching the gospel—except that church. Or at least, no one is preaching it as effectively as they are!” Many churches they visit will "not have the presence of the Holy Spirit" and this is shared with the congregation at MO. People cannot question the pastor or the leadership structure—even regarding the spiritual abuse itself. “It is not permissible to talk about problems, hurts and abuses in the abusive system.” Questioning is seen as a sign one is not “on mission” with the pastor. People with valid concerns who break the “no questioning” rule become part of the problem AND ARE ASKED TO LEAVE. When a member is hurt by the pastor or a leader “they are made to feel at fault for questioning or pointing out the problem.” Concerns are stifled by the pastor's "yes" men. People who do raise valid concerns are labeled “divisive.” The church has a practice of “shunning” or putting people “under discipline" or they are "kicked out.” If you're kicked out, you'll have an open wound for the rest of your life & may not be able to go to church anywhere. more

Pastor kicks people out of this church 12/20/2011

From pastors to ministry leaders, many have not just walked out the door of God's house, they've been kicked out! If you want to end up like hundreds of other Christians who got hurt and stopped going to church because of this pastor, then go to Mount Olivet AG in Apple Valley, MN. If not, then run away fast! more

Great church! 1/28/2011

I was looking for a smaller church where I could get to know the Pastors and congregation better. This is the place. People are very caring. If I'm out due to my schedule for several weeks, it's noticed and I get a friendly message from my Pastor. There are many opportunities for people of all ages to get involved. more

You have no clue about the church you attend! 9/27/2009

You may be walking with rose colored glasses, my friend. Unfortunate for you. When you do run into a problem with sin or have a disagreement with the pastoral staff, THEN you will see the true colors of that church. Funny how you don't address the other posts out there. Like how they don't reach out to those with disabilities. You must also have blinders on when you don't notice all the people who are no longer there. It's because they were hurt. Many, told to leave! It makes me feel sad for you that you don't notice. Why is that? Don't care about your brothers or sisters that much? Too busy to reach out? more

Very good church 7/5/2009

First, I want to comment on what the person who gave this church a bad review. I have gone to this chruch for about 8 years now. We do not have rules, where you can not dance, people are free to listen to the music they want, as well as watch movies as they please. As for smoking and drinking...many churches frown on this, there is nothing unusual there. We do not refer to the unsaved as "heathens" and I don't believe we ever have. You are loved and welcome here whether you are saved or unsaved. The Lutheran jokes, are just that jokes. And the only reason the pastor makes them is because he grew up Lutheran. He does not feel superior to Lutherans and has roots in the Lutheran chruch. Whether you are a member or a visitor, our staff is here if you need help regarding sin in your life. They do not judge, rather they stand beside you to encourage you and lift you up in prayer. The pastoral staff is very proud of their church (what pastor's wouldn't be proud of their own church); but they do not talk badly about other churches. Regarding 30 families leaving...not sure where that data has come from. Like I have stated, I have been at this church for about 8 years and yes families come and go, but not like you are talking. We have had families leave because they moved out of state. And sure, maybe some have left because they did not feel this was the church for them. Before finding this church, I went to many chruches over the years. Some I went to for up to a year, and then left because I did not feel it was a right fit for me; does this mean that the church was bad...NO it just meant that the church was not right for me. And yes our church has a very strong youth program, but it is also very loving towards adults and families and has many programs geared towards them as well. I am not part of the youth, nor do I have a teenager. I am a mother with young children, with whom both my children, husband, and myself are very much involved in different activities and outreaches in this church. more

Too many people get hurt at this church 6/5/2008

First, you have to know going into this church that it is Assembly of God and they have extremely stiff rules: no dancing, no secular music, no R-rated movies and of course nothing worse than that like smoking, drinking (any), gambling, etc... People outside this church, who are not saved are called "heathens" by the pastors. New people come in and are treated like gold because they are usually unsaved, "heathens" who need help. So, you are invited to give your life to Jesus and become saved. All your sins are forgiven. Everyone loves you. But, when you are a member, when you need help with sin and are open and honest about it, keep in mind that you will be judged, punished and maybe told to leave. Because you should not have any sin in your life after you are saved. The pastors are not humble. They visit other churches and "do not see the Holy Spirit working there" and do not like the worship. But of course they brag heavily about themselves and their worship music. Lutherans are the brunt of many jokes and mean comments and can lead one to think that they only church going to heaven is the AG church. You can't question any of this because, "You do not question authority." So, you can never voice an opinion that goes against them. About 30 families, including other pastors, have left in the past 2 years because of the way they were treated by the head pastors. The focus of this church has changed to youth, not adults and families. Though, they will get unsuspecting families because the kids are attending. They do not tell you about their beliefs on the website. Go to and dive deep into their position papers. There are 3 other churches in the area that are affiliated with AG, but do not have Assembly of God in their name because of the bad reputation they are getting. more

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Loving and welcome atmosphere 9/25/2005

If you are looking for a church home, or a place just to be loved, then you need to come and visit Mount Olivet. This church loves everyone that walks through its doors. You will find a friend here. The church also offers tons of different activities, more then just your normal church. Their are kids activities (such as royal rangers and missionettes), teen activites, singles activities, senior activites, and activties for those in between. The church offers life groups which is small groups that become like a little family that does things together outside of the church. Also their are bible studies, choir, plays, and others. Their is also a mops group (mothers of preschoolers), which meets twice a month. Great for moms of kids 6 and under to get together for activites. more
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