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Mo's Crab and Pasta Factory - 37 Reviews - 502 Albemarle St, Baltimore, MD 21202, Baltimore, MD - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (410) 837-1600

Mo's Crab and Pasta Factory

502 Albemarle St, Baltimore, MD 21202
Baltimore, MD 21202
(410) 837-1600
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While visiting Baltimore with a friend, we saw that this place had good reviews from Rachel Ray, so we decided to try it out. Decor is a little outdated, but we weren't there to ...


The food was okay but did not make up for the noise and overcrowdedness - not a good atmosphere.

Red lobster Red Lobster Red Lobster 5/19/2013

We are new to Baltimore and are still learning the right places to go. The service was fine. However, the... more

Red lobster Red Lobster Red Lobster 5/19/2013

lynns1 Provided by Partner
We are new to Baltimore and are still learning the right places to go. The service was fine. However, the food was less than acceptable. We should ... more

The best food I have ever had! 4/28/2012

While visiting Baltimore with a friend, we saw that this place had good reviews from Rachel Ray, so we decided to try it out. Decor is a little outdated, but we weren't there to eat the decor. We were seated promptly, and had the best service, they catered to our every whim and then some. We ordered a combo meal, crab cake, fillet mignon and shrimp. It was absolutely amazing, and the portions were huge. Yeah, they do add the gratuity on, but I only minded because I would have left more. I will go back every chance I get....this place is amazing. =) more

Terrible Service/ Bad Food 8/18/2011

I ordered their special of the day, lobstertail stuffed with shrimp and crab imperial. it came out looking like a giant creampuff . my friend crabmeat over angel hair pasta. it was extremely salty. we waited approx 15 minutes for a server after being seated. two ladies sitting near us were actuall tapping on their glasses to get their servers attention. we eat out several times per week,this was by far the one of worst restaurant experiences ihave ever had, AND. they had the audacity to add a 17% gratuity . \r more

Great food 6/27/2011

if you can get past the decor and musty/seafood smell coming from the carpets, you will enjoy good food. We had a large party of 15+ and they accommodated us on short notice. one thing I wasn't expecting is that lobster ravoli or crab ravoli doesn't mean lobster or crab in your ravoli, just on top. Even so, my meal was amazing. more

LOVE IT 2/4/2011

I discovered Mo's a few years ago but hesitated to go because of the negative reviews I saw. I was told about their crab cakes and wanted to try them out, so I tried it out. We had a fantastic time there! To this day, whenever I have out-of-town associates come over, we go to Mo's. I also get my kids the shrimp scampi every Friday. I've tried to replicate the recipe but can never get it to Mo's standards. The service there is fantastic. I can't imagine why anyone would write a negative review about Mo's!!! more

Great food, great service 1/24/2011

A friend made reservations for four of us to try this restaurant last night. I was a little apprehensive given all of the negative reviews so I really wasn't expecting much. We wound up having a great time. The food was terrific, good quality and large portions for the price. I got shrimp scampi, which had lots of assorted sizes of shrimp over linguini, probably clost to 20 ranging from large tail-on to quarter sized tail-less. That dish is going to feed me at least 2 more times, there was that much food. Our dinners also came with fresh hot rolls and a choice of veggie, potato or salad. Other dinners ordered were the cream of crab soup (silky and with a hint of sherry, yum) stuffed shrimp, the menu crab cakes (not the special), which were baseball sized and delicious, and stuffed rockfish. Everyone was very impressed with the taste and the size of all of the entrees. The service was great; our server was attentive and anticipated our needs. As mentioned in other reviews, gratuity was added to the check, and our server not only pointed this out but told us not to write in any additional tip on the line because the gratuity was included. That never happens! We were impressed with this restaurant and will definitely be back. more

food for the soul 1/22/2011

I have been to MO's on many occasions and being a 40+ year resident I can truly say the food,portions,and hospitality is more than I ever experienced thoughout the Baltimore metro area. It has to be envy to speak bad of this resturaunt. I never left without total satisfaction because the management is always there to oblige. customer service go a long way. more

Not worth the money 1/22/2011

An 18% gratuity was added to our bill and the service was mediocre at best, not even worth 10%. The dining room was dirty as well as the bathrooms. The cream of crab soup was luke warm and had a lot of cream with very little crab. The stuffed shrimp only had 3 medium shrimp (which were cooked well) with a mound of cold crab imperial on top. The only highlight of the meal was the seafood salad which was very tasty but not worth the money for the entire bill. There are many other great places in Little Italy. I would steer clear of this one. more

I took 3 bites and sent it back. Avoid this place. 11/12/2010

So a group of us, myself and 3 friends went to eat here. The crabs are quite pricey, and I had been in the mood for crabs, but after hearing, the price, I ordered the $19.99 linguini with shrimp scampi. I had a crab soup for the appetizer, and although I ate it, it did have to frequently spit out crunchy shells into my napkin - embarrasing to say the least as I was the only female in the group. My food arrived, and the shrimp was gritty and tasted horrible. It smelled as it was old shrimp and as if it was unwashed. I decided to try my baked potato. I had received it with a small plastic cup of sour cream on the side. That's it. So I asked if they had other toppings, i.e. butter, chives, bacon bits. No they didn't. The waitress pointed to the foil wrapped cold butter patties on the bread plate. ""You have butter right there."" Well, my potato was hard. It wasn't even all the way baked. After several attempts to get her attention, I finally told her about the feeling that there was dirt in my shrimp and my potato was hard. I sent the whole meal back. My friend sent his wine back as well. He said it tasted as if the glass had been cleaned with a stale wet rag. Anyhow, I completely lost my appetite and just ate a few pieces of my friend's steak. I feel bad about the guy who paid the bill. It was horrible, and I wanted to puke on the way home. Nasty food - I will never go back. I have NEVER bothered to write a restaurant review. This was bad enough to prompt me to write one. more

Not Recommended at all 7/11/2010

My wife and I stopped in to share a quick appetizer before visiting the National Aquarium. Taking the bartender's recommendation, we ordered the Cold Trio and a beer each. Well, it was supposed to come with lump crab meat, shrimp, and lobster. We received a medium portion (3-4oz) of crab meat, 2 shrimp and a piece of lobster about the size of a large marble. All this for the bargain price of $19.99. Add in the 2 beers (none available on tap) and we got out for a modest $32.50 before tip. This place is a rip-off.\r \r By comparison, we went to Veggiano's on Water Street for dinner and had a delicious meal of a large crab cake, shrimp and scallops of generous portions for a very reasonable $23.99. Cons: Extremely Overpriced more

17% Gratuity Added Automatically After Crappy Service 4/11/2010

The waiter came and took our plate after we finished dinner and asked it we wanted to order anything else. We told him no thank you and disappeared never to be seen at our table again. Someone else FINALLY brought out bill. We checked it and it was the expected amount. He ran the card and brought back our receipt to sign and surprise! They added a 17% gratuity. When I spoke to the hostess about it, they said that had a problem with people leaving without tipping. Wonder why. I have never reviewed a restaurant online before, but this made me angry.\r \r You can do much better in Baltimore. Other restaurants had some of the nicest waiting staff that we have me and great food. Keep yourself happy and go somewhere else. Pros: No rats ran across the dinner table Cons: Shabby building, OK food, HORRIBLE service, and a 17% obliga more

DO NOT EAT HERE ! 3/31/2010

Visited Baltmore as part of a volleyball tournament and took 22 people to eat at Mo's. This was by far the worst customer service experience of my life. We waited for an hour to be seated even though we had a reservation, then a full 15 minutes passed before anyone even approched the table. We thought we were wating for the best seafood in town, and it was really not that impressive. Our waiter was very rigid on policies and at one point refused to take a dish off the check that never arrived at the table. After insisting, he said he could do it , but only because there was a manager there to approve it. This place was a like a completely different world in terms of what they consider good service and the food wasn't worth the drama. it's also very , very, pricey for what we got. Pros: Had a shuttle van Cons: We were trapped in a terrible place due to the shuttle ! more

Seafood is fresh 8/10/2009

The whole restaurant could use a deep cleaning. The well-worn carpet and bannister upstairs was so sticky we literally had to rip our feet off the floor. If that's what the interior of the restaurant is like...imagine the uncleanliness of the kitchen. Both my friend and I were sick the next day! Coincidence? Clean up your act! We won't be back! Yick! Pros: Fresh seafood, ample portions Cons: Needs a steam cleaning! more

an excellent place for those who are fully mobile 6/13/2009

\r I and a friend had dinner at MO's Crab and Pasta Factory . Our meals were excellent and served by a very friendly staff. I had scallops in a white sauce and served on angel hair. There was an abundance of scallops and the serving was large. My friend, who does not like pasta, made an exception for the meal she ordered. She found it very tasty. In good conscience I can recommend MO’s Crab and Pasta Factory as an excellent place to eat. It even advertises itself as handicapped accessible.\r \r However, my friend was on an electric scooter. The handicapped ramp is back a driveway. For my friend to get her electric scooter to the handicapped ramp I had to go in to the restaurant and notify an employee of my friend’s intention to use the handicapped ramp. Next I had to go out into the street and stop traffic in both directions so that three of the employees of MO's could back their cars out into the street. Then my friend was able to drive her electric scooter back to the rather steep ramp. Next an employee had to open up the outwardly opening inside door and walk 3 feet, stepping over a Coca-Cola case, open the locked outside door, pull it open, and stand out of the way.\r \r My friend revved up her scooter and headed up the ramp. When she realized she was facing a Coca-Cola carton and an outwardly opening door that was shut she stopped accelerating and sort of jerked back a bit. The scooter went over backwards. My friend’s shoulders wound up in a mud puddle and her head intersected with a curb. A trained fireman showed up and organized the lifting party to get the scooter out from under my friend and my friend back on her feet. We then went in and had the excellent meal I've described in the first paragraph. \r \r So, if you are in a wheelchair or on a scooter it would probably be best not to go alone to MO's Crab and Pasta Factory. You will need someone to stop traffic and do the other things necessary for you to get into this handicapped restaurant.\r \r Pros: excellent food Cons: hard to get back alley to locked handicapped accessablitly d more

Terible Service and TIP INCLUDED STAY AWAY 6/1/2009

Worst service I have ever had...The info desk at the aquarium recommend them... quick walk over only to have crappy service... then we get the bill and BAM we know why tip was included... we shorted them the full time... never again... heck even phillips is better then that.. please stay away and give them the message.. Pros: Food was OK Cons: Tip included for small partys! more

Worst Food Ever 4/1/2009

I have just moved to the Baltimore/Little italy area and kept noticing a lot of action going on at Mo's Seafood factory which got me curious. I read reviews- which confused me. People either loved it or hated it. Not a lot of inbetween.So it was my sons birthday and I figured we just HAD to try it. Well, after spending $234 on dinner for 4, I learned that all the action going on around there must NOT be for the quality of the food. It was just terrible. I tried all four of all meals- all ordering something very different. My oldest son got a fried seafood platter - I figured you CANT mess that up. Well, yeah, they did. The scallops and shrimp were inedible- some crunchy clams strips went along and fish that Athrurs Treachers puts to shame. So i decided to try mine. Stuffed jumbo shrimp. The shrimp were so overcooked and crunchy, it felt like the shell was still on it. The birthday boy ordered the steak and lobster tail- well the steak was ordered Medium and was for sure well done and the lobster was gummy and tough and dry. Finally, my husbands crab cake. I suppose it was the best of the bunch but FULL of shells in each bite making it impossible to eat. I could on and on but will not. I can say that i DO wish we had went to Red Lobster instead where the meal would have been 100 times better for half the price. Never Again will I set foot in there but I will still wonder, what all the cars do out there every night in the street... certainly now sitting around waiting for the food. Pros: Portions Cons: Portions, Food, Prices more

Not so good! Probably won't return. 2/9/2009

My and Husband and I visited Mo's for an early Valentine's day dinner. I will say the food we ordered unfortunately was just ok. I ordered the crab cakes and my husband ordered scallops (broiled). Although the waitress was very nice, she was slow and would not check back to see if we needed anything. We asked other waiters to get things for us, because we could not find her. People came after us and got out before us because they had a more efficient waitress. It took a long time for the food to come out, which was disappointing. We were there rather early, 4:30 p.m. There were only two of us. It took them 30 minutes to bring my husbands salad out. The crab cakes were huge, but they were by far not the best I have had in the area. If you are from Maryland, you know a good crab cake when you get one. If you are not, you may have thought the crab cakes were the best you ever had. They were not hot when they came to the table and they had a lot of filler in my opinion. Oh, I also received a Baked Potato on a separate plate that was not sliced with nothing. I had to ask for sour cream and butter., as did my husband with his meal. My husband was not happy with his scallops at all. They came out on a plate with nothing else, just scallops with no presentation. Don't get me wrong, I guess that would not have mattered if they were good. He was so disappointed. Oh, I should let you know we were there for Restaurant week. You really were not getting a deal. You could have ordered from the menu for the same if not cheaper price. We really did not want desert, but since it came with the dinner we took it home. The restaurant itself is a small little place, which some may describe as a hole in the wall. It definitely did not have an ambience for a valentine's dinner. All in all, we may not return to Mo's. The food was not worth the money we spent. Maybe it was what we ordered,but it was disappointing to say the least. Pros: Huge Portions Cons: Ambience, parking, scallops, crab cakes (to much filler) more

Best Seafood and Pasta Restaurant in Town! 8/26/2008

This is one of the BEST Seafood and Pasta restaurants in town! The seafood is always fresh, the portions are large and the service is friendly and fast. To blame a restaurant for ""worms"" in your wine is outrageous! I would imagine you would have seen ""worms"" in the glass before the waitstaff poured your wine. Wine is a natural product. Grapes grow in the dirt and there are many ways that nature can effect the wine. The restaurant staff has no way of ""placing"" ""worms"" in your wine before serving it. This is a fine establishment with wonderful management. It is a shame that something that was out of their control is being pushed upon them! more

Great 8/21/2008

worms happen. \r \r They come in on the grapes, hang out during fermentation, and crawl around the winery. \r \r In good winemaking you try and eliminate as much as you can from getting in the wine and then in the process of 'racking' the wine you also hope to get out any bits. The final thing you do at bottling is filter the wine.\r \r There are all kinds of degrees of filtration and at very minimum you should use what is called a screen filter. That basically does not effect the wine at all but keeps out particles greater than 1mm.\r \r A lot of small wineries bottle by hand, and they don't use screens. Some others have heard the phrase ""unfiltered"" so much that they tell the bottler to not use a screen.\r \r \r In any case, you should complain to the winery not the restaurant.\r \r Dont believe me? Go to wine spectator school and check out the forum. \r Regards,\r \r Pros: food Cons: cant remember any more
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