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Mori Sushi - 36 Reviews - 11500 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (310) 479-3939

Mori Sushi

11500 W Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90064
(310) 479-3939
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Mori Sushi - Los Angeles, CA
Mori Sushi - Los Angeles, CA
Mori Sushi - Los Angeles, CA
Mori Sushi - Los Angeles, CA


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Mori Sushi serves up delish cuts of sashimi as well as meticulously constructed cooked dishes that will...


food: average but fresh service: snail pace fresh wasabi: priceless!! actually $7.50 per order if you can't find this unmarked sushi restaurant-very good if you find it, ...

Great place for expensive sushi!!! 8/28/2009

Generally when ordering off of the sushi menu, the quoted price is for 2 pieces of sushi, not only one...this was not my experience. All in all, the atmosphere's serenity acts to soothe client's reactions to outrageous bills. Pros: fresh variety of sushi Cons: EXPENSIVE more

Selective sushi at its best 4/14/2009

Mori Sushi serves up delish cuts of sashimi as well as meticulously constructed cooked dishes that will... more

Selective sushi at its best 4/14/2009

BruinBelle Provided by Partner
Mori Sushi serves up delish cuts of sashimi as well as meticulously constructed cooked dishes that will delight your taste buds. Chef's tasting men... more

Mori: home of the best uni ever ever 2/15/2009

Went to Mori tonight for the first time. At last. Excellent, and expensive. We did omakase, $120 pp, and a... more

Mori: home of the best uni ever ever 2/15/2009

mh2mh Provided by Partner
Went to Mori tonight for the first time. At last. Excellent, and expensive. We did omakase, $120 pp, and a 750 ml bottle of sake, $60. Total da... more


I was born in Taiwan and have had sushi all over in Taiwan and Japan (from Osaka to Hokkaido), and the San Bernadino, Riverside, Orange, and Los Angeles counties and San Francisco, so I know what is good in the U.S.. I've tried Urasawa, Koi, Tengu, whatever..... Go and try Sushi Murasaki in Santa Ana. It's a nice, cozy place, but it's so far my favorite sushi place in Cal. Their price is fair and the quality is very good. This place is very unique in that it gets unique fishes, such as Sanma (Japanese Pike Mackerel), Saiyori (Japanese Halfbeak), Arabian sweet shrimp (grey) etc.. Stop wasting money at other sushi places :) and trust me on this one. more

Don't hate cause you're in the dark 4/29/2008

TRADITIONAL SUSHI....This isn't Trader Joe's boxed sushi. If you don't know what you are talking about then keep you're hate to yourself. If you don't like the place, then maybe talk about Mori's use of too much shiso. Complaining about price and rudeness has nothing to do with anything. Tradition sushi demands and requires an educated understanding of edict. You don't go into a polo lounge without a sports jacket, you don't ask Jean-Georges for more salt and you don't ask for more wasabi. Do you ask Jackson Pollack to add more paint you dumb little person. Have some respect for something you could try and understand if you weren't just another LA scene wh@re looking for a place thats going to treat you like Paris Hilton. You go to a sushi chef to eat his style of cut and preparation. The problem is that too many chefs have accommodated ignorant Americans who think that sushi is something you DO. You don't Do sushi. You find a chef you like and you go to him. IF you start asking him to change for YOU, then you better believe he/she is going to be pi$$ed. GO MIX WASABI IN YOUR SOY SAUCE somewhere else! Doesn't really need to be said since that is exactly what he is telling you by charging you for it! Mori should be applauded. Pros: Traditional Sushi, Great Chef Cons: People that ask for more wasabi more

wonderful food, arrogant and obnoxious customer relations 3/31/2008

We have been to Mori Sushi many times -- I think it is fair to say we are regulars. We love the food and have always been willing to overlook the rigid rules (charging for extra ginger and extra wasabe, ridiculous charges for fresh wasabe) as an acceptable idiosyncracy. Until today. We called to make reservations to take a visitor and his family to lunch: 4 adults, 2 children and a baby. We were told that parties of six will ONLY be served omakase -- no exceptions, even for regulars, even when the children are 6 and 4 and 1. I can understand such a policy at dinner -- but at lunch? Omakase is much to much food at lunch -- to say nothing of costing too much. (The last time we had omakase at dinner the cost was over $100 per person.) This is very very disappointing. Pros: Wonderful food Cons: Arrogant service more

True sushi 3/6/2008

I am very impressed of everything. \r Sushi, rice, dishes and os on. Everything is high quality. \r Sushi is very japanese style.\r Pros: Sushi Cons: n/a more

The emperor's new clothes of Michelin stars 1/31/2008

This restaurant was such a disappointment. The sushi was few and far between and did not inspire the palette of someone paying over $150 a person (no alcohol included in this cost). The bill was about as official as a hand written post-it note and when called into question, the manager was immediately defensive and rude. Save your money and your time - and if you want good, authentic Japanese sushi, go to Echigo instead! more

Fell flat 1/18/2008

Never in my life have I been so outraged by a dining experience. The evening started off very pleasant. We were seated by a very nice gentleman, and our drink orders were promptly taken from our server. But that was the end of the pleasantries. I was with a party of three, celebrating a special occasion, two of us ordered the standard omakase and the third ordered the sushi omakase. There was nothing special about the fish, just the typical run of the mill sushi one would expect from their local sushi joint, only 8x the price. The service was horrible, at one point it took 30 minutes between courses. I understand that Omakase is something that is market price, but I was floored when the check came. This restaurant is falling back on their Michelin Star accolade to justify a price that does not warrant the service or quality of food that was delivered. I expressed this concern with the manager, and she obliged in my request to provide an itemized receipt. Thirty minutes later, when she brought me the newly adjusted receipt, she had placed items on our bill that we were never served in an attempt to justify the costs, also, while we were waiting for our new receipt, our waitress came in a last ditch effort to salvage a reasonable tip with some ice cream and tea, and when the new bill came, they had added these two items to the cost, when we never ordered them in the first place (one would think dessert would have been gratis in an effort to save face). To spare you the rest of the details, we were accused by the manager of being racists, and asked to leave and never return again (no problem), then as we were walking to my car, a different waiter ran after us, leaving an open-ended threat that he would ?See us tomorrow.? Whatever that means? I can not express how awful of a taste this experience has left in my mouth, and rest assured, they didn?t have to ban me from ever coming back. Pros: Was awarded a Michelin Star Cons: I have lost all respect for the Michelin ratings more

Expected a lot more 8/21/2007

Have heard about this place on reviews and boards and finally tried it last Saturday night. It's not in a very populated area, so it's easy to miss, so just look for the fish sign outside. Decor seems new, typical minimalist & austere. Service was great, but I thought the food was expensive for what it was worth. Pieces are sooooo tiny, and the fish/meat were even smaller that i could barely taste them. Plus, their nigiri, priced between $3-8, was per piece and not the usual 2 pcs per order. I could hardly taste the food. In addition, there's not a lot of variety, and they ran out of my favorite ikura the night we were there. I would say the food was fresh, but it just wasn't worth the price. For 2, with no alcohol, it came out to around $105. Pros: friendly service, easy parking, fresh fish Cons: tiny pcs of fish, not much selection more

""Please Don't Go""--you know, the 80s song 6/6/2007

It's been over 12 hours since I left the Mori Sushi property and still, I feel soiled from the experience. While I am oft prone to hyperbole, when it comes to sushi, I wear my most objective critc hat. And while I would contend that I've already located the best sushi restaurant in Los Angeles (Sakura, on Centinla, between Culver and Washington blvd), I still remain on the lookout for other tasty nooks. Mori seemed to have just that promise. There was no visible name on the sign, just a stenciled picture of a fish. The decor was minimalist but sharp, and seemed to convey a lack of pretension, or need to make up for whatever might be lacking in quality with a flashy presentation. \r Well. \r Was I sooooorrrely mistaken. The one thing I will say is that I was having a fantastic time prior to our waiter coming over. You see. I was with my best friend and we are quite accustomed to making fun when there' s ostensibly none to be had. And we were seated, LITERALLY fifteen minutes without anyone asking us for our drink order or even acknowledging our presence at all. And this, mind you, was in a restaurant whose dimensions were about 10' x 10'. I will say that the manager was the one to seat us and successfully whet our palatte with a genuine, well-rehearsed (and deeply misleading) pitch about their home-growned rice hailing from Northern California, their fish delivered fresh every day, and their sushi overall having the reputation as the best on the westside. \r I can't get into the minute detail that I would like to because I'm running out of characters--but let's just say: the Salmon sashimi was fishy and tough; portions for everything were excessively small; the sweet shrimp was not sufficiently clean (I'll spare you my specific experience); the wasabi was unpungent with a bizarre consistency--and I was charged FIVE DOLLARS for requesting extra; the waiter was a putz; and when I guessed the price of the bill, my friend replied, sans sarcasm: ""double that"". more

Serious Sushi Shrine 5/30/2007

Mori is serious about sushi. The fish is as top quality as any place in LA, even Urasawa. All pottery is made by Mori San himself. The rice is grown in Northern California just for Mori San. This is a place for true sushi coinnoiseurs. The sushi at Mori is noticeably much smaller and more delicate than at most sushi bars. But there is no denying the quality and freshness. I didn't even use soy sauce on one piece of sushi during a sushi omakase meal, not because i was instructed not to, but because the fish was so good I didn't want anything to take away from the taste, it's that good. This is a place for true sushi worship, not a place to stuff yourself silly on oversized rolls. Pros: Incredibly delicate sushi Cons: For serious sushi eaters only, many people may not enjoy this place more

Good food, weird service 4/18/2007

The sushi lived up to it's reputation here, it was excellent. However, toward the end of our meal, my date jokingly asked the people next to us if they were done with their ice cream, they jokingly slid it over to us, and Mori flipped out, calling them rude, saying how inappropriate that was, and generally treating us all like scolded children. Our sushi neighbors slinked out of the restaurant, and we paid our (expensive) bill amidst dirty looks from Mori. I must say, the whole thing ruined the experience, and was one of the stranger things that has happened to me in many years of LA fine dining. Perhaps it is incidents like these that make the restaurant 1/2 empty, even with the high quality of fish and friendly service from everyone besides the owner. more

Great sushi. 3/7/2007

The food is *great*. I've been to Japan a number of times, love the food, and have trouble finding decent sushi here in LA. But this place is exceptional. Pricey, but worth every penny. Wine is good there too. I really like the minimalist decor. The only thing I would change is the service; for this food, I don't expect fast service, but the waiters could be helpful. Also, we went with a group once and they did not tell us beforehand that we had to get the set menu, which was much pricier. They should have told us when we made the reservation. Still, the food is so good it won't stop us from going back. Pros: great food Cons: service is lacking more

Not for us 1/7/2007

We're sushi lovers but maybe not the real kind because this place did not work for us at all. It was obvious that the fish was exceptional and we appreciated that. But because every element of each piece required extra attention (i.e. the rice, the fresh wasabi) the service was very slow. No place for roll eaters that's for sure. An order of sushi consists of 1 piece instead of 2 which makes if very expensive. I get the whole concept and I'm glad it works for other people but it's definetly not for everyone. If you like to think of sushi as a true art form this place is more for you. Pros: Dishware Cons: Expensive more

Avoid at all costs! 10/28/2006

You know what is overrated? This place is! Poor service, average quality on the ingredients, the only good thing: ceramics where food is served...they should consider switching form a restaurant to a cermaics store. Pros: Ceramics - Pottery Cons: Everything else more

Waaay Overrated 10/22/2006

It was monday night; almost all the great restaurants are closed...we wanted to eat sushi...""let's try this much hyped sushi place""...wrong choice! \r To start with, I've been taking photos of the food of almost all the restaurants I've been the last 15+years(!)....then the waitress told us: ""We don't allow the customers to take pictures of the food""...!!!...first time that this has happened to reaction was: Perhaps they don't want people to ""steal"" ""the look"" of their creations...but, all the dishes where presented in a rather ""normal"" way, nothing creative, nothing new...(albeit the pottery/ceramics where it was presented, that were beautiful pieces)...\r \r Well, let's get into the food: the rice of the sushi - ""shari"" - it is supposed to hold together when you grab the sushi, not fall apart... ""bad shari""...and the shari came in different sizes...the maki-roll, looked like it was ""rolled"" by a kid, all uneven, falling apart, just ugly.\r Fish: pretty decent, nothing spectacular. Asari Miso Soup: Tasted just like a cheap ""Izakaya"" one. \r \r 3 persons, 3 beers, 1 bottle of sake, 2 appetizers, 3 miso soups, assorted sushi = $380 with tip. \r \r \r \r \r \r \r Pros: Pottery Cons: Bad "Cost-Performance" more

Not for the California Roll lover 4/27/2006

The chef grows the rice, shaves the wasabi, and selects absolutely the best fish, from LA and Japan. And you WILL taste the difference. If you are used to mayo on your sushi, or a gallon of sodium free soy on your rice, do NOT go here. There are plenty of other restaurants that you will enjoy. Is this a place for a first date, or where you'll need to impress with atmosphere? Probably not. But if you want to eat sushi (or tofu, for that matter) there are very few spots that are better. And yes, it is expensive. But an indulgence well worth it. Even if only once. (BTW--as dumb as it sounds, you probably have never had tofu like this. It's amazing....really.) Pros: sushi, sushi, sake Cons: expensive more
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  • Discreetly located on a somewhat sketchy corner of Pico and Gateway, this decidedly minimalist sushi spot doesn't even have a sign that you can read. Instead, there's a sketch of a fish skeleton...

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