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Moonlight Security Inc - 8 Reviews - 5717 Huberville Ave, Dayton, OH - Security Reviews - Phone (937) 252-4489

Moonlight Security Inc

5717 Huberville Ave
Dayton, OH 45431
(937) 252-4489
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Forget Merchants, They use you up then dump you without regard. I worked for them for 9 years mostly in mud holes and places so nasty that they could hardly find anybody else ...


the other review is right all of the "" off duty police officers "" work in the clubs i went to apply but then i found out wat there starting pay was "" 7.25 per hour "" and they ...

Rebuttal to Merchants Post 3/30/2009

Forget Merchants, They use you up then dump you without regard. I worked for them for 9 years mostly in mud holes and places so nasty that they could hardly find anybody else willing to work the contracts, Ruining the inside of my vehicles in the process, And suffered 2 disabling injuries in my time with them. Places such as Metal Shredders in west Carrollton (2 contract numbers front and back.) nobody wanted the back because of the DEEP mud and I did it for 3 years, During my absence they LOST the contract (376) for the back section because they couldn't find anybody reliable enough willing to work in those conditions. A lot of times during my absence the contract went unfilled, or The supervisor, or one of the Motor patrolmen would have to ""sit in if possible"" in the back inside of their vehicle instead of the control tower where you were supposed to be stationed to get a good view of the place. (Guess they didn't like the mud either) Or the guard that was supposed to be in the back was goofing off in the front. Don't Believe me ? Call Metal Shredders and ask ""Luke"" Tore my knee out wrestling with a guy trespassing in the battered shelter instead of taking us both through the plate glass window. plenty of witnesses so there was no problem on the claim. I was off for 3 months recovering after surgery till I could walk again, Even though I still have some trouble with a lot of stairs. Broke my shoulder slipping on ice doing my rounds at the dialysis center on Linden Ave, And they tried to suggest that maybe it happened elsewhere off duty etc during a workman's comp hearing. BTW they lost those contracts recently. ( 317/318 ) I am now according to Workman's comp ""officially 15% permanently partially disabled from my 9 years with them. I became seriously I'll in July 07 requiring 3 major surgeries, and I was off until my medical release in April 08. After my release I went to Merchants office to exchange my uniforms, And get put back on the Schedule. The office Staff (new staff) informed me that former staff claimed that I had quit in December? 4 MONTHS before I was even released to go back to work? Makes a lot of scene HUH? Even though I insisted that I had not quit, That they were in error, I was told that I would have to go through the re hire process and interview. After the charade interview they informed me that they didn't have anything for me even though they have NEVER to my knowledge in the past 9 years ever taken down their ""NOW Hiring"" sign. After 9 years of service I was unceremoniously DUMPED without regard. With today's economy, who wants to hire somebody else's ""Damaged Goods"" During my Illness, all I had to look forward to was going back to work, and resuming my life. Now how am I supposed to be able to support my Wife and grandson? Thanks for nothing Merchants. Pros: Not Merchants Cons: What are the drawbacks? more

I wouldn't hire them. 3/27/2008

my husband got a job with Moonlight. No training. Just handed him a handbook and told him to read it. They then sent him to a Dayton metropolitan housing project to keep an eye on the tenants. While it was easy part time $, I'm not sure I would hire a company who hires zero experience, hands them a handbook and the rest is OJT. My husband didn't even need to take a CPR/first aid course. I have no idea where the other posters got the idea about the retired police officers or off-duty police officers. I met a few employees that we became friends with and nobody ever mentioned a police background. Pros: Nice uniforms Cons: they'll hire anybody off the street w/o a record. experience be damned. more

not one of the best but not the worst. 2/26/2008

Moonlight Security is a good company with its heart in the right place but certin things keep it from being the best. i.e. their upper eschalon are kind of a joke they promote on a longevity basis instead of the best person for the job. Some of the ""seargents"" and ""lieutinits"" just want to write up an employee instead of talking to them to better the way they work but that is because they dont know how. As for their guards and corporals these are the guys keeping the company afloat these are the guys who know what to do. I know this because I am an ex-employee. overall I would recomend this company souly because despite their inner struggles they can all put that aside for the saftey of the contract dont let the bad reviews fool you its probably someone who was tresspassed for whatever reason. but take it from an ex-employee who has delt with the bad as well as the good and let me tell you the good out number the bad 2 to 1 so if you need security please choose this company they are the best in the miami valley area bottom line. Some people have said to choose P.S.I. and thats fine but look at how long they have been around 2 to 3 years tops while Moonlight has been around since 1999 thats 9 years also look at the number of contracts they have compared to P.S.I. I can guarantee that psi dont have half the contracts that moonlight has. one thing is for certin if you have a problem and need security call moonlght because 9 times out of 10 the problems you have will go away just at the sight of moonlight who does have a reputation for showing no mercy in the eye of someone you really dont want on your property or in your place of buisness. To all my friends at moonlight thank you for the fun times and please keep up the good work and never let the bad reviews worry you because they know not what they speak of if only they could walk in our boots you are all appreciated. Thank You Pros: Proffesinal Employee's/certified in EVERY device carried/Care for your saftey Cons: Some internal problems but wht company doesent have them more

Top Security Company in Ohio 1/14/2008

My company has used Moonlight Security several times over the last few years for various reasons. A big thing that has impressed me with this company is that there has been a few times we have called to use them with little notice but they still manage to cover our contract and the officers they send look sharp in uniform and know what they are doing. The upper management staff that you deal with are very professional and you can tell they are not just a former ""security guard"" that has been with the company so long they stick them in the office. Pros: They have several police officers when needed. Their armed and unarmed guards are very professional. more

one of the worst security comps. out there 11/11/2007

the other review is right all of the "" off duty police officers "" work in the clubs i went to apply but then i found out wat there starting pay was "" 7.25 per hour "" and they dont have any health or retirement benfits. so i decided not to work for them i am looking in to P.S.I. they r a hands on company they pay more and the have health benifits i will not recomend them to any one i kno some of there guards and those that i do kno say that the guy that over sees everything is a hot head and a pric so i say the hell with moonlight go P.S.I. Pros: they have alot of good guards Cons: there pay stinks and some of there supervisiors have the wrong attidude more

best security company in the city 4/25/2007

this is one of the best companys that i have ever used to take care of my security needs there guards are very nice and professional they also have supervisors who care and the customer service is great over all if you nedd security i would suggest to call moonlight they are the best in town.......................... Pros: nice uniforms and quick to get a guard to your location more

Only job u dont need a highschool diploma!!! 3/6/2007

Its about time Moonlight demotes the fat idiots that sit in the car with the window down in 20 degree weather eating there twinkies they got a speedway and promote people that are actually smart enough to get a highschool diploma. Hire people that dont have man nipples so big they do more waddleing than running. Pros: Cant think of one Cons: fat bald waldling supervisors, and well thats about it more

False Advertisement 3/1/2007

Moonlight Security boasts having off duty police officers that serve as their security but this is a yarn. They have an employee base of over 50 officers and *maybe* at any given time will 2-3 of them be real off duty cops. Pros: Professional Looking Uniforms Cons: Lazy Service, Expensive, False Advertisement more
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