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Montrose Veterinary Clinic - 19 Reviews - 1701 Montrose Blvd., Houston, TX - Veterinary Services Reviews - Phone (713) 524-3814

Montrose Veterinary Clinic

1701 Montrose Blvd.
Houston, TX 77006
(713) 524-3814
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Montrose Veterinary Clinic - Houston, TX


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I've been taking my precious pets to this clinic for years and love it. I can always count on being greeted with a smile from the front desk staff, I never have to wait very long,...


The vets are okay but the horrible customer service provided by the front desk staff makes going there and even scheduling an appointment not worth it. It takes forever to schedul...

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/16/2012

Fresh-Cut Tulips - Throw a penny in their water and thank me later...\r \r MVC has cared for my family's pets from 1984 to present. The clinic's bubble of skill, knowledge and interface has consistently met or exceeded our satisfaction as this testimony confirms another positive endorsement. Lastly, the place is spotless...maybe all vets are, I've never been anywhere else. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/20/2012

I board my dog at a place where they require the bordatella to be done every 6 months to protect my pet from the different strands. They have been very difficult in understanding this, I had to fight with them to get them to do it again. They were very unfriendly towards me, and the girl there had a pretty nasty attitude. Since they won't protect my pup with a vaccine, I'll go somewhere where the vets know what they are talking about. I would not reccommend this vet to ANYONE. more

Best Vet Clinic in Houston! 5/12/2012

I've been taking my precious pets to this clinic for years and love it. I can always count on being greeted with a smile from the front desk staff, I never have to wait very long, the clinicians are very friendly and knowledgeable, and the best part? Hands-down THE best animal doctors you will find. They saved my lab last year and she's still doing great!! Wonderful staff, amazing doctors-- LOVE this clinic!!! more

Horrible Customer Service 3/4/2011

The vets are okay but the horrible customer service provided by the front desk staff makes going there and even scheduling an appointment not worth it. It takes forever to schedule an appointment. They constantly put you on hold then come back only to have you repeat everything to another person. Scheduling an appointment should not be difficult. When I expressed my concerns to the office manager, her response was that they were a busy clinic, had eight phone lines, and people in the office. ""The girls do the best they can"". There are many vets in this area. Go somewhere else! more

Really good people. 1/31/2011

So, I'm going to start out by saying that Montrose Vet Clinic is by no means cheap. Their prices are probably on par with what most non-ghetto and semi-professional clinics would charge; but they're much more than that! All the veterinarians there are extremely friendly and helpful, the nurses are attentive and caring, and they really do a great job. My dog broke her foot while we were out of town. I took her to Montrose Vet Clinic after getting a splint put on her leg at the out of town vet. They didn't try to swindle me to change out the splint, but they helped me get my head around the healing process and gave me the apppropiate medication. After a follow up visit they changed out the splint because of an infection and sent me on my way (it was pretty pricey, about $300). The next day my dog tore up the entire cast; instead of trying to charge me the same amount for the process to be repeated, they only charged me $35 to replace the entire cast. I was pretty impressed. more

Terrible Service and Nurse Staff 12/27/2009

I will say, I was a huge fan of this vet about 2 years ago when my cat got really sick all of a sudden and they made it their mission to find out what was wrong. However, since then this place has gone down hill FAST! \r \r The service and nursing staff disgust me! They were incredible rude to me and more importantly to my two cats on three occassions! The third time was the final straw. Many people, including myself, see their pets as their children and I was appalled with the way the staff was treating my cat. My cat is a laid-back kitty, but when at the vet and all the smells of other cats/dogs flips out, and I admit is difficult to handle. However, they knew this and said we would be able to see the doctor immediately before this was a problem - I waited 20 mins in the waiting room. Then when in the treatment/checkup room my cat was scared and hissing. The nurse looked at me and said (and I quote), ""what do you want me to do with this thing"". I looked at her and said ""this is your job, put on gloves and continue the checkup"". What is worst is that she handle my cat like it wasn't even a living being and was so cruel and mean towards it. Just because the cat was scared does not give a professional nurse the right to beahve this way, many pets do not like the vet. That was it - I explained this to the doctor and will NEVER go back to this place again. \r \r It is really unfortunate how downhill this place went in two years... Pros: The doctors are the only good thing about this place Cons: the rudeness and cruelty of the service and nurse staff more

Absolutely Amazing 5/27/2009

I am a first time pet owner and still learning the swing of things. I havea 3 month old Maltese and she went to Montrose for her first visit. I met with the vet and she made me feel very comfortable and not stupid since this was my first pet. She was very thorough in her explanation of everything. \r \r Two weeks later.....\r \r My baby woke up with her left eye closed shut, well with me being a 1st timer I freaked out! I called Montrose and they fit me right in, as soon as we arrived we were seen. Again, the vet took the time to fully check her out and made me feel so much better about the situation. It turned out to be a scratched eye ball and pink eye! \r \r I feel like I can call them any time for any questions no matter how big or small and that means the WORLD to me. Definitely see them! Pros: Staff is super friendly and knowledgable, clean and fast! Cons: Little pricey (but worth every penny) more

Long Time Fan 5/26/2009

Have used this vet for the past 7 years-through 9 cats and 2 dogs (two of whom I adopted from the clinic), they've seen it all and never have I received anything but the best treatment. Their parking lot IS bad and while not overtly expensive, they're definitely not the cheapest in town either, but for the best veterinarians and staff in Houston, this is a bargain for animal lovers. Even if it's a minor emergency, you can drop your cat/dog off on the way in and they'll see it during the day (and call you around 1), and if you're adopting a stray, the first examination is free. First rate all the way. Pros: Everything Cons: Parking more

I will never use another vet EVER 5/14/2009

Almost a year ago I lost my cat Molly. Her illness was very mysterious and required 2 surgeries. Dr. Kazmerick worked her butt off to try to figure out what was wrong with Molly. She didn't even charge me for the second surgery when the 1st one didn't provide the answers we'd hoped for. She kept in constant communication with me and even made it possible for me to come in and out to visit Molly while she was still in her care...even on Sunday when the clinic is closed.\r \r Dr. Kazmerick not only did everything she could to save Molly she was also so compassionate and caring to me. That meant so much. Molly was my best friend and she got that. When putting Molly to sleep became inevitable she even came in on her day off to be there for me. She CRIED, yes CRIED herself, because she was so upset that she couldn't save Molly.\r \r A few weeks after Molly died Dr. Kazmerick made a ceramic momento of Molly's paw, painted it, and sent it to me with a sweet note that I still have. I cannot say enough good things about this kind woman or the clinic. God bless people like Dr. Kazmerick who do a job that I could never do and help people like me who love their pets.\r \r As long as I live in the Houston area I will always bring my pets to Montrose Vet Clinic. I trust these people completely. Pros: Compassion, Knowledge Cons: Parking more

great clinic 1/28/2009

This is the best vet clinic I have ever been to. The doctors and techs are so nice and helpful. It is easy to get an appointment the same day if you need one. Pros: caring vets, great hours, great service Cons: high vet turnover more

These Doctor's are absolutely the BEST! 11/26/2008

Every time I walk into the Clinic, the Receptionists greet me and my little ones with a warm smile :-) I never have to wait more than 5-10 minutes (significantly better than other Vets I've been to) and every Doctor here is knowledgeable and great at what they do! I have 2 dogs and 3 cats, and they all love the Doctors! When you take your animal to the Vet and they don't shake, you know you have got a Winner! Some may complain the prices are too high, but they are quite reasonable, and the MOST important part is that these Doctors are the BEST in town! Your animals will be taken care of every single time & with love! I would absolutely recommend this Clinic to everyone who LOVES their babies (aka- animals)! Especially Doctor McDaniel, she is just a natural with the little ones!! Pros: Doctors are a ""natural"" and your animals will be treated like family! Cons: NONE :0) more

Worth it 10/13/2008

Dr. McDaniel and her staff have always provided quality service and care. When my vet retired and we did not have my pet's records they offered to find them for me by calling around to other vets. I received a call a short time after letting me know they were located. I feel i always come away well educated and informed and receive a follow up call for any procedures or conditions. I believe there is a level of competency which is hard to find and worth the cost. Pros: Competency; kindness with pet; consultative Cons: Parking lot more

Short of AMAZING! 8/11/2008

I am surprised to read some of the reviews listed. I just recently moved to the houston area and was referred to the Montrose Vet by several people at the local dog park. My experiance there was amazing!! Yes parking isnt the best but we are also in downtown, so expected. The Receptionist were so helpful and they even contacted my old veterinary clinic and had all the information of what my pet needed before I had gotten to my appt. I was blown away to see the amount of clients that were coming in and out, the phones ringing off the wall, and everyone of the staff members smiled and seemed absolutely in control of everything. I was immediately greeted as I walked in. Sitting in the lobby waiting to see the vet, this clinic has several awards posted in the lobby for being the BEST by readers of the local newspaper the Houston Press for several years now. When I got into my appointment, the nurse was soo informative and was nothing but loving to my Tucker, 5 yr old blk lab. I was so impressed by the nurse that I actually thought he was the doctor until he introduced himself. Then, Dr McDaniel came in! I she was sooo intellegent, by far the best vet that i have ever met! My experiance was by far amazing, the nurses, receptionist, it all. Pros: Friendly/Loving, Well educated staff, Great service!! Cons: Cant say I can think of any, parking??? more

Unfriendly Employees - Extremely Pricie. 5/17/2008

I agree with the others one stars completely. The front desk and technicians are very unfriendly. I took my dog for the initial visit, which was OK. Obviously, nobody said any cool thing about him or offered him a cookie... he was nervous and they looked at him as if he was annoying them. Unbelievable! He had to be neutered and -my mistake- I didn't ask how much it was going to cost. They charged $490! In addition, when I went to pick him up after surgery, I had to ask tons of questions about how to care of him during post-surgery since nobody will tell any thing! It was just ""pay and leave us alone!"" I asked some of my colleagues for a new good vet that shows some care since I'm not planning taking him there again. Pros: location Cons: bad service - extremely expensive more

I Agree With ALL the One Stars!!! 5/8/2008

We're use to being across the street from our vet,who loved our dog and would always run out to give him treats when we walked by.We were in shock our first experience,walked in the door and ten people were behind the desk,and nobody acknowledged us. Finally after getting some-ones attention we sat and filled out paper work,nobody paid any attention to our dog and i am sorry but he is the cutest thing,who wouldn't love him? We got the feeling nobody there liked animals it was very sad. We got him some shots and flea medicine,pretty pricey. When we got home they left a message saying they forgot to charge us for half his shots,and we can pay when we bring him back to have minor surgery. The next few days i got his paperwork in the mail,and not only did they have the wrong color of my dog,but the wrong breed.I work thirteen hour days and really don't have the time to call and tell someone how to do there job. Need-less to say i called and argued with the receptionist because she did not have my dogs breed in the computer system nor could she type it in. Why would we want our dog registered as the wrong breed,and are you kidding me, your a vet,you should have all breeds listed! Then we took him to get minor surgery and ,by this point my clients and i have discussed the bad service they also experienced. Anyhow they said to be at the vet no later than 7:30 am we arrived about 7:15 and the doors were locked, a vet tech walking a dog said you have to wait till 7:30 along with a group of people and there dogs piling up.I was sick to my stomach the entire day i had left my baby there. Went to pick him up anxiously waited for 20 minutes again being ignored. Paid another pricey bill picked up more flea medicine,only to see when i got home it had expired. Called the vet they said it doesn't expire,well don't print it on the box then .Would you just take a chance giving your child expired medicine? We will not go back ever and found a better vet ,trust the bad reviews. Pros: um? can't think of any Cons: Front desk, prices, unattentiive more

Better Care Elsewhere (and it's cheaper, too!) 4/9/2008

I called with an emergency situation an hour before Montrose Vet Clinic closed for the day, but, even though I'd been a long-term client with a number of critters and I'd spent thousands of dollars there, I was told they couldn't fit me in. Combined with the lousy front-desk employees, who spend more time chatting amongst themselves than helping clients, it was an easy call to switch vets. I'm now at The Heights which is significantly cheaper (more than $20 per visit) and more helpful and caring. The Heights staff routinely calls to check up on my critters after they've been in for a visit. Pros: Nothing Cons: Bad staff, not caring more

Is on the Decline 1/26/2008

Up until recently, I was very happy with this clinic, but there is one vet that seems less than helpful. I have encountered this on a few occasions & decided to find another vet. They are very good for spaying & neutering (& they'd better be, considering what I paid), but beyond that, I've been very disappointed. I end up wasting my time & money, then I have to do my own research in order to find better treatment options for my pets. For the complicated stuff, they mostly prescribe rimadyl & send you home. Pros: spay/neuter procedures are good Cons: price, not well-informed about treatment options for more complex ailments more

Best Veterinary Clinic in Houston 2/6/2007

It distresses me to hear anything but glowing recommendations about this clinic. These docs are the best I have ever encountered. They literally saved my dog's life, and treat most of my neighbor's animals. They are gracious, never too busy to explain the smallest detail to me, kind and compassionate. I read a complaint about a 30 minute wait! Good grief! Are you kidding? On a busy day with no appointment-big deal! Seriously, I would not take my pets anywhere else-EVER. I love these people. The clinic is large, clean, friendly, and has the most up to date equipment. I care about my babies, and they deserve the best! Thanks Montrose Vet Clinic!!! Pros: Extremely competent, warm, friendly, compassionate. Cons: Zip! more

Best Vet Clinic 2/6/2007

It is no wonder that this clinic has been voted best vet clinic in Houston multiple times! The doctors are knowledgeable and kind. They take their time to explain in detail. I really like that they will refer to the specialists when needed. They are busy- but if you ask to talk to the doctor, they will find the time to see you. I have been taking my 2 dogs and 1 cat there for 7 years. They have seen us through multiple emergencies and illnesses. I have referred all my friends there, and will continue to. They are not cheap- but the level of care is worth it. These docs will do what it takes to keep them healthy. Oh, and I love that they are active in the community. I can't say enough wonderful things about this place! Pros: knowlegeable, kind, clean Cons: parking lot is small more

Worst Experience Ever 12/22/2006

I went to this clinic one time and will never go back. First of all, they kept me and my very nervous dog waiting for 30 minutes in the waiting roon. Then my dog's entire exam and treatment was performed in the back room. I like very much to be a part of my dog's plan of care, however, at this clinic I felt pushed to the side. The Vet I saw had the worst bed side manner I have ever encountered. My husband and I both thought that she didn't even like animals by the way she was acting. If you love your pet this is not the place for you!!! Pros: nothing Cons: everything more
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  • Serving Houston's Inner Loop, Montrose Veterinary Clinic offers full service veterinary care for cats, dogs and small mammals. Understanding that your pets are cherished members of your family, our vets and staff care for your precious pets as if they were our own.

    Montrose Veterinary Clinic proudly offers complete medical care for your pet. Our clinic boasts in-house x-rays, diagnostic blood work, radiology and ultrasound, endoscopy, dental care and acupuncture. Surgery at MVC is of the highest and safest standards. Our Houston vet practice also offers boarding, bathing and grooming with convenient drop-off and pick-up hours. In addition to treating cats, dogs and small mammals, we offer wing and nail trims for birds.

    Visit our website for a virtual tour; meet our veterinary practitioners and contact us today to schedule your veterinary appoint at Montrose Veterinary Clinic.

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