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Montreal Courts Apartments

396 Labore Road
Saint Paul, MN 55117
(651) 484-8434
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Montreal Courts Apartments - Saint Paul, MN
Montreal Courts Apartments - Saint Paul, MN


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When I first read these reviews before moving here I said oh that's just their experience, mine will be different. I was so so wrong. Honestly don't live here, you'll be stuck in ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/14/2013

DO NOT MOVE HERE....I lived there for 1 year and hated it the whole entire time. When I moved in they did not clean my apartment completely, they didn't even paint all of the walls. The apartments are infested with ants, roaches and mice. There have also been a few apartments with bed bugs, plunketts is out there literally every week. The doors are always broken, our sewer pipes ruptured twice making dirty sewer water run all over the floor in my bathroom and ruining some of my property, when I spoke to the office they told me to turn in a claim to my renters insurance, there was also sewer water soaked into the hallway carpet and they were too cheap to replace it, so they had it steamed and it smelled like crap literally for weeks. You will have to call at least twice for maintenance issues to get anything fixed, because things magically seem to never get put in. The cops are there all the time patrolling the neighborhood. The pool is dirty and not even cleaned properly. The staff is all stupid with the exception of Erin, literally none of them knows what is going on and that is on the days that you can actually get someone there to answer the phone. There are big potholes in the parking lot that have not been fixed for over 6 months, the hallways smell rancid. They don't do anything about loud neighbors and the walls are super thin so you will be able to here everything your neighbor is doing either above you or next to you. Everything in the apartment is cheaply done and they charge you for their upgrades, i.e. they had to replace the carpet in my apartment before I moved in because the people before me had ruined it, so because of that I had to pay more per month because I had new carpet, it will be this way for any upgrades that they have. The kitchen in my apartment was not upgraded and had old linoleum flooring that had burn marks and writing all over it and was lifting up from the sides, my cabinets were from about the seventy's and were cheap particle board and had grease stains and the bottom shelf was sagging in the middle for whatever reason, it had a sink in there that was from the seventies as well that was white porcelain and was stained and looked dirty and I had to practically beg to have them replace it. The counter tops are avacado green and are stained as well. I could go on and on about the things that are wrong with this place, so please take my advice and do NOT move here! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/23/2013

NOT RECOMMENDED!!!\r \r At first I thought these apartments were okay. But the pets allowed building is DISGUSTING!!!! Pet urine stains EVERYWHERE in the hallways. The halls STINK and they NEVER get shampooed. It's been this way for months!!! \r \r Now it's summer and the pool is NEVER open! It's been closed almost the whole month of July. WTF?!? \r \r Complain to management, and all they do is act dumb. I don't know anything!?! Wow. Thanks a lot for NO frikin help. \r \r I definitely would NOT recommend Montreal Courts Apartments. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/24/2013

DO NO RENT HERE!!!! MANAGEMENT IS HORRIBLE!!!! They do not keep their word! We have lived her for less than a year and regretting it already!! Maintenance does not do their job, it takes them forever (2-3 months ) to get one small simple task completed. Talking to management here is like talking to children. You have to constantly remind them to do something they said they would do 2 months ago. The list goes on and first they are nice then once you become a tenant they treat you like crap. Never have i ever experienced this kind of rude behavior before. Also the Goldmark company in Minneapolis that we sent our complaint to about management here said they would contact us back about our damaged property by the maintenance people here but they never did. HORRIBLE SERVICE HERE!!!!! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/7/2012

WARNING!!! DO NOT RENT AT THIS PLACE!!!! Management sucks! Main entrance door to building is always broken and never fixed. Once fixed, it breaks again in a few days, stays broken more than it stays working correctly. Advertised with dishwasher, ceiling fans, and garbage disposal but my apartment didn't come with any. Apartment has ant and roach infestation. No parking by late evening and only 4 visitor parking space. Some cars has been stolen and cops are always patrolling the parking lots. Rent increased by 15% after it's time for a renewal. I'm glad my contract is only for 9 months and I'm definitely not renewing my contract. If this is what you want, go ahead and rent from this place. more

DUMP 1/19/2012

When I first read these reviews before moving here I said oh that's just their experience, mine will be different. I was so so wrong. Honestly don't live here, you'll be stuck in a terrible place for a year and regret ever moving in. 1. There is no parking, visitor or tenant. You will have your car towed at least once during your lease which costs $300. The maintance crew does not respond to your concerns and will wait months till you hound them daily to fix anything. The maintenance crew will enter your apartment at will with no notice, they will shut your water off without notice to work on the building. The office gave us the wrong keys and said their not replacing the door so we have keys to a door that does not open (we replaced the lock) more

Purchase running shoes before hand 8/4/2010

So my fiance and I moved here thinking this place was okay. I was so wrong. I hate it here. It is so loud. There are cops always around here. I am scared to sleep at night. It smells like pot in the hallways and the water backs up into the tub and smells like feces. This place should be condemmed. It looks okay on the outside but dont let it fool you. There is a reason the rent is lower then other places around here. The cocky guy in the office thinks he is so great but he is the biggest loser of them all. Im stuck here for a year so I need to make the best of it. You will leave here running so be warned. more

Cry to Ownership 5/26/2010

Whoever own's these apartments, Gold Mark or whoever, you need to seriously take these reviews into consideration. There is a serious issue here with the management and you need to do something about this. There needs to be some sort of investigation on this place. Pros: Nothing Cons: Everything more

Easily one of the worst apartment(tenements) I've lived in 12/11/2009

Me and my wife were lured into this dump with a 32"" flat screen TV.....Need I say more? Neither of us thought anything of it at the time, giving away a 400$ TV to new tenants, but shortly after we found out why. #1. Walking into the building through the entrance our apartment is close to, which I'm sure the lady that showed us this unit intentionally avoided, is filthy. The floors and carpeting are very dirty and badly stained/soiled. I can only assume is from pet excrement and also from the maintenance workers never vacuuming or shampooing the carpet. #2. Going to get the mail on our first day our entire block of mailboxes has been pried away from the wall and the boxes on the end, including ours, have had the doors pried open so many times that the doors will not close. #3. Being awakened in the morning by an upstairs neighbor's dogs barking and howling, which from the amount of dogs you can hear, are apparently running a dog shelter out of their apartment. There's at least 6 dogs and I'm sure that it states clearly in the lease ""1 dog only"". #4. While on the subject of dogs the management doesn't care about the rules about animals like the size being under 30 lbs, or anything else for that matter. #5. The day I moved in, and just about every day there are people working on their cars in the parking lot. My wife and I were CLEARLY told that the management would not tolerate anyone working on their, or any vehicle whatsoever in the parking lot. #6. On our initial tour of the apartment we noticed the window screen in the bedroom was missing, the patio door glass panes were filled with condensation and the dinette light was burned out. We had been promised by the management that ALL of these things would be fixed before our move in date, which was about 2 weeks from when we applied and toured. After 7 weeks of calling the office constantly, at least once daily, and hearing all sorts of different excuses, we had finally gotten our screen. I replaced the bulb myself after waiting over a week and nobody fixing it. And lastly, our patio door, 4 months later has still not been replaced. #7. The Ramsey County Sheriffs are constantly driving around in the parking lot doesn't exactly make me feel safe and cozy. #8. Easily one of the most disgusting and intolerable aspects of living in Montreal Courts: THE RODENTS, namely mice, but also there is a severe ant infestation as well. It started out with a few mouse poops in the lower kitchen cabinets. Then our food started getting chewed up and the bottoms of our pans in cupboards and under the stove were also filled with mouse hair and urine. I purchased traps myself and caught a few mice, but we still hear them in the walls. And now the ants. I had noticed a few ants roaming around and thought nothing of it until I pulled an unopened box of donuts out of the cabinet and took a big bite...OF ANTS. The entire box was swarming with grease ants and the cabinet, the side of the cabinet, underneath the cabinet and going down the wall and the counter top were also crawling with ants. If you're reading this than I'm assuming that you're considering moving in to this place or checking it out. Take it from me, or anyone else that reviewed this place, ITS a dump! I don't know about anyone getting shot here or the balconies breaking, but everything else I said should be enough to deter you from even thinking about this place. Pros: 25$ Garages? Cons: No parking, inbred tenants, filthy interior SO MUCH MORE more

Bad Management!! 10/12/2009

I signed a lease for a particular unit and the day I came to pick up the keys and was all ready to move in, they told me that my initial unit was already rented to someone else. I was pissed as hell and sure enough gave them hell, so they showed me 3 other units and was trying to charge me more but I wouldn't take it. They rented the unit to me for the initial amount I was offered, but if I had the choice I would have backed out of the deal. But to have only 5 days left at my current resident and thinking that this shit hole apartment was already in place for me, I had no more time to look for a new place, so I am stuck here for a whole year. The leasing staffs are dumb and not organize at all! I wouldn't recommend this apartment to others having to experience what I did. What a great first impression they gave me!!!\r \r Pros: Bad Services more

great place to live 9/11/2009


Looking for a place...think again 6/19/2009

looking for a nice place..think again about montreal courts apartments in little canada.\r apartments gets flood often, especially in the raining season whoever lives in the 3rd floor..get ur bucket ready...rain leaks through the roof...second flr people watch out..\r old apartments. there was once a murder on the property and shooting..look up the won't lie...\r think again about montreal want to live there?? Pros: nice place huh? more

If you enjoy.... 9/12/2008

Murder, shootings, balcony collapsing, cars being stolen, rodent problems, ceiling leakage in bathroom, then this is the place for you. Pros: close to 35E Cons: Murder, car theft, balcony collapsing more

a real schmit hole! 9/5/2008

You wanna get tetanus? Looking for your car to get broken into? Want to wash your laundry in fear? Enjoy watching people pillage the sordid dumpsters outside your apartment? Enjoy the smell of somebody else's ganj? Enjoy the thorough chlorine burn the indoor pool will punish you with??? Well do we have the schmit hole for you! The M.C. is literally a haven of nightly police activity. Those colorful blue and red lights go well with the constant fear of having your car getting broken into, finding ""burnt"" spoons in the parking lot, and getting completely screwed over by the misers in the office. Sure, the sign up offer sounds enticing, but it's not worth the 6 months to one year of literal hell you'll be enduring in this purgatory. What? Rap music? all the time? SURE! Crappy decrepit porches, on the verge of collapsing in a blazing inferno? YOU GOT IT! Constant bickering, yelling, and verbal and emotional abuse on poor under-priveledged kids? SAY NO MORE! Obsenities? YES! From little children? OF COURSE! Poor parenting? CORRECT-A-MUNDO! \r \r If you'd curious to know what purgatory is going to feel like, then look no more! Otherwise, you are better off literally, pitching a tent and living in a park. \r \r \r ...i am totally serious more

This place is a joke! 11/14/2005

Too small parking lots! Frequent false fire alarms! Non responsive to care taking needs! Constant loud stereos! Doesn't that sound nice? Cons: false fire alarms, small parking spaces, poor management more
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