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Molitor & Assoc Inc

4530 W 77th St Ste 219
Minneapolis, MN 55435
(952) 893-1728
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Unfourtunately people are very one sided. they cant see past there nose most of the time. A property management company is not here to be extra curtious or nice to applicants, we ...


Just saw a house with a guy. Quite a few couples were there. The guy was OK and answer questions, unlike the agents on the phone which seems not very patient. However, when I g...

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/26/2013

Example of - Bunch of most unprofessional, irresponsible, arrogant individuals... frustrating nonsense... STAY AWAY... more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/5/2013

I rented from Molitor & Associates for 4 years from 2008-2012. There is a reason why they are not BBB accredited. They are the most unprofessional property management company I have ever dealt with in my 12 years of rental experience. I work for a fortune 100 company and travel extensively, so I tend to think I can recognize credibility, professionalism, and customer service. This company has none of those qualities. Bob is extremely condescending whenever dealing with potential issues. He could use a lesson basic human interaction - the golden rule of treating others as you want to be treated. Michelle appears to be an uninformed middle man whose primary responsibility is act as a communication filter for Bob. I have nothing against her, but there's room for improvement in the timeliness of her communication. The only reason I chose to remain with them was the fact that the place I rented was in a prime location. However, at the end of my lease term and after complying with most of the original inspection report, I didn't receive a dime from my security deposit. It was somewhat expected, but I did put in a lot of work into repairing and cleaning what an average person would deem to be normal wear and tear. It took over 3 months to receive a final notice from them stating that I actually owed money. I called and/or emailed 3 times asking for the report. To this day, I refuse to pay it and consider it a complete write-off. The original owner has sold the unit since my departure. I know this is a long posting and it comes 7 months after I've last dealt with Molitor and Associates, but it pains me to believe that they are still in business and I don't have the time to properly fight them through the court system. If my opinion can save even one other person (either a renter or a property owner) from having to do business with this horrible company, then it was worth it. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/24/2013

We rented from them a few years back and didn't have any problems. It took a while to get the application process moving, but we were patient and eventually we were approved. When we needed repairs done they were done quickly or were told to take the repair out of our rent. Upon moving out, we weren't charged any extra and got our full security deposit back. We took very good care of the home though and made sure it was nice and clean when we left. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/31/2012

Hands down the most horrible people to ever ! I would never list my house for rent with them! We had such a awful experience ! more

Worst experience I've ever had!! Run away from these people 1/19/2012

I siimply don't understand why home owners still list their houses in such a crap company. I lived in sereval different places and never had any experience like that one I had with Molitor. I don't want to explain each detail, but I do recommend that if you really want to go forward with them, make sure you take thousands of photos of the house BEFORE and AFTER the lease term. Also, ALWAYS get written communication from them. Never, never, and never let them perform the inspection alone. Be there no matter what! I should've listened to other people and read these reviews before initiating a lease agreement. Just to give an example, they were somehow dishonest when reducing the amount of my security deposit. Several allegations which did not make any sense as the inspection report issued by them said something different. So, they were so contradictory and tried to explatin that I got a phone call saying issues found in the house by the time of beginning of lease term were fixed days later. I never got that call nor another inspection report. So, BE AWARE THAT YOU'RE ENTERING IN A TERRIBLE DEAL. THUMBS DOWN UNTIL IT REACHES THE HELL!!! more

Unfortunate Company For Home Owners 1/17/2011

My wife and I attempted to rent a lovely place that was listed for Molitor and Associates Inc. We went and looked at the place and fell in love with it. We got an application for rent and was told that it would be 1-3 business days for them to call us back about. Well on the 3rd business day the only reason we got notification about any decision is becaused my wife called them to follow up on the matter. We denied, which we were expecting, but figured we might be able to work another arrangement out with them because most other places seem willing to do so. Well I personally called 5 times and never heard back. On one of my attempts I asked to speak with the person working on it and was told she was unavailable. Well when I asked when she would be available the receptionist said, and I quote ""Some time"".... Wow thanks for the specifics. Anyway after reading all these reviews I now undestand that I wasted my time. Should have come to this site before I attempted any communication with them. We will keep on looking for a better experience. more

If I could give zero stars, I would 1/3/2011

Don't ever rent from Molitor. Getting even the most minor problems fixed is all but impossible. The only way you can get Molitor to take any action is to call inspection on them. And when you move out, if you don't leave the place looking 100 times better than you found it, they will rape you for your security deposit. Getting Bob Molitor to answer your questions/complaints is also impossible. Your only correspondance is through the Bob's secretaries, who either are completely clueless, or pretend to be clueless because Bob tells them too. Honestly Bob. Be a better businessman. Do it for you. more

Avoid at all costs 5/10/2010

I have been renting for many years and these are truly the worst people to deal with that I have every run across. Be prepared for no response to issue with the property and very rude individuals. You will have no rights when dealing with this manager and be expected to be treated like your in a dictatorship. Save yourself a lot of heartache and go someplace else. Update: Do not pay your last months rent. These people will steal your deposit even though you leave the home in much better shape than when you moved in. Please go somewhere else even if you love the home. Cons: Never available and extremely rude. more


After six years of renting through Molitor and associates, I can strongly suggest not ever using or recommending their services. Getting Bob Molitor to respond to the need of any repairs or maintenance on the property in a timely manner was very time consuming personally, and unprofessional on their part. Any time there was any contact with the property owner, Bob would get verbally angry with me, and tell me I was not authorized to have any communication with the owners. more

Rude, unvailable, flawed properties 5/31/2008

If you want to save time and hassle, avoid Molitor and Associates. We are a professional, educated family and were treated by Molitor like we were....well, losers. The first thing to be prepared for is endless'll never reach a live person. You'll rarely get a call back. Next, the properties we looked at both had massive water problems in the basement: no thanks. Third, they found a minor credit blip with my husband from seven years ago and said that was just cause to not rent to us. Seven years ago, even though our rental history is flawless. We are currently paying $1500/month in rent, automatically deducted, every month, and you can bet it's not going to Molitor and Associates' clients. Both the homes we looked at stayed empty for months after we applied. I'm sure the homeowners who are looking for monthly rental income would be pleased to learn that Molitor is turning down (and turning off) good renters and letting their properties sit empty. Apparently, whoever owns this joint must have had a run-in with some bad tenants because their attitude towards people is lousy. And from these reviews, I can see I'm not the only one who was mistreated by this company. Pros: some of the properties seem nice for the price Cons: rude, condescending, unavailable staff more

A Bad Experience 5/28/2008

Companies that receive a disproportionate number of bad reviews do so for a reason. And so it is with Molitor. Do yourself a favor. AVOID MOLITOR. There are plenty of other management companies. Go to one of them. Cons: Unprofessional more

What you dont know about prop mang comp..... 4/24/2008

Unfourtunately people are very one sided. they cant see past there nose most of the time. A property management company is not here to be extra curtious or nice to applicants, we are here to MANAGE high end homes. We are here to pick out the bad eggs and keep our clients homes in the greatest condition possible. The people who get turned away often have bad credit, bad rental history, bad attitudes, bad everything. Applicants dont pay salaries, homeowners do..... Do you see any of their angry remarks??? Pros: Quality People for quality homes Cons: They do often anger low lifes more

Some doubts 4/3/2008

Just saw a house with a guy. Quite a few couples were there. The guy was OK and answer questions, unlike the agents on the phone which seems not very patient. However, when I got application form, I got some doubts: They ask all your personal information. This is fine. However, they ask your account# and your bank info. They also ask credit reference with account # which I think should be credit card number. Such information should not be asked at the inital applicaiton. I searched online and did not find any website belonging to this company only. Also, the guy told me they are responsible for maintenance. But their ad shows that they are not maintenance and service management company. Pros: unknown Cons: unknown more

Molitor & associates 2/25/2008

My , wife and i were looking for a place in Waconia mn, and this house was wonderful , well when i called this lady picked the phone up , and she was very nice at first and then when i said we were interested in the property , she aske two questions before she knew that we were not right for the place the questions were , how many adults will be living here,i said 2 she said ok then asked how many pets do you have and i said we have cats but were getting rid of them and she said no we cat let you live there then (but) i said were not going to have cats she was very rude and i realized that my kids are wroste then pets they drop koolaid and so what would this company do if your kids did that , well there ad should say this before you call , and it should say no kids or pets , all i can say is discriminating . Pros: great rent Cons: very rude people more

more for the high class 2/21/2008

Great Company. Rented for 6 years and would rent again. Very professional and courteous service from office staff and the Property manager him self. Great prices for a high end homes. I would recomend Molitor and Associates to any of my colleagues, friends, and family. Pros: Great follow through and service! Cons: Wasn't flexable with the lease. more

Slow and LAZY 1/28/2008

I rented from Molitor and Associates from June 06 to Mar 07. I moved into a place that was so dirty it took both my Mom and I 2 days to just clean the bathrooms. They called me the 1st month I was there and asked me if I wanted to move because the owner wanted to sell the condo..duh of course not I juts move in. I did move after 16 month sthere because the condo sold.. I was charged for cleaning.. Are you serious...and also a screen.. I had 3 windows in the whole place and it was so dirty I didn't ever open the windows because I didn't want the dirt to be circulate dby any incoming air!!! They never return calls and now I am waiting for my form so I can file for my renters rebate and of course NO ONE gets back to me... Cons: The entire operation is shady and LAZY more

The #1 worst expierence Possible, stay away!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10/26/2007

I really have no idea where to start, I have never wrote anything like this. I called Molitor four days after inquiring on one of thier properties, wondering if I could somehow set up a time to look at the property? The gentelmen who answered the phone said they will call you back when they are ready! I said what!!! I looked over his comment and said ""will I be getting a call back this week?"" He said ""do you want to be a smart a%#?"" He then said ""go rent somewhere else!"" I then said what, wow! he said ""WOW THIS"" and hung up! Everything happen so fast, I was in shock. I really have no idea why this happened or how? I do know on thing not only will I never recommend this company to anyone, I will tell everyone about my expierence, everytime I think about it. I will use thier name everytime I tell this awful story and if I was reading this I would never, never, ever rent with this company, I guess you will figure out soon enough on your own! ( Owe yeah, I am a Mortgage Specialist Loan Officer threw US Bank) Cons: EVERYTHING more

Absolutely AWFUL service and company 9/7/2007

This company is run in the worst possible way. Pros: You will have amazing stories to tell your friends at parties! Cons: You will regret working with them! more

Stay away from Molitor & Associates!!! 8/30/2007

We attempted to work with Molitor & Assoc. when we first moved to the Twin Cities. First house we looked at the showing agent was late. When he finally got there we went inside only to find hundreds of dead insects all over the house. The agent gave us an application to fill out and it was all wet. He told us to just ""let it dry"". Very unprofessional. Cons: Horrible customer service more

Frustrating Experience 7/13/2007

Funny, the very day I began complaining to Molitor & Associates, the testimonial below appeared on Citysearch. My husband and I had a frustrating experience trying to rent a house from this company, which we never did. I would not recommend Molitor & Associates to anyone. more
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