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Mitchell Brothers Moving & Storage Inc - 8 Reviews - 718 Creek Ridge Rd, Greensboro, NC - Rental & Leasing Business Equip Reviews - Phone (919) 942-8777

Mitchell Brothers Moving & Storage Inc

718 Creek Ridge Rd
Greensboro, NC 27406
(919) 942-8777
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All reviews seem negative


MBM is possibly the worst in the moving industry!\r \r Your Customer Service team gets the worst grade of all the folks I worked with in MBM.\r \r MBM Customer Service Represe...

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/13/2014

I moved only a couple of times in my life with no professional assistance. Last time it was a decade ago, so I had no clue where to start in order to handle this move. Our close friend advised us to call MBM. So we did, and several other local companies as well. Though MBM’s quote was a little higher I was impressed with the professionalism Jason answered my questions and thorough questionnaire we went through for precise estimate. Some things could easily be replaced but when it comes to antiques, we just did not want to take any chances. \r When the movers arrived at our house, they were very patient and took the time to go through the whole wrapping procedure with me. When I saw how much work went into wrapping, I felt myself at ease. They managed to move our entire household in several hours and delivered our antique furniture without any damage. I think all moving companies should work as professionally as MBM does. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/17/2013

Stay away from this business!\r \r This is the wrost company I have ever dealt with in any category. The staff is rude and unprofessional, incompetent at best.\r \r I scheduled a move and the crew showed up on time, after giving only 30 minutes notice. They arrived then sat in their truck for an hour after which they drove off without saying a word as to why.\r \r For some reason they decided to do the move on Wednesday but I called on Tuesday and cancelled it. Still a moving crew darkened my doorway on Wednesday morning. They had not provided any notice as to when to expect them. I sent them away explaining the move had been scheduled for Monday.\r \r From the initial approval of the credit card for the deposit to the actual performance of the task this company failed to perform. Their constant failures interfered with other important matters I had to attend to.\r \r A gentleman identifying himself as Louis was the only one with any professional telephone and customer service skills. However, he was in no position to perform my request. The rest were rude and incompetent, unprofessional, trashy. I wouldn't hire any of them to shovel a kennel.\r \r This company is the sewage of moving companies.\r more

Stay away from MBM & American Van Lines 9/15/2011

MBM is possibly the worst in the moving industry!\r \r Your Customer Service team gets the worst grade of all the folks I worked with in MBM.\r \r MBM Customer Service Representatives are\r \r a) Rude\r b) Not helpful\r c) Not informed\r d) Not polite\r e) Do not know how to treat a paying customer\r \r The wait times to reach your customer service is horrendous, anywhere from half hour to one hour. At the end of the wait, you get no clear information.\r They don't have the practice of responding to customer emails & Voice mails.\r \r The next team is the packaging team. There were 7 MBM employees showed up to pack & from the word get go, they were just interested in getting back to Greensboro ASAP, rather than taking good care to pack my goods. They treated my home & goods with Zero respect, messing up the whole place in the process. They were squabbling all the time. They lacked team work & professionalism.\r \r The one person I want to single out is your Sales team member because of whom I placed my order with MBM/American Van Lines. She was very courteous & returned my calls in time. You do have a good sales team. Now I know it was a $10K mistake!\r \r I will recommend all my friends & family to STAY the HELL OUT of MBM/American Van Lines. more

Don't hire MBM/American Van Lines for any reason 7/13/2011

MBM Moving/Agent for American Van Lines is THE WORST MOVING COMPANY EVER. I also would give them 10 negative stars. Can't tell you when they will show, can't tell you when they will deliver, show up with wrong sized truck, damage every single thing you own then tell you to pound sand when you try to collect on the insurance you paid for. The best part is they actually LOST MY COUCH and can't find it after 5 weeks. I have made complaints to the FTC, the BBB and every other consumer service I can find. Don't be suckered in by the customer references the salesmen provide. They must have been done by a creative writing class. Get this - our salesman is now selling cars. A step up from this incompetent rip off enterprise. more

BUYER BEWARE 12/29/2010

!!!BUYER BEWARE!!!\r Does not even warrant one star. Our experience with MBM is beyond anything imaginable. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. The company sales reps promise the world, then hide behind company policies that harm the customer in the end.\r Everything was misrepresented, from our insurance coverage, to our damage claims process, to our late delivery compensation (and yes, it was a VERY LATE DELIVERY), to our ""inconvenience"" compensation.\r This company should not be allowed to handle personal moves as it creates exceptional stress on the family.\r \r At first it will seem like a good deal. Do not take the bait. Feel free to ask any of the moving staff that come to your house and they will tell you it is the poorest-run company they have worked for.\r \r This company lied to us, the sales staff were rude when we sought help, and then the company staff misstated company policies and the company hid behind restrictive contractual documents.\r \r more

Delivery deception! 11/9/2010

Charlotte North Carolina to Dallas Texas–Searched the Internet, picked MBM, the sales department was prompt with a good quote, pickup crew arrived on time, did a good job packing the furniture and off to Dallas so I thought… The sales department stated it was 3 to 5 days to transport furniture to Dallas, and since they picked up the furniture on October 30, 2010 we all anticipated that they could surely make the delivery by November 9. My mother is 88 years old, she is moving into a retirement home in Dallas, everybody has made plans and is expecting her furniture to arrive today November 9, 2010. I have been trying to contact the customer service department for days to confirm arrival, either no answer or voice mail &have been on hold for over 20 minutes… They just told the next available date may or may not be a week from now, they reiterated my shipping contract shows a 1st available date, so forget the expected delivery date! Not quite sure what I can do, however I will use the Internet and tell my story until the furniture arrives! It is truly appropriate for MBM, ""let the buyer beware"" more


I would give these people NEGATIVE stars, if that were possible... I have NEVER in my life written a review for anything-good or bad-and after this experience with MBM movers, I created an account with CitySearch JUST to post this review about please read. Working with this company has been nothing short of a pure NIGHTMARE. Imagine everything that could go wrong-going wrong! From arriving several days late, to delivering late, to leaving things EVERYWHERE at the new location (For example, a file cabinet half in a bathroom and into the hallway, an expensive mattress in the garage, instead of in a bedroom upstairs, a beautiful breakfast table upside down, with one leg broken and missing...the list goes on and on an on. Not only that, they broke so many of our things...and our nice, expensive items (for example, a marble side table that was purchased and delivered from out of America) They were rude and lie all the time. They never picked up our phone calls or bothered to call us back. We were beyond furious that we called the credit card company and flat out canceled/denied the charges to them! I mean it is absolutely ridiculous. They don't deserve a penny from any one of us for this type of service. After researching them (well after the fact, unfortunately) I found so many horrible reviews about them on various different websites. I truly hope that they go out of business. This shouldn't be allowed to happen. Something needs to be done about this company. PLEASE DON'T USE THEM!!!!!! more

Seriously, MBM will not be in business long! 9/23/2010

This company will not be in business long. There is no way they can continue operating the way they do and stay in business. This is my first long distance move and thanks to MBM it has been aweful. I signed a contract with MBM to have my belongings delivered by Sept. 24, 2010. I am moving from South Carolina to Oklahoma. They loaded my furniture on Sept. 10, 2010. It is now Sept. 23 and my stuff is still sitting in a warehouse in Greensboro, NC. When I called to ask what was going on the deadline is approaching, I was told MBM does not have a driver available and my stuff would not be delivered until Oct. 1-3. I was furious. There were no apologies, explanations or assistance to ease the situation. Mind you, my new job starts on Sept. 27. My clothes, personal belongings, kitchen utensils...everything is with MBM. I had to ask (because they will not offer willingly) how much will I be compensated since MBM broke their contract. Guess is only $30/ day they're late. That is absolutely nothing. Besides the air mattress, pillows, sheets, extra clothes and shoes to dress appropriately for my new job, towels, extra pots and pans...everything I need to start my new life and job is on the truck (excuse me, in a freakin warehouse in God knows what condition). Besides the financial burden of having a delayed delivery, the extra stress and worry of having to reorganize and rearrange ...$30 a day is absolutely nothing. If I was to break my cell phone contract or my rental lease, I have to pay out the ass to break a contract. But this unorganized moving company MBM gets to get away with compensating only $30 a day. That is nothing compared to the balance owed. They haven't lost a damn thing...I'm the one feeling the lost of their mistake. MBM told me they don't have a driver available. so for 4 weeks my belongings and furniture has been sitting in a warehouse because MBM can not find driver. What kind of operation are they running. Do not deal with this company. I'm only just aware of others' same unfortunate outcomes with this company. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE CUSTOMER OR THE HUGE INCONVENIENCE THEY CAUSE. They only want your money! And they know that if they break the lease, they still don't have much to lose whereas the customer is the one who bears the brunt of their mismanagement. \r \r I should have known MBM would be a problem. When I was quoted one guaranteed estimate and on moving day, the driver was directed to increase my load by 1000 lbs and charge me an extra $1870. MBM tried to get me to sign a binding estimate without even explaining or offering the non-binding estimate. Thank God I was smart enough to argue with the mover and MBM, I signed non-binding. And low and behold, my shipment was waaaay below the estimate given which means I would have paid over $1000 extra if I would have signed the binding estimate. They thought because they were the moving experts that they could estimate my shipment, but if I would have listened to them I would have bamboozled out of even more money. \r \r I am having to contact the BBB in Greensboro to report this company. Something needs to be done about MBM and how they do business. These are people's personal belongings that we need to live our lives and MBM treats the process as if it means nothing. THEY DO NOT CARE OR UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH OF AN INCONVENIENCE to say the least THEY CAUSE WHEN THEY DO NOT FOLLOW THROUGH ON THEIR END OF THE DEAL. BBB needs to stop accrediting them until their success rates on long-distance moves increases. And MBM needs to increase the compensating when they break their contractual agreements. \r \r It's as if the customer has no rights. MBM gets to do whatever they want and then walk away from the problem they caused for the customer to sort out. IT IS ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE. more

The worst customer service experience ever... 8/24/2010

Oh, where to begin... I would not wish this company on my worst enemy. After putting a $1000 deposit down a month before my scheduled out-of-state move and speaking numerous times to various MBM representatives (many and never the same person - should have been my first red flag), another representative called me at 2pm on the Saturday before my scheduled move date the following Tuesday to inform me that they had over booked, did not have a truck for me and my belongings, and had no intention of helping me in any way complete my move. In fact, she thought I should be pretty happy that they were refunding my deposit. Are you kidding me??? The Saturday (like the weekend, with really no ability to resolve this), three days before my out-of-state (not local, like a U-Haul will do)??? What company does this??? No potential solutions either, like we will hire another truck / company / trailer / pod and send our people to help load it. Simply, it sucks to be you. Sorry. Here is your money back - two weeks later I might add. Being an affiliate of American Van Lines, I called their national number thinking they might care that one of their regional affiliates was behaving like this. They put me on hold until 3pm, when their offices close on Saturday. Guess I was not their problem either. I never heard from either American Van Lines or MBM Moving again. This was probably the worst customer service experience that I have ever had. So, that would be my primary reason for never doing business with this company. A second one if you need another, is that their business model seems to be one where you can never reach the same person twice. Update: These guys really honked me off, so I decided to be more proactive in my review dissemination: mbmmovesucks dot com. There is a little more background on why I bothered to do this on the site. more

Worst moving company ever 7/30/2010

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!! \r At the Beginning of my move the company was all about contractual obligations with regards to packing and pick up dates. Even though we called several times to verify a pack/ship date with customer service that apparently didn't update our original estimated dates. Rather, she simply notated the account. We were told that our stuff would be picked up when we had originally requested, but then something happened with a truck and our driver never came. Funny though, we kept receiving phone calls stating that he was on his way. This most certainly was NOT the case. The pack date came and we were told that ""contractually"" they didn't have to come until the next day, even though we had told the customer serv. rep. several times what day we needed them to come sooner. So we were stuck waiting. The next day came; the packers arrived late and worked till 4 in the afternoon. They had to leave early because it was someone's' birthday and they wanted to go out and celebrate. We expressed our concern that we HAD to have our stuff out immediately. This did not discourage them from leaving early. They assured us that they would be back in the morning and be completely done packing and loading by noon the next day. The next morning they showed up late and didn't finish until 2 in the afternoon. After our stuff left, the ""Contractual"" delivery date was the 2nd of June. The driver said later that he would deliver around the 7th, but wanted us to write the checks out in his name. We thought this sounded funny, so we called customer Serv. and they told us that if we did that, the driver could run off with the money and we would still be financially liable to the company. So after hearing that we were not paying him in HIS name, and that the checks would be written to MBM, the driver refused to go any further, and stated that he was sitting in WY refusing to deliver our stuff. MBM said they will only compensate $20 dollars a day for every day that the shipment is late. After some mediation they went up to $30 dollars a day. Then they went UP to 35$ a day, but then later called and said they would still take 30$ a day off the price of the final pay amount, but we could put a claim in later, and at THAT time they would either approve or disapprove our claim. Meanwhile I had to pay $120 dollars a night Plus at a minimum $40 dollars a meal for my family and I, A DAY. The company once again, said ""contractually"" your shipment is not technically late until 30 days after the delivery date. So at that point we were shoved face first as a middle man between the company and the man who was holding all of our personal belongings basically hostage. MBM was unwilling to do anything further for us because their driver went rogue, and is basically holding our things until his company pays him. I am not in a position to say how the company handles paying the employees, but it is an obvious issue due to this problem.. It is inconceivable that this company would not do anything that seemed to be of their way to make this right for us. We were told several times that they were sending this guy, or that guys ect ect to pick our stuff up and that it would here ""by the end of the week"". Low and behold, the end of the week would arrive, and NOTHING. No phone calls, no emails... NOTHING! Also, when we started opening boxes for our kitchen items, it became clear that at some point one of the packers had somehow cut himself. Rather than letting us know, he continued to pack with a bloody hand or something. A good 65% of my kitchen boxes contained blood on a majority of the packing paper and or kitchen items. Not only was this a HUGE inconvenience, it is a major health hazard. When my wife informed the supervisor of this situation, we once again received a nonchalant ""sorry for your inconvenience"". Cons: Customer service Nightmare, Billing, Claims...everything more
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