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Millcreek Inn

3 Miles Up Millcreek Canyon
Salt Lake City, UT 84109
(801) 278-7927
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I think a lot of these poor reviews stem from individuals attempting to break Utah's liquor laws. Reprocussions for business owners are so severe in additions to heafty fines they...


The venue is amazing! Beautifu tree's, landscaping and lighting! The down fall.... Pure lack of communication between staff. Sasan is the only one who knows whats going on wich do...

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/9/2013

DONT GET MARRIED HERE!!!! I STRESS! Its beautiful scenery but you WILL REGRET your decision. Just to be straight honest with everyone out there looking to get married here! I worked for Millcreek Inn for over a year. The owner is an alcoholic and I have seen him start actual physical pushing matches and fights with the groomsmen and the bridal party. He would be behind the bar drinking constantly during YOUR wedding. There has been a couple times where the bridal party has called him out on drinking because by 7 or 8 in the evening during the wedding he would already be slurring his words and acting like fool, to the point where he ruined many peoples weddings. He should not be running this business, he is doing it to feed his addiction. If the owner is there during your wedding, watch out, it will be a disaster and it will not be the wedding you dreamed of. Millcreek Inn is very unorganized and extremely difficult to work with. I mean come on, they still serve drinks out of garbage cans behind the bar. Maybe garbage cans for mixing juice and your beverages was popular back in the 70's, but we live in 2013. The head Chef and Kitchen are great, amazing food. But watch out for the owner, he will ruin your wedding. I have seen it handful of times in the time working there. Also most of the 5 star reviews received have not been from actual people that have got married there, its employees faking they have to boost up the rating for Millcreek Inn. Shame on this company and the owner. Just scroll down and read the other reviews people had to say about the owner.\r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/21/2013

The wedding industry is funny. You might deal with several vendors who will tell you that they dread working with a venue, but because to take a stand for either venue or vendor means that a certain percentage of business will be jeopardized, no one speaks up publicly. Such is the case even with bride-saving websites such as The Knot. The reviews that they post of Millcreek Inn are three positive ones. Click through to their wedding wire ""more reviews' and you will find another set of stories. Sadly, though I did my homework and read reviews, I read those easiest to access and as a very busy person, in addition to the new part-time job of being my own wedding planner, I left well-enough alone. In truth, I wanted the beauty of the Utah mountains, for myself as well as for my out of town guests. I did not have a large wedding but it ended up costing around one hundred dollars per person. I did not opt for a sit-down meal and was charged enormous gratuity for a wait staff that was hard to locate and often looked unhappy to be bothered. There were mistakes and glitches throughout the event, including food that was never prepared, never served, put on the bill and only removed after very pointed requests. The most upsetting thing was that I received phonecalls from the owner asking how he could best accommodate my family when there was a danger that the event would be cancelled entirely. (My church was in a very messy deliberation and there was a freeze on all events as a result.) As soon as it was clear that we would proceed with the event at Millcreek Inn, we were completely ignored. My parents called daily to speak with the owner who had promised them a special set of menu adjustments. He neither returned a single call or any of my emails, but the wedding coordinator refused to give us one human reason why. She actually ignored a thoughtful request that she simply let us know what we had done wrong to go from such a helpful, warm, considerate response by the owner to radio silence. Nothing was ever stated on the matter and no amount of questioning could change that. In short, I feel hurt and so disappointed with the event. My father, a business man himself, found the place to be lacking in most professional ways and the event was shadowed by all of the things that were never addressed and made right. We were overbilled several times and it began to look less than accidental. The canyons are stunning, but this experience ended up feeling kind of creepy and deceptive. If you do the math, you can do so much and do in a beautiful setting without allowing this venue to treat you like you are one more exasperating bit of business to be dealt with, instead of a bride with a singular, significant day in which to revel and glow.\r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/25/2013

It’s too bad I didn’t check this page before I booked a 60th birthday party at Millcreek Inn. When you read that the owner, Sasan, is arrogant and rude, believe it. Today, literally five days before my party, he called out of the blue to scream at me and hang up on me. I run a nonprofit and I work with 3 or 4 venues a year to hold benefits of 100-400 people each. I’ve never encountered such insane customer service. \r \r The issue: I had asked his Event Coordinator to adjust their estimated liquor charges down from near $50 p/p which he was insisting be paid in advance. This was to be a pretty staid party, and there was no way my guests were going to drink that much. Sasan told me (before hanging up on me) that if I didn’t want to pay that ridiculous amount in advance, I could cancel. So, I canceled with his Event Coordinator. I’m just thankful this was a birthday party not a wedding! Can you imagine a bride having to crawl back to this abuser a few days before her wedding? \r \r In truth, I had a bad feeling from the first moment about this place – lovely as it is. There is a sense of instability, desperation, and perhaps precarious financial management, covered up with a big show of how wonderful they all are. Not a recipe for a lovely party, even in a lovely venue. They will not be around for long - not with this management.\r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/15/2013

What an amazing venue. And amazing staff. You get the feeling that these guys know what they're doing and have been doing it a long time. In a minor or major bride and groom party-caused emergency, I've seen them take care of the issue immediately and--most importantly--without any of the wedding party or even the guests knowing the difference. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/8/2012

The food and atmosphere were fantastic but it's positive points can in no way compensate for the inexcusable unprofessionalism of the owner, Sasan. I am a wedding services professional and was hired by the bride and groom. I have never been treated more poorly or rudely by a reception center staff. They give you the impression that they are annoyed that you are there, that it is their house and their rules, and they can't wait until you are gone. I watched the owner cause stress to the bride and groom and their guests by unnecessarily rushing the pictures, he was overhead making fun of the guests of the wedding, he was short and biting in his interactions with myself and others. DO NOT book your event here, no one deserves to be treated the way this staff treats people. The arrogance was unbelievable. As a wedding professional I will not agree to work with any Bride and Groom who are having their reception at this venue. more

The venue is amazing! Beautifu tree's, 6/11/2012

The venue is amazing! Beautifu tree's, landscaping and lighting! The down fall.... Pure lack of communication between staff. Sasan is the only one who knows whats going on wich doesnt work when you have an entire staff running the show. Unfortunatley being yelled at by the new staff to hurry up and get ready because my guests are waiting for me was the straw that broke this camels back! more

Fantastic Food, Great Service, Great Location 3/2/2012

I think a lot of these poor reviews stem from individuals attempting to break Utah's liquor laws. Reprocussions for business owners are so severe in additions to heafty fines they could lose their license which can be detramental to their business operations. So to err on the side of the business owner I don't blam the staff for being firm on their stance. I coordinated a Christmas party at Millcreek Inn a couple years ago, I spoke with both the owner, Sessan, as well as his assistant at the time, Alyssan. They where wonderful to work with, very accomodating and workable. Our original guest count increased substantially by the time our final headcount was due, we almost didn't have enough room to make it fit but Sessan and his staff worked tirelessly to ensure that we would all fit, and fit comfortably, which they successfully made happen. They did such a wonderful job for the event, the scenery, the food, and the professionalism was outstanding. I was so impressed that I decided if I where ever to have a wedding, it would be there. 2 years later, I am now engaged and have a deposit set for this fall. I am super excited because I know exactly what to expect... I'll be back in 6-months for a follow up review to let you know how it went. more

Bad Service! 1/19/2012

We met with Millcreek Inn a while back and were completely disappointed by the service. The owner (sessan) is very arrogant and made us feel like we knew nothing about weddings. The arrogance was annoying and totally turned me off. Also, the books they showed us were all torn up and didn't seem professional at all. The outdoor area seems beautiful but the indoor facilities reminded me of a gross ski lodge. Dirty carpet (especially in the Bride's room), outdated decor, ect. We followed up with them asking several questions and they always beat around the bush and belittled our requests. I am so glad I didn't book with them.... especially after reading the terrible reviews. I wouldn't even waste your time looking there. It's unfortunate that the service is so terrible because it's such a beautiful setting! more

Awesome experience 9/30/2011

I am at a loss to understand the negativity in some of the below posts. I got married at Millcreek and although Sasan (the owner) may appear to some sensitive soles out there as curt, he is actually very attentive to detail and addressed certain things which my wife and I had overlooked. Sasan worked tirelessly with his staff to ensure that our day was perfect and that the mental picture we had matched what he was quoting for. Millcreek factored into the quote certain more

Horrible treatment by ""the owner"". 6/10/2011

I went to the Millcreek Inn for a wedding reception. The food and overall service was great. It was, however, overshadowed by the lack of professionalism of a man who claimed to be the owner. This man was short in stature with short, dark, curly hair. I'm using that description because I do not know his name or whether or not he is actually the owner. He will be referred to as ""the owner"". After a wonderful meal and socializing with close friends a few of us grabbed a few drinks from the open bar. All of us are of age and weren't asked for ID all night. A friend grabbed a glass of wine for his girlfriend and ""the owner"" felt that she looked too young to drink so he barked at my friend. He confiscated the drink and tried to chastise the two of them using very harsh language (I overheard it), to the point where my friend asked ""the owner"" to stop swearing at his girlfriend. He refused and proceeded to use the same harsh language until he felt he got his point across (read: beat a dead horse). He went as far to make this poor girl cry. At a wedding. Way to ruin the night. Word got to the groom and when he tried to make sense of the situation ""the owner"" lied through his teeth and denied the harsh tone and language. I am giving the place two stars based solely on the fact that everything else was great. I feel that the way management and/or ownership of an establishment interacts with customers is huge. I don't feel this ""owner"" deserves patronage to his establishment if this continues to be the way he treats his customers. more

Magical experience 5/30/2011

We had a magical experience at my daughter's wedding at Millcreek Inn. The staff, especially Sasan and Nicki, did everything to guarantee our celebration was successful. All our questions were answered promptly. Their suggestions for other vendors were absolutely appropriate. They went out of their way to schedule a special food tasting for us when we had issues with out of town family. Our guests raved about the food--seriously some of the best food EVER! Sasan treated our daughter and new son-in-law like royalty. Throughout the entire evening, both Nicki and Sasan kept us informed and helped make sure the celebration ran smoothly. They also made sure the grandparents, and parents were given special respect, right down to serving us individual appetizers immediately following the cocktail hour since we were so busy greeting guests, etc. All the special touches and QUALITY service and food made this an evening none of us will ever forget. Thank you to ALL the staff at Millcreek Inn. We will always treasure our experience with you. more

Not up to my standards 10/17/2010

I am in the middle of planning my wedding for next August. The first place I visited when looking for a venue was Millcreek Inn because of its quaint charm and because I had heard their food was wonderful. I fell in love with it the moment I got there. However, It was impossible for me to receive any further information about ANY questions I had that would have led to me signing the contract. I sent multiple emails and called several times with out getting my questions answered or a return phone call as promised. When I went there the first time I filled out their questionaire and they told me they would send me a quote the next day...2 weeks later and I still didn't have a quote even though I had asked them to send it to me 3 times. Finally they sent it over and it was completely wrong. It didn't include hardly ANYTHING we had discussed, so it was useless. I was very sad that I had to choose another place, but after reading the negative reviews on here, I am glad that I didn't find out that they had no customer services skills too late after I had signed the contract and given them $20K. more

Terrible Service very Unprofessional 9/7/2010

I would be very careful when evaluating this Venue for your wedding based on reviews...for all the reviews are being filtered, they will not display the negative experiences nor will the individual take the time to relay such info because it's such a pain and time. I am very frustrated that I made monetary commitment and about 2 weeks away from the big day, I made request to work with someone else and it was a big deal along with extra cost! How ridiculuous is that? I would be very wary unless they have more than one wedding coordinators that you can interview and find the one that best match your personality and that individual is professional and not making any hits on your finance! At the end, it was such a headache, I had the manager involved and he was not very helpful either, he stood by his worker, which to me is wrong because I'm the paying customer, why would I make such statement if it not perceived negatively? I'm paying for the service and I expect service. The manager at the end made promises that he didn't deliver like decorating the area where the judge perform. I must say that the manager is very rude, does not treat women with Respect - he may appears but if you are bold women who know what she wants, he doesn't like you challenging him...Just something to consider. P.S. Also, have friends who had horrible experience not only with the wedding coordinator but service itself. If you are considering this (don't get me wrong, very beautiful place and quaint), but seriously lack professionalism and service. I wouldn't pay for this place. I would have gone to another place up the street (Log Haven) but you can't when you had money down and you were only few weeks away from the big day! more

Wonderful staff, wonderful wedding 9/10/2009

I was shocked when I read the review below by dalishas. My husband and I had our wedding at Millcreek Inn this past year and we worked very closely with Allison. She did everything in her power to make sure that our wedding night was absolutely perfect. In fact, the entire staff was exceptionally professional and detail oriented. The office staff was extremely helpful throughout the planning process. It sounds like to me that dalishas is disgruntled and may have had unrealistic expectations-- bridezillas tend to have an attitude that they should be given everything they want for little money. Allison was wonderful and VERY personable. We even tipped her at the end of the evening because of how hard she worked to make our wedding a success- and that she did. Pros: Staff, Food, Atmosphere Cons: Parking more

Memorable & unforgettable 7/9/2009

I had my wedding At millcreek Inn on july 1st, It was amazing. They went out of thier way to make sure things ran smoothly, that we were happy, and comfortable. We really appreciated thier professionalism and attention to detail. Pros: beautiful mountains, great food and service Cons: no out side alcohol more

Perfect place... almost 6/25/2009

I had the most beautiful perfect wedding ever. I love that my husband and I chose Millcreek Inn. When I first started working with Millcreek Inn the event planner/wedding coordinator Anne was so pleasant and kind. She did everything to try and figure out a meal plan and service that would work within our budget. I signed up and was so excited about the wedding there. Sasan and Anne did everything they could to make my husband and I happy for our wedding. I asked them to do a lot for me which they did. When my wedding was only a couple months away and final plans were in prepration I found out Anne was no longer working there and another girl named Alison was now the coordinator. She was rude, wasn't easy to work with and acted like a brat. At one point Sasan the owner said I could have one thing for the meal and once he stepped out Alison would say I couldn't. She was always telling us no and not even trying to work with us. I didn't get it. Eventually everything was about just the way I wanted it but I did NOT enjoy working with her at all. She was not helpful as a coordinator should be and she was NOT personable. She didn't help guide me during the ceremony and I kind of just had to decide when to start walking and all that because she was just standing there talking with the staff. Also my wedding lasted past 9 p.m. (with the owners approval and in the contract) but as soon as 9 p.m. came she took off like a bandit. I had to have other people help me that were the wait staff, but let me tell you they were so nice and did everything they could to help me. I love Millcreek and it would be 100% perfect without Alison. Pros: Food, atmosphere, staff (except one) Cons: Alison S. more

Absolutely beautiful! 2/18/2009

I was so impressed by the service that we received at Millcreek Inn. Many thanks to the staff for making my daughter Claire's wedding close to perfect (and any imperfections were the result of our own quirks). The place looked beautiful, the food prepared by their executive Chef was way beyond my expectations and the floor manager was extremely friendly and accommodating. It would be my pleasure to recommend Millcreek Inn to anyone, and so will my family along with all the folks who attended. The staff was great to work with and they made sure that every request that we had was realized. What a beautiful venue to be married and share a most important day with those friends and family that you cherish. more

An overall fantastic private events venue! 2/5/2009

Our son and his wife had their dream wedding at this wonderful venue. We sincerely appreciate all of the effort and generosity that went into coordinating and executing this most important event. It was articulated beautifully and will not be forgotten. The staff went the extra mile to make everything perfect. Not one detail was overlooked. Everyone was so accommodating and friendly. The food that we served was superb. The bride and groom's plate topped off this special occasion. Having our son's wedding at Millcreek Inn gave us such a calm peaceful feeling-- it was the perfect place. We could not have asked for anything more suited to fit our vision of this day. Friends of ours are still commenting that it was the highlight of their summer. We would highly recommend this venue to any person that is seeking an unforgettable, absolutely beautiful setting with first class service and food for their important day. Pros: beautiful canyon setting, excellent service Cons: food is a bit pricey more

The sincerest of thank yous to MIllcreek Inn 1/27/2009

We would like to express our gratitude to Millcreek Inn for all of their help in planning our wedding. It was absolutely perfect, right down to the weather working out for us. We send our dearest appreciation to the staff who was working that evening. They were most helpful and professional. We are really grateful for all of their help and hard work. Millcreek inn's staff is top notch and really made everything go so smoothly. Not to mention their talented Chef Valenzuela and his delightful contemporary cuisine. We really enjoyed the presentation and taste of the food. We had several compliments from our guests regarding many aspects of the evening. Pros: Wonderful venue all around more

Couldn't have asked for a more perfect celebration! 1/27/2009

I would like to say Thank you to everyone at Millcreek Inn for making my daughter's wedding perfect. Even the rain (which I'm sure you were in charge of) was fine since it was short and cooled things off. All of Millcreek Inn's servers were very professional and friendly. They did a fabulous job at my daughter's wedding. I must say, the food was sensational and every detail of dinner was articulated perfectly right down to the butler-passing of the toast. I will be sure to recommend Millcreek Inn's services to others. more
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