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Midvalley Animal Clinic - 31 Reviews - 6047 S Redwood Road, Salt Lake City, UT - Veterinary Services Reviews - Phone (801) 269-1213

Midvalley Animal Clinic

6047 S Redwood Road
Salt Lake City, UT 84123
(801) 269-1213
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Midvalley Animal Clinic - Salt Lake City, UT
Midvalley Animal Clinic - Salt Lake City, UT


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Loved the tech we worked with and will definitely go there again.


I heard that Midvalley was the cheapest vet at doing dental work in town so I took my pet there. I realize I signed a waiver giving them permission to pull any bad teeth if necess...

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/18/2014

I have been taking my pets to Midvalley for about 15 years now. I have never received anything less than outstanding, very caring service. I drive way out of the way but it's worth it. On top of the excellent service, their fees are reasonable and most importantly- posted! Look at their website. I can't see ever using another vet- they truely do care about your pet. VR more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/16/2013

I have wanted to write this for a long time. I started bringing my cat and dog here years ago and brought a lot of business to this clinic. My mom who has since passed away to Ovarian cancer had a Siamese male cat that was starting a urinary tract infection. They recommended I leave him for a night or two. He caught distemper that was floating around their cages and then a trim yet very boyish female vet wanted me to pay for my cat getting sick from their unhealthy kennel environment??? It finished me off. Greedy and inflexible. Is that really what you want or need to deal with, when your pet is sick??? more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/27/2013

I have been taking our animals to this clinic since they first opened their doors. I had always been very happy with them until they started changing staff. The last straw was about six weeks ago when I took my kitty in to be seen for a growth (on his cheek, large enough he was chewing on it) in his mouth. After a very brief 30 second exam they immediately wanted to do a $250 surgery to completely remove the growth and have it tested. They kept telling me it was cancerous and they needed to determine what type it was. I felt more like they were looking for a quick buck rather than wanting to help him. When I told them I couldn't pay for the surgery right then they reluctantly placed him on antibiotics and told me that they wouldn't help. \r \r After three days of having him on antibiotics, and making me fearful and stressed out, the growth shrinked. Knowing cancer does not respond to anitbiotics, I made an appointment with another vet for a second opinion. The new vet thoroughly examined his mouth and decided to finish off the course of antibiotics. During the follow up appointment the growth had not shrunk anymore so they removed a tiny piece of it for testing. The results are in and proved there is not any cancer. He has stomatitis, an inflammatory condition that he will always have but it's managed with medications. Not only did my kitty receive a better exam, the cost of the testing and follow up appointments and medications was not even half of what Midvalley wanted for just the surgery.\r \r My new vet did say that had I gone the route Midvalley wanted to go and had the entire growth removed it would have disfigured my kitty. To remove it completely they would have had to cut up into his cheek and lips.\r \r My brother and sister have also had very negative experiences with Midvalley Animal Clinic's treatment of their cats forcing them to change vets. I personally will never again take my three kitties to Midvalley. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/7/2012

My last experience at this vet has sent me to find a new vet. we've been taking my pets here for ten years and never had a problem until recently. Within the last year the staff has really gone down hill. Some of the vets there are great, but we took my young Great Pyrenees to get checked out for a limp he's had since we adopted him. We got x-rays done and they said that they would have to send the x-rays out to a specialist in Colorado to look at them. We paid the extra fee to have them sent and we waited and waited for 6 months we kept calling to find out the results of the x-rays but no one seemed to know where they were or that they were even supposed to be sent out. Finally, we went in to request a refund for the x-rays that were apparently never sent out where a vet that wasn't the one we normally see proceeded to tell us that our dog is just fat and that's why he limps and we were bad pet owners for letting him get overweight! Keep in mind that he is well within the weight range for a young, male Great Pyrenees, you can feel his ribs when you lightly squeeze his sides and none of the other vets have said anything about him being too big. She grabbed his scruff (Pyrs have floppy skin much like a St. Bernard) and said that it was all fat and that he didn't have a big enough dip between his ribs and hips, something that this dog breed doesn't really have. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/20/2012

Loved the tech we worked with and will definitely go there again. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/19/2012

We started using this vet when we adopted our dog GiGi from the animal shelter. A year later she got really sick and fast, on the way to the vet she passed away. MidValley Staff saw us rushing in and took us straight back without even asking and let us take care of everything in the exam room. We now have two dogs and i will not trust them with any other vet. you can call them with questions thoughout the day and they are happy to help you over the phone if it is something that doesn't need a vet visit. They Really Care!!! more

I have taken my 2 1/2 year old dog to 6/11/2012

I have taken my 2 1/2 year old dog to several clinics trying to find the best one, and this clinic by far is so much superior to the rest. They tell you the pricing before doing anything, and then when something is rather expensive they talk to you about other feasible options that are more affordable. I don't believe other posts that talk about how the vet has ruined their dog or cat, becuase I have seen these vets and nurses deal with other people and their issues and I have never seen them treat any animal badly. I have an 80lb dog and the bet gets on the floor with her and pets her and plays with her while she is discussing things with me. I recommend this vet to everyone I know, and even my mother who deals with large farm animals outside of UT, even talks about how good they are!!! Love this place! Also, they are a very busy clinic, so when people complain about getting calls back or bad customer service, you will have a better experience if you are a diligent pet owner and just call more than once. I have never had a bad experience because I always get through to talk to someone! more

Not worth the low prices... 5/3/2012

I heard that Midvalley was the cheapest vet at doing dental work in town so I took my pet there. I realize I signed a waiver giving them permission to pull any bad teeth if necessary but that could not prepare me for what was about to happen to my pet. I had my pet looked at by another vet previous to going to Midvalley clinic and they told me that my pet had one tooth that needed to be removed and the rest just cleaned up, because of the high price that vet gave me I decided to go with Midvalley as previously explained. After dropping my precious baby off for it's dental thinking one tooth would be pulled and the rest cleaned up I wasn't expecting any major issues. I got a call three hours after dropping my baby off and the vet tech told me that they had pulled 14 teeth from my pets mouth!! I was in total shock and disbelief, how could one vet tell me one tooth needed to come out then Midvalley pulled 14 teeth?!? Please if you have a pet you love and want the best possible care for just pay the extra money and have it done right and not taken advantage of by Midvalley. It's not worth the pain for you or your pet. I hope my review will help you in your decision making about Midvalley. more

Amazing doctors and service! 11/29/2011

We drive an extra 20 minutes to go to this clinic! Our first yorkie was hit by a car and we were so distraught that he would have to be put down because of the cost. They were able to fuse his spine and put a pin in his leg for a very reasonable cost and now he runs like nothing ever happened! A couple months ago our female yorkie got very sick. We took her to the vet where they had to perform an emergency spade. She was near death, but pulled through. Again, the cost was very reasonable and she has been fine since. These vets care about your pets! more

My new favorite vet 11/27/2011

We are new to Salt Lake City and was looking for a new vet after our first one we went to was horrible. The 1st vet we went to said our dog had Colitis. What he recommended wasn't working so we went to Midvalley Animal Clinic. The Vet said it wasn't Colitis but a polyp. The charge for the pills from the vet was only $13 (cheap compared to most vets). In about a week he was all better!! Thankfully!! I highly recommend Midvalley Animal! more

Worst Clinic Ever 11/25/2011

The unkept female vet here paralyzed my Lhasa Apso, and we had to put him down because of it. She said she had to give him steroid injections in his back because he was sore. Inflamed joints in a 4 year old dog? I more than highly doubt it. She did one and it didn't help. She did the second one the next week and nicked his spinal cord with the needle. Paralyzed hind legs, completely incontinent immediately after. I paid hundreds for their service, and finally had to put my pup down. MALPRACTICE! more

Fantastic People 9/22/2011

They were all very nice and helpful when we took our aussie there to get spayed. They are all animal lovers and it really shows when you walk in the door. All of our questions were answered and they did their best to make sure we felt comfortable with procedure. 5 days after the spaying our little girl ripped her stitches open and they told us to bring her down and they took care of her! it was very easy and we weren't as stressed as I know we could have been. The only downside to this clinic is the location if you are coming from the north it can be a bit of a pain to turn into, but if you want quality care for your animal this is a great place to go. more

My dogs love everyone here! 9/15/2011

We've been coming to Midvalley for about 10 years now. The staff recognize my voice when I call to make an appointment. They always ask which of the ""kids"" needs to be seen. I have 4 dogs ranging in age from 5 to 15. All are rescues with health and behavior issues. My favorite part of the whole practice is that almost everyone has been there for the entire time I've been taking my dogs there. You can actually request which vet you'd like to see. Getting an emergency appointment is not an issue as general rule. Once you have the appointment you can rest assured that your pet will be seen by someone who is aware of the latest meds, etc. And someone who remembers you and your pet and its quirks and issues. And cares very much that the poor baby isn't feeling well. There is never a push to try to talk you into a procedure or a special food or drug. Bottom line for me is that I can't believe anyone would take a cherished pet anywhere else! more

They've been treating my animals for years 7/22/2011

I have been taking my dogs and cats here for years. The staff is very friendly, the facility is clean, and the price is the best I have found. There are animal clinics closer to me, but I travel to this one because I really like them. Highly recommended. more

Rude Receptionist(s) 4/18/2011

When calling in as a Courtesy to inform them that the fax number being given out was incorrect and to let them know they might want to call some of their fax receipents they were very rude. more

Highly recommended! 1/31/2011

The vets at Midvalley are wonderful! more

wonderful and caring 12/28/2010

These are the most caring people in the world. My puppies were exposed to Parvo, a deadly virus. All three came down with the virus, at 8 weeks old, they were just due for there shots. Two of the pups over came the virus, but one, Fluffin, at this time is not doing well...They took me in with out an appointment, went well beyond trying to save this puppy. The pups got sick christmas eve night. more

Has been my vet for years 10/11/2010

Years ago my cat was hurt and I took him to the vet we us then. As I didn't have a car it took two buses. The vet tells me they can't help me, no x-ray and does not even examine my cat! Instead he tells me to go someplace else. I ended up at midvalley and was greeted in a very friendly manner, my cat was examined (he didn't even neexd an x-ray since all he had was an abcess) and booked for surgery to fix an abcess, they even neutered him for very cheap. They also did my dog 's neutering and fixed his eyes so his eyelashes curve out not in. All in all they are very great nice and friendly. They are also less expensive than any vet I've delt wth more

I wouldn't come here but my dog makes me 7/9/2010

great staff , affordable, careing Dr. more

Good prices and caring staff. 7/4/2010

My basset hound needed some dental work done. My regular vet quoted me close to $700 with a couple of extactions included, if needed. I saved up the money, which took some time on my budget. I had a friend refer me to Midvalley. With exam, blood-work for anesthesia and the cleaning, I was in and out for about $150. My dogs teeth are clean and he didn't lose any and they gave him a courtesy nail-trim while he was out. I don't see how people say they are concerned with profit. They blew my vet out of the water and seemed just as caring, if not more so. more
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