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Midtown Groom & Board - 27 Reviews - 1207 Baylor St, Austin, TX - Specialty Animal Services Reviews - Phone (512) 477-8079

Midtown Groom & Board

1207 Baylor St
Austin, TX 78703
(512) 477-8079
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Midtown Groom & Board - Austin, TX
Midtown Groom & Board - Austin, TX
Midtown Groom & Board - Austin, TX
Midtown Groom & Board - Austin, TX
Midtown Groom & Board - Austin, TX
Midtown Groom & Board - Austin, TX
Midtown Groom & Board - Austin, TX
Midtown Groom & Board - Austin, TX
Midtown Groom & Board - Austin, TX
Midtown Groom & Board - Austin, TX
Midtown Groom & Board - Austin, TX
Midtown Groom & Board - Austin, TX
Midtown Groom & Board - Austin, TX
Midtown Groom & Board - Austin, TX
Midtown Groom & Board - Austin, TX
Midtown Groom & Board - Austin, TX


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I cannot say enough great things about the staff and services of Midtown Groom & Board! I brought my best friend, Vinnie in for a professional dog bath a few weeks ago and was so...


We have a long hair blue Persian, who was a Town Lake Shelter rescue. Her life had already been tough and got even tougher once she crossed the threshold of Midtown Grooming. Al...

Doggie detail to rave about!!! 6/4/2011

I cannot say enough great things about the staff and services of Midtown Groom & Board! I brought my best friend, Vinnie in for a professional dog bath a few weeks ago and was so impressed I knew I needed to pass along my experience. In a nutshell, they did an amazing dog bath overhaul on my stinky yellow lab, called promptly to let me know he was ready and best of all.....he seemed to be happy as he trotted out to meet me donning his new bandana! Thank you for the excellent customer service and your authentic love of animals. Lori M. & Vinnie more

Thanks! 1/29/2011

As a Midtown employee for nearly two years now, I want to say thank you to our great clients (and their wonderful pups as well)! The shop has come along way in the past year and we couldn't have done it without you! We truly love your pets and are so happy to be able to provide great services for them. We have some great specials going on, check our website or facebook page (Midtown Groom and Board) for details! To those of you who have may have preconceived notions about Midtown, I ask you at least try us out, you may be impressed when you pick up your sleek freshly groomed animal, or tired pup from daycare! And to past clients that were unsatisfied with our services, I respect your opinion and hope you have found somewhere great for your pup! Hope to see you guys and your tail wagging companions soon! -Brianna, Groomer/Front desk more

I Don't Worry When I Board My Dog at Midtown...Great Place! 11/29/2010

If you're like me, my dog is like my child. I'm very particular where I board him and who I trust. I've been boarding Otis at Midtown for almost 3 years now and wouldn't take him anywhere else! When I pick him up he seems happy, healthy and playful. The price is very reasonable and not much to pay for the peace of mind. more

Best in Town, with Austin Funky in Tow!!! 11/29/2010

I have to board my dog on a fairly regular basis for my day job. I've been taking my dog Honeybee to Midtown for two years now, and have seen nothing but topnotch care putting my worried-mind-at-ease. She's stayed with them while recovering from injuries and on medication without issue. Location wise, it's just off Mopac making it easy for my commutes. And the way that Midtown staff dote on honeybee, I truly believe that she thinks she's going to the spa. i've seen how staff at MTG are sweet on my dog and others, which means they are carring towards animals. One more reason I wouldn't think of going anywhere else. Oh yeah, and they give pretty bitchin' haircuts. more

Best Place! 11/4/2010

I love Midtown! My dog boards there and goes to doggie daycare. She loves it and the staff are wonderful with her! She gets groomed there too and I have had great experiences! I was surprised by some of the other reviews. Not my experience at all! They have completely renovated the facility and it looks great and the staff are super-friendly. I wouldn't take my dog anywhere else. more

Why even bother? 10/23/2010

We have a long hair blue Persian, who was a Town Lake Shelter rescue. Her life had already been tough and got even tougher once she crossed the threshold of Midtown Grooming. All she needed was a bath and a trim, what she received was a whole day of sitting in her carrier and lying in her own urine. The groomer was extremely unprofessional starting with cancelling the first appointment. When she attempted to groom her, we were informed that her skin was too fragile and she had clumps of knotted hair. All of these statements were untrue. Following up with the Vet, per recommendation via the groomer, he had no idea what would make her claim that her skin was fragile. As far as the knots there were none. When we first got her out of the shelter she was massively knotted and they were able to give her a lion cut no problem. Some thing stinks there besides the cat I brought home from Midtown Grooming on Baylor Street. more

Gross Facility!!! 12/1/2009

I was recently referred by a friend here, and so I wanted to see what kind of boarding facility they maintained for when I leave for Christmas break. I was displeased to see tons of cramped kennels on old dirty floors, and old ratty walls falling apart all over. The backyard had no grass?? And the staff all seemed stiff. No thank you. Pros: Location Cons: Dirty, Unkept, Hardly a boarding facility. more

Why is she ALWAYS SO RUDE! 7/23/2009

I have been going to Midtown now for about 4 months. The grooms have been consistently good but the woman that always meets me at the front desk (tall with dark straight hair) is beyond rude. The first time I went I gave her the benefit of the doubt and thought everyone can have a bad day. The next time I thought maybe she didn't like me or my dog but I found out she doesn't even groom my dog and all the other staff members say he's a sweetheart. The third time I realized she was as rude to everyone as she is to me. I've gotten to the point if she is working the front desk I'll wait on the front porch until someone else comes up to help. Her attitude is always very standoffish, sharp and condescending and I just don't know why. I even had one of the other customers make a comment about her once we got outside. "" What's up with her?! She needs to lighten up!"" This business needs to take note and either give her some lessons in public relations or not have her work the front desk. Pros: nice groom Cons: ALWAYS RUDE more

Very Happy!!! 7/21/2009

Finally a grooming shop that knows how to do Portuguese Water Dogs! Pros: Excellent Groom Cons: Had difficulty finding location more

Good Groom, but Rude 7/21/2009

I brought my Labradoodle to Midtown and while I was happy with my dog's haircut, I was told by the groomer that there is ""no such thing as a Labradoodle breed cut"". I had asked for a breed cut and I thought that since they are such a popular breed there would obviously be a breed cut. I also asked her to make my dog look more like a Lab than a Poodle. I felt that I was scolded for not embracing the Poodle 1/2 of my dog. The groom ended up looking clean and even but I thought the groomer could have handled my requests better. Pros: Good Groom Cons: Unpleasant Service more

Good Grooming 7/16/2009

This place is cool. They do a good job grooming my dog when I get back from my ranch. My dog, Luc, seems to really like going there. My girlfriend also takes her cat there and has been really happy with her groomer. We are really happy with Midtown. Pros: Quality Cons: Little More Expensive more

I have a healthy dog, thanks to Midtown! 7/6/2009

I have taken my dog to Midtown now for about a year for grooming. I recently left him for boarding. I was very impressed when I picked him up because the staff went out of their way to make sure that I knew about a condition that they noticed during his stay. He had been having trouble urinating for a few months. I thought it was because he is old. They expressed concern and suggested that he go to the vet. Sure enough, he had a problem that I never would have caught otherwise. He has since had surgery and is a much happier dog. I appreicate that the staff took the time to notice his discomfort, expressed concern, and communicated it to me. I might not have taken my dog to the vet if it had not been for the care of the staff at Midtown and I really appreciate them for it. So does Jake, my dog! Pros: Caring staff Cons: Location tricky to find more

Great Experience,! 4/22/2009

I am new to Austin and have been taking my dog to Midtown for boarding and bathing. My dog seems to have a blast when he is there. Last time, when I arrived early to pick up my dog, I found him playing in the backyard with other dogs and having a good time. I am glad that he is not stuck in a kennel all the time! I would highly recommend this place to friends, and anyone who needs a place to board their dog. Pros: All breeds Cons: No after hours pick-up more

Would give it 0 stars if I could 3/31/2009

I took my boxer-pitbull mix Bella here for boarding for two nights. She had dia rrhea for two days straight after. When I called to ask if she could have possibly gotten into anything, the manager in charge was VERY RUDE. I was obviously upset and stressed about the state of my puppy, and she told me I was lucky that they even took her because she was part pitbull and it was probably because she was a very anxious dog. She inferred that it was MY FAULT my dog was sick, when she has never been sick before and I've boarded her before. NOT A GOOD BOARDING PLACE. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND. Pros: convenient downtown location Cons: POOR customer service and service in general more

Best Groomer In Austin 12/24/2008

Our dog, Pablo, has always hated getting groomed, he would trimble, cry and try to get away instead of going inside, until we tried Midtown! Pablo gets excited when we start getting close and it's clear that he feels right at home--no more trying to escape and come with me! more

Great Groom. Great Boarding. 11/19/2008

I have been really happy with Midtown Grooming! It took me a long time to find a groomer in town that understood how to groom my dog. Their groomers have a lot of experience. One is even a show groomer. They always spend a lot of time with me and my dog, Stan. When I first brought him in, I was not brushing him correctly and he was always matted. They took the time to show me how to properly brush him and I have not had problems with matting since. I know that his groomer is very sweet to him because he always dashes up to her when we get there. Lastly, I want to thank their boarding staff because they pointed out a health condition that I was unaware of. They described to me the condition that they noticed and suggested that I take my dog to the vet because they thought it was causing my dog discomfort. Sure enough, my dog had a bladder problem. It had been going on a long time and I didn't know it. I never would have known if not for the thoughtfulness of their staff members. One of the girls even called me to see how he is doing after his vet visit. I'm a client for life! Pros: Thoughtful animal lovers. Good location. Cons: Boarding fills up during busy times more

VERY Poor Quality Groom - Go ELSEWHERE 10/10/2008

I am not only disappointed with my dog's groom, but livid! My dog has been groomed here about 3-4 times. I was VERY specific in discussing my expectations of my dog's groom. I was informed that if they ever felt they needed to shave her, they will get my authorization as I mandatated. I informed them under no circumstance should she ever be shaved! I brought her in yesterday and discussed with the groomer that she was well combed out except part of her neck where I couldn't reach myself without a grooming table. She said it wasn't bad and that she looked good. Yesterday when I picked up my dog, who has long hair (6""-7""), her front part of her head was SHAVED along with her neck and part of her chest! She looks like a child got a hold of some scissors! My dog USE to wear her hair in a rubber band and now it will take at least 6 months to grow out! It is OBVIOUS she doesn't get her head shaved if it was 6""-7"" inches long to begin with. The groomer needs to COMMUNICATE with the customer, LISTEN, and pick up the phone if you have questions or concerns. Read the form I filled out! My dog looks WORSE than when I brought her in! When I expressed my dissatisfaction, I was told they would make note of it for next time. That doesn't change how she looks NOW and for the next 6 months. There will be no next time. Please go elsewhere because even with explicit instructions...the groomer does what THEY want and only communicates AFTER the fact. LAZY. Pros: Good location, sharp website, nice people Cons: Poor Grooming and communication follow-through more

Great place to board and have your dog groomed! 9/17/2008

I have started taking my little yorkie to Midtown and we love it. He has never been so excited to go to the groomer. I know he has a great time when he boards because he sprints right to the back when we get there. He used to tremble when he went to the groomer and when he had to board. I don't like boarding my dog, but I feel good about taking him to Midtown. The staff have all gotten to know him and they are always excited to see him. He plays a lot when he boards. I know this because he always come home absolutely pooped and happy! I have had two different groomers at Midtown ( I forget their names) give him haircuts and have been very happy with both. Their groomers have a lot of experience and he isn't so scared anymore when it is time for his haircut. I love Midtown and like that it is a small boarding place where my dog gets a lot of attention. A great experience overall. Pros: They take very good care of my dog Cons: Parking can be a challenge. Sometime you have to wait a minute. more

They were very kind to our cat 7/28/2008

Since our 15 year old cat will not bathe herself Pros: keep up the good work more

Ouch 7/27/2008

I took my dog here for the first time. First time for me, for my dog... what a BAD experience. First of all, they didn't ask me ANY questions when I brought him in... didn't explain anything, didn't take the time to get to know me or my baby. They trotted him to the back and said, 'we'll call you"". When I went to pick him up, I didn't feel like he really smelled like he'd been shampooed. Got him home and the insides of his ears, TOTALLY dirty, not even been touched. And then when I rolled him over... MASSIVE razor burn & open cuts/wounds on his tummy. I was SO upset! I called to tell them about it & they asked me to bring him back in. UGH... AFTER the weekend! So, I go to the trouble of hauling him back and even THEN they didn't apologize when I brought him in, didn't ask questions, didn't take any time to talk about it. NONE! I was told he'd be done by noon. I got the call at 2:30 he was done. He STILL didn't smell as if he'd been shampooed. And did they apologize or make a big fuss to make me feel better? NO. They didn't explain themselves, nothing. They gave me ""half off"" my next visit. I wouldn't take him back there if you paid me. It's a cute building and that's as far as it goes. NOT a good experience whatsoever. Pros: Close to my work Cons: impersonal customer service (total lack of service), bad grooming! more
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Owner Message

  • Since 1970, Midtown Grooming has been Austin's premier grooming salon & kennel. The experience that comes from over 40 years of being in the animal care business is unmatched anywhere else in Austin.

    Our approach to animals is one of tender loving care and expert handling. We operate under the Golden Rule that we treat our client's babies as we would want our own to be treated by someone else. The safety and happiness of each animal is our first priority. Bring your dog or cat (yes, cat!) by our downtown location to experience our expert grooming and bathing yourself!

    We also offer boarding services for those who want to leave their animal in expert care while away for a while. Drop your pup off at our Doggy Daycare as well and let him frolick in our large backyard with his buddies.


  • Grooming, bathing and boarding are available for cats and dogs at this pet haven.

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