Midsouth Pain Treatment Center


122 Airways Place
Southaven, MS 38671

1 (662) 349-9990
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All reviews seem negative


Was referred by my primary care doctor because of leg pain I had for years. I have had several surgerys on the femeral arterys in my legs which includes bi-lateral bypass of the...

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/17/2014

I agree with all the above. IN addition this place is for the Birds.was there for 3months they were very immature in their handling of my account. never saw a Dr. registered nurse made decisions without understanding my problems. have had two hip replacements and 1 knee replacement.and have major pain in my back after the expensive blocks they cut my pain med and dismissed me. treated me like a young pill junkie instead of a 64 year old with major Arthritis in my lower back.with pinched nerves. these people are in the wrong profession and should be closed down. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/14/2013

I have been going to this clinic for just under a year. I also, have never seen a doctor, just a NP. Former poster couldn't have said it better when describing this clinic as a cattle herder. I was basically lied to after my first 2 nerve block procedures. I was very nervous about getting them. I was told that they were done for diagnostic purposes before getting the radio frequency procedure, if the others didn't work. My NP specifically told me that they would do 2 regions in my low back to see if the pain went away & if it didn't last long, they would do the other 2 regions. If either of them worked, they would then know what region needed the RF procedure. \r I have been going round & round with billing about these procedure bills because they billed for lumbar & cervical injections when I only underwent the lumbar area. They looked t my account & advised me that it printed cervical on my bill as a billing glitch that it should say lumbar. I told her that I only received 2 regions, not 3 or 4 and she said they did all 4 regions both visits. So instead of my co-insurance being for 2 regions on 2 separate occasions, they are billing me for doing 4 regions on 2 occasions and this is NOT what they told me they would be performing in advance. Either they lied and did 4 regions without my knowledge or they are billing me for 2 additional regions that they did not perform injections in. Either way, myself & my insurance company are paying for it. I am requesting a copy of my records for review before I go to any further appointments.\r I started having neck & upper shoulder pain and noted this on my last visit. They immediately told me that I would need to undergo more nerve blocks, this time in my neck and that of I didn't have the procedure completed, they would not prescribe me any further pain medicine. I am not and I have never abused my medication. This is a black mail tactic they are using to bill the hell out of me & my insurance, and probably for treatment I do not yet need. There wave been no tests nor any xrays done and they did not do any conservative treatment on me first before jumping right into nerve blocks. I started going back to my chiropractor and it has relieved the shoulder pain greatly.\r Speaking of drug abuse. They do drug testing about every other or every 2 visits. They test me for meds they know I am already taking. All of my other testing comes back negative because I do not take illegal drugs nor do I take any other prescribed medication that I have received in the past while I have been treating with them. The first time they did the test, they double billed my insurance. They did their own testing and then also sent it to another lab as well so I had to pay for co pays on both. They told me if my insurance wouldn't pay it, they wouldn't charge me and that the outside lab wasn't doing any testing for them any more. So how did they get my info & sample to run tests on? They now have a separate lab that they own that does the testing, but I still end up being over charged in co ins payments because they charge over $2k to my insurance (though some of it gets written off) It's about $200 for me after all is said & done.\r I am not going to succumb to this blackmail any longer and am going to take my business elsewhere. Hopefully I can find a doctor who understands me and will try conservative diagnostics/testing first! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/10/2013

This healthcare facility doesnot allow a healthcare advocate behind receptionist area. Any clinic that does not allow a healthcare advocate for a patient is not safe. We did not agree to the nerve blocks for fibromyalgia pain because it seemed inappropriate for a diabetic with neurological problems. I feel sorry for ANYONE seeing the providers at this clinic. Did not see doctor only nurse practioners. Would not consider any other treatment if patient doesn't have nerve blocks first. I do NOT think they are a safe practice. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/5/2013

I have never been to the Midsouth Pain Treatment Ct., but I definantly will not go now. Thanks more

RIPPED OFF 12/19/2011

Was referred by my primary care doctor because of leg pain I had for years. I have had several surgerys on the femeral arterys in my legs which includes bi-lateral bypass of the femeral ateries in my legs. Never saw the doctor only a nurse practioner. She said they could do nerve blocks approx. 8 and if that didn't work they would burn the nerve. The person who said they move them through like cattle was so right. When the nerve block did not work they said I would have to go somewhere else they could not help and they do not precribe pain pills. Still in pain I went to my vascular surgeon who told me nerve blocks don't help if the pain is not coming from your back. I told them when I first saw them that I do not and have never had back pain . Yet they did the block anyway. Those are in no way cheap.They over charged me on my co-pay even though I told them that it wasn't that much. They told me they would refund the money if I was over paying. After checking with the insurance company I found I had over paid. I have been trying for 4 months to get a refund and just get the run around. Anyone who is in true need of help should concider going somewhere else. Wish I had read the reveiws before I went, it would have saved me money and time. more

No pain Help Just a Poke em and Send em out Cattle Line 12/14/2011

OK this clinic should be shut down I am very close to filing 2 different law suits against them. Over the past 5 years I have developed a variety of illnesses after a back surgery, and the many nerve blocks I have had, due to a fall I had. I have been told that I will forever be on pain narcotics due to my 6-7 back conditions. (i.e.. Degenerative Back disease, failed back syndrome, arthritis, bone spurs, arachnoiditis, spondylothesis, sciatica and of course the 3 herniated disks 1 which ruptured that led to my demise as a self sufficient person, It is well documented that nerve blocks of any type are contraindicated in persons with arachnoiditis and has been documented in over 50 papers. The blocks caused me to have cushings syndrome with no chance of ever having having any children, even if I was to get better . They also cause the arachnoiditis to flare up, with increased sciatica (something I never had before the blocks before of after surgery) . However, inoder to get my medication I must agree to have them prefrom the blocks. I wanted to use my own Anestisiologist for them but the wouldn't hear of it. (it has to be a $$ thing, which is why I should sue because that is where it obviously would hurt them for the way they have treated me. As far as the blocks go they herd you in like a cattle run and don't seem to care about your comfront at all. I have had to take extra of my own meds from home just so I could lay the way they need me to. Just search contraindications of nerve blocks and arachnoiditis & / or epidurals to see how bad these blocks are. Also, my mother who has fibromyalgia and lupus and no back pain at all has been made to get blocks even though she doesn't need them at all. This has caused all kind of complications with her also, But again before they will give her, her medications she must take the blocks. These people are setting themselves up for a bad lawsuit . Walking a thin line!! Here are some names of other docts I can suggest: Paul King For persons on hydrocodone only Dr Jackson gives all meds, but don't go to him just because your doctor has been shut down. Dr Kassner Ive heard ok things about her gives all meds I think Hard to get in doesnt take insur. Dr White in MS columbus who is a Great doc will leave it to you for blocks (knocks you out), gives all meds Worth the drive! Dr kraus for blocks only that doesn't judge you and will make the block a pleasurable one Dr Milnor if you can put up with his BS Attitude gives all meds I think. Dr Breckenridge & Parteners heard good things about them Anyone who can add doctors to this list please email me at Drnutkov at aol. I am going to try and get a Memphis and surrounding city Pain doctor Site up so we will stop wasting our time and money going to doctors that are worthless. Oh and get accused of doctor shopping. Oh and Please Drug abusers please don't waste my time it is you that ruin it for us who have real pain and need to get better. I would stay away from Parker, Mays/ Schanapps, Both make up lies and put them in your reports, call your doctor who you might be getting meds from and threaten their licence and turn them into the DEA if you are on meds they refuse or do not like to give. more

HORRIBLE experience, rude staff 8/9/2011

If you wanted to be treated very rude and talked down to, then visit this clinic. It is NOT BBB accredited or I would have reported them. I was 6 minutes late to my first appoitment because I got lost looking for their buiding, which was very hard to find, btw. They refused to see me and were very rude and talked down to me and lectured about being on time. I am not from the area and was simply lost. 6 minutes should have not have made such a HUGE difference in me seeing someone.They should have concerned this was my first trip to their office and people get lost! I was very nice and got no where with them. The nicer I got the more rude they spoke to me. I have decided to take my business elsewhere. I am sure there are plenty of other places that would be happy to take my business with a SMILE! more

Money hungry 11/15/2010

Everything was great until I had no insurance.That is not their fault but you are treated differently just like every other health ""provider"".\r I hope Obama does break up this scam you call healthcare so maybe you will not act so godly. more
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  • MidSouth Pain Treatment Center offers big results with a small town feel. There are no out-of-state call centers or off-site administrative teams. We are locally owned and operated with all staff members based within our Tennessee and Mississippi locations. It is our goal to make all patients and referring providers feel like family.

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