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Michi Style

2222 Pico Blvd
Santa Monica, CA 90405
(310) 384-0250
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Michi Style - Santa Monica, CA
Michi Style - Santa Monica, CA
Michi Style - Santa Monica, CA
Michi Style - Santa Monica, CA
Michi Style - Santa Monica, CA
Michi Style - Santa Monica, CA
Michi Style - Santa Monica, CA
Michi Style - Santa Monica, CA
Michi Style - Santa Monica, CA
Michi Style - Santa Monica, CA



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I met Michi over 15 years years ago when she was just starting out as a stylist and I could tell from my 1st appt that she was super talented but she was also one of the nicest pe...


All reviews seem positive

Star Quality 9/29/2011

I met Michi over 15 years years ago when she was just starting out as a stylist and I could tell from my 1st appt that she was super talented but she was also one of the nicest people I've ever met. I have the worse coarse, thick, dry, damaged red hair that is going gray fast. Michi was able to match my natural hair color from when I was a kid and she used a special straightener product from Japan, which at the time was a brand new product. The results were amazing and I have yet to find another stylist who can do what she does for my hair. It's the healthiest it's ever been and I owe it all to her talented hands. more

Amazing results 2/18/2010

To all of you readers, who are contemplating on whether to have your hair straightened or not, and where to go, and what to do, etc., let me help you and say ?Go to Michi?. She is the answer to all your questions, concerns, and more than that ? to all your bad hair days. Pros: Professional, honest more

Always the Best 2/3/2010

I just had a straightening at Michi's new place, and it's awesome: totally relaxing and open, friendly atmosphere. I used to have my hair straightened somewhere else, and it kinda worked, but my hair felt a little worse each time afterwards. My hair always gave me trouble before, but ever since I started seeing Michi (at least three years now) my hair is beautiful and feels healthy. I didn't think it could get this good! Thank you so much, Michi! Oh, and to the unhappy reviewer: even when Michi was at the Cottage salon in her private room, she was always her own boss (never had anybody telling her what to do). I hope you're happier next time - she's awesome. Thanks again, Michi - I love my hair! Pros: awesome results, professional, really cares, great new place Cons: none! more

I Love Michi!!! 12/22/2009

I wish I could give Michi a 6th star! I have been one of Michi's clients for many years because she does absolutely fantastic work. I will NEVER go to anyone else for hair straightening. Michi uses the best products, unlike other salons that use straightening solutions that contain toxins such as formaldehyde. Michi's products are safe and many of them are organic in addition to smelling great. While her products are awesome, what really sets MIchi apart from others who do Japanese hair straightening is her meticulous attention to detail and her commitment to keeping your hair in the best condition possible; my hair always looks healthier and shinier than when I walked in. Also, Michi has a great studio in Santa Monica now, which is very relaxing and comfortable. It feels like you're going to a good friend's loft to hangout instead of sitting in a bustling, gossipy salon where you can get a headache from smelling all of the chemicals being used. She also has free underground parking for her clients, which is a huge bonus in LA. Pros: Professional, great results, nice & cheery stylist Cons: Pricey (the service is pricey wherever you go though) more

Best Hairstylist ever.. 11/30/2009

I have been going to Michi for the last 4 yrs. She has gotten my hair so healthy and shinny. She does an amazing job with my hair-cut, highlights and treatments. She is so talented and sweet. She always goes out of her way to make sure you are 100 Happy with the results. I work as a fashion model and actress so my hair is very important! If you are looking for one the best in LA, Michi is for sure the one. :) Love, Monica Hansen. Pros: Very professional in every way! more

The best professional stylist--I'd never leave her! 11/15/2009

I've been going to Michi for color, cutting, styling updos--you name it. She's been my only hair stylist since I've been in LA for the past 11 years. I'd never leave her. She's the best! People complement me all the time. I am transformed eveytime I sit in her chair! On top of her excellent service, she really knows her clients, when they need a change and when they don't! Michi is so friendly and a wonderful person. It's a joy to spend a afternoon with her! Pros: Best salon stylist, at everything! more

Amazing results!!! 11/8/2009

I have been to stylists for straightening all over the country, and michi is by far the best!! In so many ways. Her work is impeccable, she spends time perfecting all of my ""problem"" areas (the shorter hairs around my ears and around my neck)... to make sure that I'm satisfied with the end result. My hair comes out straighter, healthier, and shinier than with any other stylist. I've actually moved away from California and will be planning yearly trips back just to see Michi and get my straightening. That's how much better than the competition she is!! She uses the same chemicals as other stylists, but as she says it's not the chemicals that matter, it's the stylist. She indivuliazes treatments and times for your hair and spends her entire day making sure it will turn out wonderful. She's always impressed me during the flat ironing steps. She flat irons your entire head doing basically 5 strands at a time- twice!! Her patience and perfectionism are remarkable- exactly what is necessary for this type of treatment. Pros: Straightening more

The search is OVER! 11/6/2009

I have been going to Michi for years now and every time I go I get the same results: perfection! She is gentle with your hair and gives you a customized treatment depending on your hair quality and condition. She is absolutely honest in what she can provide which is what you want in your stylist when you are spending this much time and money on your hair. I have curly, curly, thick hair and I don't know how she does it but my hair always turns out smooth, straight and HEALTHY. Everyone compliments me on my hair and on how shiny it is. I am very pleased with the results and trust me when I say that I have been to other places and NOONE comes close to Michi. Don't waste time anywhere else, this is it! Pros: excellent service, fabulous staff and the best results more

Hair Perfection! 10/29/2009

I have been going to Michi for over 5 years and always leave knowing she is the very best. Ever referral I send her way thanks me for making the connection. I let no one but Michi do anything to my hair... PERIOD! Pros: Extremely Skilled Cons: Busy and In Demand more

Best Hair Straightening! 10/14/2009

I've been going to Michi to straighten my hair for 5 years now. My hair is thick, naturally frizzy, and difficult to manage. I decided to visit her after tiring of constantly having to straighten it myself and I could not have made a better choice. Due to the rough texture of my hair, both Michi and I were unsure if my hair could take the straightening but she said she would be careful and I decided to go through with it. After getting it straightened, it came out soft and shiny and felt so healthy! Michi is excellent at what she does. I've never had any problems straightening my hair with her. On the contrary, my hair comes out feeling super healthy after every visit to her. Michi is supremely friendly and professional. She cares a lot about your hair and makes sure that the processing doesn't damage it; she doesn't care about the number of times she has to recondition your hair or shampoo it or anything like that--just that it comes out healthy and how you want. She works really hard and it definitely shows in the results. I could never trust anyone else with straightening my hair! I've moved to college since I first started going to her but I fly down every so often from San Francisco to have it redone by her. Thank you Michi! Pros: super smooth, healthy hair Cons: none! more

I can't thank Michi enough!!!! 10/9/2009

I got my hair relaxed and straightened by Michi in early September of 2009. I was so nervous about the whole process since I?ve seen others with not the best results from other hair stylists. I have very thick curly hair, but I always wanted wavy hair or very loose curls so it could be more manageable but still have volume. When I went in for my consultation and told Michi what I liked and what look I was after, she came up with a great idea. She suggested that she?ll straighten my bangs and the hair that frames my face, and the rest of my hair would be relaxed. I was scared that my hair was going to look dry and dead since I already had 2 old relaxers in my hair. The old relaxers for some reason didn?t stay in my hair, and my hair reverted back. So I decided to go to Michi to see if she could help me since she?s known for her skills in japanese straightening, and thankfully I did. My hair looks so awesome, I love it! My bangs are straight but not pin straight and the rest of my hair is just loose curls. I actually like wearing my ?curly? hair now. It feels so nice to finally have my dream hair =] !! I?m so glad I went to Michi, not only is she an expert on japenese straightening, but she also is the sweetest person. She knows so much about hair and is still open to learning more. When I was getting my hair relaxed we started talking about chemicals, and how they are in most household products. It?s terrifying that we are exposing ourselves to chemicals and we don?t even notice it. She inspired me to get a shower filter because of the chlorine that?s in the water. I?m so glad that she made all her hair products natural and cruelty free. I?m using her hair treatment in the blue bottle at the moment and it is working wonderfully. Thank you again Michi, my hair looks amazing. It was so nice to meet you, I will see you again when my hair grows out! Thank you so so soooooo much! Pros: friendly staff, cute salon, great hair results, Michi Cons: none i can think of, parking wasn't too bad more

Best hair straightner ever 10/8/2009

I have been getting my hair straightened for over 15 years now. I have gone through all the various systems and methods including several Japanese treatment in various different places and/or town. Michi's is by far the best in all aspects. The actual straightening process itself yields the best results. Your hair remains healthy and shiny and looks great. The service is excellent and very professional. Additionally the Michi oils work very well, I love using them as they keep my hair healthy and get rid of the frizz and protect it. I highly recommend this place, I regret the time when I have to straighten my hair and I can't make the flight to CA to get it done. Pros: Your hair looks healthy & shiny more

The One and Only Michi!! Hair Straightening Master! 9/17/2009

I have been a client of Michi's since I was 15 years old. I just turned 21, and Michi has always taken superb care of my hair. When I first met her, I was a little frizzy haired mess, and since I have been getting my hair straightened by her, I get nothing but compliments. I was afraid to go to her at first because I had a bad experience when I was about 13 with some newbies at another salon who I let straighten my hair. This scared me away from the whole process, but I took a chance on Michi because my hair was so difficult and unimaginable, and am extremely happy I did. The great thing about Michi is that she really cares about the overall well being of your hair. As silly as it sounds, she really has a sixth sense when it comes to understanding your hair and what it can handle, which will guarantee it staying healthy regardless of the processing. I highlight my hair in addition to the straightening, and I would love to go lighter, but Michi knows my hair would not be happy, so I stay at a reasonable shade:) She is the very reason you don't have to fear this process, and you will be extremely grateful you put yourself in her hands. Now that I straighten my hair, there is no going back for me. I use to fear humidity, going to the beach, getting my hair wet at a pool party, and going anywhere that I would not have access to a flat iron. I fear no more. Go to Michi! Get that dazzling straight hair you can count on to look great always, you will be happy you did! Pros: She is the only person you should trust with your hair. more

I LOVE MY HAIR! 9/17/2009

I have hair that is long, thick, semi-wavy, and unruly and I wanted to have healthy-looking straight hair for my wedding. I had read good reviews about Michi and her Japanese hair straightening technique so I decided to check it out. Michi did not disappoint! She is lovely, professional and I got great results! My hair was not some weird stick-straight unnatural style, but actually came out soft, naturally straight-looking and very healthy, despite the fact that I also have highlights which makes the straightening process a bit trickier. It's been 3 months since I had my hair done by Michi and I can still wake up in the morning, wash my hair and either blow-dry for a quick 3 minutes to get rid of the dampness or if I am in a hurry I just walk out the door. Either way, I have straight, tame hair with a bit of bounce. It is such a time saver and I don't have to worry anymore about how I am going to style my's been done by Michi. I have to say that it is worth every penny that I spent on the straightening process! Pros: great results Cons: street parking more

Stop Looking! YOU HAVE FOUND THE BEST! 9/2/2009

Michi truly is as good as it gets. I have been going to her for about 5 years now and I trust NO ONE else with my hair! The Japanese Straightening has changed my life in more ways than one and Michi brightens my life with her cheery presence and professional styling. I love her so much that I moved to NYC and flew back to LA just to go to Michi. She makes you feel like a VIP when you get your hair done - she's got a private room with a DVD player, so bring your movies! Honestly, I wouldn't hesitate for one second to rec commend Michi for hair straightening, cut, color, etc. Go to her! You won't regret it and you will be so grateful to have Michi in your life! Pros: The best Japanese Hair Straighening Cons: street parking more

The very best!!! 8/21/2009

If you are going to have your hair straightened there is NO ONE better than Michi. I have been going to her for a years now and travel from Orange County to LA just to have her do my hair. I won't have anyone else touch my hair! Pros: Such an expert more

Another satisfied customer 8/11/2009

Michi gives it her all weather doing just a normal cut or hair straightening. She is one of the only hairdressers that actually cares about your hair. She has been doing my hair since I was six. Eight years ago I moved to Las Vegas and I was never satisfied with any of my hairdressers. I now travel to LA every few months just for a haircut from Michi. She is truly an artist. Pros: Best Hairdresser in LA more

Japanese straight perm-fection! 4/22/2009

If you're looking to get your hair straightened, look no further! You've come to the right place. The ONLY place. I've been seeing Michi for many years, and it was the best decision I've ever made for my hair. I have naturally frizzy and very curly hair, and many years ago I made the mistake of choosing a cheap straightening alternative. My hair was severely damaged, and not even straight! A friend of mine had to shave her ENTIRE head after going to an inexperienced stylist. Then I found Michi, the answer to my prayers. She is absolutely THE expert in the japanese straight perm. She spends hours painstakingly making sure that each strand of hair is treated properly. She has a private room in the salon with the music or movie of your choice, which makes for a relaxing and fun experience with Michi's wonderful company. Your hair deserves Michi!!! Pros: Expert care, fun environment, lasting results, great company Cons: none! more

Michi does it all! 3/16/2009

Michi has been cutting and highlighting my hair for 6 years. Her work is nothing less then perfection. I am often asked, ""Where do you get your hair done? It is so beautiful!"" The answer is Michi. I am a loyal client and would never dream of having anyone but Michi do my hair. So many times, highlighting can look overdone, unnatural or damage your hair. Michi only uses the best products. My hair always looks and feels heathy and beautiful. She takes her time with every appointment. I have never known anyone that cares more about the hair/and the client. Pros: best highlights and hair cut! Cons: What are the drawbacks? more

Michi knows hair 3/4/2009

I?ve been a client of Michi?s for the last 8 years. During this time I ?stepped out? on her twice, and both times were horrific. Have you had a bad hair cut that left you crying for days, perhaps weeks? This was my experience. Hair is an important part of being a woman. We store emotion within our locks and once they?ve been brutally cut, it can feel like a really bad break up. I?ve never had this experience with Michi because Michi knows hair. It is her gift, her craft, her talent. While she is infamously known for her Japanese straight perms, I am not one of those clients. I have thick semi straight hair and she knows how it should be cut and colored. Michi listens to her clients, assess the hair and is able to deliver a hair cut and style that suits the person. Every time I leave her salon I feel like a new woman. My hair has movement, the color is multidimensional, and without fail, someone will comment on the fantastic cut. I have family who are stylists and they marvel at Michi?s wonderful work on my hair. If you?re fanatical about your hair, I highly recommend Michi. more
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  • Do you want natural-looking straight hair? Michi of Michi Style has been a Japanese hair straightening specialist for long time. So many people that have gone elsewhere end up with either un-natural stick-straight hair or mistreated and damaged results. Get it right the first time, keep the body and bounce in your hair and look like you were born with straight hair; come to Michi Style for Japanese hair straightening aka Thermal hair reconditioning.

    Originally trained in Japan, where the Japanese straight perm, a.k.a. thermal reconditioning, was developed, Michi regularly speaks with the manufacturers in Japan, to bring only the most up-to-date info and techniques. Her philosophy is simple: Use only the best products and techniques for your hair.

    With questions or for appointments, email Michi of Michi Style at, and she will get back to you ASAP!


  • Trained in Japanese straight perms, or thermal reconditioning, Michi straightens hair healthily without blow-drying or flat ironing.

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