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Michelangelo Ristorante - 62 Reviews - 3005 Highland Dr, Salt Lake City, UT - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (801) 466-0961

Michelangelo Ristorante

3005 Highland Dr
Salt Lake City, UT 84106
(801) 466-0961
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I ate at Michelangelo's on Highland Dr. this weekend with friends. We all had a hard time deciding on what to order. I thought the menu had a great selection of tempting entrees...


Went to the new location on Highland. A nice place. Front desk was great. That is where is stopped. Waited 30 minutes to see a server, his name was Stephan, avoid this server. ...

TERRIBLE service, TERRIBLE waiters, 5/29/2012

TERRIBLE service, TERRIBLE waiters, TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE , HOSTESS..don't waste your time and money You still don't get it. You have so much competition and you STILL DON'T GET IT! more

great dining experience 7/2/2011

I ate at Michelangelo's on Highland Dr. this weekend with friends. We all had a hard time deciding on what to order. I thought the menu had a great selection of tempting entrees. Prices are very reasonable. We had the caprese salad, pear raviolli, chicken picatta, a pizza and caesar salads. All were delicious! (especially the raviolli). This is all northern italian food- no heavy dishes here. more

Never been treated so poorly 6/30/2011

I have never been treated so poorly or had such bad food at such a high price. more

Excellent 4/9/2010

Very hospitable. Excellent and attentive service from Suzy. We had the Saltimbocca and Gnochi Gargonzola. Both dishes were most excellent. I wasn't terribly impressed with the Carpaccio (just too thinly sliced). However, their almond gelato was just terrific! Pros: Attentive service, good food more

Not Impressed 3/3/2010

Everything is alacarte. Portions were small, the pizza was doughy, I left feeling that the price was very high for the quality of food. For $70.00 we bought one entree (one chicken breat pounded flat, marsalla style), one small pizza, two ceasar salads, and a beer and a glass of wine. The place is absolutley empty and they still asked if we have reservations and when it was uneccessary. Pros: Service was better than before, wine was good.. Cons: Schmookey high prices more

Service is terrible 1/2/2010

Went to the new location on Highland. A nice place. Front desk was great. That is where is stopped. Waited 30 minutes to see a server, his name was Stephan, avoid this server. Spilled the dinner on me, bread basked went empty, no follow up. Blow and go. This could be a very nice restaurant with the right servers. Mentioned it to the front desk and got blown off. If you are a two top avoid at all costs. Pros: Good food served luke warm Cons: Bad servers more

What Happened To Michelango's? 11/2/2009

It's been a few years since we went to Michelangelo's. The restaurant was located in Sugarhouse in a basement. It was cozy, the waiter appeared to be Italian, and the meal was wonderful. I had my favorite meal at this restaurant. It was a fish dish. It was cooked perfectly and the whole dish tasted fresh and flavorful. Two weeks ago, my husband and I had dinner at their new location. The experience was more like what I'd expect at Olive Garden, except our bill was a little over $100.00. The server who delivered our food did not know who ordered which dish. The food was bland and uninteresting. But, here's the most surprising thing that happened during the evening. The server brought a portable credit card machine to our table and swiped the credit card in front of us, THEN, my husband had to push a button selecting the percent tip. One choice was 18% and another was 20%. The server stood there, holding the machine in one hand while my husband selected the tip amount. It seemed tactless to me. I'm sad that Michelangelo's appears to have changed ownership and lost it's quaintness and tasty food at the same time. There are much better places to go in Salt Lake for two-person, $130.00 meal. Pros: Sadly, I can't think of any Cons: Food Bland, Too expensive for quality more

Great Food, Great Ambiance 10/22/2009

I was a little concerned based on the prevoius reviews listed on citysearch.I had a client that recommended Michelangelos to me. It appears that Michelangelos has moved. They are no longer in the basement. The location is very nice. Lunch was excellent. The ambiance was very classy. It is my NEW favorite place to take a client to lunch. The service was great and prices don't brake the bank. Pros: Great Food, Great Ambiance more

Our Food was good and our service went above and beyond 10/11/2009

We went to Michelangelo's a couple of weeks ago and were initially worried. The construction outside (Street work by the city) made parking a mess, and inside the staff seemed busy to the point of being overwhelmed. Apparently they were short staffed that evening. But rather than make us wait the owner came out and took our order...not what you'd expect from a place like this. He was obviously not used to serving but his good humor and willingness to bend over backward to keep us happy (and answer all our silly questions) made the experience a positive one. We tried several dishes and the pizza was excellent as were the salads and dessert. I'll go back and try it again soon. It's an accessable place with, imho, friendly staff and an owner who are working very hard to move it beyond the Olive Garden/Macaroni Grill level of food that saturate the SL Market. It isn't an upscale eatery but it's moving there...but the prices are definately fair for the level of the food served. Don't knock it till you try it...and when you do try it, judge the food and not the citie's road work outside and you might find something nice. Pros: Appetizers, Dessert, and The service Cons: Construction outside more

What happened to such a prized Italian Resturaunt 9/29/2009

What has hapened to such a great establishment? Yes the new building is beautiful, but with some guy walking around in shorts and tshirts swatting flies while we were trying to enjoy our bread and warm tap water was a great way to start our dining experience. The food once apon a time was fantastic and brought you right back to Italy, but now it reminds you of Olive Garden with one major difference Olive Garden doesnt over cook the pasta so bad that its broken. So for dinner we started with the watermelon and tomatoe salad that was GINORMISOULY TO BIG and terriably bland, we didnt eat a third of it. Next we had the bolognese which used to be out of this world but now it is bland, the pasta is so over cooked you have to eat it with a spoon and the meat sauce doesnt taste or look like anything that would or should be served in a resturaunt like this. So after the first half of this horrible dining experience and watching some guy swatting flies our meat course arrived. I had the saltimbocca which was 3 huge, chewey once again bland pieces of veal, and my friend got the filet whchshe ordered medium rare and it came out more torwards the well side. The wine we had ordered they didnt have and then when they had a red wine we wanted it came to the table extremely hot like it was stored in steam room. So after we choked down the horrible food and extremely hot wine we went for the tiramisu, which at the old resturaunt was amazing but at the new place like everything else was just not that god and nothing like it used to be. So as we were leaving we were confronted by the guy swatting flies asking us how everything was and i quickly replied that it was horrible and nothing like i remember and i also informend him that ill never be coming back agin. So a little word of advise save your money and go to Olive Garden or the Spaghetti Factory, unless you like watching some guy in shorts and a tshirt swatting flies in the middle of dinner. Pros: our server Francisco Cons: everything more

Weeknight dinner for two 9/17/2009

Went during the middle of the week and had a nice experience. Would I go back? Maybe. more

Best Italian Food! 9/15/2009

Took my wife and 3 other couples there for dinner on 9/11/2009. The house bread is awesome. I followed that up with pizza, gniocci, and the filet. The others had the salmon and various pasta dishes. We topped it off with gelato. Everyone left completely stuffed and the evening was great. Our waiter was on top of everything and the owner even checked on us a few times. Couldn't be more pleased. more

Great service even at thier busiest 9/11/2009

My first time at their new location: 3005 Highland Dr. Very accommodating, knowledgeable and friendly staff (thanks Paul :o ) despite being there on a busy Friday night without reservations, delightful, authentic Italian food. Dessert and Wine exceeded expectations, my only regret is not ordering something that included REAL truffles! they use them in risotto and pasta dishes and I hear they are to die for. Pros: Delicious Italian Food and Wine at a great price! Cons: Very Limited dessert menu. more

Never Again 8/29/2009

I've dined a few times in the past at Michelangelo's, but haven't been in a few years. I remember dining in their quaint basement with the bad decor, but their food was always above average. The service was always so-so, but there was something charming about the dank atmosphere that would draw me back on occasion. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of visiting their new location. I had heard they moved to a very nice building and that the food had dramatically improved, so I excitedly took some friends for dinner. The new location is absolutely beautiful in comparison, but not much else impressed me. They obviously changed the recipes because the items we were used to ordering and loved tasted more like they came out of a can. The Italian gentleman that waited on us was extremely professional and courteous to our table; however, there were only a couple of servers and it appeared as there was nobody else helping them in the dining room. Our water glasses were empty most of the time because they were busy clearing and cleaning tables by themselves and we waited forever for our simple yet disappointing orders. I understand that restaurants have bad nights, but it wasn't even busy. As we left extremely disappointed with the evening, a man in SHORTS and SNEAKERS sprung on us at the door to ask if everything was alright. Not wanting to waste any more time there, I said it was fine and hurried out the door. Way too little, way to late from some guy I would have never guessed was an employee (I later found out from a friend who had a similar experience that same week that the man was actually the owner!!!!!). If you're planning on spending an evening at Michelangelo's, I have some better advice. Do yourself a favor, flush $100.00 down the toilet and stay at home. You'll find it much more rewarding. Cons: Everything more

Bad Service 6/3/2009

It started off with the water, it was served at room temp. It took at least ten minutes for the waitress to take our order which was going to be panini sandwiches . While waiting for our meal we got to watch a cook rub our waitresses butt as she bent over a table. We waited another 25 minutes and did not even get a glance from any of the staff. We decided to leave . When we got to our car we could see our waitress and her friend out behind the restaurant smoking. The food might of been good but we will never know. We won't be back Cons: the whole experience more

Thought things had changed 4/14/2009

My visit took place in 2007 and I assumed by now things would have changed or the restaurant would be closed. Having just heard from a friend who visited this place last night, it does not appear things have. I thought I'd share my experience which was very similar to hers. When we arrived the restaurant was at about 40% capacity - yet despite the many empty tables, we were still forced to wait a half hour before being seated. Once we had a table we waited for a server to take our drinkers order. When this finally happened - about 20 minutes later - we went ahead and ordered our food. Another half hour later our bread and one of our two drinks arrived. We were informed ""somebody is at the liquor store getting the liquor for your cocktail"". Twenty minutes go by and we hear, ""sorry, our guy forgot to get a bottle for your drink"". As we neared the two hour limit without any water and only one drink/one piece of bread devoured we gave up and left. We never got a chance to find out if the food was worth the horrible service. I hope these guys heed their customer's complaints. Cons: Too many to name more

Great Food with a New Location 4/7/2009

This place has the best Italian food I have tried in America. The Gnocchi is even better than most of what I tried in Italy. I love the homemade bread dipped in olive oil and vinegar, much tastier than Italy. The appetizers had such great flavor. All of us had different entrees and we all loved everything. The service takes longer than most restaurants, but they prepare everything once you order it. For those who complain about that, you obviously haven't traveled to Europe, because you always plan on 2-3 hours to eat in Europe. The great part of that is you don't feel rushed and you have plenty of time to visit. The new restaurant is beautiful and it matches how great their food is. The price of the food isn't an issue because it is so great! Each entree is anywhere from $15-30 and the appetizers are around $15, so they are not overpriced. There were 3 of us and we had 2 appetizers and 3 entrees, we spent $75, which wasn't bad. Everyone should try this place! Pros: the Best Gnocchi & appetizers more

Fianlly, an authentic Italian restaurant 3/19/2009

My wife is Italian. We have been looking for an authentic Italian restaurant in Salt Lake for years. We found Michelangelo on Highland Drive one day and decided to try it. We were blown away. There is nothing else like it in Salt Lake. We started off with bread. The bread can be dipped in olive oil and vinegar. My wife is very picky about her bread - we both loved this bread and asked for 2nds and 3rds on the bread. Then I had a Cannelloni appetizer that was delicious and my wife had squash soup that she loved. For the main course I had the lasagna. It was amazing, maybe the best I've ever had. My wife had a spicy noodle dish which I can't remember the name of now, but it was very tasty. The thing we loved about Michelangelo is they had a real chef. All of our food was made fresh to order. Finally, if you go to Michelangelo, DO NOT SKIP DESSERT!!! I had a custard dessert with strawberries and cream on the top - one word: Amazing. My wife had the terramisou. Terramisou is not my favorite dessert but my wife loved hers. If you want an authentic Italian dining experience, with amazing food and a chic, comfortable atmosphere. I highly recommend Michelangelo. Pros: Delicious food, chic ambiance, good service more

Best Italian in Utah 3/6/2009

Best Italian in Utah. Great food. Decor outdated but who cares when the food is so good. Make sure you make a reservation any night even if the restauant is dead-who know why? more

Worst Dining experience. Thanks for nothing. AVOID AVOID AVOID 2/14/2009

This is truly one of the worst dining experiences that I have ever had in Salt Lake. I plan to dispute the amount charged to my card, that's how bad it was. Pros: AVOID AVOID AVOID Cons: AVOID AVOID AVOID more
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    Michelangelo's keeps a low profile, tucked downstairs in a former greasy spoon. Mediterranean blues and whites, a few touches of Italian decor and the accents of the Italian...

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