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Mgm Grand Wedding Chapel

3799 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 891-1111
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During a previous visit to Las Vegas, I'd gone by Michael Mina at the Bellagio and noticed the lobster p-t pie on the menu. (For some reason, Citysearch, doesn't allow the middle...


We'd read some wonderful reviews on this restaurant on a different site, which was why we chose to come here. We love Sushi, being fans of Takashi's in Salt Lake City, Fuki Sushi ...

Great food, amazing atmosphere 4/6/2011

This place has the best atmosphere out of all the restaurants I have been to in Vegas. The food was good...HOWEVER, my boyfriend and I did the hibachi thinking because we were in Vegas, it would be the best hibachi show we had ever seen. Instead it was by far the worst performance, and I was very let down. The guy didn't speak to us, nor did he light a single thing on fire - he just simply cooked the food in front of us. The food was so good though, that I would recommend this place...just don't expect to be amazed by the hibachi. more

I've had better Sushi at Whole Foods 9/25/2009

We'd read some wonderful reviews on this restaurant on a different site, which was why we chose to come here. We love Sushi, being fans of Takashi's in Salt Lake City, Fuki Sushi in Palo Alto, CA (most of the time), and Yoshi's in San Francisco, so we've got some decent Sushi experience under our belts. When it came to Shibuya, I have had better sushi at Whole Foods. Their Kampachi and Hamachi were flavorless, their Salmon tasted soapy, and their Rock and Roll hand roll had barbs. We ordered the vegetable tempura which was fair at best. Another appetizer my husband had was actually decent once he decided to eat half of them instead of the whole piece (they added a RIDICULOUS amount of rice to it). I agree with other posters that the portions were small on the whole. As for the ambiance: Interesting design and color scheme made it fun to look around and appreciate the design. However, it was also FREEZING in the restaurant, and it was so loud our ears were ringing when we left. With 5 industrial cooking fans in the main dining area, it is no wonder. There is little opportunity to talk because the tables for 2 are quite long and there are no walls or partitions between any of the tables. Service was decent, but we paid $180 for our meal (which was ridiculous and so surreal we were just flabbergasted that we were charged so much for such sub par food) and we felt genuinely robbed. I would completely avoid this location if you want sushi while in Vegas. Try "Yellow tail" in the Bellagio instead - at the very least you'll be able to hear each other while you talk. We will NEVER eat here again. 2 stars. Pros: Interesting design/decor Cons: Beyond Loud, freezing, tasteless sushi more

A Saki Lovers destination 3/3/2009

Try the Kirin "Koshihikari" with your sushi. Sublime! The best Uni I have had so far & worth the $ more

what an outstanding restaurant 1/27/2009

I'd taken a vacation to Las Vegas last weekend with my girlfriend and I decided to stay at the MGM Grand. My girlfriend and I had decided to eat over at shibuya since we've heard from other friends that it was one of the greatest places to eat. I must say, the food such as the sushi, the soup, and desserts tasted so good that I can honestly say its the best eating I've ever had in the past few months. The prices were reasonable, but to be honest, the service that I got from the servers that night, made it all worth it. My girlfriend and I agreed that it's a place that we'd recommend to anyone. During our meal our servers were making us warm and welcome. I decided to ask our server to get us refills on our waters. We decided to order something else but we remembered that we asked our server for the refill, so we asked this mexican lady if we could place another order. She was so rude to us, she looked at us and said no, your server is the one who will take care of that. I politely asked for her name, and she it was Celene and that she was the manager. I told her, there is no reason to be rude to us, she just turned around and walked away without apologizing. She just gave us that look. The reason why I didn't give this restaurant 5 stars, was because of that single incident with that manager. She was just horrible. Pros: the food and the customer service more

You'll Dream About the Lobster P-t Pie! 11/21/2008

During a previous visit to Las Vegas, I'd gone by Michael Mina at the Bellagio and noticed the lobster p-t pie on the menu. (For some reason, Citysearch, doesn't allow the middle word of the dish.) I'd noticed it on the Nobhill menu as well, which was preferable, as the Nobhill menu overall was a bit more to my liking and price range. We were provided an amuse bouche of cucumber gelee with dungenous crab that was refreshing. I started with the trio of soups -- the tomato soup with crab grilled cheese sandwich was to die for! Then I had the lobster p-t pie that I'd been yearning to try. It was well worth the wait and the price (MP on the menu, $95 that night)!!! It is a whole production, as they wheel a cart to the table with a p-t on it, covered with the crust. They remove the crust and take out the lobster and vegetables to place beautifully on the crust. They use a whole lobster -- which was sweet and meaty. It was truly the best dish I've had in my life! I was stuffed beyond belief, but I made myself eat the whole thing because it was sooo delicious! The people beside us wanted to get the lobster p-t pie, but opted not to when they found out the price. I have to say that it is absolutely worth the price -- don't let it deter you. We were too stuffed for dessert, and were given an espresso s'more taster. Not that it mattered after the lobster p-t pie! (As an aside, the short ribs were also good.) Give it a try! Pros: Lobster P-t Pie, Ambience Cons: None! more

Bad Bad Bad 11/3/2008

We ordered the Shibuya roll and it was terrible. It tasted like it had been sitting in a fridge for a day. The portions were extremely small. The sashimi looked like it was cut with a dull knife. It is overpriced and not worth it!! more

Spectacular food must try 10/21/2008

I laugh when I see some of the comments people who want to eat for less than $40pp in Hotels on the strip should go to the Buffet not in fine dinings. Friends recomended Shibuya to us last year, we've been 2 times since, our experience was amazing every time. We must say both time Shibuya was better than well known highly rated Nobu and other praised sushi places. Great flavors, textures, amazing presentations of innovative food did it for us ( if some classic like Miso black cod, spicy rock shrimp tempura, california roll are there " I imagine it is a must have to please the tipical demanding spoiled American customers") Even so it seems a bit pushy at times service was good "nowadays waiters are vendors more than servers, but thay had great sake and food knowledge, it seems like there is something for everyone with differents taste and wallet's budget, we have eaten great a la carte for aroud $80 each before. They had a $58 menu that seemed to be of great value but decided to go for the $130 Omakase tasting "worse every pennies", well balance with very fresh sashimi dressed with special sauces, signature hot dishes top notch (hard to find in any Japanese restaurant) well executed dishes "we understood when the server told us they have a French executive chef that teamed up with Japanese master sushi chef". This place must do over 600 covers but still pulled of such a great performance with timing, presentation and quality of about 14 dishes in 7-8 courses, we ate in 1 hours and 20 minutes, well delivered as we mentioned we where going to a Show. I guess a Chef that can pull this off in those conditions is a true master of his trade, the restaurant was packed. Michelin guide must have forgotten to visit there as it is was far better than a lot for Japanese one michelin star we've been to a New-York and Los Angeles. Pros: Spectacular Food Cons: Noisy more

Avoid Shibuya at MGM 5/28/2008

My wife and I celebrated our aniversary at Shibuya Restauratnt at MGM and then went to see Robin Williams perform on 5/25/08. After the show my wife came down with serious lower intestinal problems. The next morning I came down with the same malady. We spent 200.00 at Shibuya and I wanted the restaurant to know they had served some tainted food to prevent it from happening again. I called MGM customer service who took the information and promised the restaurant manager would call. Nothing........ Will not go back to this overpriced dirty restaurant. Pros: Location Cons: Service and quality of food more

All glitz, not much else.... 5/11/2008

The food was okay and the setting truly Las Vegas. But they really push the saki. No problem there, but being a novice when it comes to saki, I asked the waiter for assistance. By his reaction you would have thought I was asking him to solve a complex math problem. He got very flustered and abrupt. From there, it was a downhill experience. Pros: Ambiance Cons: Brusque service, overpriced food more

The highlight of my trip! 5/5/2008

I can?t believe I?m the first person to leave a review for this place! I traveled to Las Vegas on business recently and since the company I work for is working with MGM Mirage we were treated to quite a few of the clubs/shows/restaurants etc. The fact that dinner at a restaurant with only one menu item I could eat (I don?t eat Seafood) was the highlight of my trip has to say something about the place, right?! I had the best Teriyaki Chicken I?ve ever had ? and as someone who doesn?t eat seafood and lives in LA where everyone is always ?going for Sushi? I have eaten more than my fair share of Teriyaki Chicken! The Sake selection is mind-blowing. I never knew there were so many choices when it came to Sake ?our sommelier even gave us little info cards for each Sake ? very cool. If you feel like splurging do the Sake Tasting - it was fun and we learned a lot. The girls that I went with both had the tasting ? I can?t find what it was called exactly on their menu online but it was basically a sampling of 7 dishes. Both were very happy with the food and we all agreed it was the best we?d ever eaten in Las Vegas. Great place to treat yourself! Pros: The Service, The Presentation of the Food more

MGM Shibuya Means "Trail-Sour Pack Horse for Inexperienced Tourist" in Vegas-ease 4/1/2008

Decor & ambience are the best features. Sorry. Check that. Sake is the best feature here. Hope you LOVE sake. If you don't care about sushi or your money but love fun drinky-poos, hang out here. If you do care about superb sushi &/or excellent experiential value for your money, but a few cool adult beverages make you happily forget those annoying elitist worries, this is the place to be. For everyone else: Service is superb until it's time to for the bill & they suddenly disappear. Other high-priced Vegas joints can't wait to turn the table over & even seem to bask in the "wow your bill is SOOO Big!" Here, they don't even push desserts or digestives or more sake for that matter. That's probably the weirdest phenom you'll encounter here & it's kinda not that bad. Especially if you need a quick nap before you head to wait in line for one of the mega-clubs. Now that I think of it, this place is like one of those fancy Asian sleep-pod hotels. Only you wake up $300 USD lighter, hungry &slightly disoriented with deja vu that you just ate a sushi dinner in a fancy place but the food was Red Lobster on a good day. Yet, like EVERYTHING in Vegas, looks are deceiving & the Japanese chefs at the sushi bar are making TOMORROW's rolls. For those of you just waking up in your Jap-pod: this place does not serve the freshest sushi. Even cooked sushi was served at wrong temps. Just ask them. Why would your server lie & spoil your special trip that is maxing your credit cards? If you really REALLY love sushi, that means you avoid rolls, ask for the daily list of nigiri, order sashimi, or have a super-specific favorite that isn't yellowtail, toro, salmon, eel, cooked shrimp or mayonnaise. If this sort of even a tiny little bit describes you: don't eat here. This place is not about sushi just like casinos are not about winners. Anyone who posts positive comments here about this place are displaying cognitive dissonance. This place isn't the worst, it's just expensive to figure that out. Pros: Exotic way to get drunk or fun method of quickly draining an expense account Cons: It is just one big CON more

Tasting Menu 3/22/2008

I chose to write this review as we have been home for 2 weeks and am craving their Lobster PotPie. If there was a way to live out a Visa commercial, hop on a plane and head for dinner tonight- I would! We could not decide between the wonderful options on their menu so we chose to go for the 'tastings' menu and was so glad we did. It is a bit expensive at $125 per person (and all at the table have to order it) however compared to many other tasting menus- it's a great deal--- epecially considering one of the courses was a Kobe beef and Foie Gras which was avail on their menu for $35 and ounce. The Lobster PotPie was superb! We also loved the chicken dish which was perfectly cooked and served with a delicious truffle mac and cheese! The sample menu provided generous portions and they were even willing to make a substitution. The service was wonderul -start to finish. The chef even sent out a cup of a special hot chocolate at the end of out menu which was wonderful- although we were stuffed! The worst part was that the bread they sent out was wonderful but we couldn't fill up before the other courses arrived. Truely a special place, wonderful food and the best service (from all staff) we had our whole trip. Pros: Excellent Food and Service Cons: Hard to decide from all the wonderful menu options and - You should refrain from filling up on the bread but it's so good - you can't! more

Beautiful evening 2/6/2008

We went here to celebrate our anniversary last month. All I can say is bravo! From the wine selection to the dessert offerings it was just an incredible experience. The wait staff was attentive without being intrusive. We will return! Pros: Ambience, service, food Cons: Didn't notice any more

Sick to my stomach! 1/29/2008

Do not go to Nob Hill if you now what is good for you. I had their "signature" dish the lobster pie, and I was up all night in the bathroom vo miting, as well as severe diahrrea for the next 2 days. For a whole day I was in bed, because I was dizzy, could not move, and sick to my stomach. I missed out on a whole day in Las Vegas because of their disgusting food. When I called the manager, he did not help at all and kept denying the fact that it was his dish that caused me to be sick. If you want to waste 2 days in bed in Las Vegas than go to this restaurant, if you are sensible at all stay clear. Pros: They kept the bread warm Cons: the food more

Yummy! 11/5/2007

The food was really good! The atmosphere was pleasent and engaging. My girlfriend really likes sushi wheras I'm more like so-so on it. I like to find Japenese restaurants that have a little of both for us each. I oredered the salmon and black cod and my girlfrend had a soft shell crab roll and some other things and she thought it was really good. It wasn't as expensive as they write it up so give it a try! Pros: food and ambience was delicious Cons: Service good have been better more

beautiful scenery 10/1/2007

we walked by knowing nothing about the restaurant. We loved it. The waiter was great. Service was amazing. They knew the menu and everything they recommended was amazing. the sushi was soft and very tasteful. the dessert was really good too. the raspberry martini was really tasty. highly recommended. more

Class redefined. Not recommended for kids 9/19/2007

Just say Lobster Pie over and over again - this was glorious. The homemade bread, kept warm on the table with the beautiful selection of homemade butters. Extremely passionate staff regarding wines and the compilation of all the foods. The bar staff on arrival can make cocktails you haven't dreamt of and what tastes. Would suggest the quiet, curtained off side booths, your own heaven of glorious tastes and sublime wines to match.. You cannot help but enjoy...enjoy...enjoy Pros: Educate your food palate, savor the good times. Cons: Bright lighting, suggest side booths, which are intimate and keep the world away more

Great Lunch Spot! 9/8/2007

Great lunch//casual dinner spot! We stopped in for a quick lunch and this was perfect! You don't have to settle for bad food to have a semi-casual lunch or dinner in vegas! Our waiter recommended the truffle//blue cheese topped potato chips AND HE WAS RIGHT! They were unexpectedly amazing! Such a great little place to try during your stay in vegas! Pros: Great food, service & price Cons: None I saw more

Never judge a book by it's cover! 2/24/2007

My husband and I enjoy fine dining and don?t mind paying for it; however, we were disappointed with the cuisine quality at Shibuya. The beef tartar was flavorful but the sushi was mediocre at best. If you want good sushi this is NOT the place to spend your cash! The ambience was incredible but unfortunately that was the restaurant?s best feature. Pros: Atmosphere Cons: Expensive more

You'll never be the same 11/24/2006

My dinning experience here is was forever memorable. Each bite melted in my mouth. The flavor is so rich so the small portions are perfect. The staff was friendly and had great recommendations. I especially enjoyed the dessert sake. This was fine dinning at it's best. Pros: Great food Cons: Very Pricey more
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    Sleek chrome and red Ferrari leather decor spice up Rouge, the sexy circular lounge at MGM Grand. Singles sip signature cocktails, champagnes, fine wines, specialty beers and cordials as a waitstaff wearing Tadashi designs caters to their every need. The striking red and black contemporary design from Adam Tihany includes a backlit projection wall with images flickering over glass bottles.

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