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Mexican Food Factory - 31 Reviews - 601 W Rte 70, Marlton, NJ - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (856) 983-9222
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Mexican Food Factory

601 W Rte 70
Marlton, NJ 08053
(856) 983-9222
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Mexican Food Factory - Marlton, NJ


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I am surprised by the bad reviews for this place! I have been enjoying this restaraunt for 10 years and have yet to be disappointed! The first time I went I was skeptical, due t...


I hate to talk bad about these guys because they used to be really good when I was younger, but they have gone downhill. The last time I went there, about a year ago, the food was...

Hadn't been there in awhile and won't be back 1/14/2012

We were excited to use a gift certificate for lunch on a Saturday afternoon foolishly thinking we'd pay lunch prices and have a yummy meal. First lunch menu or specials on Sat. Dinner prices at 1 pm! The rest of the family opted for a meal but I got ala carte. Margarita was small and tasty including the suggested upgrade tequila and price. $1. for mediocre chips and blah spicy pico de gallo. Salsa was good. Food came out lukewarm and the chili relleno had a musty aftertaste and worst sauce I've ever had (and I've tried chili rellenos at all the local Mexican restaurants). The final insult was mostly my fault in lack of reading carefully that the ala carte Mexican Beans or Rice wasn't Mexican Beans and Rice as it was written in one line. The bill came out in separate lines and charged $2.75 EACH meaning I paid $5.50 for a dab of each on my plate. TRUST me If I had realized they would charge me that, I would not have ordered them both. The server asked the manager who refused to take off $2.75 from our $74. bill so Iwe won't be back and resulted in this review. Lukewarm, mediocre, overpriced food. Lack of customer service. Even with a $50. gift certificate, lunch for 4 came to over $30 extra with tip. We WON'T BE BACK and recommend if they are charging for BEANs separate from RICE, then write it on two lines just like they itemized on the check. Don Pablos and Las Margaritas (in PHILLY) give you MUCH better food and service among others in the area. I wouldn't have written this, had I not felt it was necessary. We hadn't been there in 25 years, and won't be there again. more

Not What It Used To Be 8/3/2010

The Mexican Food Factory has been a family favorite of ours for at least 25 years. I cannot remember a time when we had a meal that was not outstanding. Maybe once in all those years did we experience an 'off' night, and that may have been that the food was lukewarm or the service was slow, but never about the flavor and quality of ingredients. We dined there recently after not eating there for a few years and what a huge disappointment! Same charming atmosphere, but what happened to the food? Everything we had from the chips to the entrees was flat and tasteless and definitely lost its authentic MFF savor. It seems as though many of the original ingredients have changed ~ even their trademark warm, salted-to-perfection tortilla chips are gone and their salsas are now lacking in depth of flavor. I had the Enchiladas Suizas that were, again, sorely lacking in flavor. It seems that they have also changed the cheese that always had such a wonderful tang to it. I always remember, after a meal at the MFF, the taste of the food would linger for hours afterwards, but those days seem to be gone! Could it have been an off night? I find that hard to believe, since the food was so consistently bland throughout the entire meal. I'm sorry that I can no longer rave about this iconic restaurant. It is a very sad thing to know that the MFF is no longer the taste-bud treat that we would so eagerly look forward to in the past. Pros: Charming informal atmosphere w/ an old world Mexican flair Cons: Unfortunately, the food has lost its flavor more

Great Place... oh, I'm thinking of somewhere else. 2/19/2010

I read reviews all the time but never once added my 2 cents... heres a quarter. I always heard how good this place is and now I can say that it is one of the worst places I've eaten (and I eat out a lot). Right out of the gate, my drink had black flaky pieces in it and the waitress looked at me like I was crazy when I told her. She was holding the glass up to the light on the way to get me a new one because obviously it was all in my imagination. My girlfriends' glass came out and hers had the same black flaky pieces in it as well. I'm assuming this is part of the "real authentic Mexican" motif. The Chicken Enchiladas tasted like something a bad cook would make at their house if it didn't have any seasoning mixed in - dry and tasteless. The cheese on top had the consistency of warmed American Cheese. Aren't these supposed to be topped with MELTED cheeses?? The rice (if you can call it that) is again, dry and tasteless. "Real authentic Mexican"? The taco meat tasted like something I would be embarassed to feed my dog, and mind you my dog licks his XXX. You would think a Mexican Restaurant would have good tacos?? Not even close! "Real authentic Mexican"? Taco Bell literally has better tasting tacos. Refried beans taste like they've been refrying them since 1987. Waitress took way too long to bring check. I guess this is how they do it in "real authentic Mexico"? Food is priced too high for the quality... ummm, I mean the lack thereof. They charge you $1.00 for chips?? Are you kidding me??. Stick to Don Pablos, El Azteca - better food, better prices, all the free chips you can stuff down your face! At least Don Pablos doesn't claim to be anything other than what it actually is - a place of business that provides good food. I'm tired of people saying how "authentic" and "real" of a Mexican place this is. The bathrooms?... Next question. Overall - bottom of the barrell! We paid our bill and went somewhere else to actually enjoy a meal. Waste of time and money. Pros: Finally leaving Cons: Mexican Food Factory. more

mice in bathroom 12/4/2009

Last time I was there I saw a mouse in the already disgusting bathroom. If the bathrooms are disgusting with mice..what is the kitchen like...Never go back. Left before I ate my dinner. Cons: Mice in restaurant more

My Favorite Restaraunt 5/3/2009

I am surprised by the bad reviews for this place! I have been enjoying this restaraunt for 10 years and have yet to be disappointed! The first time I went I was skeptical, due to the outward appearance, but I quickly changed my mind! The wait staff is very nice and attentive. If you go after 6 on the weekend you will likely have to wait. But you're going to have to wait at any place on the weekend, so stop complaining and eat at home. The food is great. My favorite are the chicken flautas. They are deep fried and covered in sour cream and guacamole. Yum! If you're on a diet, don't eat here, unless you like the feeling of guilt. It is a great place to go with a crowd! I have celebrated many occassions at this restaraunt! Only downside - I'd have to agree with the person about the bathrooms being less then spectacular. Maybe give your bladder a two drink maximum. Pros: Guacamole, Flautas, Chips, Salsa Cons: Outward appearance, bathrooms more

My favorie Mexican Restaurant in NJ 1/20/2009

I read the bad reviews. Every place has a bad day. I have been going there since 2007. The food has always been terrific. Everyone has different taste so if you have not tried it then it's worth the risk. For the bad comments, I have not seen those conditions. I go there frequently and will be there next week for lunch. Their Guacamole Dip is the best I have had in NJ and Philly. :-) Pros: Fantastic Food and Service Cons: There is no mild salsa but the chips are great! more

Used to be good 12/9/2008

I hate to talk bad about these guys because they used to be really good when I was younger, but they have gone downhill. The last time I went there, about a year ago, the food was old and nasty. The refried beans were cold and had the consistency of library paste. I work in restaurants and I must say that the sanitation practices are atrocious. I did some digging and found out that these guys have been cited for numerous health code violations. The chips and salsa were good, but that was about it. The service also left much to be desired. This makes me sad. I miss the way this place used to be. I want to give them another chance for old-time's sake, but after my last experience I am not sure I can. Pros: Chips and salsa Cons: Poor sanitation, terrible food, slow service more

Best tuna tacos 7/8/2008

The ambiance is fabulous. Pictures of Frida Kahlo are everywhere. The nachos come with three salsas none of which are mild. Watch out for the green stuff!! Pros: no waiting Cons: ... more

gone downhill... 4/26/2008

hi. i've lived in the area for the past 15 years, and have steadily witnessed the decline of the mexican food factory. used to be about 3 stars, after my last dinner, wont return, gave it one star. outdated and dirty restaurant conditions- just check out the public restroom in there if you are unsure. specials are over priced in my opinion, and lack flavor/innovation.slight changes in management have also hurt it here. better places around for the money, value, and cleanliness. i wont be back. more

save your time and your money 2/16/2008

At the recommendation of a friend, 6 of us went to the Mexican Food Factory for dinner last night. We were intially told it would be a 30-40 minutes wait, but this turned into 50 minutes. Not so bad for a Saturday night except several parties who came in after us were seated before us, in the same size table we were packed into. Our wait provided a clear view of the salad station and garbage dump, both of which deserve a visit from the health inspector. Servers use thier hands (no gloves or tongs) to make the salads (including one who sneezed into his hand and kept working) and bus boys scrap leftover plates into the garbage and then set tables without washing their hands. Words can not describe how dirty the bathroom is. Our service was horrible, even after telling the waitress that we had been waiting a long time and were starving she took 20 minutes to bring us our drinks. Repeated requests for missing utensils and refills were ignored. Healthy options do not exist at this place as everything is drowning in butter or covered in cheese; seeming attempts to cover the tasteless dishes they have prepared. The food is overpriced and about as far from authentic Mexican as you can get. The only good thing about the MFF is the chips and salsa but I wonder how often the salsa dishes and chip baskets are being cleaned? Save your time and your money and skip this one. Pros: chips and 3 kinds of salsa Cons: restuarant is not clean and service is horrible more

May favorite restaurant 2/14/2008

I have been frequenting this restaurant for almost 10 years and have always enjoyed the food. Recently, in fact (circa 2008), the food was even better than I had remembered. I always enjoy the endless chips (one time charge of only $.50, for those who would like complain here), and the salsa tastes fresh and homemade. I especially look forward to the salsa verde's unique and terrific taste. I have tried and enjoyed almost all of the standards on the menu, and recommend all visitors to this webiste, and readers of these particualr reviews, to disregard the negative comments left by disgruntled jersey folks who dont know the difference between good food and taco bell. Also in response to some naysayers, I find good service comes quicker when I am friendly to those who are serving and wating on me. I actually plan on going to MFF tonight and you should too!! Pros: chips and salsa, entrees, choices of beers, artwork everywhere Cons: Gets crowded in the summer because everyone knows its good. more

Great Mexican Food 1/31/2008

Set in the heart of this fabulous part of town - I stumbled upon this little gem. The best tasting mexican food I've had yet near Philly. The prices are super affordable. The guac was amazing - my date and I had two servings of the stuff. The service was right on - and on top of that - the staff is hot and super friendly. I am definitely going back to this joint. The crowd was a cool mixed crowd - low key and not haughty taughty. Definitely Best In South Jersey area for Mexican Food !!!!! Pros: margaritas, food quality, service Cons: none more

The Best Mexican South Jersey could ever offer... 10/2/2007

I read the review by 'steph5555' and I don't understand. While this place may SEEM like a dive, there's nothing about this place that lacks in food or service. I grew up in Southern California...a stone's throw from Mexico...and although I've lived in many states, no one has come closer to authentic Mexican cuisine than this place. I do agree that it's a little ridiculous that they charge for chips and salsa and that the presentation of the dishes leaves something to the imagination, but the food quality is loads better than any of the other "chain" Mexican restaurants in the area. Besides, the Margaritas at this place are on the severely-strong side, which is nice, and the decor of Kahlo and Rivera prints is most inviting. I am, most definitely a "regular" since I go there no less than two or three times a week, but I do tend to stick to the smaller menu options. The taco salad is awesome, Joe's Ultimate Nachos are AMAZING, and my favorite thing to order is the small green salad with basil/cilantro dressing and a soft bean taco. If you don't get beer or Margaritas, you can easily get great Mexican food here for less than $12 a person. And why wouldn't you pay a measly 50 cents for chips and salsa when the chips are, usually, hot and fresh and the salsas are fresh, tasty, and authentic! As far as the larger menu items are concerned, I highly recommend the Chipotle Tuna Tacos. If you're a vegetarian, though, do not get the rice with your order because it's made with chicken stock. In fact, I would ask your server to make sure none of the stuff you've ordered is made with chicken stock. If they're not knowledgeable, they'll find out for you. Also, with side orders, if your dish comes with vegetables, I'd either get the broccoli (which is fresh) or the corn on the cob...also fresh and dressed with some cheese on top. There's a reason why this California dude loves this place and goes there more than he should...this food is really good! Pros: Great food, great parking, great booze Cons: Noisy outdoor waterfall more

The best Mexican without going to Mexico 11/1/2006

Apps: Mussels Escondido is a must have. Entree: Any Burrito Beer: Negro Especial Other Mexican joints in the area can not touch this place. The atmosphere is great, the food is hot, and the wait staff is beautiful. If you eat outside overlooking the veranda and pond, a kitty might just beg for you to throw him a bite. Do it! Mahalo Pros: Great Food Cons: Crowded more

Worst. Food. Ever. 8/24/2006

This was the worst food I've ever tasted in my life, Mexican or otherwise. I realize South Jersey isn't known for it's Southwestern Cuisine, but this was beyond horrible. It was dirty, the food tasted old, and like it had gone bad. Do not eat here! Pros: Cool art hanging on the walls. Cons: Food and service. more

Great Food 8/20/2006

If you would a great place to go with wonderful traditional mexican and "upscale"mexican food, you should give mexican Food factory a try. I was an out of town visitor and found this place to have great food and great service. The wait staff was very experienced and wonderful with the children in our party. We liked it so much we went back a second night with diferent friends (who also thought the food was great). The quanities are large- so make sure you are hungry. The specials were a great change from the average fare and still everyone liked them too. Pros: Wonderful variety of foods to try Cons: Wait (it's a popular place) more

great mexican 6/25/2006

Good homemade mexican food, very consistent. I like the home made burritos. Nice alternative to chain mexican food. You can taste the difference Pros: burritos margeritas more

User review by discolu 3/10/2006

We like our MFF a little dirty. And, we really like how the MFF sells jewlery. more

Love It! 10/20/2005

Fantastic food, great service, best margaritas I have ever had (tart), green salsa to die for, wonderful atmosphere and friendly people. What else could you ask for! This is my favorite restaurant and has been for 15 years!! The menu is fantastic. The special are always different and always taste yummy! Now that I have a child - it's great that I can take him here and that they have a children's menu too. Love it! Wish it wasn't so popular - get there early to get in right away - otherwise you'll have to wait. But the wait isn't bad, you can go right up to the bar and get a shaker or margaritas to hold you over. Pros: Margaritas, Food, great salsa Cons: NOTHING more

Can I get some service? PLEASE! 8/2/2005

NEVER AGAIN....I would tell you how the food is but I never got that far. I was seated after twenty minutes when I was told the wait was only five minutes. I can forgive them for that. It was when I got seated that everything took a turn for the worse. As I perused the menu I noticed an elderly couple sit down in a booth across from us. Shortly after sitting down a waitress appeared with glasses of water and chips for this couple. Still I had nothing. Ten minutes later another group sits down and again a waitress appeared and delivered chips and water to this table. This was after I complained once already to the hostess about not getting any service. After 15 minutes and no sign of a server coming my way I had to leave... Pros: None, Nada, Zip Cons: Horrible Service more
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  • The Scene
    The room--all wrought iron, rough tile and Frida Kahlo art--can start to look quite spooky after a few too many of this South Jersey standard's famous margaritas. But outside, a secluded terrace offers one of the most pleasant outdoor dining experiences in Burlington County.

    The Food
    There are tacos, sure, but with a twist--aside from the usual beef and chicken, you can opt for the odd but tasty tuna in a blue corn tortilla. In fact, both the regular menu and the daily specials feature several excellent and unexpected seafood entrees, like grilled salmon with almond, cilantro and cheese pesto. If you prefer chicken or meat, there's a rich and sizzly crock of layered tortillas, pork, cheese, green chile sauce and sour cream, or grilled chicken topped with a chile, nut and raisin chocolate sauce.

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