Metropolitan Grill


820 Second Ave
Seattle, WA 98104

(206) 624-3287
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Metropolitan Grill - Seattle, WA
Metropolitan Grill - Seattle, WA
Metropolitan Grill - Seattle, WA
Metropolitan Grill - Seattle, WA
Metropolitan Grill - Seattle, WA
Metropolitan Grill - Seattle, WA
Metropolitan Grill - Seattle, WA
Metropolitan Grill - Seattle, WA
Metropolitan Grill - Seattle, WA
Metropolitan Grill - Seattle, WA
Metropolitan Grill - Seattle, WA
Metropolitan Grill - Seattle, WA
Metropolitan Grill - Seattle, WA
Metropolitan Grill - Seattle, WA
Metropolitan Grill - Seattle, WA
Metropolitan Grill - Seattle, WA
Metropolitan Grill - Seattle, WA
Metropolitan Grill - Seattle, WA
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I had a friend bring me here for happy hour once and he told me that you get a met burger and fries for 5$. I was shocked because the met is so expensive usually. Well when I got ...


The steaks are fairly good, but better can be had from Larry's or Whole Foods. The service leaves something to be desired. Last time there, I had a discussion with the Wine Stew...

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Good Happy Hour 1/3/2012

Love thier happy hour and drinks, recommend the Met burger. Their steaks are also good but don't feel that they justify the price, hence the 4 stars. more

greay 3/16/2011

i love the place the food and everything, im satisfied the place looks great! My friends my family and I love Metropolitan Grill and we all agreed the food tasted better. more

Valentine's Day Perfection 2/15/2011

I ordered the Chateaubriand dinner to take home and cook for Valentine's Day. What a fabulous meal and great deal! The Chateaubriand, roasted root vegetables, HUGE mushrooms, mashed potatoes and hunter sauce were all packaged with instructions from the chef on how to prepare and arranged in a beautiful wooden box. The meal was simple to prepare at home and turned out great! Every dish was perfectly seasoned. One of the best meals we've ever had and a great deal at $95.00, espcially considering that we have enough left over for another full meal for two tonight! more

Best Steak In Seattle 2/13/2011

I've been going to the Metropolitan Grill for years. It is by far the best steak in town. I've tried other steak restaurants yet they honestly can not compare. Be sure to call ahead though and make a reservation. It is expensive yet you get what you pay for. more

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Cheap Eats at Happy Hour 12/6/2010

What's there not to like? Great HH selections of the great Met quality, for fraction of the price. Try it out! more

A little pricy for what you get 6/3/2010

Good: The steaks are always cooked perfectly.. Bad: The prices are just a little too high for what you get.. Other: Still one of the best steak houses in Washington. more

The best steak in Seattle. 3/30/2007

This is not just a reataurant it's an expierience you'll remember. The food is cooked to perfection. The service is incredible.The atmosphere is happy and romantic. You cannot go just once to this place .You will return. more

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Metropolitan Grill 3/15/2007

5 Stars over and over. I'm not even a red meat eater, and I must always order the Steak Oscar. Best I've experienced on the West Coast! more

The Metropolitan Grill is the best! 10/20/2006

My favorite restaurant in Seattle. Great steaks and great seafood too. Great service, great people, excellent food. I once wanted a Cesar salad and asked if I could have it with crab. "No problem" was the answer and the salad was amazing- completely smothered in crab and at no extra cost. Also made reservations for dinner with my wife on new years eve once and the hostess had made a mistake with our reservation- they asked us to have drinks and appetizers on them while we waited. We ended up just having multiple appetizers and cocktails for dinner and they picked up the tab. The real story here is that they were genuinely sorry for the mix up and did everything they could to make us happy. In a world of non-existent customer service The Met stands head and shoulders above the rest. Oh yea, and the food is great! more

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Meat's good....but the service 5/14/2006

I am not a frequent visitor to fine-dining restaurants. But it was my boyfriend's birthday, so I decided we could splurge. He wanted a steak, and boy did we get one! We ordered the Chateau Briand (I'm not sure if I spelled that right...) and it was such a production! They set up a little table so they could carve it tableside, which would have been wonderful, had three, count 'em, three people not come by and fussed with it, each one saying something negative, like "Who set this up? Let me do it RIGHT." I understand striving for perfection, but seriously. Does the order of the knives matter that much? Then a man came who carved the steaks, a show in itself, and serve us. He asked if we wanted sauce, I said no, and I requested the platter with the rarer portions. He sauced the more well-done cut, and was about to hand the rare plate to me when our waitress came up. She said "No! That's supposed to be for her. Why didn't you sauce both? Blah blah blah." She told off her assistant for doing what we asked! And she was very rude. It was embarassing for me, and for him. Finally I just said. "Fine. Sauce both. It doesn't matter." They eventually got a plate in front of each of us. I had almost taken a bite, and then the manager has to come up as well, expressing concern, asking whether he should take my plate back to the kitchen and remove the sauce. Criminy folks! Can we eat dinner in peace? And please, the staff should not be scolding one another at our table. It's rude. The bad vibes ruined our meal. We didn't want dessert, and left quickly. One more thing. The ladies bathroom was filthy. I understand that steakhouses are geared towards the fellas, but really. I had to peek into two stalls before I found one that I was okay with using. more

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Cha-CHING! but good... 4/21/2006

The Met is known for their steaks and for good reason - they're big, grilled to perfection and very tasty! They also grill up a mean fillet of salmon. (I'm not a big steak eater, but my husband is - so when we find a place that does both steak and seafood well, we're happy!) All that said - I do think the prices at the Met are a bit over the top. You can get a meal just as good and for half the price over in West Seattle at Jak's! But if you're in downtown Seattle and in need of a splurge, the Met may just fit the bill! more

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Best steaks 4/1/2006

The Met is an excellent steak house. The food is excellent and the service is impecable. You feel like a celebrity everyime you eat there. Very high class. Their steaks are perfection, espcially the petite filet mignon. I always have them butterfly it and it is perfect. The staff is excellent and they are always making sure you are very satisfied. It is expensive to eat here but well worth it. You have to make reservations to get a table at dinner hour. You won't be disappointed at all with your experience. more

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High-end deliciousness 3/25/2006

The Metropolitan Grill isn't someplace you go to dinner every weekend. Not unless you have that kind of money to spend, I guess. I love the food at the Met. The ambiance is business-formal and the prices are, too. Their steaks are to die for, and try the sauteed mushrooms. I've also heard the drinks are great, but haven't tried them myself. more

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it's just...perfection 10/19/2005

what do you call a place where the food is incredible, the service is impeccable, the bartender pours a perfect martini, and the desserts are something you'll dream about for a month after eating them? i call it the metropolitan grill. i've been lucky enough to go there twice in the past few months and if it wasn't so expensive (and it IS damn expensive!) then i'd go every week. the service is almost comical it's so perfect. nice, attentive waiters/waitresses. busboys that fill your water before you even know your glass is almost empty. etc. but the's just to die for. amazing. incredible. mouth-watering and cooked to perfection. prepared exactly how you ordered it. whether you get a steak, the halibut, or anything in between you will not be disappointed. and if you like chocolate, i have 4 words for you: 9 layer chocolate cake. ok, so it's 3 words and a number but just shut up and go eat the cake. trust me. more

Overpriced franchise-quality food 9/30/2005

This is your typical pretentious restaurant with white tablecloths, except without the quality food. On my single visit to the Metropolitan Grill I ordered the Steak Oscar. When I cut into it steak juice flooded my plate. Any novice with basic cooking skills can tell you that when you remove a steak from the grill it must sit for a few minutes so that the fibers can re-absorb the juices. Apparently, their chef was unaware of this. The result was juice all over my plate, instead of in the steak. Have you ever seen that PBS documentary in which some wine "experts" were fooled by the filmmaker? The director surreptitiously replaced a $200+ bottle of wine with a $4 bottle of table wine. The following day, when the wines were being judged, the experts had no clue that a bottle of cheap wine had been slipped in among the expensive wines, and they rated it to be in the same class as those other wines. Well, as I was sitting in the Metropolitan Grill I was reminded of that documentary. Somehow, I doubt that the chef here is any more skilled than those at a franchise steakhouse. If you want a genuinely good steak try JAKs in West Seattle. more

You can't beat the Met 9/9/2005

It's definitely one of the pricier places I've ever eaten, but the lack of any sense of pretension and the incredible food and service allow the price to be a secondary consideration. The steaks are spectacular, though generally too large. I have a good appetite, but the only steak I can finish (usually) is their "petite" filet mignon. The Met has a monster wine list and the stewards are very knowledgeable. I admit I did feel a little sheepish asking for a bottle under $60, but the steward made me feel like I was still getting one of their best. The nine layer chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream is to die for, but good luck getting to dessert with any room in your belly unless you plan accordingly. The service has always been wonderful. My favorite memory was when a waiter overheard us talking about deep-fried Snickers bars, went across the street to buy a Snickers, failed to get the chef to deep fry it for us, so served it cut up on plates "raw." more

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Noted for their steaks but taste average -- its all glitz and bad service 8/31/2005

We had reservations and were seated on time. The orders and drinks came fine, but for some reason, it took them 4 attempts to make a well done steak. Don't go here if you don't like blood. The food had nothing special about it but the price. Rather crowded atmosphere. Entire meal ran over $200 for 4 -- their markup on wine is double everyone else's. more

One of the best steaks in town! 8/20/2005

Wow the met has a lot of great steaks and that is pretty much their specialty. I would say they are on a similar level to Ruth's Chris steak house, but the met is tiny bit classier i think. Its pretty darn pricey, most steaks cost above 20 dollars.. even the 9oz ones. Its kind of a taboo if you ask for a steak well done at these types of restaurants, tho they will cook it however you want its really its best when its juicy and a little pink still! These are the best juicy steaks in town, if you can afford it, stop in! or take a date here! a great place for that, but dress a little nice, as its not really casual.. more

Cockroaches as Big as the Steaks 8/19/2005

In the current "supersized" American culture it is no wonder the Met has a top reputation for its enormous steaks. I have found their steaks to be above average but at a top price. I believe the Met's food appeals to those who value sheer volume over outright quality. But what really turned me off was the prize-winning size of the cockroaches that scurried across the floor on my last visit. Oh sure, I know that there's not a restaurant in town that doesn't have some type of varmint it would rather not have its patrons know about. However, when two cockroaches the size of computer mice darted down the aisle past our server, who deftly darted out of the way and then denied seeing them, I decided I'd had enough of the Met. I'm leaving the gigantic steaks to the gigantic cockroaches and going somewhere where they at least do a better job of keeping their unsavory pets hidden. more

Best Steak in Seattle 8/16/2005

I absolutely love this restaurant. In my opinion, it has the best steak in the Seattle area. I ordered the prime rib and it was absolutely perfect. I have never had a better grilled steak in my life. They also did a very good job with their garlic mashed potatoes and was a great meal overall. They also serve great mixed drinks and my girlfriend still says they served the best Cosmopolitan martini she has ever had. The one drawback is that it is very expensive to eat here. A dinner for two and drinks totaled over $140, so be prepared to spend some money when you show up. But it is still very good food and worth it for the price. more
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  • Hours: 11a.m.-3p.m. Monday-Friday; 5-10:30p.m. Monday-Thursday, until 11p.m. Friday, 4-11p.m. Saturday, until 10 p.m. Sunday
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