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Metro Richmond Zoo - 8 Reviews - 8300 Beaver Bridge Rd, Moseley, VA - Aquariums, Zoos & Botanical Gardens Reviews - Phone (804) 739-5666

Metro Richmond Zoo

8300 Beaver Bridge Rd
Moseley, VA 23120
(804) 739-5666
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Granted, this is a small zoo, but it's a lot of fun and the animals were in great condition. We regularly go to the National Zoo in DC, but this is honestly more enjoyable. Peop...


I am sorry to say, this was the worst zoo I have ever visited. I have been to many zoos all over the US and was very dissapointed. It was the most expensive and least impressive. ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/22/2014

Had a great day visiting the Zoo with my son and his family who are here at Fort Lee for training. Great array of animals and feeding the giraffes was great.Only downfall, the military discount offered was only $1 to active duty only! Otherwise great experience more

Had a great time! 1/30/2012

Granted, this is a small zoo, but it's a lot of fun and the animals were in great condition. We regularly go to the National Zoo in DC, but this is honestly more enjoyable. People get great looks at the animals and everyone we saw was having a good time. We also like it that we saw a lot of rescued birds - animals that would otherwise have been ""put down."" more

Enjoyable, Not Deplorable 10/8/2011

I took my 2 kids to the zoo today. My 3 year old had a very good time. He liked seeing all of the different types of animals. I went after reading all of the reviews posted on here. So I didn't know what to expect. It was not as horrible as some of the bad reviews made it seem. All of the animals looked healthy. I am going to go again..... more

Response to biased reviews 6/29/2011

Depressing and Horrified have given an unrecognizable review for a terrific zoo. For the record, I am well acquainted with the zoo and the family that runs it (though I am in no way financially associated or related). It is a for profit venture because that is what allows them to run it consistent with their mission and values (for example, they otherwise would not be permitted to include their children in operations as a learning experience). It IS intended to be educational and conservationally-minded operation, contrary to the mind-reading below that indicated otherwise. No, they have not brought in a wide variety of foreign and invasive floral species to house the animals. In a zoo this intimately sized, that is not even possible. On that note, there is a reason AZA accreditation is achieved only less than 10% of zoos: it is steeped in near insurmountable bureaucracy and ultimately hugely expensive. Also, there are possible values conflicts, such as introducing non-native fauna (though I do not know Richmond Metro Zoo's stand on this particular issue)and non-professionals' contact with the animals (there is a definite value conflict here). I have spent after hours at the zoo many times and can attest that the animals are well exercised and well socialized. Every person who is part of the zoo knows every animal by name (try that at your distended, touristy, tax-payer subsidized zoos). Every animal habitat that I have seen includes shelter at least equivalent to what would be provided in that animal's natural habitat. Also, some steps taken at national zoos such as steeping the monkey island pond have been side-stepped with more natural measures, that don't leave the pond artificially crystal clear, but do keep the habitat healthy. Some of the shelter is underground or otherwise not obvious to avoid interfering with the patrons' experience. This is NOT the uncaring, money-grubbing enterprise is has been smeared as by other reviewers. For that matter, it costs less than our local zoo and (at least previously) a cup of feed is included with children's admission. This zoo tops all others that I have experienced for a close-up intimate experience that will leave children interested in learning about the others creatures we share this planet with, an essential step in creating conservation awareness. Or you can attend a zoo that sucks government dollars to keep your admission artificially low, so you can walk in an an environment designed for city-sophisticates rather than the animals and the children the experience is most meant for. more

Best Zoo for families with kids 4/22/2011

We had a wonderful time at this zoo. We've been to other zoos but this was the first one we had to drag the kids out after spending 6 hours there. Its a small zoo and unlike other zoos where you have to search to find the animal in the habitat the animals here come to you. You can feed the giraffes, the monkeys, camels, goats, birds and watch the peacock and peahens stroll by as you eat your lunch. I've read the other reviews where they say the animals are not well taken care of but I saw no signs that they were not healthy. The habitats are not as well set up as the national zoos, imitating their ""natural"" environment but the animals were active and they did not seem lethargic or unhappy. We saw many baby animals with their Mamas hovering near by protecting them. The tigers cubs were playing with each other and the adult tigers in a separate cage were lounging as well as playing not pacing. The only animal we saw pacing was the male lion whose cage was next to the herd of Gazelles (I think). Perhaps its because its spring and the weather was nicer...? However, I did not see as many staff as there are in the National better funded zoos however this zoo was much more interesting than the larger zoos we've been to including the Central Park Zoo in NYC, Bronx Zoo, NY, National Zoo in DC, Maryland Zoo in Baltimore and the Beardsley Zoo in CT. more

Deplorable 2/27/2010

My opinion is that this is an awful place. I had to leave after about a half hour because I thought the conditions in which the animals were kept was deplorable. This ""zoo"" is a for-profit venture and NOT accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. I don't feel people should go because our admission dollars are only continuing the cycle for these poor animals. It was clear that the owners have this facility for entertainment, not conservation or education. If we seriously want to do a zoo photography shoot, I think it would be worth the time to explore one of the zoos that is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. Examples: There were tropical birds out in 40 degree weather shivering this morning. Three monkeys kept on an island, with inadequate shelter, huddled together to keep warm, in 40 degree weather. Said island was surrounded by dirty water. A prairie dog with an abscess on it's neck and an infected foot. All three tigers (including two white tigers, which aren't even found in nature) were pacing one side of their cage, a documented sign of stress in animals. Awful. Cons: Everything more

Utterly Depressing 9/4/2009

If you were ever curious as to what a zoo might look like in a third-world country, during a civil war, this might be the place for you. Other than that, please do not give this place your money. The animals are kept in small exhibits, often without adequate shelter. They appear to receive little if no care. This is a wretched place, and hardly enjoyable for children or adults. Pros: The animals are not actually dead Cons: Ill-Cared for Animals... Plus: Expensive and Dirty more

Best Local Zoo 5/22/2009

This zoo is wonderful! It is a small privately owned zoo, so it doesn't have all of the grand displays that can be found at a large zoo that has more money. When you first get there, buy a cup of food because you are allowed to feed the animals all throughout the zoo. I don't know of any other zoo that allows that. The most popular spot is the giraffe exhibit. The giraffes will walk over and eat the food right out of your hands! Pros: Intimate, personal experience Cons: Limited exotic animals more

dissapointing 8/16/2008

I am sorry to say, this was the worst zoo I have ever visited. I have been to many zoos all over the US and was very dissapointed. It was the most expensive and least impressive. The overall appearance was depressing. The animal habitats, were not attractive and then you were expected to pay more money to feed the animals and ride rides. Sad, sad. I just feel as if this zoo needs a major overhall, who knows maybe that is why the ticket prices are so high. If you are looking for a family day out I would suggest avoiding the zoo and head over to Maymont, (it has a suggested admission price of $2 per person, I believe, ridiculously low for what is available) where there are beautiful gardens and animals. more
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