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Metro Puppy Kennel LTD - 20 Reviews - 10323 Metropolitan Ave, Forest Hills, NY - Specialty Animal Services Reviews - Phone (718) 261-7450

Metro Puppy Kennel LTD

10323 Metropolitan Ave
Forest Hills, NY 11375
(718) 261-7450
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Metro Puppy Kennel LTD - Forest Hills, NY
Metro Puppy Kennel LTD - Forest Hills, NY
Metro Puppy Kennel LTD - Forest Hills, NY
Metro Puppy Kennel LTD - Forest Hills, NY
Metro Puppy Kennel LTD - Forest Hills, NY
Metro Puppy Kennel LTD - Forest Hills, NY
Metro Puppy Kennel LTD - Forest Hills, NY
Metro Puppy Kennel LTD - Forest Hills, NY
Metro Puppy Kennel LTD - Forest Hills, NY


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I just got my first puppy and his name is Alfie. Before I went to Metro Puppy I researched several other places. When I talked with Brian the owner he assured me that he would get...


On February 8, 2009, I decided to have my dog groomed. Ranked first on the Google search gave me some false confidence, but I was elated to find that it was a local establishment ...

My Baby Alfie 4/22/2011

I just got my first puppy and his name is Alfie. Before I went to Metro Puppy I researched several other places. When I talked with Brian the owner he assured me that he would get me the right puppy and not just any puppy. There was puppies in the store but not really what I wanted and Brian didn't try to convince me to take one of them. He said he would send me pics of ones he thought was right for me and I fell in love with his second chose. When I picked up Alfie my yorkie I was given a care package with food and other supplies and instructions on how to do things and vet care.. I recommend Metro Puppy to any one who wants a pet. more

Best place to get your puppy! 3/25/2011

We are very happy that we found Metro Puppy, now we are the happy parents of a healthy playful puppy. This place Really cares for the puppies as if they were their own pets, they are very personable and aproachable spent lots of time with us and the price of the puppies is very reasonable, for all the attention and the well cared puppy you get makes this place One of a kind!, not like the typical sickening petshop. more

One word for Metro Puppy AMAZING ! ! ! ! 12/18/2010

Well to start off i found this place last min but it is the best place to get your dog groomed ! ! ! First i called last min, a week before christmas, to get her groomed at first I thought they wouldn't take her because it was so last min. but they did ! ! that is the first reason why there amazing ! Another, is because when I brought her in she was a wreck, like you don't even no, she looked like she belong in a ASPCA commercial but even then they took her ! ! ! Last, when I picked her up . . . OMG SHE LOOKED SOOOOOOOOOO GOOD like years were taken off of her she looked like a puppy again and smell soooo good ! ! ! I just love what they did to her ! ! ! I will never go anywhere else as long as Metro Puppy is open :) P.S If you go Brian and the Staff will take the best of care for your little one or big one that you hold close too your heart <3 more

Great store with great puppies! 4/12/2010

Recently got my first ever puppy from Metro Puppy. I am so glad we did not get him from any other store. This place is so much cleaner and nicer than other stores we have been to. We got a beautiful little Maltipoo and he is healthy and just a joy to have. Will definetely recommend this place to anyone looking for a pet! Pros: everything more

Thank you Metro Puppy, Brian and Staff 2/4/2010

Brian is amazing, he was so helpful and caring when it comes to his beloved puppies. We sat down and talked for almost an hour to discuss our baby Bella, her needs, how to care for her, anything and everything we needed to talk about was discussed. Great experience, we are very happy and definitely recommend Metro Puppy, can’t wait to pass by to pick up what we need and for her grooming visits. Pros: Brian took care of us and Bella in every way possible Cons: No Cons more

Best Puppy Ever 12/8/2009

Purchased a French Bulldog (Bacardi) June 11, 2009 as a surprise for my wife. I was going to buy flowers next door and just stopped in. Fell in love with him as soon as I picked him up. He is by far the best puppy we have ever had. He is very healthy supper loving and can be stubborn at times. Highly recommend anyone looking for a puppy go to Metro Puppy. Pros: Best Puppy Ever more

Awesome place 10/27/2009

We bought our beautiful, sweet four month old Chihuahua puppy from Brian. Wonderful man he is, wonderful business. They answered all our questions cheerfully. We would recommend Metro Puppy to all our friends and family. Pros: Great neighborhood business Cons: There are no cons more

Great place 10/16/2009

I bought my wonderful puppy there 2 years ago. Brian told me she was sick and I should wait till she got better but I wanted her right away. He told me he would pay all the bills till she got better.She had an undeveloped tracia, which the vet said would improve as she got bigger. She weighed under 1 lb. Brian also told me if anything happened to her he would give me a free puppy,or if I felt she was too sick, and I wanted to keep her, he would give me another one free. Thank goodness she got better and is a totally healthy dog of 2 years. She is the most beautiful dog in NYC, people stop me on the street to pet her and ask me where I bought her. I direct everyone to Metro Puppies. I had her groomed there a couple of times, they did a very good job for much less that NYC prices. I know we are all affraid of puppy mills. but I feel they use good breeders and are people of their word. They covered all the expeses for my angel, and the next dog I buy will be from them. I know of other dogs which were purchased in NYC that were sick and the breeders or stores did not stand behind those dogs to help the buyers. If you want a puppy they are the best, I went to the store maybe 5 times and played with the puppies until I fell in love and bought one. They are very patient and willing to help find the right one. Pros: great dogs and friendly staff more

great place 10/1/2009

I went to Metro Puppy looking for a puppy, they let me roam around myself for a moment to see their selection and then when they asked if I needed help the person I spoke to was very helpful. He was ready and able to answer all of my questions, I will definitly be going back here for all of my puppies needs and grooming. I greatly appreciated their comfortable settings and outstanding customer service. Pros: comfortable atmosphere more

Very helpful staff :) 6/13/2009

I purchased my maltese/yorkie mix girl from Brian and Metro Puppy staff in March 2009 and could not be more happy! She is a very playful and healthy dog with lots of love and personality. I have been looking for a morkie for quite some time before I came to Metro Puppy, and I found their prices to be extremely fair and competetive. The staff was very helpful and walked me through every detail. Additionally, not like many other puppy stores, here you will get the breed that you are promised (trust me, I was sold a maltipoo elsewhere that turn out to be miniature poodle/ border terrier mix). Will definately go back in the future. Highly recommended! more

A Great Place for a Good Breed!! 5/26/2009

Brian and staff are wonderful.\r We are very pleased with our little puppy ...well she certainly has grown some now. This is our second puppy from Brian and I was well received and I like how Brian takes the time with each customer, making sure we are picking out the right dog for our family and lifestyle.\r Thank you Brian and be well!! Pros: You'll have a hard time making up your mind Cons: You will want one of each more

Animal People Who Care a+++++ 5/1/2009

In March, my puppy suddenly passed away due to a seizure. It was unexpected and as an animal lover I was completely heartbroken. I consider my dogs to be part of the family so I took the death very hard. When I went to Metro Puppy in April for another little one to bring home, the staff there was so wonderful. I told them what happened and Brian was so compassionate. As I walked around the store I noticed that all of the puppies were very well taken care of and that the workers must pay very close attention to them since they were all clean and had fresh water/food. Brian helped pair me with a perfect little Peek-a-poo girl that we have now warmly named Jules-Monroe because of her jewel like eyes and curly blonde hair. They were very patient and answered any and all questions or concerns I had. Another lovely surprise with the store is that they puppies are not kept in typical cages with plastic walls like in other stores. At Metro puppy they little ones are actually kept in little cribs in pairs of two’s which I thought was a fantastic idea because they have TTTOONNNSSSS of room to move around and they must feel so much more comfortable. Plus socialization, which is key with puppies, starts right away with keeping them together. At home for Jules-Monroe, I actually adopted the idea since I don’t like the harsh crates, so I actually have a small crib at home now that I keep her in while im at work.. I would recommend Metro Puppy to ANYONE!! Pros: Great Selection, great customer service, patient. Cons: You want to take them all home more

happy paws 2/22/2009

first time at metro , my yorkie and i were so happy. He went in a mess, came out so cute. The staff took their time to brush and cut his long hair. more

A++ 2/22/2009

I am not sure why any one would talk bad about Metro puppy. We bought our puppy from there. The staff is kind, Brian is the best. He cares about his dogs, and wants them to have a great home, he even gave us his home phone #, in case we needed something, being that we were first time dog parents! Metro puppy was the only place that promised us that our puppy would not grow any more than ten pounds. We have sent so many people there to buy dogs and they all have been so happy. \r As far as grooming they are the best. They take their time and Harry the groomer is very good with all the dogs. Keep up the good work guys! Pros: Friendly staff Cons: they do take a long time to groom the dogs, but its worth it. more

Disappointment 2/8/2009

On February 8, 2009, I decided to have my dog groomed. Ranked first on the Google search gave me some false confidence, but I was elated to find that it was a local establishment and had a few gleaming reviews on CitySearch. I decided to give Metro Pupps in Metropolitan Ave. in Forest Hills a try. Unfortunately, I was greatly disappointed with their substandard service, enough to warn other unsuspecting patrons.\r Upon entering, was a bit disconcerting because it had a strong foul odor stemming from the cages of puppies for sale. I should have walked out as it clearly meant that they didn?t care for the puppy well or at the very least for the impression the foul smell would leave with their patrons. I decided to continue regardless, and shortly met the groomer who was very personable which eased my concerns with the foul smell. After providing clear instructions on my personal preferences for my dog's grooming, I left my dog with them with confidence that they would do a good job. \r To my disappointment, when I arrived to pick-up my dog I noticed the following:\r 1) My dog's hair was not cut evenly with almost bald spots in unsightly places.\r 2) My dog's nails were not cut well and a few had been cut too close caused some bleeding.\r 3) I noticed a red stain in my dog's collar and the groomer noted that this was from the nails being cut too close.\r I questioned the groomer who suddenly was not as personable and seemed defensive. He then asked if this was the first time I had taken my dog the groomers and began to note that my dog had been difficult to handle. I was upset and wanted to argue some more but after some quick occular inspection of my dog I just decided to pay and leave.\r On my way home and to my horror, I noticed that there was a gash on the eyelid of my dog's left eye and the hair immediately surrounding it was cut too close. I am infuriated to say they had been extremely careless with my dog. \r I will never come back to Metro Pupps. Pet lovers,Beware! more

Clean, healthy pet buisness! 11/17/2008

We got our French Bulldog 3 years ago here. He is healthy and wonderful. \r The area was clean and the puppies had alot of room, not caged up like alot of pet stores. I usually adopt, but I found this company to be a reputable buisness and Joe and Brian are very nice to deal with. We will be return customers! Pros: get to visit the dogs in an ""adoption area'! more

Great puppy, great experience! 2/21/2008

I don't know what the other reviewers are talking about. I bought my puppy in January and couldn't be happier with him. The two guys who run the place were very friendly and very helpful to me and my family. Even though we came in at the very end of the day, we never felt rushed. We took our time, picked out a great puppy, and filled out paperwork while they completely groomed the little guy. I highly recommend the place. You know, if you are nice to people, a lot of them will be nice back. We had NO problem whatsoever with the owners, the puppy or the experience. Pros: Helpful, patient, friendly more

Do not support Puppy mills by buying pets from this store 1/21/2008

Please DO NOT support the backyard breeders and puppy mill industry, if everyone witnessed the horror that goes on these dreadful places, they would NEVER buy a dog or puppy from these pet shops. There are SO MANY homeless cats and dogs in NYC shelters as it is. You can get a better quality animal in a shelter, please adopt a homeless animal and do not support these pet shops, these people do NOT care about these animals, only the money they are making. Educate yourself in the horrible industry of puppy mills before you decide to buy instead of adopt. Cons: all more

A puppy lovers delight dont let disgruntled employees ruin your experience 12/21/2007

I would Judge the atmosphere and ambiance for yourself dont let disgruntled employees portray a bad pictures of a perfect sweet loving atmosphere. I especially wouldnt pay much heed to someone who can not spell. The Nursery itself is adorable and the puppies are all well cared for and loved. \r \r Staff is knowledgeable and all animal lovers and you can tell the puppies thrive on their attention Pros: You get ""Hands-On"" interaction with the Puppies, Dog knowledgeable staff,Great Atmosphere Cons: You have such a hard time deciding exactly which one to take home more

NEVER AGAIN!!!! 6/19/2007

I bought my puppy from Metro Puppy and they sold me a dog that almost died - the dog was so sick and at one point weighed three pounds. I gave the dog antibiotics, predialight so he wouldn't be dehydrated and finally hand fed the dog until he was well enough to eat on his own. My dog still has a couple of health issues but he is sweet and loveable. The gentlement that helped me with my purchase was very unfriendly - when I called to have the record of shots emailed to me he told me that since I had rushed him that was why he had not included them with the rest of my papers, but after standing there for almost an hour my patience ran out. While I was there someone was returning a Yorkie that they said had a problem with one ear standing up. I have heard from people in the neighborhood that they have had difficulties with purchases from Metro Puppy and their reputation is not good at all. My other dogs are from private breeders and I would never buy a dog from a pet store again. Cons: way to many more
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