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Metro Area Collections

2780 SE Harrison St 202
Portland, OR 97267
(503) 653-2900
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I receive calls of praise in regards to their style and professional attitude and the confidential way in which they do business. I would recommend them to anyone in need of their...


I agree with everything said in previous post. This company has treated me in the most degrating way. Calling me at work garnishing my pay even when I requested other arrangement.

I agree with everything said in 3/20/2012

I agree with everything said in previous post. This company has treated me in the most degrating way. Calling me at work garnishing my pay even when I requested other arrangement. more

I received a call from a Tod stating 2/24/2012

I received a call from a Tod stating that he was calling from the legal department at Metro Area Collections who left me a threatening message, which is illegal. I will be filing a CONSUMER COMPLAINT with the ATTORNEY GENERAL OFFICE who are the ones who can better assist in this matter and have also made it very user friendly to file a claim both via email (through their website) and/or by mail. If I had a choice this company would not be getting any star ratings by me but the system does not support that. more

Liars and cheats 11/19/2011

This company is amazing. Abunch of uneducated liars. I had a situation which i explained to their so callled legal person (eric) I explained the situation and even thought it was odd that they had this collection. I contacted the company, saying i owed them and they could not even find a record of the debt. I explained this to Eric and he would look further into the situation. Well it seems he did't follow through. I kept in contact with them and kept them up to date of the situation. Well GUESS WHAT THEY DID'NOT. I wonder if their legal department has anyone with even a GED. I am reporting them to the Better Business Bureau. Their employees are condesending and rude. I urge everyone with a bad experience to contact the Better Buisness Bureau. Unprofessional Idiots. I write this because Ii just received a smalll claims filing. more

For saying that their professionals they are extremely rude 10/5/2011

Turned out I co-signed a bill with someone that they never paid and I never got a bill for because they had their address and not mine. Anyway, Eric was the collection agency guy who I talked to but the moment I started asking questions he started yelling; I know it is part of their intimidation practice but don't say your professional practice during your yelling. He said he would cut the interest in half if I paid the bill in full. Interest accrues daily for them so make sure you don't actually give them a credit card number that they can charge you in full with. After all, if they are yelling at you and calling themselves professional then you can't really trust them. more


This company is a Joke! I owed for medical bills that were unpaid by my insurance company. I was unaware that this bill were unpaid until I got a Nasty phone call On October 25 from a man claiming to be in the legal department. He proceeded to tell me that he was going to sue me for a medical bill, when I had asked him what company these medical bills were from he refused to answer. I told him that if he could not tell me where he was from and what the bill was for I was not going to pay him a dime. He proceeded to call me names like a bad mother and irresponsible, unworthy and he was going to make my life hell until I paid them, but I did not know who THEM was! I was in tears and so flustered I could not stand it. Thanksgiving Day we were served with legal papers. I called the office to make Payment arrangements because my husband is the only worker in the family right now and we are barely making ends meat. Debra answered I asked her who the bill was from and she said you know I said no who is it from she said Urgent Care. I said alright and I told Debra that I could make $100.00 and I was waiting for my 401K check to arrive so I could pay the company in FULL she said that she would rather garnish my husband wages instead of taking $100.00 and the rest $670.00 on the 16th of December. Debra was rude unbearable to talk to, condescending and down right Nasty. I called to day to pay the bill in in full which I did after borrowing money and get this she was still so rude. Worst of all she had me on speaker for the whole office to hear my CC #, when I asked her to take me off she refused. I finally said you are violating my privacy rights, my CC# is no one business. She said why are you yelling and I told her because she is a BIT** now get me off speaker. Worst company ever. more


This company is trying to sue me for a ""damages"" owed on a house that I rented! These charges are completly false and the landlord actually owes me money! This all stems from 1 1/2 years ago. I recieved an itemized statement from my landlord explaining why she withheld my 1300.00 deposit and also send me a bill for 900.00! We left this house in excellent condition and it was spotless clean!! I was shocked as we had ALWAYS recieved 100% of our deposits back! I asked the landlord for reciepts for the work done. 8 long months later, without any reply, she provided me some reciepts and cut the bill in half! Boy does that show dishonesty or what. Some of the receipts were completly false and made up! Two weeks later, Metro bagan calling me. We told them that this money isnt owed and sent a dispute letter asking them not to contact us again unless debt was proven. They sent another bill so I called them. They acknowledged that they did recieve first dispute letter. I then sent another letter telling them not to contact us again! They were given 30 days to prove debt and they didnt therefore, this case was considered closed! Three months went by and I didnt hear from them again, until my husband was served court papers at work. YEP, they are taking us to small claims court for 500.00, we do have a counterclaim for around 900.00. After I submitted my counterclaim, and recieved our court date, they served me court papers AGAIN at my house!! WTF?? I called the court house and they couldnt figure out why this was necessary. It was just to harrass us and intimate us again. I forgot to mention that they have called my husbands work to verify employment and have called him several times, even called after court date was set! THIS IS THE MOST UNPROFESSIONAL COMPANY THAT I HAVE EVER COME INTO CONTACT WITH. My family and I are very ethical and honest. This money is NOT owed or we would have paid it, as we always make good on our contracts and pay our bills! We go to court in Feb. 2011, any advise or experience with this company would be appreciated. more

Rude, pushy, and unprofessional 5/20/2010

Not even worth the one star required to post. This company called our place of employment about an employee garnishement and the lady on the phone was a jerk from hello. Get a life. You think you can hide behind your phone and be rude to people. That is not the way to do business. You deserve every bad review on this page and the two that are positive are obviously bogus. Cons: everything more

Unlawful practice 3/16/2010

Have they ever heard you attract more bees with honey. We recieved a letter of collection with no mention of who they were collecting for and for what which is unlawful. When I talked to an agent and told them what I could make a payment of 50 dollars he said he could not take less than a 100 dollar I told him I could not give anymore than my dollar. He then went into that if he called me and told me that for the 50 dollars more that he wanted he told me that I could open a saefty deposit box that contained a million dollars I would come up with it. I told him that there was no way I could come up with it since I owe so much in hospital bills for lack of no insurance. He called me a liar and hung up on me. The economy bad economy was brought up as well as me not having a job. He had excuses like there is always people with out jobs and the economy is turning around. I called back and talked to the manager She is just as rude and a flat out &*@#*. If you choose to use this company to do your collections well you""ll be waiting till hell freezes over before you actually get your money collected by them. Since I know that they get a percentage of what they collect by the time all is said and done you will only get about 20 % of what was owed to you. You know what they say what goes around comes around so I hope that those two fall on hard times and that they get treated like they treat everyone else. Pros: Worst agency Cons: Real cons with a minus 50 rating more

Tina Mack the Snatch at Metro area collections.... 2/18/2009

Tina Mack is THE RUDEST WORTHLESS P.O.S. out there! Cons: I'm sure Tina Mack has made many fans across this city... K A R M A more

deadbeat 9/17/2008

These guys sued me over ""move out damages"" to a house that I rented. The house was clean and free of damage above normal wear and tear when I left. From day 1 they failed to provide me a copy of the report that the landlord wrote and I signed the day I moved out. After they filed their suit I immediately filed a countersuit for return of my deposit and misc FDCPA violations. These guyes tried calling me about a week after I filed my timely response to inform me they were going to get the garnishment process started claiming that I didn't file my response in time. A LIE. Come to find out later they didn't even know what several of the items were that they were suing me for. Metro brought my old landlord to court with them. Their case was dismissed and I secured a $310 judgment against them. Now that they owe ME money they have not paid me. Yup, I have a judgment in hand and they are 2 months late on their payment. A bit ironic???? Pros: No, I don't think so Cons: In my opinion, yes that is a good description more

Horrible! 7/8/2008

Tina Mack is the rudest person I have ever spoke with. This is the worst collection services company I have ever dealt with. Ever! Beware. more

As a CSR in a multi-faceted industry my customers and clients are always happy with Metro. 6/24/2008

I receive calls of praise in regards to their style and professional attitude and the confidential way in which they do business. I would recommend them to anyone in need of their services. more

Collection agency 6/24/2008

I have had some scary dealings with collection agencies, but this was the nicest place I ever had dealings with. the lady i spoke to was very understanding and said not to worry we would get it all worked out. I think her name was Ms. Mack. Anyway she wrote off most of my interest and made it the least painful experience i""ve had. more

Rude 6/17/2008

This company repeatedly call for our owner who does not wish to do business with them. They are rude, aggressive, threatening and completely unprofessional. Representative Tina Mack is the worst!!! Watch out for these people and DO NOT do business with them! more

horrid customer service! 4/15/2008

These people call a place of employment and demand the address, company policy states not to give it to people. so i deny them, then they say that since i will not cooperate with them they will look it up themsleves, i ask the woman what this is about or if it is about a staff and they will not tell me anything. Then they hang up on me. So i call back and ask to speak to a manager, that lady was almost as rude. Just said okay i will note that, and hangs up. didnt ask me what number i am calling from, or anything. I have had different bill collecters call me and they seemed nice compared to these people! I hope this place is shut down. Cons: staff, customer service, everything. more
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