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Meridian's Bodies In Motion - 18 Reviews - 12100 Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA - Personal Care Reviews - Phone (310) 836-8000

Meridian's Bodies In Motion

12100 Olympic Blvd (at South Bundy Drive)
Los Angeles, CA 90064
(310) 836-8000
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Meridian's Bodies In Motion - Los Angeles, CA


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dr mike the team at the credit physician helped me discover my inner core strength to go the extra mile in the restoration,personal trainer helped push my score up ,while dealing ...


Worried:Transitioning from Bodies In Motion to David Barto by wla123 at Citysearch I went from Bally's (awful) to 24 Hour (slightly better) to Bodies In Motion (much better) i...


The worst, misinformed customer service I've ever encountered. I signed on and ended my contract immediately after the year was up. Not only did they not allow me to transfer gym memberships from one location to another without hiking up the monthly fees $50+ (their representative said from outset of signing contract stated that ""this would not be a problem"" to make a transfer with same fee level), when I cancelled they charged me an additional month, saying 30-day notice was required. This was not communicated to me when I ended contract. Every phone call I've had with them has been misinformed or incorrect, from the beginning and in the end. Their spa has been broken and continues to break month by month. Although their facilities and equipment are generally excellent, their customer service is the worst I've ever encountered. For the inflated monthly fees you pay at Olympic, other gyms are far better. Bottom line: DO NOT SIGN A CONTRACT WITH THIS GYM. more

Meridian Bodies In Motion Transition to David Barton 12/28/2011

Worried:Transitioning from Bodies In Motion to David Barto by wla123 at Citysearch I went from Bally's (awful) to 24 Hour (slightly better) to Bodies In Motion (much better) in the past 10 years. I didn't mind paying more for Bodies In Motion b/c it wasn't crowded, had superior equipment and people (staff/other members) were friendly. Over time, some of the equipment has become dated. Cardio equipment (step machines, elipticals, etc.) have worn out to where the machines keep breaking or certain ones have an issue (cable slips, rotation isn't smooth, etc.). Sadly, they replace the cardio equipment people like to use with equipment people dislike and don't use. Some of the plate/pin-based machines have issues as well, like the protective leather on seats and pads is torn. There's boxing ring that barely anybody uses. I originally thought it was a cool feature but it basically takes up space where there could be additional, usable equipment to benefit all members. And, they have a problem with the urinals in the mens' room - always leaking (no pun intended). Regardless, the gym has been solid yet creaky, which is probably why it's being transitioned to David Barton. Well, that and competition from Equinox and 24 Hour Fitness' summer makeover. I had hoped Bodies In Motion would get a needed upgrade with new equipment, floor layout and amenities. But, I'm increasingly concerned about the transition to David Barton Gym. The photos and promotional materials I've seen, along with various online articles, suggest this place is going to lose its sensible Westside vibe and morph into a club-like atmosphere with pillows, soft lighting, dj-s/turntables and other gimmicks that are very much un-Westside. Trainers and members alike have been apprehensive with both groups considering other nearby gyms. My membership expires in a few months, which gives me enough time to see the transition through and decide whether to stay. Currently, it looks like they're changing the clear glass to placing a thin film with pink and yellow undertones. They haven't painted yet but the paint blotch samples on the walls look fine (meaning not lame). The female employees are wearing t-shirts that say ""Look Better Naked."" Um, o-kay. The male trainers are wearing Barton-branded shirts and it looks like they got off relatively easy. Rumor is, they're going to increase rates; members will likely have an increase but new members will be paying significantly more. If you pull up online articles on other David Barton gyms (NY, Chicago, Miami) or on the concept in general, they are not entirely positive (clubby, over the top, chapter 11 in early 2011); which is why I'm hoping folks involved in the Westside renovation retain the current atmosphere of serving the professional types who live in the Westside. I hope they knock out some walls to maximize space, add new equipment, fix a few things and keep the atmosphere in tact. I suspect, however, that it's going to turn into a club scene-like carnival and I'll be looking for a new gym. Hopefully, I'm wrong. more


This gym is filled with incompetent, lazy, useless, lying, stealing creeps. Do not join!!! If looking for a gym, check out reviews and the Better Business Bureau. You'll see that Bodies in Motion is not the gym for you. Unless of course you like to be ripped off, lied to, and treated like a piece of trash. Do keep in mind, if you join, you will spend months trying to cancel your membership. I've been on the phone and in person trying to get my membership cancelled. I received a different story from every person I've contacted. Also I've been told that, Christina, the general manager would be contacting me. That's a joke, after many messages left how many times has she returned my call. That's right -zero. Oh yeah, that's the same number of times the corporate office has called me back, despite many promises from the BIM staff. I realize that working at a gym front desk or as a manager doesn't take more than a passing grade in kindergarten, but maybe they should hire someone withs a few legitimate brain waves. Thanks Bodies in Motion, you've been a real pleasure. DO NOT JOIN!!! more

members BEWARE 11/20/2010

I really wish i had read some of these review before i joined this gym. As a member, i was so happy w the gym. It is true that is is clean and had a lot of great classes. HOWEVER, i am having the same problems w their sticky-fingered management. I cancelled my membership bc I moved to the east coast. Since then, they have proceeded to charge my bank account, with the amounts increasing every month. The first charge after I had signed the papers and settled my account w/ them was the normal monthly fee, but this past month they charged me $231. I wonder how much they will steal from me next month. The first charge was taken care of immediately, but when I called them this time the stupid girl at the front desk would always say there wasn't a manager on duty. I called every day for a week and didn't get any response. Finally, after two week of trying to contact I finally spoke to a manager who said that my ""refund request was being processed"" and that it would take 7-10 business day. It has been two weeks since that phone call and I haven't gotten one red cent back. I strongly urge anyone who is having problems w them to contact the Better Business Bureau. If a company get enough complaints they get shut down. I will surely be calling them about this matter and i would strongly advise anyone else to do the same. As I see it, they are stealing from me, and I take that really personally. I was a good customer and a considerate gym-goer and I take it as a personal affront that they are trying to steal my hard earned money. I am not one to complain about service, but this is a special case. I am incensed at how unprofessional and evil thier business practices are and i am now making it my personal mission to take them down. more


I went to that gym and the guy told me I had to sign a contract which is for 12 months and I told him I will be in Los Angeles for only 5 months he just crossed the number 12 and wrote 5 instead. Everything sounds normal so far. But after 5 months I thought they stopped charging me however they did not. After 3 months I received a call from my Bank in Europe regarding to the excess of the payment installments. I went to bodies and motion and they said it does not really matter if he crossed the 12 month lease and put 5 months instead, I will have to pay for the whole year. This is so not ethic. They are just not the right people to do business with. I highly DO NOT reccomend them at all. On the other hand, staff just ignores you after you sign the contract. They promised me and my friends that they were going to give us free massage, free boxing gloves and a discount voucher for the store and I have not received any of them and when I asked about the promises the answer I get is ""WHAATT WE DID NOT PROMISE YOU THAT"" :S more

Filthy! Dishonest! 3/24/2010

This is the worse gym in L.A. For $70 a month one would expect clean and maintained equipment. This place is so filthy sometimes (especially in the showers and steam room area) that I have wondered how the health department is not shutting them down. And worse part of all, they just fired their best yoga instructor whose classes were always packed and had a lot of followers. They accused her of something we, her students, know is impossible! And when they heard our complaints about having let her go, they said they don't care about us! They are a bunch of losers, from top management to the bottom people, and all they do is take your money and deliver zilch. Might as well join Bally's if you don't care about cleanliness or just pay more and join a better club. Pros: Less Expensive than Equinox or Sports Club LA Cons: Filthy, bad attitude, horrible equipment more


Was a member for a year. The staff ignores you after you sign up. Machines are nice but there is only one or two of each (except cardio machines). There is a mandatory $50 annual towel fee. Per the contract, Meridian can raise the amount of your monthly dues WITHOUT NOTIFICATION. When I cancelled my membership today, I was informed that the final payment would increase by $5.00--just because they can increase it per the contract. Worst gym experience EVER! Avoid the manager whose initials are MF because he lives up to his initials in every way. Pros: Lot of Exercise Classes Cons: Not friendly or helpful; contract clauses more

great service the credit physician 12/7/2009

dr mike the team at the credit physician helped me discover my inner core strength to go the extra mile in the restoration,personal trainer helped push my score up ,while dealing with negative items that could not run the true test,so now i can say thank you to the credit physician and the team restoration team,great gym they pump you up at meridians bodies in motion Pros: they helped me raise my score to new levels Cons: being to lazy to do something about your credit more

AVOID THIS GYM!!!!! 9/21/2008

This gym is a total scam. While the machines and classes are good, the management is a joke and they will attempted to rip you off every chance they get. Make sure that if you cancel your membership you KEEP your copy of the cancellation or they may continue to charge you membership fees. As other members have posted, you will never be able to get the management to call you back and if you try to call with problems they will ALWAYS be mysteriously ""unavailable."" This gym is not worth the hassle or the lazy and highly juvenile costumer service. Take your business somewhere with a little more integrity. more

Exclusive Dance Fitness instructors that make it all worth it. 7/22/2008

Some of the Dance Classes like Zumba have instructors are world famous and make the member ship worth it. more

Worst Gym EVER!!! 6/23/2008

The company I work for got us a ""discount"" at Bodies in Motion by getting a ""corporate rate,"" but found out that they were giving Joe Shmoe off the street the exact same great deal. Two months after joining, the gym increased my dues by 3% and my dues were raised another 3% within 2 more months. Basically they raise your dues whenever they want and despite multiple calls from myself, fellow employees, and our Director of HR, they always pawn you off on another manager. I finally marched into the gym after 6 months of trying to get my dues corrected and cancelled my membership. Despite overcharging me for months, the manager there demanded that I pay my final 2 months dues in advance in order to cancel. SO...I cancelled my membership and what do you know??? 2 weeks later I get a collections notice from Bodies in Motion. I have been calling for 3 weeks now trying to solve the collections issue but every time I call they either have a new GM or they are ""not available."" This gym is truly a great place to work out but they rip you off and have horrible customer service. I have now been promised month after month by their employees and managers that I will at least get a call back but no luck. DO NOT join this gym. It's just as everyone says. They are HORRIBLE! Pros: Great Equipment and Clean Facility Cons: They will rob you blind, won't let you cancel and have horrible customer service more

save your money , read carefully 4/16/2008

i joined this gym with high hopes. after three months, i was bored because the class instructors are not that good and there is high turnover. Pros: jacuzzi in locker room Cons: no parking, bad staff and management, no customer service, tricks played more

Don't do it, regretful indeed 9/23/2007

Absolutely awful gym. I joined the gym because the number of group classes but definitely not worth it seeing that you have to deal with the horrendous service and organization of the gym. Let's just say I knew it was bad news when it was my first time at the gym and I asked one of the front desk people to help me out with the lockers and they rolled their eyes like they couldn 't be bothered. I waited for 10 minutes because the girl needed to finish up her personal conversation with another staff member. Something about her night out with some guy. The staff is preoccupied with anything other than being helpful or doing actual work. Their manager(s) aren't any better. You always feel like you need to chase people to get anything done there and they are too good to be helpful to anyone. Stay away trust me!! Pros: number of classes Cons: staff, management, customer service, etc more

Don't join this gym. 7/25/2007

I've been a member of this gym for a little over 3 years and am quitting as soon as possible. There are a lot of things wrong with this place (parking, staff, lockers) and a few that are alright (machines, low attendance), but my problem is with them charging me an ""enhancement fee"" that is not in my contract and them refusing to remove it. If you're a member who has been charged this $25 fee, check your contract for item 3(d). If it isn't there, try to get them to remove it. I'm going to dispute it on through my credit card since Bodies in Motion couldn't care less. If you're thinking about joining, look elsewhere. These guys are no good. They like toreview themselves, so take the 5 star reviews with a grain of salt. Pros: empty, clean and full of machines Cons: lying cheating management. bad parking. lockers usually mostly full. more

Helpful, awesome teachers! 3/28/2007

The classes here are the best! It's important for me to always be challenged and I love the variety of classes. The personal trainers are really great. I feel like I get the best and the most for my money when I work out with one of their trainers. They are very knowledgeable and and they keep the workout fun.The gym is clean and I never have to wait for a machine. Really great people and fun atmosphere. Pros: Awesome Trainers! more


You feel like you are working out in a 5-Star Hotel. I mean there is marble everywhere, bamboo floors, and the machines sparkle. Pros: The best instructors and trainers anywhere! GREAT FACILITY TOO! Cons: More money than the big boxes...but it's worth it! more

member 6/10/2004

My weekends sunning on the beach left my face feeling parched like the desert, but the hydroptimale facial I received at Zen Spa left my skin feeling like an oasis...what a treasure to have found Zen. Pros: convenient, good value, quality treatments more

member 6/10/2004

The skin care team at Zen, really cares on achieving results for your skin... Microdermabrasion is the way to price in town. Pros: Inexpensive more
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  • Meridian's Bodies in Motion exists to improve its members' quality of life through health, fitness, motivation, social interaction and the positive enhancement of mind and body. Meridian's Bodies in Motion is a full service gym helping people get in shape and stay in shape.

    Among other accolades, Meridian's Bodies in Motion was "Rated the top instructional fitness studio in America" by City Sports Magazine.


  • In Short
    What started as a kickboxing studio now offers fitness, yoga, Pilates, boxing and Spinning. A range of classes run throughout the day including inventive options like Kombat...

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