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Mercede's Grill - 30 Reviews - 14 Washington Blvd, Marina del Rey, CA - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (310) 577-0035

Mercede's Grill

14 Washington Blvd
Marina del Rey, CA 90292
(310) 577-0035
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Mercede's Grill - Marina del Rey, CA
Mercede's Grill - Marina del Rey, CA
Mercede's Grill - Marina del Rey, CA
Mercede's Grill - Marina del Rey, CA
Mercede's Grill - Marina del Rey, CA
Mercede's Grill - Marina del Rey, CA
Mercede's Grill - Marina del Rey, CA
Mercede's Grill - Marina del Rey, CA
Mercede's Grill - Marina del Rey, CA


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""Attention All Travelers,"" if you're out of town or across town and want to hang out on the best beach in Southern California and want to dine for breakfast, lunch or dinner loo...


even that gets cool, as am becomes pm. service is marginal, mostly bad. Food is different but not better. Bar is small. management is uninterested! nice breakfast choices, mo...

location is great 3/31/2012

even that gets cool, as am becomes pm. service is marginal, mostly bad. Food is different but not better. Bar is small. management is uninterested! nice breakfast choices, mostly over rated. more

The Coolest Place in Venice 7/25/2011

""Attention All Travelers,"" if you're out of town or across town and want to hang out on the best beach in Southern California and want to dine for breakfast, lunch or dinner looking outrageously good food with a cool vibe, you MUST COME HERE!\r \r Mercedes Bar & Grille - Cuban Fusion Cuisine will take your taste buds to the Moon and back! Dress casual and sit outside for breakfast with their famous Cuban egg dishes with black beans and plantains. I had lunch off the beach still wearing a bathing suit top and a wrap, sipped on a Mojito and Salmon Salad - delicious! After the sun went down we showered and went back for Happy Hour and had a great glass of wine and shared their ""Tuna Pica"" - I have never had anything like it, a light dish of Ahi in an orange sesame sauce on a lightly baked wonton.\r \r A week later I brought friends from Europe back for dinner and they said the alfresco dining made them fell at home, so relaxed and the staff was personal and made us feel we were at someones house. Everyone was festive and we ate their ""Surf Your Own Turf"" dish, a delicious filet with our chioce of jumbo shrimp and shared a beautiful bottle of California Cabernet. Then we decided to go next door to BIN 73 the wine bar adjacent to the Grille and had tghis chocolate tapa, can't remember the name with a glass of Port.\r \r We then all took a moonlight walk on the beach, laughed and felt transported to a beautiful place far away, but wasn't - It's right in our back yard - make your day at Venice Beach and Mercedes, you won't be dissappointed!!! It's the top! more

Had a fantastic experiance!!! 3/19/2011

I took my wife to this cuban restaurant for our 10th anniversary a couple weeks ago and i just felt compelled to write about my experiance. I was sent there by a colleague of mine who hangs in there all the time. I have never been but i will for sure be going back. Our waiter was a very well knowledged young man who said he had been working there for about 10 years. He told me that i had to try a pork dish that they had that was still on the bone and very tasty. Well i agree with him now and i apologize to anyone reading this but i cant remember the name of the dish. The busboy was always there to fill up my water and give me the free plantains that i would have to say were tasty and very different from anything i have ever gotten for free from a restaurant. The manager was very eager to know how everything tasted and how everything went everytime he walked by our table. Cant wait to go back again!!! Chuck more

downhill fast 2/2/2011

I have been a regular here for about 4 years. the food has always been consistant, but the service, cleanliness, and attitude is like riding a roller coaster.\r \r i used to go to merecedes about twice a month, then in October I met the new GM, who was knowledgable, funny, warm, but most of all was proud of the service he provided his customers. \r \r I started going in about once a week because the GM made me feel that this was a place I should spend my money and it was appreciated.\r \r I had gone on an extended christmas cruise and by the time I got back into town and went over to Mercedes, I didnt see the GM but thought nothing of it, until I was seated.\r \r The waiter was more interested in what was on TV then taking my order . I sat with empty drink glasses when I wanted another. My food took 38 minutes to arrive and my spouses dish was luke warm.\r \r We asked is Stevie was around and was told he was not with the restaurant any longer and that there was no manager for us to complain to. We asked for the owner and was told that she was not around and really doesnt deal with complaints too well.\r \r Guess what Mercedes Grille will not get any of our hard earned dollars again. \r \r If anyone knows where the GM went, post it, and we will be at his place in no time flat. \r \r more

set the record straight.... 12/8/2010

Ok so i'm reading these reviews and i'm finding it real amusing that people are writing about someones social life, THE OWNER IS A WOMEN BY THE WAY!!!! Her name is Mercedes. Go on city search and write about the food and the ambiance. Not some guy who works there or worked there, that perhaps dumped you. The food is great! The prices are great. The ambiance is great.\r more

Fab food and my favorite CALAMARI 11/14/2009

I love this place for the Sangria, the people, the patio, and the CALAMARI!!! more

A place very dear to me. 2/12/2009

About 4-5 times out of the year, 4 to 5 months out of the year I'm filming in LA and away from my family. I could get a place closer to wherever we film, but I won't. I'd rather be at the beach and close to my ""Mercedes"". It's my home away from home. Sometimes I eat here 3 times in one day. \r Every drink is made with love. The bar is like ""Cheers"", everyone will eventually know your name. The food always hits the spot. I have never had a bad meal here in the 6 years I've been coming here. I had one experience of a drunk that come in, and decided to toss there cookies on the way to the bathroom. I think that had more to do with the Cabo Cantina 2-for-1 tequllias. This is truly the only place that can compare to an east coast restaurant. I'm consistantly disapointed with the other restuarants in LA, unless It's a 5 star place, with 5 star prices. This place is a good place, especially during hard times.\r Sincerly, Franky\r "" the god father"" Pros: Great Food , Great Atmosphere, Great Staff Cons: Parking in the summer weekends more

Best. mojito. ever. 2/9/2009

This is a great spot to relax for brunch or on a sunny afternoon. Everything on the menu is great but it's a craving for the tuna pica that usually gets me out. Even before it was the drink du jour, Mercedes made the best mojitos. We often sit at the bar while waiting for a table at other nearby resturants. Parking is a hassle and service can be slow but if you're not in a rush and able to enjoy a leisurely and creative dining experience, Mercedes won't disappoint. Pros: Creative menu, mojitos, relaxed atmosphere, tuna pica Cons: parking, service can be slow more

My Home away from home! 5/30/2008

My home away from home, better known as Mercede?s Grille is what I hope Heaven to be like?A never-ending menu of delightful dishes, endless beverages, full of unique people, and a guaranteed fabulous time. After my first visit to Mercede?s on a Sunday afternoon I was not quite able to put my finger on what I found so intriguing. About three visits later, each with a different first date and restaurant of their choice; I finally made my conclusion. No matter how horrible the date, I was pleasantly fulfilled with my experience. The menu consists of an array of seafood, meat and vegetarian options; which are uniquely accompanied with delectable sides. From appetizing starters, out-of-this-world salads and indescribable entrees I struggle to this day when deciding what to order. However your experience is just beginning with the food, the service is renowned. Attentive, friendly, almost like they are your long lost friends; you will never leave in need. The restaurant offers an outdoor experience even when inside, open to the patio when the Southern California weather is at it?s prime and behind lovely glass doors that act as a barrier from foul weather while still providing a beach like experience. My favorite aspect of my hidden little treasure is the people. Now a seasoned regular, I have been blessed to meet a spectacular range of people varying from tourists to my personal favorite the locals. Being a transport to the Los Angeles area I struggled finding a place that reminded me of home, Savannah, Georgia. Where I come from we are welcoming, very fond of our food and booze and always out for a good time and this is where I come to get mine. The first place a take a visitor, new friend, or colleague is Mercede?s Grille because it is here that they make you feel like you are the most significant person in the Universe! Pros:, drinks, location, people, OWNERS Cons: it's not 24/7 more

Good food but service a bit slow 5/27/2008

We came here for breakfast when visiting Venice Beach. The place has a nice terrace and looks nice inside. The service was a bit on the slow side, even getting coffee took a while. Their prices are a bit much for breakfast. The food was good. The french toast with fruit has a bit too much fruit sauce; it would taste better if the bread wasn't soaked through. The eggs had a lot of oil. But overall, a nice breakfast experience. Would come here again. more

The best salads (more than just leatuce and dressing!) 4/26/2008

It's been almost two years since the first time I tried the ""Vegetable Tostada"" at Mercedes... it has become one of my favorite dishes. It's a great mix of grilled veggies over a fried tortilla (tostada), black beans, and rice (skip the chicken). If you are ever in the neighborhood looking for something DELICIOUS and healthy... give it a try!!! I hear the other salads are great as well, but this one is hearty and will keep you coming back for more. I've taken so many friends and family to visit Mercedes just to try this dish - it's been a success every time! Their mojitos are good and sometimes great. In my experience, the service tends to be better during lunch than during dinner (not sure why). Pros: Great service during lunch hours, awesome veggie dishes, good mojitos Cons: dinner service can be a little slow more

An Unmitigated Disaster 1/2/2008

All the worst things you read on this web site are true. My fiance made a reservation for New Year's Eve--and confirmed it by paying $100 in cash. I came by the day before to confirm the reservation. The staff had no record of it. I made a new reservation. The next day we arrived at the appointed hour and the staff at the front door and bar had NO RECORD OF EITHER OF OUR RESERVATIONS.\r \r As we lolled around being asked if we were ""waiting for someone"" the manager flitted round having sips of other people's drinks. A ""greeter"" at the door insisted insipidly he was the ""smile police"" and would I not smile so beautifully. Perhaps the man would have been better employed serving us a drink or helping find a table. It was 20 mins before we were seated, 40 before we got a drink--which was, amazingly, not included in the $100 price tag.\r \r Almost nothing WAS. Drinks were paid out of pocket, and the ""lavish appetizers"" advertised turned out to be a soy-sauce sized bowl of salsa with chips and 2) whatever you could take from a party platter carried around 3 times in 3 hours and containing bite-size flautas. We were not so much as offered plates. Finding nowhere to put my tidbit I put it in the pink hat the waitress had given me. It was the perfect ending of the perfect eve when she dropped it--flauta-and-all--onto my head.\r \r The people at the table next to us were in the same position: they had paid $100 for a table-and their reservation had been lost. They had waited for 30 mins for a spot. So imagine our mutual joy when our waiters decided to open the ceiling panels over our heads and let in the freezing midnight air. Between us--I counted--we requested 8 times that they CLOSE THE PANELS AGAIN. Every time we were told they would be closed. Every time they remained open.\r \r Between the incompetence and bad manners of the staff, the ungenerous, overpriced, and mediocre food--it is, I would wager, the Worst Place on the Westside.\r \r \r \r Pros: near beach Cons: everything else--especially the incompetent and indifferent service more

Never Pass up the Chance to Enjoy the Most Incredible Food on the Beach in Marina Del Rey! 10/7/2007

I must say...I love the FOOD! Its the BEST to enjoy on the beach. I Live 6 blocks away and my friends and I all get together and take the stroll to the most exciting BREKFAST, & Dinner. We love crowding the Bar and ordering those famous mojitos and great tasting wine, I love the Pinot Grigio! so Refreshing !!\r The most recent time there was a ""awesome"" just a chill autumn night , outside with friends, wine and Incredible cuban food, so yummy. I suggest the Citrus Salmon,my Fav!\r I give this place a thums up! \r The ambiance and staff are so friendly and fun! the waitress were so cool\r \r LOVE THE FLOWER arrangemenats! they are always so beautiful and Fresh!\r Pros: Amazing Menu, Food! Drinks, Staff and atmosphere Cons: Tight Quarters, more

Best Mojito's hands down! 10/7/2007

I've had Mojito's in Cuba, Miami, New York & Asia De Cuba and I know a real Mojito, this place is the only real deal in LA. It is not just the Mojito's, but the combination of the ambiance and food that makes the whole experiance of this place something that you want to keep coming back to. I ordered the pork enchilladas 4 to 5 times a week until the owner got upset at me and made order the Filet Mignon wrapped asparagus that was off the hook. I will admitt I'm a regular there, but after coming there for the last 5 years, 3-4 times a week, my food took too long twice. I read these bad reviews and think, WOW! One mans trash really must be another mans treasure. Pros: best food for your buck, great vibe and drinks oh and at the beach Cons: food takes to long sometimes more

Horrendous service - Unacceptably slow 6/18/2007

I'd like to think that we just caught them on an off night, but according to my friend who lives around the corner, our experience Saturday was pretty much par for the course.\r \r We arrived at about 8pm - a party of 7 w/o reservations. C&O across the street was PACKED (as usual) but Mercede's didn't seemed slower so we chose there. The hostess was great and managed to get us a table in about 20 min, which was no big deal on a busy Saturday night.\r \r Our waiter came to the table, brought some bread, shared the specials (everything sounded delicious!) and took our drink orders - three glasses of wine and two martinis. Then we SAT for THIRTY minutes with no drinks and no dinner order taken. The waiter returned twice to tell us ""our drinks would be right over,"" but by the second visit with the same update we gave up. Still with no drinks, we were terrified to think how long dinner might take. So we left STARVING.\r \r What a disappointment! We were celebrating a friend's birthday and everything on the menu sounded great. Too bad we didn't get to try anything. None of us were in a rush and a leisurely dinner would have been fine, but thirty minutes without drinks or taking an order is unacceptable. I won't be back Pros: fun location Cons: slow slow slow more

Godd place to chill and hang with friends 5/5/2007

I started coming here for breakfast, but have found out they have a great dinner menu too. Their seafood and appetizers are fresh and delicious. The service has greatly improved lately, as the new servers seem to be nicer and more serious about their job. At night it has a romantic feel, but because it is at the beach you can come in board shorts if you want too. My friends and I come in and have a good time drinkiong and enjoying the ocean breeze. They have a really good martini menu and wine list. I really like this place! more

Impressive Menu; Unimpressive Service 5/1/2007

My friend and I visited Mercedes to try something near the beach. You can choose from indoor or outdoor seating. We stayed inside, and although the front door was open and there was a chill, there are heaters along the ceiling inside the front of the restaurant (thank goodness). The menu had much to choose from and the prices were OK. We both were not that hungry and ordered salads. I know, boring, but when you?re in the mood! We figured our order would be quick, and thankfully we made decent conversation because after about 40 minutes, we realized our order was still not ready! We said something to our waiter and he did not give an impressive answer. He did keep our drinks filled (tea and water). I can't say they left me wanting to come back; honestly, I can't even remember what we ordered. Pros: Location Cons: Service more

GREAT AMBIANCE, Lots of celebs 2/25/2007

So I happened upon this place last year, and have become a regular. Breakfast is the bomb, especially the benedicts. At night I get the 2% roughy, real delicious and healthy! Another plus is i would say half the time I'm there, there is a celebrity: either a B-lister or an A-lister. Last time I struck up a conversation with Ethan Hawke. Pretty damn cool! Close to the beach and very chill. Nice manager and friendly staff.\r Pros: you feel like a hollywood cleb, and treated nice too! Cons: valet parking for whole street! more

""Do you wanna ride in my Mercedes boy?"" 12/9/2006

""Do you wanna ride in my Mercedes boy?"" The answer is...absolutely! Mercede's Grill is one of my favorite restaurants in Los Angeles. It truly is a hidden gem, 50 feet away from the Pacific Ocean. I have been eating here for five years, and I have never had a bad experience. ( And I don't work there, to shut all you haters up.) I came here on Friday, November 24th, 2006 on my birthday with a good friend of mine, and we had an amazing dinner experience there. We were greeted by their friendly manager and our server Alex who was great. Our busser was extremely friendly and immediately brought over a fresh warm loaf of bread with an herbed garlic butter spread. My friend and I ordered a flask of sangria, still the best sangria in town. We started our night with the unique appetizer called the ""bartolito."" Which is sweet fried plantians accompanied with black beans, cheese, and their delicious picadillo (cuban ground beef) Now I've had picadillo in Miami, New York, and at Versailles, and Mercedes has the best picadillo. A lot of the food stems from latin and asian influences which quickly make me think of Asia De Cuba. But for a third of the price, and for equal value. My entree came accompanied with a candle, we broke in laughter. I had the delicious bistec serape, which is a steak stuffed with bacon, feta cheese, and spinach, absolutely mouth watering and yummy. We were then treated with a small chocolate drink from our stunning bartender. For dessert we had this huge chocolate cake which came with my second candle. How great, I got to make two wishes in one dinner. I was then treated with a ""reading,"" by our awesome server Alex. To my suprise he was on point with what he had to tell me. If you are looking for a unique and noncorporate restaurant experience, try out Mercedes' Grille, after your meal, you can take a stroll on the beach. Pros: The food is so good. Steps from the beach. Nice & Ecclectic staff. Cons: Free parking is a block away. more


I read these reviews and don't understand?? I eat at Mercedes about 2 times a month, and the service is just fine. I am treated quickly, even before they knew me. I recommend the bartolito and Orange Rroughy...Or the Tostada Salad. Anyways, the food is always great, and the service is better than most places! At the peak of Brunch on a Sunday it can drag a little bit, but its obvious why, the PLACE IS JAMMING! I take my family and friends here and we always have a great time. The drinks are great, I get a Patron Margarita or a nice glass of Greg Norman Pinot, but its a full bar, and the drinks are made strong! Listen to this reviewer, Mercedes is a great place to chill with a couple of friends. It's small so don't recommend large parties. GO CHECK IT OUT! Pros: Chill atmosphere with nice staff! Cons: Parking! feed your meter or you WILL get a ticket! more
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