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Medical Clinic Of Northville - 12 Reviews - 308 S Main St, Northville, MI - Doctors & Other Healthcare Professionals Reviews - Phone (248) 349-1900
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Medical Clinic Of Northville

308 S Main St
Northville, MI 48167
(248) 349-1900
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Medical Clinic Of Northville - Northville, MI
Medical Clinic Of Northville - Northville, MI
Medical Clinic Of Northville - Northville, MI
Medical Clinic Of Northville - Northville, MI
Medical Clinic Of Northville - Northville, MI
Medical Clinic Of Northville - Northville, MI
Medical Clinic Of Northville - Northville, MI
Medical Clinic Of Northville - Northville, MI
Medical Clinic Of Northville - Northville, MI
Medical Clinic Of Northville - Northville, MI
Medical Clinic Of Northville - Northville, MI
Medical Clinic Of Northville - Northville, MI
Medical Clinic Of Northville - Northville, MI
Medical Clinic Of Northville - Northville, MI


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Dr. Ross Summers takes the time to become fully knowledgable about his patients medical issues. He is aware of nutritional concerns unlike many other physicians. I have found ot...


Used to go to this clinic have now moved to Main Street Family Medicine after Dr. J Summers left. Dr Ross SUmmers was okay but the shake up really messed up this office. The staff...

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/3/2014

I made an appointment for 11:15 AM today and at 12:15 still was in the waiting room. Quite a few people cam in after me and were seen while I was still waiting. Terrible patient management especially for someone with an appointment, (i.e. I was not even a walk-in!) more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/10/2014

I appreciate the late in the day appointments, However if you do have a after 5 appointment You have to know they charge an extra $25.oo for it, And the wait time is terrible, So eat something before you go,\r The office staff is clueless, If the doctor request that the staff call you back to discuss test results, the Doctor needs to know that they are very un professional and don't know what they are talking about.\r Tracey discussed my results with me asking me what is wrong with me, Which was NOTHING, However she did tell me her kid was ill with Mono once. Maybe that's my problem. Well it's not.\r Then a Nancy called me to tell me the Ultrasound of my Thyroid came back and they found a Goiter. Guess what I never had a Ultrasound of my Thyroid there. \r I think that's they scam there is to get people to have one and they all have Goiters. (More money)\r What the heck, Doctor Summers seems like a good enough guy , good bed side manner , takes his time , However due to the incompetent staff, makes you doubt the whole practice.\r Take some more blood from someone else, not me.\r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/14/2014

At the Medical Clinic of Northville, the office staff is extremely rude and unprofessional. First when you call to make an appointment you are asked immediately- Can I put you on hold? Then you are on hold for 20 minutes at least. Then when you go to your appointment time you arrive 20 minutes early only to wait and additional 60 minutes at least. Then you are told to go an examination room where you wait another 30 minutes before the doctor comes in. \r The office staff at the desk is the rudest, ignorant people I have never encounter in a medical office. All I see them do is sit at the desk, do nothing and put people on hold. I especially do not trust the girl who does the medical insurance and billing- she appears to be the most incompetent person on the planet. When asked questions concerning your specific billing, she is unable to answer them. A competent person would be able to answer your question quickly. This is 2014- truthfully there is not that many insurances out there anymore like before. She does not appear to know what she is doing. Anywhere else this would not be tolerated. I have also found that not only is the office staff but the doctors as well, behaves towards the elderly poor and disrespectful manner. I have seen this occur with my father and my mother as well as other elderly people. Additionally, I have noticed that in recent years the elderly do not come to this office anymore. I believe that the doctors and staff want to treat younger people from the manner they are spoken to and treated. Also, when requesting results from a blood test, it takes up to over 2 weeks for the results to arrive at your home. Other specialists I have gone to it takes only 3 days at least. I can agree with Julie D, the office help is bad especially when it comes to scripts as I have had the same experience occur too several times. So here are my recommendations- if you are old do not go here, if you do not have an entire day to waste at a doctor’s office do not go here, if you do not tolerate rude, ignorant desk help- do not go there. In general I would never recommend this office at all. It is not worth the time and your hard earned money to be treated in such a poor and unprofessional manner. What is shameful is that this behavior has been going on for years. \r \r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/21/2013

I took my wife to this clinic this morning and was dumb-founded by the 75 minute wait to see a doctor! I went to the check in window to find out why it was taking so long, and both staff members told me ""that's not unusual"" ! When my wife was finally seen, the doctor spent all of 3 minutes in the room with her. If my math is correct, that doctor must have treated 25 other patients in the time we waited, even though only 5 people signed in before us! Please save yourself the time and frustration - go elseware! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 12/13/2013

I have been a patient of this clinic the past 16 years, my husband 9. Usually my wait in the waiting room isn't too long, maybe 15 min or so. However, my wait in the room in the back has, over the years, gotten longer and longer. The last several times I have waited a hour in the back for the doctor. My husband had an appt today. It was at 3:15, they took him back around 3:25. He waited until 4:15 for the doctor. My husband had another appt in Dearborn at 4:45. Needless to say, he is fed up as well. Since I have been a patient there so long, I have seen all of the doctors. Summers, Helzer and DeBrincat are great. I am certain that is the only reason they still have any patients. The long wait every time along with the rude unprofessional staff is enough reason for people to find a new doctor, however people continue going because the doctors are usually professional, good bed-side manner and know what they are doing. Dr. Johnstone-don't waste your time seeing. I am convinced she has no idea what she is doing. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/25/2013

We have been patients of this clinic for many years and have been pleased until now. \r My husband went in to the clinic Friday. He was prescribed a drug for his illness and when we went to pick it up the pharmacy had not received the prescription. We went back that evening and still no prescription. The pharmacy checked their system to make sure it wasn't sent to another location, but no record of it. Saturday morning I called the office to check on the prescription, and was told that the doctor would be contacted and would call us or the office staff, or pharmacy would call back. Today is Monday and I still have not heard from the doctor or medical office. So, I called again and was told the doctor wasn't in but when he came in he would call.\r \r Needless to say my husband is worse with no treatment for 3 days. \r \r Also, my husbands experience with the doctor was very unprofessional. \r It's too bad, but I think we will have to search for another medical clinic.\r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/13/2013

I went to this clinic for 5 years and received excellent service from the Doctors. However, the quality of service from the office staff has greatly degraded over the years. Even when you do not own money (co-pay), it takes them a long time to check you out. They are distracted with other tasks. Their lack of energy and apathy gets the message across - they don't care!. Lastly, they billed me and not my insurance. I paid and then realized my mistake later. Attempted to get a refund from them has taken weeks without result even though they acknowledged to both myself and my healthcare provided that the money was owed to me. Telling them that I plan to take them to court does not work either. Their billing staff is incredibly rude and defensive. They billed me in August and still, as of Nov. 14th - no refund. This is after 3 phone calls, one letter and one phone call to them from my provide more

Competent and compassionate care 3/4/2011

Dr. Ross Summers takes the time to become fully knowledgable about his patients medical issues. He is aware of nutritional concerns unlike many other physicians. I have found other clinic staff to be technically conscientious and polite. I have been very pleased with the care I have received at this clinic. more

No compassion, or even manners, here 11/27/2010

I called MCofN before noon this morning to ask if they were making appointments or taking walk-ins today. After repeating my question 3 times, and being put on hold for several minutes each time, someone finally took my call and answered my question by saying they weren't going to be there much longer. Well in the time I spent on hold I could have gotten there. What was worse though, was when she said ""We've been here since 8:00."" Am I suppose to feel sorry for you? I hope you feel bad for me having to waste my time and my phone minutes on hold for you to tell me what an inconvenience it is to you for me to want to come in. more

Dr.Ross Summers 9/23/2010

I love The Medical Clinic of Northville! Dr. Ross Summers is the best Doctor I have ever had! He is a great listener, with great treatments. I would not trust any other Doctor! He has helped me with aliments from strep throat, ear infection, nail care, skin care, the flu to a back injury. He is 100% the most thorough Doctor I have ever used. I highly reccomend him. more

Dynamite Physician 9/1/2009

This doctor listens attentively, answers questions very thoroughly, genuinely cares for his patients, and is great with both adults and kids. Perfect family physician. Pros: Great diagnostician, great with adults and kids more

Medical Clinic Of Northville 8/3/2009

I use the Medical Clinic in Northville for all my basic testing, physicals and Doctor reviews. I am very pleased with one of the Key Doctors whose name is Dr. Cheryl Johnstone. She is a great doctor and carefull listener. Great Doctor......... more

Best Doctor I've ever had 4/22/2009

Dr Ross Summers is the most wonderful/brilliant doctor I have ever had. He has sent me to specialists for specific testing; all specialists he sent me to have told me what a genius of a doctor I have in Dr Summers. I already knew how wonderfully he took time to listen to me without rushing me through like most offices have done in the past. Dr Summers diagnosed my illness that was worsening had to do with black mold finally discovered at my apt complex just across the street. HE diagnosed me quickly as black mold can be a neurological attack that can cause mental issues and even suicide in some; I thought I was literally loosing my mind until he rescued me and told me to throw all my belongings of wood, fabric, bedding, paper/cardboard etc away as I moved from the complex...I would have had the same issues at another place without his diligence to exterminate all the medical causes as black mold had infected all my belongings, causing my misery and incredible pain. I love Dr Summers for all his time and dedication as his patient. HE HONESTLY SAVED MY LIFE. I have seen him for 5 yrs now and he is kind, caring and smarter than any doctor I have ever had. He has now been very thorough referring me out after a bad car accident, taking time again to really care. This isn't just one visit for me, but a lot.. I trust my kids seeing him as well.\r I dont know what is wrong with the reports on here, or what is wrong with people. The bldg by the way is charming and comfortable. People usually only comment when they complain-I was just looking up his address for a friend I am referring and I am glad I could tell you how magnificant I think they all are there, the staff makes me feel very special there and they are very compassionate. Dr Johnstone is a gem as well~and I know many who like Dr Helzer too. Pros: A place that will listen to you and cares about you Cons: sometimes wait can be long..they have a lot of fans :) more

Not recommended due to inappropriate comments and inadequate medical care 10/13/2008

My information about the office is through my father. He received medical services for many years at this clinic and we frequently spoke about the services there as my father was very concerned about his health. Originally he saw Dr. Janice Summers and seemed to like her. Then her brother took over, Dr. Ross Summers. That's where the problems started. My father, who is elderly, had many health concerns and was at the clinic often. The comments made by Dr. Ross Summers that were being repeated to me were inappropriate and thoughtless. At one point, Dr. Ross Summers said, ""not you again"" to my father at another time he reminded my father that ""people can't live forever"" . That part was bad enough but the level and quaity of medical care was most disturbing. My father had substantyial tremors and asked Dr. Ross Summers about Parkinsons. Dr. Summers had my father hold a pencil and then pulled it out of his hand. Upon doing so, he told my father that if he had Parkinsons, he(meaning Summers) would not be able to pull the pencil out of his hand. In the meantime, he plied my dad with dozens of medications which for the most part did not alleviate my father's problems. My father continued to feel poorly until he fell down a flight of stairs severely injuring himself and was diagnosed with Parkinsons at the hospital. My father relied on Dr. Ross Summers' care, which was a mistake. I would not recommend this clinic, especially for an elderly person\r \r Pros: Conveniently located Cons: poor bedside manner and lackjing in medical treatment more

Very nice Clinic/Dr's Office 1/30/2008

Mostly all pro's! I left when my Dr (Janice Summers) moved, because i liked her so much. I think this place is very friendly, comfortable, accommodating and quant. It's not a big place, or fancy, but i'm sure that helps keep the costs low or lower. :) One thing I REALLY liked was the fact that they did almost EVERYTHING right there in their offices.\r The only drawback I can think of is it was hard getting through to the office via phone calls. I have had much worst though, at other offices. I highly recommend it. I drove from Bloomfield Hills to Northville because i liked it so much. Being a patient of Dr Janice Summers, I followed her to two other new offices which I didn't much care for. She has now moved to FLA, so i'm looking again and will probably come back to"" The Northville Clinic."" more

Not satisfied 5/4/2006

Used to go to this clinic have now moved to Main Street Family Medicine after Dr. J Summers left. Dr Ross SUmmers was okay but the shake up really messed up this office. The staff is friendly but I felt like cattle they moved me in and then out. The building needs a lot of work. Pros: Parking Cons: Building, Staff more

User review by peterpanone 4/22/2006

You will not find a more caring physician. You will find if you have to wait to see him it is well worth it. He gives you as much time as you need. more

Great Clinic 10/18/2005

I am new to the area and needed some recent medical care. I have been through many Urgent Care clinics in the past, and know the good from the bad. This place was great! Very nice people, caring doctor, and very convenient. Highly recommended more

great experience 9/24/2005

I went for my first visit to this facility and was very impressed. I only waited about 10 minutes after filling out my paperwork. The girl putting my in the exam room was very nice and very professional. I was most impressed by the physician. He spent time answering all of my questions and did not seem rushed to get to the next patient. The staff at checkout were very helpful, they took care of me right away because they knew I did not feel well. Pros: helpful more
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