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Mease Countryside Hospital-Jacobsen Emergency Center - 10 Reviews - 3231 McMullen Booth Rd, Clearwater, FL - Hospitals & Other Medical Facilities Reviews - Phone (727) 725-6111

Mease Countryside Hospital-Jacobsen Emergency Center

3231 McMullen Booth Rd
Clearwater, FL 33761
(727) 725-6111
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Mease Countryside Hospital-Jacobsen Emergency Center - Clearwater, FL
Mease Countryside Hospital-Jacobsen Emergency Center - Clearwater, FL
Mease Countryside Hospital-Jacobsen Emergency Center - Clearwater, FL
Mease Countryside Hospital-Jacobsen Emergency Center - Clearwater, FL
Mease Countryside Hospital-Jacobsen Emergency Center - Clearwater, FL
Mease Countryside Hospital-Jacobsen Emergency Center - Clearwater, FL
Mease Countryside Hospital-Jacobsen Emergency Center - Clearwater, FL


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As a Patient: I delivered 2 of my children here, admitted my 2 y/o for dehydration once, taken family members a few times to ER and subsequent admission ... so have some experien...


I went into emergency and was taken in a timely manner. The problem was, the doctor in the emergency room was ready to go off his 12 hour shift, and he left me know that I was a r...

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/4/2014

I'm sorry to see that so many other people have had such horrible visits to Mease. I agree with them! Don't go to this ER if at all possible. I have had to go there several times with family members. Each time I have taken my daughter - unfortunately three times - the nurses have been exceptionally rude and uncaring. Three times in four years have been Terrible experiences- but it is the closest to us. I don't even understand how such a bad staff can exist. My daughter Hates hospitals and hospital staffs now and will never go back there. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/27/2013

I was admitted on March 22 2013 by fire rescue. I thought I was having a heart attack. Upon my arrival to my discharge I had the best and most friendly service of any hospital I ever had. One of my nurses first name was Mila and she was sweet,caring and attentive to all my needs. Also Ursula another nurse was outstanding. One of the Tech that help the nurses was Vladis and she was an angel. The physicians from the admitting to the surgeons were nice. They all took the time to explain my illness and what they needed to do. On Monday March 25,2013 my Gallbladder was removed and I was discharged on March, 26. I was shocked to read the prior bad reviews as on a scale from 1-10 this facility gets a 10 plus. Little things like the staff that transports me from my room to the ct scan were very friendly. I did not encounter any staff that were not friendly or supportive. This hospital made a bad situation much easier. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 2/25/2013

Gary 2/24/13\r I have been in many hospitals in my life and I have to say my experience at this one was the worst, they delivered my daughter on the 22nd and in the time we were there till being released today was close to being in jail. We were in the Shaffer Tower and on the 5th floor and my girlfriend was pretty much not allowed to leave her room, she tried to walk around to get out of her room for a bit and was accused ( very unprofessionally) of trying to go outside and also today when her mother and oldest daughter came today to drop off our car seat she walked them to the elevator and again very unprofessionally was told she couldn't go outside or even leave the floor. I went to the desk last evening and asked them to show me where it said in writing that you couldn't go outside everyone scrambled but could not produce one document to back up what they were stating. They said they called the doctor and he said no which I don't believe because he talked to her earlier and said all was fine and she would be released this morning. My niece had her baby there in November of last year and as long as the babies father was in the room she was walking around to stretch her legs she even went to the cafeteria to eat, why is it okay for some to do things and not others. My girlfriend and I aren't teenagers any more and most of the staff is younger than both of us, so maybe they feel they need to stick together, I don’t know. Not all the staff in this area are like this there are some very polite, professional, and caring people that work there, but when you add the others in it makes for a very unpleasant experience. Having a child is the most wonderful miracle anyone could ever experience and I now have 5 children and all the other birthing experiences were so wonderful and not one of them was here. There were a few good jokes said that the nice nurses laughed after we told them how we felt ( which they did say they were sorry for) I told them today that I messed up eating in the cafeteria last night we should have ordered pizza and asked them to sneak a file in the box and then when we where heading down in the elevator with one of the nurses (a nice one) after we finally got all the release papers, after waiting all morning, I made mention that the Warden finally granted our pardon ( that got a big laugh from her). So if you want to have the most amazing experience in your life be just that go to Mease Dunedin, Hellen Ellis, or Oak Hill and you will experience it just as it should be, but if your one of those tough ones that wants to have a child in Pod O in cell block 120 then Mease Countryside is the place for you. I hope my experience will help you in making the start of your child’s life a miracle and not something that compels you to sit down and write a comment like this, and by the way, there is one nurse that asked me to put in a nice word about her, so Lisa if you do read this I thank you for your part in our miracle.\r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/20/2013

I was going to write about the terrible wait time at the hospital and how most of the nurses ignored me. How they looked unorganized and were walking around overwhelmed. I guess that's why I had nothing done or saw no doctor for 5 hours (just walked in the door and laid on the bed in pain all that time) After my personal experience and reading their reviews, let me say no more!!!! Would not go back. more

Outstanding Community Hospital 4/6/2012

As a Patient: I delivered 2 of my children here, admitted my 2 y/o for dehydration once, taken family members a few times to ER and subsequent admission ... so have some experience here. It's a small, clean, efficient and well run enterprise, always looking for ways to improve patient care. Staff is very competent, eager to help and get you on your way! As a Doctor: I also work as a GP locally, (not employed by the hospital) and admit my patients, mostly elderly from nearby retirement homes, and the community. The medical and ancillary staff is amazingly well trained, knowledgeable and resourceful and have excellent communication skills. I have full confidence in the hospital, and that my patients will be well taken care of. Pros: Modern, Efficient Cons: Semi-pvt medical rooms more

LONG LONG LONG waits 12/16/2011

Had my 89 yr old mother-in-law transported by ems to ER after falling. She had been losing small motor skills rapidly over a 2 week long period. ER dr. had a CT scan done on her brain, said it was normal aging and sent her home. 5 days earlier she had been selp sufficent but this is what he calls normal. Not able to feed herself, talk, move her hands? After being there 5 hrs. he sent her home. Next day we went to our Dr where he had a CT scan done of her neck and found problems that will leave her 100% paralized if not treated. He sends us immediately to the ER and calls ahead with orders. We wait 4 hrs for her to be seen. 89yr old women, in a wheelchair, barely able to hold her head up, and they wait till they clear the ER(even those who came in well after us) before they take her back. At least on this visit, we say a very kind caring DR (Cobb) and had a wonderful male nurse. We walked into the ER at 4pm and this poor woman was finally in a bed in the hospital at midnite. more

Stay Away!!!! 9/8/2011

This has got to be the worst hospital ever!!! Went to ER for a kidney stone. The people at the front desk where you check in where chatting with the Pinellas Co Sheriff officers about back to school stuff. Didn't even acknowledge me till I grabbed a clipboard and sat down. Was stuck in a room and handed a gown. No one came back! I was screaming in pain-my daugher looked out of the room and there was no one around. It took forever to get IV and nurse seemed put out to have to work. Dr sent me to CT scan-no dye so how could they see anything? He came back after several hours and said that he didn't see anything wrong with me and that I must have pulled a muscle in my back. They did not want to give me any pain meds! Anyone who has had one knows how much pain you are in! They sent me on my way and I suffered all night and the next day. Finally went to Morton Plant and had a great dr. and great treatment. He found the stone and treated me. Later found out from my primary that I was basically peeing blood and how they could have missed that was beyond her!! Peeing blood from a pulled muscle??? Not a nurse but I know that doesn't add up. I feel bad for the person that wrote that their mother died there. I hope you get a lawyer. I want this place taken out of business. This is not my first bad experience here but will be my last. The staff don't care, it is filthy dirty, and they don't treat the patients with a shred of respect. Had taken my 10 year old there a few years back and they were also terrible to her-threatening her if she did not cooperate-not kid friendly at all. Too bad it is the closest one to where I live. I want to move. Go to Morton Plant if you need help. God help all those at this hospital because the doctors and nurses sure won't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One star is too much more

no words could discribe it/they want a raiting /1 star mom 9/6/2011

I cannot possibly write all that i want on here. Its way to many things. don't go to this hospital. Even if you live right across the street. My mom (late 80's) rushed here more

never ever again!! 9/2/2011

Worst ""emergency"" room i have ever been to! my sister is less than 20 weeks pregnant and i rushed her there for the second time in less than 4 hours with extreme pains in her abdomen. We waited there for two hours and nobody came to see her. People that got there after we did were in and out before her. We were never even seen and we were the last ones left in the waiting room, so we just left and said forget it! I had to bring her to another hospital farther away. I honestly DONT know why those people call that an Er, they just dont seem to care! more

The Worst!! 9/1/2011

I will never return to this hospital. My mother just had a full knee replacement done here. It was the dirtiest hospital I have ever experienced. I witnessed many of the nurses just completely ignore the patients request for help. They shove meds and walk away. They were extremely condescending to family members. My mom hadn't kept anything down or had a bowel movement and they released her to a rehab facility 72 hours after her surgery. She is 82 years old and there was not one bit of common sense, compassion or professionalism used at this hospital. I would STRONGLY recommend ever going there if possible!! more

Hospital is NOT adoption friendly. 5/16/2011

My husband and I were in town to adopt a baby. The birthmother delivered at Mease Countryside and it was a horrible experience for us. more

3 day old got MRSA 12/2/2010

I will NEVER return to Mease Countryside. My son was hospitalized there at only a couple days old for jaundice. They neglected to properly care for and flush the IV in his arm which resulted in a MRSA infection that they eventually decieded they were unable to treat and him having to be transfered via the Neo natal ambulance to All Children's Hospital where we finally recieved excellent care! I have two children and will never allow either one to be taken to that hospital. Anyone with children who wants top notch care should just head right to All Children's; they were wonderful. Horrible experience with Mease Countryside. Beware! more

Could have been better 5/29/2008

I went into emergency and was taken in a timely manner. The problem was, the doctor in the emergency room was ready to go off his 12 hour shift, and he left me know that I was a royal pain coming in within his last hour on duty. He was rude, didn't take the time to listen to me, and in general left me in a room to wait for the next shift doctor to take over. During that time, I had to use the restroom at the end of the hall, had a breathing attack on the way back, crumpled in a ball on the floor, which got the attention of the nurses, and then people started to pay close attention, and got me some help for my breathing problem. It's like no one believed me until it happened in front of them. I am a 55 year old grandmother who frequents an emergency room maybe once every 10 or so years, so this doctor's attitude was a shocker. The next shift ER doctor came on duty, and things got much better. She got the resperatory person in there with the nebulizer, and I was feeling good enough to go home within the hour. My new fear is having a heart attack right before a shift change. Pros: icu is top notch Cons: patient rooms are extremely small, and not well insulated, so mid afternoon gets a bit warm and gamey smelling. Once you are ambulatory, you could go days without seeing a nurse. more

Mease Countryside Hospital worst Hospital, 3/17/2008

Worst care ever. Came in with a UTI, relayed my symptoms to the nurse, they did, UA, & CT scan (without any contrast, so what good was it?). I have 1 kidney and informed them of that and relayed my urinary symptoms. The doctor (and I use this term loosly), on call that day informed me that he felt that I didn't have a UTI and that he felt that I FELL and that I was having muscle spasms in the back (I told them my lower right side of my back also hurt). Anyway he sent me home on pain meds, said to take it easy for a few days and I would be fine. The next day I wound up in another hospital, diagonised with a very bad UTI put on meds and sent home. I was out of town when this happened and flew home the following day. Immediately went to my doctor and he was very upset that I was not kept overnight to flush the kidney considering the seriousness of the infection. At least the second hospital diagnoised the problem correctly. To top it all off, about a MONTH later, I receive a phone call from Mease Hospital, stating that they did ""find some bacteria in your urine and we would like to perscribe an antibiotic"",...HELLO.... this was a month later!! IF I had waited for them, I believe would have died!! Very poor care, and in my opinion, the doctor that treated me needs to get a new line of work. I would NEVER recommend Mease Hospital to anyone, go anywhere but this hospital. Cons: Terrible care, Misdiagnoised illness more
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