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Mathsuda Llc

2602 Guadalupe St
Austin, TX 78705
(512) 494-1011
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Thai Noodle House, as it is also called, takes Bevo Bucks and is a real treat for UT students who don't feel like traveling far for good food. It's located right behind Little Ci...


I've been going to Thai Noodle House for several years. However one time I forgot to write down the tip when I signed the check. While I was leaving, the owner/manager lady came a...

Thai Noodle House - Best food with the worst manager 8/19/2009

I've been going to Thai Noodle House for several years. However one time I forgot to write down the tip when I signed the check. While I was leaving, the owner/manager lady came after us screaming why I didn't leave a tip and I should not come back again if I'm not going to tip her. I paid her $2 tip for my $6.99 plate. But this was very unprofessional and rude, specially to someone that has been a regular customer. Usually the bus boys, servers and a gentleman that I assume is her husband are very good, respectful and polite. But if the woman that I assume is the owner or manager is there, make sure to don't complaint, ask too many questions, and definitely tip her no less than 20% or she'll be coming after you Kung Fu Hustle style. Pros: Great food Cons: Worst service possible more

Tomato / Coconut Dish is the Bomb! 1/27/2009

I think it's the S5, but there's a coconut / tomato noodle dish that is AMAZING! I really haven't tried any other dishes there because I like this one so much when I go. more

HORRIBLE SERVICE! RUDE WAITER! Ignores customers! EXCEPTS 30% tips for a party of 1 person?! 12/5/2008

I used to be a regular customer and I tip really well if service is fabulous but the whole dining experience at Thai Noodle House (behind the 7/11 gas station on guadalupe) was HORRIBLE! I'm usually a very patient person and take into consideration how busy the staff can be but going there was ridiculous. I raised my hand to catch their attention that i'm ready to order. They'd look my way and ignored me and 15 minutes later, i finally ordered my food. I also didn't get my water that i asked for many times until the end of my meal. I asked them to go boxes three times and they didn't even do it right. Finally i got the bill. but if the service was horrible, i do not tip...period. But i felt nice and decided to give just a little. As i was about to leave, one of the waitors saw my tip and told me to tip him thirty percent or don't ever come back! SERIOUSLY?! I told him i didn't tip him much because the service was bad but he should be lucky that he even got tipped at all. He got really close to my face and started getting angry saying i should tip 30 percent. Then he told the other waitress how much i tipped and she started getting on our business! SO RUDE!!! I believed the concern should stay between the waitor and I and didn't feel that another waitress (who didn't even wait on me) should get involved unless it's the manager. I should've taken this up with the manager but he/she wasn't even present so i left the restaurant. DO NOT GO TO THAI NOODLE HOUSE!!! Rude, unprofessional waiters. The bus boys showed more respect to the customers and handled their job in a professional manner. Pros: good food Cons: horrible serivce, doesn't pay attention to customers, talks rudely to customers, tells customers to give them %30 tip or never come back to restaurant. more

Don't EVER go here!!! 11/8/2008

I have been to this place a handful of times, but after today's lunch experience, you can guarantee that I will NEVER go here again. My friend and I sat on the patio, which was half empty by the way, along with the inside part of the restaurant. We literally had been sitting there for 2 minutes and our old Asian lady server had come by wanting to take our order, in which we said, ""sorry, we're not ready yet."" She gave us the ugliest look and walked off, didn't even say anything. Then after a few minutes had passed, a different older female server had come by and we decided to just order anything in order to avoid another rude gesture. So we did, and it got to the table at a reasonable time. Everything was fine until after the meal. My friend and I hadn't seen each other in a long time, so we were catching up on everything. The original server dropped the check off and it had been separated, even after the fact that we had mentioned one bill. So of course she rolled her eyes and ran the credit card. She dropped it off and we just kept talking, and we were sitting there for another 15 minutes talking and she came by, picked the check up and asked us if we were ready to leave! How f*cking rude! Never in my life has a server in a restaurant asked me if I was ready to leave. I myself am also a server, and if I had said that to a guest, I'd probably get fired and cussed at. She's lucky that I didn't give her a piece of my mind I was so livid. She walked off and we just sat there in awe and tried to ignore it. I had put the side of my knee on the chair next to mine, and she came back and said, ""can you not do that there are other customers here."" WHAT? Are you serious? It's not like I was lying down and spreading my legs across the chair. Wow. All in all, I have never written a restaurant review before, and needless to say, I WILL NEVER EAT THERE AGAIN. Pros: patio seating Cons: service, lack of cleanliness, rudeness of the staff, mediocre food more

Extremely Rude Staff and mediocre food 10/8/2008

I used to frequent this place, but the quality of food has definitely dropped off. The curries have become watery and thin and lack any real flavor. I still went there because it was convenient. But the staff has been rude on multiple occassions to me and others. A couple of days back the staff went too far. A friend and I recently dined there at night and went for a walk literally around the block. The parking lot was very empty and we were in fact the last customers there. We returned in a few minutes, and lo and behold our car had been towed away. The staff clearly knew it was our car, since we parked right up front and were the only customers at that time. When we asked them why they had it towed, they said it was only for customers while dining, and apparently not a minute more even if the lot was empty. We were told, nay, yelled at, and informed that we had learned a lesson and should be more careful. The car was at a junkyard some 10 miles east of I-35 in the middle of some farmlands. A couple of hours and $200 bucks later, we got the car back. I can't believe they treat customers like this. Never again. Pros: Location for some, cheap food Cons: terrible staff, bad food more


I have been several times with my big family....some members like it ....I do not care for the manager's/owner's rudeness (the food ain't nearly worth the meanness). In reading the other reviews, we had experienced many of the same things others have (overt rudeness, sneering, no extra plate for sharing, etc). My parents went today....they actually left no tip due to the staff's rudeness....the manager/owner (I don't know which) chases after them and tells them to never come she opens the door to yell at my parents, a dog (clearly her pet) bolts out of the kitchen, to yelp at my parents, too . The staff is rude and un-accomodating. And my mother got the STRONG impression that the owner/manager did not like my parents speaking Spanish to her kitchen help. My parents were punished for speaking Spanish in school in Texas in the 40's and 50's. We gladly accept the fact that the owner/manager can speak Thai to her other customers and staff. We expect the same courtesy in 2008 and might suggest that she hire people who don't speak Spanish if the language is so offensive to her. If she is like this with her customers, I can only imagine being her employee. Cons: BAD SERVICE more

The crappiest place in the whole world... 6/5/2008

So, we went to Thai Noodle House today because our first choice was closed. BIG MISTAKE. We waited stood in the middle of the restaurant for 10 minutes waiting to be seated. After we were seated, we had to wait 20 minutes before being able to get drinks. The place wasn't even that packed. The manager sat there scratching her nose-- it was so disgusting, before even giving us our menus. When our food came, the server pretty much rudely tossed the plates onto the table making a big slamming noise. The spinach dumplings tasted like they were made from clay, and the pad thai tasted like a week old. I found a fly in my pad thai and my friend found a huge insect leg in her noodle soup. There were flies flying around us we ate. We decided to be gracious and left $2 tip, but as we walked out to the car, the ugly nasty manager came running to us with our check demanding to be tipped an extra dollar to make it 15%, screaming non-sense about how this is America and criticizing us-- Like we didn't know where we are already. She obviously did not deserve any tip whatsoever, so I refused to give her any more tip. When I got home and checked my online banking, I found that she added more tip! F*#*KING OUTRAGEOUS! I have never seen such terrible service and illegal activity. I hope this place closes down soon. We would have gone to Madam Maam's if they had parking- their food and service is much much better. Their plates aren't pathetic and small and food taste fresh! If I could I would have given this place a ZERO rating but I have to give some sort of rating for this review to go 1 Pros: has a parking lot Cons: ugly manager will yell at you for not tipping enough, and food is crappy, dirty more

NEVER IN MY LIFE, ""Thai House of Horror"" 5/24/2008

I've been going to this joint since 2002, and until tonight, I have always had a good time. But.....Tonight after paying for my meal, with cash by the way, the old lady manager brought back my change and rudely pointed out how I had not left a 15 percent tip. Mind you my other friends were still eating and I wasn't quite done either. I think the chop sticks were still in my mouth. It is beyond me how this place pretty much expects a tip before you're even in the door. I got it, you're working for tips but give me a chance to pay first. jeez. My BF pointed out how rude the lady had been to one of the other Thai Noodle wait staff and they were off running speaking in Thai and English about how Americans never leave a tip . Excuse me. I had to leave the building before I was jailed for assault. Don't go and If you do, be prepared for an insulting experience. I did leave a tip and now i regret doing so. I hope the individual who collected my tip rots in a pad thai hell. more

extremely unproffessional and rude waiters 5/24/2008

I could not believe how rude this lady who waited on our table was in regards to a tip. I go with my bf to this place because he loves it. I do not. last time i went to this place it was cold and they made me sit outside to eat because they were cleaning the inside- it was very cold. Tonight topped it all. We got an inside table all was going well, they brought me and a friend plenty of the tea, my bf had water and never got a refill. The checks were brought way before we were done eating; my bf gave the lady cash that he needed to be changed. She brought it back and said to his face that 70 cents was not enough of a tip and walked off. I couldnt believe she said that. Our man waiter came back to get my credit card and I asked who the manager was becuase I didnt like the way the lady talked to my bf. We had not even left yet and she was complaining about a tip when he had not even left the tip. The man was very defensive (i see why now..)..and he, the rude lady, and another waitress proceeded to say they work hard for tips and need at least fifteen percent to which i said i understand and i usually leave more than that and that i was upset how rude she was to my bf. they all teamed up on me and just said something about how americans dont want to tip. I did not like the treatment and would never ever go back to this dump if someone paid me to eat. my bf wants to go back just so he can let them know how sorry they are....i hope they go out of business treating people like that. Pros: nothing Cons: HORRIBLY RUDE AND UNBELIEVABLY IGNORANT WAIT STAFF/MGMT more

SUCKY 5/21/2008

Thai Noodle House needs to be one of the WORST restaurants in Austin. The service there is terrible. I used to eat there all the time, but since there has been a new wait staff (ladies who should be my mom) wait on me, they make me angry and not want to go back. If you leave a tip that is 15%, and it is not what they like, the workers will run after you and demand you tip more or demand you never come back to the restaurant. They never refill waters. After finishing a meal, I like to sit and talk with my friends, but last time I did this here, they ran my friends and I off because they needed room for other customers. Their exact words ""You need to leave, you aren't eating anymore."" OKAY! This has got to stop and I don't understand how people can keep going back there. If you want good Thai food, I sugguest you don't go here and you go to the Thai place down the street which they provide excellent service. If you want to go to a restaurant with a HORRIBLE wait staff and not up to par Thai food, go here. They probably will run you off if you leave less than $2.00 for a $2.50 bill. Horrible. Horrible. more

Customer UNFRIENDLY 4/17/2008

While I have been a citysearch reader since 2001, I have not been moved (by either extreme) to share my experience with the public--until now. 1-star suggests ""not recommended"" while 2-stars is ""below average"" and I absolutely can not recommend Thai Noodle House to anyone. I frequented Thai Noodle House for several years and now that I work at UT, I thought I would enjoy going back. The server brought me two of the same dish, when I ordered just one. I got up to tell someone that it was brought to me by mistake, and she said you have to talk to your server. When my server came by with the check, she said she couldn't take the dish off my check and expected me to pay for both. I was forced to pay both and I was visibly unhappy about it. I left the dish sitting on the table and said to myself, I won't be back. In my experience it has been rare for a business to intentionally choose not to correct such an obvious mistake. I'd say that Thai Noodle House is customer-UNFRIENDLY and I will not support that practice. more

The food is as bad as the service. 3/30/2008

The food at this place is so poorly prepared that it is hard to believe they stay in business. I guess they think students don't know any better. The meat is dry and the vegetables always look wilted and unappetizing. I am a very big fan of Thai food and have enjoyed many fine Thai meals but this food is the absolute worst. And when you read what everyone is saying about the old crab who manages the place BELIEVE THEM! I was so put out with the service the last time I was there that I did not leave any tip at all. The lady came running out to the parking lot DEMANDING a tip. When I refused and explained that I did not like that they had asked me to move to a smaller table for no reason, that no one every filled my drink glass, or checked back with me. Like everyone else she told me never to return! Like I would ever come back to that dump! more

good food, good service, fast and tasty 3/22/2008

Much better than madam mamm's and the service is better too. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for food near campus. It's hidden away but it's worth looking for. I promise it won't let you down. I know that there are lots of bad reviews regarding the service here, but I have eaten here at least ten times since moving to austin a year ago and I have always been happy with my overall dining experience. If you're feeling brave, order the volcano chicken curry, it's incredibly spicy and delicious. Pros: great food Cons: not the best hours more

Geography lesson: this is America, apparently 3/16/2008

The FOUR of us walked in and were seated by the waitress, who gave us FOUR glasses of water and FOUR sets of cutlery. We ordered THREE entrees and asked for an extra plate, to which the waitress replied, ""the manager doesn't let us give out extra plates."" Then she proceeded to talk to the manager in a foreign language while pointing and staring at us and whispering among themselves. When the dishes came out, the manager TOOK BACK one of the sets of cutlery. While we were eating, she slipped us the bill, with THREE fortune cookies. Throughout the dinner, they continued to point and stare at us while whispering, so we felt very uncomfortable. \r \r We didn't leave a tip because of the terrible service, but the manager started screaming, DEMANDING that we leave a tip for FOUR people, because, ""This is America!"" and ""Food is expensive!"" We tried to explain that we wanted another plate because of our small appetites, but she just said that sharing is not allowed. So we reluctantly put two dollars down (10%) and the manager shouted at us to take the tip back and never come back again. We left quickly because the manager was causing such a scene, and when we looked back, she was complaining about us to the other customers!\r \r NEVER GO TO THIS RESTAURANT, and if you do, expect terrible service. If you want to share, bring your own fork, plate, and fortune cookie. And RUN once you've paid the bill!\r \r As for the food, the pad thai was sup-par: thick and gloopy, and tasted like it was made with ketchup. Pros: geography lesson Cons: everything, especially manager from hell more


I just came back from the most humiliating dining experience imaginable and warn all of you to never go to Thai Noodle Etc. The appetizer was great but the entree I ordered, Chicken Pad Thai, was so bad I could not eat it. I respectfully sent it back, apologizing profusely but simply saying there was something wrong. The owner returned holding the dish and she was ready for a fight. I again apologized and respectfully said that the food was not edible. She and the rest of the staff got so offended that they yelled at me, telling me how popular the dish is and how wrong I was. I told them I would warn all my friends never to go to the restaurant . This really set them off. As soon as they brought back our checks they screamed for my friend and I to leave the restaurant and never come back. Not only was the food horrible but the service was unheard of. Do not be fooled by the other reviews. These people will kick you around if given the chance. I warn you: DO NOT GO TO THAI NOODLES ECT. Pros: Good Spring Rolls Cons: They publicly humiliate their customers if necessary more

Worst Service Ever 3/5/2008

The food would taste better if the service was not so awful. It takes forever to get your food during lunch/dinner time, but if you go sometime between then your food will come in a matter of seconds. I'm not sure which is worse... waiting forever or getting old reheated food. Sounds appetizing, huh? .. and they let you bring a bottle of wine for no charge.. but they give you plastic water glasses to drink out of. \r \r It's not what you would call an atmospheric restaurant either. Your best bet is to sit outside if the weather is nice, but you're in the corner of a freakin alley. Oh, and if you don't order an entree they won't even bring you a water, even if you ask more than once. Isn't that illegal or something? Never go there with friends if you aren't hungry. The spite you for not ordering.\r \r If you really want to eat here because you want cheap thai food, I would suggest getting take out. You can get longhorn delivery too. Anything to avoid the service. Pros: the red curry Cons: service is horrible more

Unbelievably Bad Experience 2/20/2008

I worked in the restaurant industry for two years and I personally know that if you do not provide good service to your customers, you have to deal with the consequences. My friend and I decided to try out Thai Noodle House tonight because we are always open to trying something new in Austin. I was very pleased with the prices and the taste of the food, so much so, that I was considering coming back again. However, our visit was not all smiles. \r First, we had to wait 5 minutes before we were greeted by a server to take our order. He took our order, came back with drinks and silverware. Then our food was given to us, and eventually our check. We were never offered any refills of our water, nor asked how our food was, which is to be expected from a place that is frequented by college students. Since the service was not really great, we decided to tip just 10%. The manager picked up our ticket and checked to see how much we left. She then confronted us and said that if that was what we were going to tip. My friend said Yes. She said that that wasn't 15%, so we were shocked and felt awkward when we were confronted. So, my friend decided to leave 25 more cents to make the tip 12%. She then confronted us again and said if that was it. We said Yes, and she said ""Then don't come back."" I have never experienced such rude treatment ever before in a restaurant. Tipping is a privilege, not a right. \r If you go to this place and you are a frugal tipper, beware that you will probably be banned by the manager. Pros: Food is decent Cons: Management, Service more

NEVER GO HERE 2/20/2008

We hardly had any service at all. Therefore I tipped about 12% of our bill. The lady manager confronted me about it and asked if I was sure that was the amount I wanted to leave. I felt a little guilty, so I added another quarter. Then she looked at the money again and had the nerve to ask me about it again! I said yes and turned my back to leave. Then she told me, ""Don't ever come back again!"" Tips are a privilege! Not a right! I have never experienced such rudeness at a restaurant in my life! I will never go back to Thai Noodle House again, and I am spreading the word.\r \r Cons: Everything more

Tjhis place is beyond rude I would give a zero rating if I could, management and staff are terrible...Aviod this place unless you want some Thai waiter after you 1/6/2008

My family and I have been regular customer before they switch owner. The new management is terrible. The old waiter lady and man is rude and the old goat manager lady can?t manage. After our experience today we are THROUGH with this place.\r \r We normally order the same entree and appetizer to share with each other and ask for extra plate. First our appetizer came out today and we ask for extra plate. They talk back and forth to each other in Thai and give you the feeling that something was wrong. We ask them what the issue was. They came back at us and said that they don?t give extra plate for people to use and share. We ask them why? Because they use to before, their respond was because their management said it was TOO MUCH WORK for them to wash the extra plate. So then we ignore that first issue. Then our entree came out and the waiter brought out an extra bowl for the soup. We ask them to take that bowl away since they refuse to give us the plate at the beginning, the waiter refused to take it away. My husband got mad and put the bowl on the other table beside us. The waiter came back and told the old goat manager lady to call the COPS on us. Their rudeness was not acceptable and we got into an argument. As I walk out, they yell out not to ever come back.\r \r After being a customer here for so long and being treated the way that we did. I would NEVER COME BCK TO THIS PLACE. The management here is really rude. They just want to get your money and kick you out. If you like Thai food I would recommended Madam Mam, at least the service there is better and the food is not bad either. For sure that will be our new Thai place from now one. Best of luck for anyone that still continues to go eat here. If you catch them on a good day then maybe they?ll be nice or at least pretend to be nice otherwise they?ll call the COPS ON YOU OR TELL YOU NOT TO COME BACK. Who would even want to come back to such a place that is so negative and rude? \r \r See ya! Thai Noodle. \r more

WORST Waiting Etiquette EVER 10/17/2007

I've been a waitress before, and I have to say that this restaurant has terrible waiting manners: (1) They do not greet or acknowledge children, instead they scowl and give dirty looks, (2) they make you get your own kid's highchair, (3) don't check on you after you get your food bc I wanted some more mushrooms in my soup, and i needed an extra napkin or two... (4) they drop off the check while you're still eating, (5) you figure that you can bitty the tip so they can learn their lesson to be a better waiter the silent and safe way, but nooo (6) they chase you to the parking lot demanding tip, after they've given bad service. SCARY!!! (7) After telling them their service was rude, they tell us to never come back. \r \r DEAL!!! I won't be coming back to this restaurant. I recommend that you should do the same -- until new management moves in!!! more
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