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Mataam Fez

4609 E Colfax Ave
Denver, CO 80220
(303) 399-9282
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Mataam Fez - Denver, CO
Mataam Fez - Denver, CO


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This is one of my all-time fav places to eat! I go here every year for my b-day and never regret it. I definately think that there are things you should know going in: Pros: n...


We had a reservation at this place. When we arrived the place was quite full, but considering there were only 2 of us, we were put upstairs in a corner with not enough space to si...

This is NOT Moroccan at all.... 1/2/2012

I have been here many times and I decided to take my cousin who has never had Moroccan food before, I was so disappointed. First, they make you wear your shoes to your table and then take them off, before you used to take them off at the main entrance, which before you enter any home in morocco you take off your shoes. I didn?t like that my shoes were right there at my table. The waiter kept playing with the metal in his mouth while talking to us and taking our order and I thought that to be disturbing. The meal started off with soup, which was not hot and served with bread that was a couple days old, dry and crumbled when you tore it apart. Then the salads come, The eggplant salad was pureed instead of diced and the potatoes in the salad were hard and under cooked. The Bastilla comes, which has always been my favorite and I was so disappointed that my favorite food was over cooked, the meat like rubber and the crust burnt on the bottom. Main entr?e, I ordered the spicy chicken which was ok, I guess this chef thinks he can just though some pepper, onions and cumin on it and call it Moroccan. My cousin ordered the beef brochette it is was way over cooked and tuff. The Cous cous was ok, but how can you mess that up. Then the famous Moroccan tea?also a favorite past time?was not Moroccan tea at all but in fact sleepy time tea with lots of sugar! When the waiter Redwaun, asked us how the food was, I told him it is was not good at all like in the past. He smiled at me mentioned they have a new chef and he went on his way. I think maybe this new chef might be Moroccan but he has never been or cooked food in Morocco. We never saw our server again the service was very poor. I normally a very generous tipper, didn?t give much this night. I didn?t ask for a manager, because what I have learned being in Morocco they like to argue, and bargin and I did not want to spoil my time with my cousin, although I am thinking that the manager did stop at our table before our soup was even served (if that was the bald man wearing jeans a t-shirt) asking us how everything was before we even took the bread from the basket. (he didn?t introduce himself). It is over priced for the quality of food that you get, but for those who have never lived or been in Morocco this might be entertaining to them. The only good thing about this night was the belly dancer, who was good and my company. I will not ever be going there ever again and if my friends or family want a Moroccan experience then I will give them one at my home or send them to a better Moroccan restaurant (Palais Casablanca) but sadly I will not send people here anymore. My advice?.don?t waste your money and if it is good Moroccan food you want, go to Palais Casablanca instead. more

Awesome evening....great food....great fun 6/4/2011

I have never written a restaurant review before, but after looking up this restaurant online and then reading all the negative reviews, I felt compelled to write a review of my own. We found this restaurant experience to be awesome!!! The food was excellent....the entertainment was great....and the staff was outstanding. My husband and I went along with our 17 year old daughter. We almost did not go when we read the negative reviews, but were very glad we went anyway. Sitting on the cushions was very comfortable. The 5 course meal was so tasty. Be prepared to eat things you've never eaten and to eat with your hands. It was great. more

What a joke!! 2/6/2010

I just returned from what was supposed be a good night out at new restaurant. All I can say is i feel like i have been ripped off. The service, well it was no where to be found. The level of dirt in this place makes you wonder if the local health inspector ever leaves his office. The price almost makes you want cry that you didn't look on this web site before you went. If you want to experience something new and don't mind getting dirty in the process this place is for you. It took me and my girlfriend 2.5 hrs to get out of there. This was not because we were eating but waiting forever between courses and getting the check. I would give this a Zero if that was possible Pros: ....the food was ok Cons: poor service, dirty, overpriced more

Overpriced, forced to eat with fingers! 10/26/2009

This place was just the worst ethnic food experience I have ever had. We went there for a friend's birthday and were not told how much the experience was. For $30 you get a series of appetizers that you have to eat with your fingers (they refused to let me have a spoon). You have to eat things like shredded beats, mashed potatoes, and couscous with your fingers. No flat bread to scoop or anything. Disgusting with swine flu going around! The entree was overcooked and not very flavorful at all. The ""entertainment"" was a sub par belly dancer that left after she figured out that we weren't going to tip her right then. It took a good 20 minutes between courses, so our five course meal took 2 hours! Our bill was $360 for 7 people, and for that price you can go to a really awesome Indian restaurant where you can at least eat with a spoon. Horrible experience! I honestly think it should be illegal not to post prices on your menu, as well. Pros: Neat atmosphere Cons: Expensive, food unflavorful, messy more

If you can't handle that many people, don't try to sit that many people 2/17/2009

Just like everyone else I made reservations thinking they would treat me and my date like Moroccan royalty, instead they made it more than clear that everyone in the restaurant was putting them out. I made reservations a month ahead of time for Valentine's day. When I got there no one was there in the waiting room but customers. And since she was so overwhelmed we would have to figure out ourselves who was to be sat next. Pros: Homophibic, unclean, unsafe, rude Cons: Horrific service, uncomfortable pack in like sardines, and when was the last time they washed those pillows more

My fav birthday place! 11/10/2008

This is one of my all-time fav places to eat! I go here every year for my b-day and never regret it. I definately think that there are things you should know going in: Pros: new, exciting, entertaining, happy/full tummy Cons: the wait more

Outstanding, amazing evening :) 6/2/2008

My husband took me here for my birthday, and from outside on Colfax, I was a little curious why he picked it, but once we got inside, I was totally mesmerized. It is covered ceiling to floor with Moroccan tapestries and rugs, it's very warm and elaborately decorated. You do sit on cushions on the floor (I was about 6 months pregnant and I was comfortable) and you eat with your hands, which I personally love. It was really really expensive, they don't even have prices on the menu. So go for a special occasion and close your eyes when you get the bill LOL It was totally worth it though, the food was just out of this world and I really appreciated the waiter's amazing service - every time he served us a course (it's a multi-course dinner) he had to kneel, which I felt bad for him for, but he was really gracious. And then at the end he did this cool tricksie tea-glass act, balancing the glass on his forehead and pouring hot tea into it, etc...It was awesome :) more

Pleasantly suprised..... 5/28/2008

I went here last month and was pleasantly suprised. The ambience is better than other Moroccan restaurants. There was plenty of food and at a decent price. It wasn't crowded at all on a Thurs. night, but it would be a great spot to go to with a group of atleast 4 on the weekends. We enjoyed the belly dancers and all other traditional steps while sitting on the floor with no shoes on. We ate with no utensils, and only the white napkin to wipe our hands. But the food was great, and so was the service. The tea at the end was very good too! I would go back again. And I've been to several Moroccan restaurants, including Morocco itself. more

vegetarians ignored 5/7/2008

We were a group of friends going out to dinner to celebrate a birthday. The food was ok, the service was not. The floors were very dirty, I know because I had brand new white socks on and after I came back from the bathroom, my socks were brown. I don't think they vacuum behind the table/cushions. One of my friends is a vegetarian so she was suppose to get a vegetarian B'stella. She asked the waitress about it and the waitress said she would inquire about it to the chef. After the waitress came back from upstairs, we got a different waiter. The waitress never said anything about the B'stella nor did the new waiter. We ate so much bread that my vegetarian friend said to just forget about it. I was appalled that the request for vegetarian B'stella went ignored. That goes to further demonstrate that the integrity of this resturant is not a priority. She was charged for a B'stella but only received a cold shoulder. more


I read all the reviews. I have this to report on this amazing restaurant! I am appalled at the ignorance, the complete contradiction in the reviews, and the blatant stupidity of how good this AFRICAN cuisine really is! Pros: Everything, the food kicks butt!!!!! Cons: Stupid people who ruin the experience and vibe. more

Expensive with bad seating 3/15/2008

We had a reservation at this place. When we arrived the place was quite full, but considering there were only 2 of us, we were put upstairs in a corner with not enough space to sit and barely enough room for the waitstaff and other people to walk past, let alone space for the belly dancer. Pros: music, ambience downstairs Cons: lack of sitting space, uncomfortable, value for money, below average food more

not recommended, questionable business practices 12/27/2007

Not recommended. My girlfriend recently thought she would surprise me for my birthday and take me someplace different and this is where she decided to bring me. She wanted the evening to be very special. When we got there it seemed very empty and it took quite a while for someone even to acknowledge our presence. The food though not bad was certainly not worth price. The worst part however was that about halfway through the dinner we began to wonder where the ""entertainment"" was. Our waiter informed us that since it was a slow night that they had told the entertainment to stay home. This of course was one of the main reasons people attend this restaurant and it is part of the price of the food which is basically a flat rate. I politely asked if we could perhaps get some kind of discount. He said he would see what he could do but he never said another word about it and when we got the check it was for the full amount. This is ridiculous. At the every least they could have posted a sign saying there was not entertainment that night and we could have come back another time. It really spoiled the evening and I felt they were very rude about it even though i tried to be very polite. Pros: something different Cons: you might not get what you pay for more

Unique Morrocan Dining in Denver 2/26/2007

I just got back from Colorado and (finally) have a restaurant experience to report on... It's Mataam Fez in Denver. Now I have discovered the eating experience Mataam Fez... The dinner begins when you arrive as you are greeted with friendly smiles and and an even more friendly decorative array of pillows and morrocan tapestry. A group of friends and mine started our journey into the Western coast of Africa with a cooling white wine of which they have many choices. Pros: Friendly Service and SPECTACULAR food. Cons: I can't think of one... more

Worst Restaurant EVER! 2/25/2007

Incredibly rude host/Bart, this person is not just rude, he has a serious customer service issues & does not appear to even get along with the other staff members. Filthy waiting room, place smells dirty & is dirty! Highly recommended to us, but I have no idea why, unless the food is spectacular. Didn't get that far, as waiter spilled water on my wife & her cushion & then was told we would not be moved, lots of empty tables. Idiot host insisted we were lying about the water on the cushion, as it was dry! We left, ""host/manager"" followed us outside, insisting cushion was dry. I have nothing good to say about this experience except maybe it will make a good story as the worst restaurant experience ever. I have been around the world, this tops it all! Pros: NONE! Cons: Rude host, dirty, smelly! more

Dog food 2/9/2007

We were recommended this restaurant by several friends and we LOVE moroccan food - so we were excited for trying a new place. WHAT A MISTAKE! While the food was plentiful - the food was seriously atrocious. My wife and I went with another couple and we could not believe how bland, tasteless, unsightly, and vile the food truly was. We love adventerous food... so don't think that we were taken back my the lack of utensils (love Ethiopian). We have traveled the world and eaten in dives in the middle of nowhere. This is where this place should be. To add injury to insult - the price was OUTRAGEOUS! It cost $45/person (no prices on the menu should have alerted us) and we basically ate veggie stew. We were so confused that we went to the waiter to confirm (service was equally as awful). She confirmed the ripoff. BOTTOM LINE: PLEASE DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE NOT UNLESS YOU ARE A MASOCHIST. Only reason I can think that this place still is open - the novelty. Denverites - get over it. Pros: Copious amounts of dogfood, No utensils, Seating on the floor Cons: EXPENSIVE, POOR SERVICE, TASTELESS FOOD more

Great food and atmosphere 11/16/2006

I truly enjoyed dining at Mataam Fez. The food was great and the belly dancing was awesome. You sit on pillows in a Morrocan atmosphere. The pour tea into your little tea cup from as high as their arm reaches and do not spill a drop. I do recommend reservations and not taking your kids. Pros: great ambience Cons: expensive more

Not what I expected having gone to other Moroccan restaurants 9/18/2006

Our waiter was less than friendly, as it took him about 30 mins or more to warm up to us. In my opinion, the food was very bland and was not very good at all. I also think the option to use your hands or not should be left up to the patrons. If someone were to have a cold in your group, they would be sharing their germs with everyone. I have been to other Morrocan restuarants (Washington, DC and Las Vegas) and the mood was very festive and fun! This one seemed sort of dirty and not well maintained. When we sat on the floor, there was something wet and slimy on the floor. Thank goodness there was a pillow I could lay over the top of it, in order to put my feet. If a person has trouble getting up and down from a seated position, this is not the restaurant for you. Our neighbor practically had to lay down and roll out from behind the table. Not a good place to wear a skirt or dress either, unless you want to share with those across the way from you. Pros: The belly dancer was great! Cons: The food, the seating, our waiter more

Don't bring kids! Or Eat there . . . 4/18/2006

So, you wanted a fun night out with your kids and you wanted your kids to experience something different than Applebee's? Then do not dine at this restaurant. First, the host is a big jerk. From the time we arrived to the time we left, it was abundantly clear to everyone in our group that the kids weren't really welcome. My lamb dish was overcooked and very expensive. Expect a family of four to spend at least $100, even if the kids are charged for a kids meal. Our kids were not and I had to complain about that to have the kids in our group charged correctly. Why on earth would a three-year-old want a $29 meal? Anyway, I won't go back. Cons: Dirty, Expensive, Rude Host more

Good for the experience ONCE. 6/11/2005

Yay, you get to eat with your fingers!!! Whoopeee!!!! As if this is the epitome of the Moroccon experience. Don't expect finger style food. Picture this - whole chickens, whole rabbits, appetizers of Hummus consistency, all of which your expected to pick apart with your greasy, dirty fingers, and then pass on to your co-eaters. How fun!!! Yeah, right. If the food was tastey enough to compensate for the mess, then it might be worth it. But it's not. Bland and akward. The bellydancing and decor are really all this place has going for it. For true Morrocan cuisine, I will be looking elsewhere. more

Patience is the key 1/29/2004

I've only been here once, but the main thing I'd recommend is to NOT go during a holiday (new years eve). Other than that, be prepared to sit on the floor, eat with your hands and enjoy the tasty and interesting food. They have great vegetarian selections and the presentation is very creative! I would never suggest this restaurant to anyone who does not take risks or expects bland food and hand and foot service. Definitely a great experience! Pros: ethnic, stimulating, cozy Cons: , crowded more
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  • Whether it is a birthday party, anniversary, any special occasion, or just a romantic dinner, you will dine on delicious Moroccan food served in the unique Moroccan manner.


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    Diners lounge on pillows as each course is delivered to the table. Belly dancers perform, pouring tea from pitchers held four feet above the glasses. Dinner is served prix fixe...

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