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Mastro's Steakhouse - Costa Mesa - 28 Reviews - 633 Anton Blvd, Costa Mesa, CA - Steak Houses Reviews - Phone (714) 546-7405
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Mastro's Steakhouse - Costa Mesa

633 Anton Blvd
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
(714) 546-7405
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lovely place.


Had dinner at Mastros in Costa Mesa tonight for Valentines day. Dinner at Mastros is always great! Tonight however the restaurant seemed like they were going too fast. WRONG ...

great place 9/7/2011

lovely place. more

The steak just melts 6/9/2011

So I'm not a really big steak person. In fact, I rarely eat it. I've been trying to really watch what I eat. I went to Mastro's with my husband for our anniversary. I had hear the one in Beverly Hills was especially famous for celebrities. \r I decided to splurge so my husband and I split the tomato salad which was scrumptious. I had the petite fillet, which actually was still a little too much for me. My husband had the bone in filet. It was absolutely delicious. The meat literally melted in my mouth. It was a wonderful night and I didn't gain any weight! more

Great place. 6/2/2011

I love the steak. Nice, very nice place. Thank you! more

Best Steakhouse in OC! 3/21/2011

Hands down the best steakhouse in OC. Ruth's Chris, Mortons and Flemings doesn't compare. Great food, great music, great service. Never had a bad experience at any Mastros (Newport Ocean's Club, Beverly Hills, Costa Mesa) and we go 2-4 times/year in a group of 2-4. more

Generally Great BUT Valentine Day Crowd Too Much for them! 2/13/2011

Had dinner at Mastros in Costa Mesa tonight for Valentines day. Dinner at Mastros is always great! Tonight however the restaurant seemed like they were going too fast. WRONG TABLE CHOICE When I made the reservation I told them I’d like a seat away from other couples. I also reminded them upon my arrival. What did they do? They sat me in the bar area!!!! I thought ok.... I have a reservation and it’s Valentine’s day and they sit me in the bar? Then it got worst… Even though there were several tables open... They sat another couple right beside my girl and I.... The other couple may have been 2 feet between our tables!!!!! I could understand if the restaurant was busy but we arrived for a 5 PM reservation to avoid the crowd AND in an empty restaurant (they'd just opened) they cram two couples next to one another. I was distracted by the other couples conversation the entire time. ASSEMBLY LINE APPETIZERS The appetizers are usually perfect. In fact, I strongly recommend the crab stuff mushrooms and sautéed shrimp but not tonight. Both of our appetizers tasted like they were prepared cruise ship, assembly line style. You know the assembly line appetizers that were probably good when they were hot but by the time they arrive they are lukewarm. THE LAW OF AVERAGES... Mastros GENERALLY does well.... Yet tonight they RUINED my holiday!!!! I am a faithful Mastros customer. The food is usually good and the service is generally GREAT but in their haste to serve people fast food style, Mastros ruined a very special Valentine's day. It sucked... I am sitting there listening to the waiter talk about the success of the Valentine’s holiday to another waiter (I.e. We served 900 Saturday night, we are serving 950 tonight and 1000 people tomorrow) while my experience was very poor. The waiter did tell the other server… “It’s good but it wears on you…” Apparently the crowd from the night before left him exhausted…. Aren’t restaurants suppose to be enthused by large crowds? In a weird way, I felt sorry for the waiter but more sorry for me. I recommend you go to Mastros on a slow night or even an average one but I can’t recommend you patronize them on a special, high volume holiday. The entres are great when they are served correctly. The bone in rib eye and fillet rock! The appetizers I mentioned are great 90% of the time. Tonight however Mastros let me down! more

Mastros is the best 6/23/2010

After Growing up in Chicago, the steak capitol of the US, eating at Mortons, Wildfire, Gibsons, the Palm, Flemmings, Donovans..and other 5 star places, Mastros is by far the BEST OF ALL...\r \r Every once in a while you might have an off night in any restaurant, it's a very difficult business not to have a couple of bad nights, but the quality of the food here is unsurpassed, and If you had a bad experience, call them and tell them, go back and try again...\r \r People in the know...know about Mastros... Pros: high quality food more

A Very Disappointing Anniversary...... 2/28/2010

My dear husband made a special trip to Mastro's one month in advance to pick out a table for our special celebration. He requested a corner table and was shown Table 410, which he liked a lot. Imagine our surprise when we arrived and were shown to the table next to the corner table, where another couple had just been seated. Requested to speak to the manager about this, and listen to this lame explanation - ""Oh, we put another table along this wall, so now the corner table is 411and you were reserved for table 410!""\r \r Decided not to question it futher and get on with our anniversary celebration, which just went DOWNHILL from there. Drinks and appetizers were fine, but my husband ordered his $53 steak medium rare and it CAME OUT BURNED. Unreal they charge $40-55 for a steak and can't even cook it right. \r \r They took both steaks away and we took a break and went outside. When we returned, we were told our food was ready, BUT we also ordered portatoes au gratin and they got that wrong, too, and brought something else instead. At that point, we had been there 2 hours and had not eaten. The ""General Manager"" came and offered ""anything to make you happy, how about a hotel room next door?"" Whatever, Buddy, you ruined my Anniversary Dinner and I just wanted to go home and forget I ever darkened your doorstep.\r \r SAVE YOUR MONEY ON THIS OVERRATED AND OVERPRICED ""STEAK HOUSE."" THESE PEOPLE NEED TO CALL THEIR PROCTOLOGIST AND HAVE THEIR HEADS REMOVED FROM THEIR ASSES. more

Best Steaks in the Business 1/27/2010

Another business dinner with international clients afforded us an impeccable dining experience. We enjoyed... more

Best Steaks in the Business 1/27/2010

j44lee Provided by Partner
Another business dinner with international clients afforded us an impeccable dining experience. We enjoyed almost every appetizer under the su... more

Totally not worth it 1/18/2010

Thought that we would try this restaurant and we were massively disappointed by the horrible service. I am so surprised that for a restaurant that is supposed to be so classy (and that charges such exorbitant prices), would fail to train their staff in what good service should be. Ruth's Chris steakhouse is actually much better - the same food (yes, Mastro's puts butter on their steak too - the server even told us this), same nice atmosphere and exceptional customer service. At Mastro's, they tried to seat us in the bar for dinner (despite having a reservation and the dining room was only half full); we couldn't get water, despite asking (nicely) several times; we were brought our appetizer, but no plates. When we finally flagged down our server, she actually said to us, ""Oh, most people just use their bread plates."" Weird. They took the bread and our bread plates away when they cleared the appetizer - so, that meant that we were done with bread. For dessert, we were never even given a dessert menu. It was my husband's birthday and they automatically brought out the driest chocolate cake ever. Sure, it was free, but neither of us wanted to eat it and we were never given any alternative. He even had to ask for coffee - none was offered. And really - $17 for a mediocre cocktail? That is just ridiculous. As is only offering valet parking and then charging your customers for it (when they just dropped hundreds of dollars for dinner and drinks). That is just insulting. Seriously, if you want a really nice night out, go to Marche Moderne across the street - they really know good food and great service. Pros: Good food Cons: The WORST service ever. And extremely high prices. more

Amazing steaks 12/7/2009

I'm a huge ""RUTH'S CHRIS"" guy so I always seem to get suggestions for steak houses that are ""BETTER THAN RUTH'S CHRIS"". We'll we gave this place a shot with some good friends who are also of the same ilk. Evening started off great... amazing shrimp appetizer and the salad was Aces. The steak? Not so great. Not much in the way of flavor, just... ""so-so""... kinda like a MORTON's steak. My wife had to send her steak back, only to get the worst piece of steak ever cooked. Honest to goodness. Desert was good.. infact, i don't even remember the desert, I just remember the whipped cream was unreal... SO WHY FIVE STARS? well, I had to give it another go... hate to give a place with such an outstanding ambiance and reputation a one-and-done opinion. I gave it a go again with some associates and this time I must say... 5-STARS no questions asked. I told the server about my bad experience... told them I'm a Ruth's Chris fan (which seems to be frowned upon in the ""fine steak world""... THEY PUT BUTTER ON THEIR STEAK? Blasphomy!... not sure if that had anything to do with it, but one of the best steaks I've had was served. I'll go with the positive ranking, rather than el negativo from my first outing. Third time will be the charm.. perhaps an adjustment in rating is coming? And to close... VERY pricey. Pros: amazing ambiance, great great food Cons: My wife had an awful steak there, once... :-( more

best steakhouse in OC 3/23/2009

I love the sizzling steaks, delicious crab legs, sides, and the butter cake. Every time I have gone, I have not been disappointed. It's a beautiful restaurant with several rooms and space upstairs to rent. Only bad thing I really remember was that it's very dim and you have to valet your car. Pros: loved the food, ambiance and service Cons: valet is mandatory more

scrumptious 8/15/2008

the restaurant is more upscale with a warm feeling. very dark inside but the food and service far from. any... more

scrumptious 8/15/2008

zandra Provided by Partner
the restaurant is more upscale with a warm feeling. very dark inside but the food and service far from. any dish/ entree is served smokin' hot and ... more

Could be better 7/9/2008

You'd expect it to be with everything you here but the steaks are average, the service uninspired, and the ambiance just pathetic. First in the bar before dinner it's a cougar den unless you think that's a good thing it's actually quite distracting and typical. Don't worry there's a share of ""manthers"" there too for the ladies. The service is completely uninformed and there was no real sommelier within a mile of the place. Two other places I'd recommend in OC; Manhattan Steak House/ Supper Club in Orange and Marche Modern in South Coast Plaza. Two very solid joints vs this big disappointment. more

Great ambience, food, and service 12/6/2007

I go here at least once a month and love it. Everything I have ever tried has been amazing. The bone in filet and buttercake and something you just have to try. more


We love to try different steakhouses and this one was a big disappointment. My boyfriend and I both started with caesar salads which should have been called caesar soup. The dressing had good flavor, but the salad was completely drenched in it. Disgusting!!!He ordered the NY Pepper Steak and I had the Bone-in Ribeye. Both steaks were completely bland. The NY Pepper Steak was tasteless and tough. The Ribeye was okay, but very bland. We also ordered garlic mashed potato with our steaks which tasted like powered mash potato, very tasteless.\r \r Not only was the food very bland the service was also awful. The room we were in had all female servers, not sure if this was a good or bad thing. Our server Nichole was very unattentive and a bit absent-minded. We ordered our wine and had to repeat ourselves a couple of time for her to finally hear our order. Also she forgot our side item. We had to ask again for the mashed potato when the steaks came out. There are far better restaurants in Orange County for steak. I think if you're paying $100+ per person for dinner, both the food and service should be great. We feel totally ripped off. Turner New Zealand and Ruth Chris are better choices for steaks. Not only is the service better, so are the steaks. My other choices for good steaks would be Flemings and Bistango. Pros: We liked the dark decor and dim lighting Cons: Poor Service, Over Priced Food that was below average. more

One of the best steakhouses? I THINK NOT! 10/24/2007

This was recommended to us as the best steakhouse in the L.A. area so we gave it a try. The steak was a huge disappointment. Here's why... Our 32 oz prime rib was sliced into like 6 or 7 pieces and 2 of which were just huge chunks of FAT. Now I realize prime rib is usually a little more fatty than other cuts, but the amount of fat we got in our cut was rediculous. Filet mignon was ok. Not as tender as I would have expected for the price that we paid. What I REALLY DISLIKE is the fact that they heat the plates to 500 degrees (if someone knows the reason for this please enlighten me) and put a layer of oil on the plate so when you put your slice of steak on the plate it continues to cook, which is not a good thing IMHO, and your steak would be coated with oil (as if the steaks aren't fatty enough)! The crabcakes was suprisingly good, but costed $29 bucks for 2 little patties. Service: overall the service was good except our server gave us somebody else's doggy bag which means half of our filet mignon went to someone else or the trash. Ambiance: good ambiance with live music. Some people even got up and danced. Bottom line is I wouldn't recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for good steak. There're so many better choices out there for good meat. This is certainly not ""one of the best"" that I've been to and I've not even tried them all. Pros: Good ambiance Cons: Fatty meat more

Best Steakhouse period! 9/5/2007

Mastros - both locations - is by far the best steakhouse. The drinks, appetizers, sides, desserts all beat any other restaurant - and I have been to all of them - including DUO this weekend in Maui that was more expensive and I was wishing the food was half as good as Mastros! The steaks and seafood absolutley rocks and the seafood tower is incredible if you are celebrating - you should see the presentation - I won't spoil the surprise. Also the butter cake is ridiculous - you might want to split the entry so you can save room for it. Pros: Best food in every category! Cons: Expensive - but not more then the other steak houses. more

Worst meal ever!!!!! 8/8/2007

Walk in and a sign that reads "" proper attire required"" at the hostess station, That's a good sign their right? Next thing we see are 2 gentleman being seated in shorts and flipflops. Why would you allow them in if you have a sign clearly posted about attire. We sit in the bar area to hear the band and order dinner. Salads are pre-made the night before with watered down dressing and limp lettuce and tomatoes. Dinner arrives and my Prime Rib I requested medium well, It comes RAW, I request the chef to come out and check it, he claims he looks at all items before they leave to the customer, they take it back to fire it who knows how, it comes back boiling over with grease shooting out all over my dress shirt and my wifes arms as well. My wife had the Kansas steak, medium, it was very fatty and had better at a TGI Fridays she tells me.. I had been to this restaurant twice before and had gotten sick both times, you figure I would have learned my lesson, but my wife loves the look and feel of it, so I agreed to go one more time for her. We eat at several great restaurants around the area and\r I would have to say stay away... Far Far away more
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  • Mastros Steakhouse is an upscale restaurant that serves steak and seafood in an elegant dining atmosphere. In addition to live...

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