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Masjid As-Sabur

711 Morgan Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89106
(702) 647-2500
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First of all, how does any man rate any house of Allah? Secondly, who cares if some of the Muslims that attend this Masjid are ex-cons. Some of these brothers know more about Isla...


The Imam, whether the he is a convict or not means nothing. I personally think he is a good Muslim. Now the Muslims tat go there, not all but many, gave me the feeling that t...

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/4/2013

As salaamu alaikum, I've attend this masjid and Iman Fateem is a very kind hearted person with a good spirit. He welcomes you and so does his wife Sister Nissa. Iman Fateem is also a very good speaker. However, the comments the others said is true. Many of the brothers are ex-cons and that's not a bad thing because we are saying ex. But they have that street mentality. They use Islam as a way to fornicate with other women not following the Quran. While procreating out of wedlock. They do not marry these women, they just fornicate with them and mistakenly have children. They do not have any goals in life and depend on other Muslim to help them because they have no inclination on how to help themselves. A lot of them are on drugs of some type such as marijuana, crack, speed, etc. and when they enter into the masjid they are intoxicated. And praying while intoxicated. These are not falsehood, this is something I have witness for my own eyes. Many do not see marijuana as a drug. They use profanity in their daily language consistently. Their behavior is not of Islam. Some of the Sisters there at not the least bit friendly. Its only a handful. They do not introduce themselves to you and make you feel welcomed. Only two people ever made me feel as if I made the right choice by attending this masjid and that was Sister Nissa and another Sister. The hang out with only the sister that they are familiar with and you feel like an outcast. Again, the Sisters try and sexually entice the brothers and they do not care if they already have a wife. They do not know the Quran, because they only want to claim Islam they do not want to live Islam. And I am not judging them. To the Sister that wrote the other review, if I started naming names of the people in which I witness this, you would be shocked! So don't just say oh it's this way, or that way. Actually know the people you have surrounded yourself with. How can you help your Sister or Brother if you do not know them. And in the short time span of two years that I frequented Masjid As-Sabur I can honestly tell you what I am saying is very true! I pray for them. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/9/2013

I think that African American, Masjids get a bad image, due to other fake Imams, like H Rap Brown (Jamil Al Amin). Not all ex-cons, are ignorant. Imam Omar from Harlem NY, is a very good brother and knowledgeable. \r \r Other African American Masjid, like Masjid Taqwa, exploit you, take your money. They have not build the masjid. promised, to the Muslims. They took the money, and loaned it to, their click, to establish businesses next doo, to Masjid.. If you complain, or ask questions about things, your called, Jasoose (spy) and out casted from the community.\r \r I feel, that black Muslim, can't rid themselves of acting like black Americans, and act like Black American Muslims. There is nothing wrong with being black, but is something wrong with being wack. more

Ex-Con Non-Con; They Are Muslim! 8/28/2011

First of all, how does any man rate any house of Allah? Secondly, who cares if some of the Muslims that attend this Masjid are ex-cons. Some of these brothers know more about Islam than a brother/ sister who's been a Muslim for their whole lives. And let me tell you, I have felt more of a brotherhood here than at any other Masjid. more

Islam or Nation Of Islam? 8/26/2011

The Imam, whether the he is a convict or not means nothing. I personally think he is a good Muslim. Now the Muslims tat go there, not all but many, gave me the feeling that they did not care for white people. I have heard many left the NOI and converted. If this is so Mashallah! But try not to hold on to the Farakan ideology. I personally see no color in Islam and it was one thing that I was glad to witness when I converted. There are certain A""vibes"" I felt at that masjead that made me feel out of place. more

Don't believe the reviews 9/27/2010

I have been going to this Mosque since I was a child. I know the Imam and he is nothing like what a previous reviewer stated!!! I created a profile on here just to review the Masjid. How can one fix their mouth to JUDGE another being and say they are Muslim. A lot of men come out of the prisons and have converted to Islam and I'm sure they know more than a lot that have been out practicing. You don't know why someone was incarcerated and you need not judge, because that is NOT your job. Go to the Mosque to pray and learn for yourself, you should have been taught not to trust in any man!!! As far as the Muslims that attend Masjid As-Sabur; yes there is a diverse group like any other organization and if you seek the negative out of people then that's what you're attracted to then.\r \r For those that are thinking about visiting this Mosque, it is welcoming and Imam Seifullah is one the most helpful and warm-hearted men i've met there. Hewill give someone the shirt of his back. And for the reviewer saying he helps non-muslims; tell me what's wrong with that!!!? Where does it say that a Muslim can not help a poor non-muslim? He is doing a good deed and I have witnessed a lot of the Zakat money going to the muslim community in the Masjid. And, the last time I checked, most of the brothers there go out the country or around the country to learn more. No one is ever done learning!!!\r \r This Masjid may have a few members that one feels shouldn't be there, but it is a good place to do what you are supposed to come there for. It is clean, and provides great learning materials for the inqusitive. more

This isn't Islam its Hizlam 8/26/2010

I moved to Las Vegas and I begin to attend this Masjid. Well, worst mistake I made. The first thing is the so called Imam Fateen Seifullah who is an ex-con. He knew very little about Islam and his teachings and those of the Masjid are a eclectic mixture of prison black power, radical wahabism, and communist theory. It is ridiculous. The Imam would rather give food to non-muslims then to help those in the community that need assistance with the Zakat. They also spend freely traveling around the world on the donations to the Masjid. While there I seen these thugs take money donated to help children in Palestine and go on an overseas trip for pleasure. more

Not the reason I became muslim. 4/1/2009

Well, last muslim I saw over there actually said I either stay or never go back. Same muslim who told me this should give you the reason why. First of all even before I became muslim this guys all were talking about brotherhood and helping each other. I can't belive I bought all that cause in time of need they all turned me down. I got descriminated a lot because of the fact that I have tattoos, thou can't really say I was very welcome, not even, specially after my Shijada. Odd, sad but true. Pros: ? Cons: What are the drawbacks? more
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