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Market Street Grill Downtown - 69 Reviews - 48 W Market St, Salt Lake City, UT - Seafood Restaurants Reviews - Phone (801) 322-4668

Market Street Grill Downtown

48 W Market St
Salt Lake City, UT 84101
(801) 322-4668
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Market Street Grill Downtown - Salt Lake City, UT
Market Street Grill Downtown - Salt Lake City, UT


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Oh! How do I love thee? Let me count the ways! Halibut & Eggs Benedict, best sause in town! Salmon and blueberry pancakes! DIVINE! Waffles, almost to crispy toast, CLEAN! Service ...


The fish items at Market Street Grill are great, but the hamburgers....even Wendy's are better. Pros: good menu selection, good atmosphere, close to work Cons: pricey, cro...

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/18/2013

Yesterday afternoon, my wife, a friend and I were walking down Market Street returning to our car. On our right was the construction zone for the new courthouse. As we were walking, I noticed a broken construction barrier laying across the sidewalk, serving no purpose whatsoever. After stating to my companions that someone could trip over it, I tossed it over the fence, into the deserted construction area. Just then, our friend realized she had forgotten her credit card at a restaurant. My wife and I waited for her to retrieve it. It was slightly cold, so we decided to walk across the street and have a drink at Market Street Grill.\r \r Once inside, we were greeted by the hostess and the manager, Robert. When I asked if we could sit in a bar area, he immediately refused to sell us alcohol. After my initial confusion as to what caused his rude behavior, he stated that ""I'm not serving you alcohol while you throw cones over the fence."" I tried to remedy the situation by calmly explaining that we were just stopping in. He still refused, and continued to be extremely rude.\r \r Despite living in one of the most conservative states for all of my life, surprisingly, I have never really personally been treated with such judgment, prejudice and disrespect -- until yesterday. Frankly, it is the most offensive affront that I have ever experienced, and it upset my wife and me for the rest of the evening. For this poor excuse of a customer service representative, Robert, to leap to such a ridiculous conclusion about a glimpse of something he observed on the street is appalling. Furthermore, for the sake of Gastronomy's business, I hope Robert treats other patrons more rationally. Despite Market Street's success and distinguished reputation, his elitist and irrational conduct is despicable.\r \r I will never set foot in any Gastronomy establishment again.\r more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/23/2012

What a disappointment! I have never written a review, but felt compelled to save someone else the disappointment. We ordered crab legs $70.00, 2 Legs, (not very big) and not ONE other thing came with the meal!!! The halibut which apparently was on a special price $15.00 less than normal.... was $30.00, it was a tiny piece and it came with 10 green beans. Service not very good, but more than anything just wanted to save someone else the OVERPRICED place, the dissappointment! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/22/2012

Only 69 Votes for a place that service hundreds of people everyday!\r J M. I enjoyed your comments. It seems there are too many people who get online to grind an ax as opposed to those who had a good experience. I enjoy Market Street. I expect to pay the price quoted and there is no expectation that the price will be lower. Bad service can be expressed to the employee by simply not leaving a large tip. TIP= to Insure Prompt Service. Market Street food is great and if it's not tell a manager who will make it right. Don't get online an start whining.\r And BTW their steak is WOW! more

Why so negative? 12/25/2011

I hesitantly booked my reservation for Christmas Eve after reading what seemed like a endless slough of negative reviews. Once there my doubtful feelings began to disappear. In the end I concluded that most of the negative reviews I read revolved around price and service (and in many instances, service viewed through the lens of price; i.e. ""I'm paying 'a lot' of money, therefore I deserve flawless service""). And although the logic is reasonable, I've noticed that price doesn't always equal service. In all, we ate everything from seafood to steak. I was almost expecting the steak to be dreadful (again based on the negative reviews I read), but I tried the peppercorn London broil, the ribeye, and the New York and was pleased with all of them--although my favorite was the London broil. I tried the oyster, crab, and a few appetizers (calamari and shrimp). Again, I braced myself for the worst; fortunately I was very happy with my food, everything tasted fresh, and everyone in our dinner was happy. Again, in the end I realized that the negative reviews about the food are unjustified; price based negative reviews tell me one thing: it's Utah and everyone is a thrifty, budget shopper (and diner) and can't put money out of the equation--and I'll admit, I can have a hard time doing this myself. But if I imagined that the food was free, or my meal cost me $5 (instead of $50) I would say that I was overjoyed with my experience. Last point, the service was average...probably what you would expect at Olive Garden. And let's be honest, you could get better service somewhere else. But I believe their practice is to bring you your food and let you (and your party) enjoy it without hovering over you to fill your glass in hopes of a better tip. more

What a Shame 2/14/2011

This place used to be a favorite of mine and I still go occasionally because I keep hoping it might have improved. But I probably won't be back. This last visit put the nail in the coffin.\r \r I arrived and asked for a table. The hostess was in the middle of helping me, gathering menus for my table, and then greeted the woman who came in right behind me. That would have been fine except she proceeded to seat this person when I got there first. What on Earth? The hostess offered no apology and didn’t even acknowledge that she had just been terribly rude. I tried to brush it off but it definitely started the evening with a sour note.\r \r Our waiter was very kind but took a long time just to get tea. It was a Thursday night and not terribly crowded so it really shouldn’t have taken as much time as it did. I ordered the special which was supposed to be a piece of fish served with crab. There were maybe three bites of crab, the fish was horribly dry, and to top it off I was charged $30 for a meal that would have been better served at Red Lobster.\r \r When I had paid for the meal the waiter walked about two feet away from our table before he looked to see his tip! Horrible food, horrible service from the hostess, a few big slips from the waiter and I’ve really had enough. What happened to this place? It’s a shame because this place used to be a class act. more

Too Proud of Their Food & Poor Service 2/7/2011

We went there on a slow night with a group of 10. Not sure of the automatic 18% gratuity for a party over 8 had anything to do with it or not, but our service was very poor.\r \r I never got a water refill without asking for it, once I didn't even get a refill after asking for it. At one point my glass ran dry and it was 10 minutes before our waitress came by and I had an opportunity to ask for more. On another occasion I asked for more tartar sauce and so did a couple of other folks at the table. When the waitress came back with the tartar sauce she didn't have one for me and she left before I could ask again!\r \r As for the food, I will admit that the onion rings were some of the best I have had and my husband did enjoy the flounder he got. But the boiled herbed potatoes were beyond bland and my deep fried halibut was not crispy. The spinach salad that accompanies the meal was incredibly lame...just baby spinach in a bland dressing. No bacon, no mushrooms, no flavor.\r \r The worst part of my fish and chips dinner was that I have had plenty of really good fish and chips for under $12 and I got soaked for $22 for this mediocre version. Even though my husband like his dinner he felt it was overpriced.\r \r Overall our experience was less than satisfactory. Our mediocre dinner for two cost us $80! We are used to better food and vastly superior service when we drop this much money for dinner. more

Teriffic Breakfast! 12/17/2009

Oh! How do I love thee? Let me count the ways! Halibut & Eggs Benedict, best sause in town! Salmon and blueberry pancakes! DIVINE! Waffles, almost to crispy toast, CLEAN! Service pros like Rebecca, Ilona, Dave, Angelia, Severn, I wish I could list YOU ALL! Thanks for feeding me almost daily at the counter for a little price. and your coffee rocks too! But arrive before 11AM or you'll have to order from the luch menu. (and begin to pay for parking if it isn'ty christmas) - Too busy on Sunday, (and NO toast- only tose orange muffins) so go to the Cottonwood location on that day between 9-10AM for the $5 special seafood omlet with asperagus! Ummmm. (and play on the swingly bridge & give a thumbs up to the AA meeting upstairs! Pros: opens at 6:30 AM! Salmon, Halibut, Pancakes & Hollandase! Cons: Parking next to a legislator or attorney (yawn) more

Best Restaurant Ever 3/27/2009

This is review for Cottonwood branch. This is my first visit to SLC, and I absolutely love Market Street Grill. The food, service, and ambiance is just impeccable and is even better than the restaurants in NYC. Our server is extremely professional and courteous. I was extremely impressed with the service and food. Will definitely come back and recommend to all my friends. Pros: Food, Service, Value more

Great chowder and dessert 2/7/2009

The dessert, bread and clam chowder were great. The quality of the seafood varied. For that much money I expect great food. The tables were too close together. I felt like I was sitting on the man's lap who was sitting at the table next to me. Every time the waitress served the man next to us, her butt was in my face. I won't go back. more

could be better 11/8/2008

The steaks are overpriced $34 for a ""usda choice"" new york steak!come on for that price you should get Prime.\r The rib eye was a bit though and the sauces are watery.\r The desserts and bread were really good. more

How do you get a table here? 2/16/2008

We never got a chance to taste the food. After a wait of 45 minutes and others being seated who arrived after us, we left. more

It was good 2/5/2008

Expensive but good, my tuna was great. My boyfriends lobster was amazing! However $40 for a lobster tail is a lot. I've been to restaurants around the same $$$ and liked them better...I guess I just wasn't that impressed. Service was good boyfriend liked it... it's not a place that I would go to again and to me it didn't live up to it's reputation. However, I didn't dislike it.. more

Not was it's cracked up to be 10/24/2007

My husband & his family are big seafood eaters (whereas I am not), so we've gone to Market Street a couple of times since it is has the reputation of being the best seafood in the state. Not so...the non-seafood items are all sub-par; not a bit of deliciousness cooked into them - its like their way of punishing those of us who dislike seafood. And according to the rest of our group, not one of the seafood plates was exceptional. Even people I know who have once been big Market Street fans have started to steer clear because it has apparently gone downhill as far as taste. If you want the seafood, I would recommend buying from their fresh market & cooking it at home. Pros: fresh least as fresh as you get in utah Cons: food quality has severly declined more

First impressions: Not bad, but definitely not... 10/15/2007

First impressions: Not bad, but definitely not great, especially for the price. Seafood isn't that fresh,... more

First impressions: Not bad, but definitely not... 10/15/2007

KevinS1 Provided by Partner
First impressions: Not bad, but definitely not great, especially for the price. Seafood isn't that fresh, but what do you expect from a landlocked ... more

Recommended 7/6/2007

I started a review for the Market Street Grill by the UofU and realized that it is called Market Street Broiler. Will post review of MSB. Pros: Ambience Cons: Food, prices, service more

Worst Service Ever!!! 9/29/2006

My friends and I went to this restaurant because it was the only one without a 90 min. wait. Bit mistake. We still ended up waiting more than 90 minutes for our main course. Our drinks were slow, our waiter continually forgot to fill glasses, and brought chowder we didn't order and forgot twice the olive oil and vinigar that we did. The food was all awful. My friend's black bass looked like jerky. My other friend's dishes tasted like they were made with canned spegetti sauce. Normally I like lightly salted food, but the chef forgot to add any salt to my food at all. The waiter at one point left our table unattended for over 1/2 hour. This was overall the worst restaurant experience I have ever had, and except for exceptional company the night would have been ruined. Please spare yourself and dine anywhere else, even if it means waiting 90 minutes for a table. You just might have to wait 90 minutes to eat here anyways. Pros: The wine list. That was it's only redeeming factor. Cons: The service, especially the food, everything else. more

Great service, great food Sept. 2006 9/8/2006

We went there despite the negative reviews especially the grim reviews about the service. Alll the waiters were attentive and smiley. We had two waiters and both were excellent. The food was out of this world. We were tired of overly salty food, so this restaurant was just perfect. We had Key Lime pie and Almond torte with rasberries. They were the best desert we've ever had! more

An eclectic bunch of people come to Sunday Brunch 9/6/2006

Sunday brunch is a great all around experience at the downtown Market Street. Being on the list of ""our regular spots"", I have only been disappointed by the food on a single ocassion. Most times it is totally amazing. I especially like to substitute the au graten potatos for what ever comes with my dish. (Same potatos that I miss from the old Bacci restaraunt!) This place tops my list for fresh fish. The atmosphere is great. Pros: The food, the atmosphere, and the staff Cons: Nothing at all more
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    For breakfast, lunch or dinner, this is probably the most popular seafood restaurant in town. Fresh fish and other deep-sea delicacies are flown in fresh each day from around...

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