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Market Basket

160 Everett Ave
Chelsea, MA 02150
(617) 884-0646
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I've been going to MB since my mom had to push me there in a stroller. We used to live in Chelsea and I can remember sitting at the snack bar drinking an orange Slice while my mom...


Good: I LIKE THE VAST SELECTION OF ITEMS. Bad: SODA IS priced twice the $$$ that it should be. so is toilet paper and paper towels. scott & mktbskt paper products in isle/on shelf...

I love this place! 7/9/2011

I've been going to MB since my mom had to push me there in a stroller. We used to live in Chelsea and I can remember sitting at the snack bar drinking an orange Slice while my mom shopped (yea, they had a soda jerk lol). When I was broke just starting out my life and lived in Framingham the MB Ashland was the only store I could afford to shop in. now I'm back on the NShore and still love MB Chelsea. Service is great and with damn near 30 registers, all of them open at rush hours (weekends and after work), I've never stood further than third in line. The deals are amazing and I feed my fam of 4 on 80/week EASY! I'll be moving out of state soon and wish to God I could take a Demoula with me! more

Liars and Lying Liars who Lie 8/11/2010

As a counterpoint to the people who claim none of the MB employees speak english/pretend not to speak english when asked a question . . . I've been going there at least once a week for 2.5 years and I have never had that problem. Not once. There have been instances when I can't immediately understand the answer, but they are rare and we always come to an understanding. I've had workers run to the back to check on certain products, break open packaged produce because I asked if there was a smaller unit of the product available, reach up for items stacked too high, and lead me themselves to a product I couldn't find. They are always nice to my kids. One asst. manager makes it a point to come and say hi to them whenever he sees us. And to the person who claimed the cashiers "dress inappropriately," they all wear big red coats and black pants. Yes, it does get insanely crowded. I think you have to expect that from a place where you can pick up a gallon of milk, some organic potatoes, and a lunch of quality sushi for under 15 bucks. more

You lie -- this store is great 8/11/2010

The people giving negative reviews are either crazy or just trying to herd people away from the store so they can keep this little gem to themselves. For the person that said they never see people other than hispanics there, I'm white -- blonde hair green eyes -- and I shop there every week. Also, every time I'm there at least half the store is 1/2 white. For the person that said everyone is rude and the clerks didn't understand her questions. I've never had this problem. Maybe they know you're racist and they don't want to deal with your bigoted crap. For the person who said that the cashiers dress inappropriately, really? They ALL wear huge red smocks -- it's called a uniform, dummy. As for flirting with the men? Maybe your boyfriend should stop trying to pick up the teenagers who work there. more


Good: I LIKE THE VAST SELECTION OF ITEMS. Bad: SODA IS priced twice the $$$ that it should be. so is toilet paper and paper towels. scott & mktbskt paper products in isle/on shelf 20pk bath tissue 50cents a roll is usual. a 230pk they charge $14.99 should be$9.99 this is price gouging. then at end of isle same rolls loose 2 fer a this a marketing game?. Improvements: diet MOXIE. 1 liter $1.19 should br .99 cents.6pack cans $2.50should be $1.99 but then again they really don't want to carry MOXIE. there pushing GOYA. i was weened on MOXIE no hable espanole.. Other: store started out with good prices but prices have been inching up as time goes by. hope they don't turn into another SHAWS shaws really squeezes the shoppers for every cent. every item is from 0.50cents to a dollar more than it should be.marktbskt better reture to giving shoppers more for their $$$ they will make it up in volumn.. more

chelsea market basket 1/3/2010

be very careful if you order food to go like the hot dinners. some of the workers dont know the diffrence between the chicken gravy and the pork, beef whatever it happens to be that day.they will throw the wrong gravey all over. and if you correct them, they will get an attiude more

the rock bread 10/8/2009

hi im jovannny i have long time doing my shoppings on the market but im very very sad because i bay a 2 bags of bread end i went to mi home very happy to do hot dogs but when i bite the bread i olmost break my teeth coman gays i was very hard like a rock ok the bread is called central bakery i appretiate if you gay check aal this breads thanks more

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Market Basket is not that great. 9/29/2009

I usually shop at the Market Basket in Somerville. Check out my review of Market Basket Somerville. I had to get some food with family members so they choose to come here not me. I found all the items I needed. I got some vegetables, fruits, tomato paste and a few more items. The prices are good. I really do not enjoy shopping here at the Chelsea location. It's really horrible. There are too many people. I also heard that there is a new Market Basket in Chelsea. A second location how crazy is that? Chelsea is the hispanic neighborhood this Market Basket is not exception. I do not see a white or black person here. The staff well you can imagine all hispanic. It's funny how I blend in because I pass for hispanic so many times. Habla espanol si si muy bien. Okay whatever I am not coming back to this Market Basket. Truereview here to tell you the truth. more

best supermarket around 7/12/2009

Now that we have this great place to shop all we need is for the parents to control their children it is not a playground. This makes a wonderful store difficult to enjoy. Still the same people shopping at this beautiful place that don't respect where they are. more

Loved it 6/15/2009

Love the new Marketbasket. All the Employees were kind and courteous. My time there was very pleasant. Of course the store gets crowded with all the low prices in all, but i was happy and amazed with the new and aproved Marketbasket. I went home and told every i know. more

love it 6/13/2009

I shopped there today, I believe they opened on Wednesday. Very busy but very courteous and very helpful, everyone of their employees. A very Pleasant Experience Thank you Market basket Way to go more

Worth the trip 6/10/2009

A new wew Market Basket opened in Chelsea today. It is a beautiful store with a broad selection. Market Basket never dust on the products and great produce because the merchandise changes over so quickly. It is still crowded with an ethnically diverse population and will always be busy, but you will save money and enjoy nice fresh products. more

Market Basket other world! 12/25/2008

Be prepared to a culture shock! everybody is rude and impolite, they don't have any manners and they hardly speak English. When asking for something in English, the clerk stares at you like if you were from an other planet. The cahiers are really rude and dress inappropriately. They flirt with men and have no class at all! more

this place is great! 12/22/2008

This place is great - super prices and warm atmosphere. It gets crowded, but that's because it's a good thing. I hope they stay around for a long time. . . more

>> Crammed <> Why did I every go?<< 10/4/2008

Every time I go it is crammed, everyone is rude and shoving their way around. I have to keep my kids close by or they will get shoved out of asiles. Even with the crowding, people will park their carts in the middle of the asile blocking everyone else. They are the only people in the workd that matter I guess. Every time I leave I question why I even went in. Low prices just are not enough, at least at S&S the people are nice, helpful, and you do not wait in long lines for anything. more

market basket, chelsea,ma 1/3/2008

great place to shop. i recommend it to everyone i know or even don't know!! it is so much cheaper than s&s and shaw's, much cheaper. ! i know they have quality everything , even their own market basket products are good. you want to save, then go there to shop. you want to cry after you shop elsewhere, then your crazy!! yes, the crowds can be annoying, but how long does it take to shop? when i come out of a store with 20 bags of grocery's for 100 bucks, apposed to coming out of s&s or shaw's with 10 bags for 100 bucks...then i would rather put up with the crowds.people are rude no matter where you go,not because it is market basket itself!! sure every grocery store has it's faults whether it be the employees or the management or even the shoppers, but hey, all in all i rate them a four star place to shop!! more

A little crowded, but worth the trip 10/13/2007

Crowded on the weekend yes, but still would rather put up with the hustle and bustle than to spend more money at S&S. The only aggrivating part is how crowded it gets there. I hear a new one is in the process of being built, that should alleviate some of the over crowdedness at the smaller Market Basket. more

Cheap! 7/8/2006

Yes, it is crowded and yes the clientele is not exactly world-class, but hot-digitty, the prices are so low it is like flushing away money by going somewhere else. I mean, Stop and Shop is about 1 to 2 dollars more expensive for most items I buy! The usual $180 S&S trip is now barely breaking the $100 mark at Market Basket. On Saturday and Sunday it's a mad-house there, the trick (according to one employee) is to go on a week day. more

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BLECK!! 2/12/2006

I hate it here. I use to dread the day the cabinets were empty. I use to go here cuz it was cheaper then stop and shop but because of those low prices the store is to crowded. You can never get around. There barely is any where to park. to top it all off, Ive learned that no matter how considerate you are of people they will always walk all over you. People there are so rude. First time i broguth my daughtr there she was a newborn .....maybe a month old it wasnt the customers that kept crashing into my carrige and giving it a good shake it was the employees not one of them watched where they were going. I wouldnt mind so much but it happend 3 times in one time and not to mention i had my newborn with me. SO I jsut decided Stop and Shop was safer and worth the extra 30 bucks on my grocery bill. more
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