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Manito Equestrian Ctr Inc - 39 Reviews - 2160 N Cedar Crest Blvd, Allentown, PA - Horse Riding Stables Reviews - Phone (610) 433-3707
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Manito Equestrian Ctr Inc

2160 N Cedar Crest Blvd
Allentown, PA 18104
(610) 433-3707
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Some of my best memories come from this amazing barn. I had the privilege of attending Manito's summer camp program when I was younger, which led to lessons and an apprenticeship...


As others have mentioned, facility seems to have untapped potential and is in a good location. However the barn seems to have trouble keeping good riding instructors and new perso...

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/28/2013

If you're looking for a stable to take lessons, look elsewhere. In the last year there has been 9 riding instructors. The stable owner is very up and down with her personality, one day she is so nice... next day she is so paranoid and thinks the whole world is after her. Lisa needs to hang it up and let someone more stable run/ manage/ operate the farm, maybe then instructors will stay since they won't have to deal with the constant bipolar possible schizophrenia drama and Manito will be a happy place for all to enjoy.. Including boarders, students, instructors and hired stable hands. \r This is not a great stable to be at right now. The only thing it has going for it is the location. It would be so nice if Willow Brook Equestrian Center offered more then just english dressage lessons. \r For those that want to believe Manito is so great... take a lesson at a full English stable like Groveland Farm or Stone Field Stables a few times, listen to what they say then let everyone know what Manito is really like. more

Amazing Barn 2/7/2012

Some of my best memories come from this amazing barn. I had the privilege of attending Manito's summer camp program when I was younger, which led to lessons and an apprenticeship. I would recommend this barn to anyone who has a passion for horsemanship or the desire to learn. Manito taught me so much more than what I learned in my lessons. I gained confidence, respect for myself and others, work ethic and many more skills that helped me be successful in my adult life today. More than 15 years have gone by and to this day I have yet to find an environment that is as positive and rewarding as Manito Equestrian Center. I have 2 small children now and cannot wait until they are ready to go to their first day of camp this coming summer. It is impossible to ignore some of the negative comments that are listed below. I found it extremely disheartening to read some of the more unwarranted personal attacks on the barn owner. As a parent I know I would want to know the truth about any establishment that my children might attend and would need to be comfortable with the owner and staff. I can tell you from personal experience that Lisa Schadt is one of the most genuine, caring and hard working individuals that I have ever met. I have seen first hand her personally take care of not only her horses but also her students. She ensures that all horses are fed, groomed, up to date on vet care and that their overall well being is seen to. Lisa always made herself available to me or my parents if we had a simple question or concern about lessons, scheduling or anything else for that matter. I consider myself extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to learn so much from her, she was and is a great mentor. She cannot be there 100% of the time as she simultaneously runs a business, this much is true. but on countless occasions she was both the first to arrive and last to leave, I can say that confidently because I was often the second to arrive and second to last to leave :) I recall requesting that my mother just let me sleep there. I hope my comments are helpful to anyone who is on the fence about Manito, Lisa or any of the staff. I assure you that you will not be disappointed. Alicia Pramik more

Happy Rider 11/22/2011

My daughter also rides at Manito, and we are extremely happy. We have actually enjoyed the various perspectives offered by the teachers at Manito and see this as a positive. My daughter has been able to pick up new techniques that were not explained or offered to her at the barn she rode at previously. We were looking forward to the new instructor taking over my daughter more

Review of Lesson Stable 11/22/2011

As others have mentioned, facility seems to have untapped potential and is in a good location. However the barn seems to have trouble keeping good riding instructors and new personnel are constantly coming and going. It made it hard on my daughter, who would grow attached to one teacher only to have a new one a few weeks later. In a six month period she had roughly four or five different instructors and it seemed we spent more time explaining what level she was at than actually seeing an improvement in her riding. We are now at a new barn that has had the same instructor for the past six years and are very happy. Also the lesson prices always seemed a little high compared to what other barns in the area are charging. more

great place 11/16/2011

If you have been in the horse business, you will appreciate the efforts of this owner. We are the only ones who get it. Most of us have been unable to do what she has done. Those who are not barn owners, or those with personal agendas- get a life and give the woman the credit she deserves. How many of you have 36 year old horses? How many of you have survived the recession without closing your barns? How many of you have had employees you could trust? We all learned the same lessons; she just keeps getting up again after being hammered by people who don't deserve to be in the same room with her. Shut your mouths and show some respect. We're lucky to have her. more

Could have been good 11/11/2011

My daughter rides at Manito and, although our current experience is decent, I feel that the barn has much untapped potential. The current instructor is excellent, however I fear Manito's terrible ability to retain employees. It seems like no money is invested in the facility or the horses and the barn is heading for inevitable collapse. The owner is rarely on the premises and appears to have little true interaction with the animals. more

Dissapointed in Horse Care 10/24/2011

I cannot in good conscience recommend a so called professional boarding and lesson facility that uses a 35+ year old underweight mare in their lesson program. I understand that times are difficult, but employing the use of a horse that should have obviously been retired years ago simply to make money is deplorable and unethical. I am also very disappointed in the weight and overall condition of this particular horse. The old adage more

No. way. 10/17/2011

1 star... because the horses are fantastic.. the owner... not so much. She has to be bi-polar, it's very unfortunate that the place is run the way it is. For years now it seems they've had such a high turnover rate with instructors, workers. PS, if she tells you she sold you a horse/is making a deal on a horse - 1. make sure you get that documented. 2. and take the horse off the property! Either she will rob you, ""play"" you, and if the horse stays... probably not really yours. Lesson kids are gunna ride it, random people are gunna ride it. Not good business strategy. No barn etiquette AT ALL. ""OWNER OF BARN"" has no CLUE what shes doing with horses. She is only in it for the money... and anyone who wants to cry that she rescues horses... BULL! yeah she allows them on the property, but her WORKERS take care of the animal BECAUSE SHES NOT THERE! Anyway I bet the place just continues to get worse as the years go on. I'm sure numerous people have have been duped, overcharged, or have learned nothing from her or her ""instruction"" staff. Good. Luck. more

Great Barn and Great horses 2/8/2011

Manito is a great barn! My daughter takes lessons there now and she is doing great and loves the barn, the horses and her instructor. It is one of the best places to happen to my family. My daughter has been very shy and since she started taking lessons there she is now participating in class and her grades are coming up. Her instructor, Valentina is wonderful, every little girl should have someone so kind as their teacher. more

barn. 1/10/2010

boarding stable in allentown, pa. Pros: safety, kind horses, great instructors and staff Cons: none come to mind more

Avoid Manito for safety's sake 11/6/2009

I only allowed my daughter to take two lessons before the lack of knowledge on behalf of Manito's instructors sent up red flags. Friends had recommeded Manito even though an instruction horse had laid down and rolled on their child. On other occasion another galloped out of control with him in the ring. Pros: Nice property Cons: Inept instructors, dangerous instruction horses more

In repsonse to previous allegations 6/14/2009

As both an equine professional and someone with a long-standing relationship with Manito, I feel I have some responsibility to throw in my two cents regarding the recent allegations against Manito and it's owner. more

Eagle, continuation by Lisa 6/9/2009

Again, not that anyone should be concerned about these details, but Roy covered Eagle with a cooler-blanket so that any children entering the premises would not be further traumatized by our loss. Eagle was removed well in advance of any children's arrival at the farm. At no time was ""viewing of the body"" any part of my program and, once again, ""loveshorses08"" has misrepresented the facts quite blatantly. Pros: great horse, good life Cons: ex-employee needs a life more

Eagle 6/8/2009

I went to the barn on a weekend and found out a heartbrakeing fact...eagle passed away but some of you are taking this thig a bit too far!!! first of all I HIGHLY doubt one of u were there to see eagle go and be buried and stuff i wasn't there either but i heard from someone who was there!!! So some of you really need to stop making up your own little stories from either being jealous or just wanting attention!! because really it is pathetic!! eagle lived a long happy life and is in a better place!! and second you all need to stop putting down lisa!! she does sooo much to keep the barn alive so really this is just a tip for some of u to get a life and stop writing this junk!!!!!!!! *cough *cough ""lovehorses08"" Pros: eagle and staff Cons: jealous ex-employess need a life!!! more

Honor Eagle 6/8/2009

I am saddened to see that someone would use the death of our beloved Eagle to promote their own perverted and negative agenda. It's time for a reality check...without the love of Lisa Schadt...the center's owner...Eagle most likely would have gone the way of most horses when they are no longer productive...destroyed. Instead...he was given the opportunity to live out his ""senior years"" in a peaceful and serene setting...nurtured and loved by all of Manito's staff...including Lisa. In the process..this courageous old fella touched the hearts of many a passer by...including mine. Apparently also the heart of the author of the recent review that falsely described his demise. How tragic that instead of ""honoring"" Eagle's life...the author chose to dishonor him by attempting to smear his owner. I don't know the specifics of how Eagle passed...any more than the person that wrote the shameful and untrue account of how he died. My main reason for writing this review is to commend Lisa Schadt for giving Eagle several additional years of a wonderful life and to honor his Spirit! more

Eagle 6/8/2009

I am aware that a disgruntled ex-employee is spreading false rumors related to the death of my horse, Eagle and I must respond. I feel that these matters should be private ones, but ""lovehorses08"" has crossed all boundaries of propriety and decency with an all-time low. Pros: great place Cons: ex-employee needs to find a life more

Equine Treasure within City Limits 6/8/2009

Manito is a charming historic equine facility with the conveniences of a modern indoor arena, lighted outdoor arena, peaceful trail riding, hot and cold water wash stall, secure tack room, trailer parking, club house and even proper restrooms. More importantly, horses (lesson and boarders) are well cared for and enjoy large managed pastures with plenty of fresh water and good grain and hay. Owner lives on property and is very reasonable and kind. Property is huge and there is plenty of room for picnicng and enjoying nature within the city limits. Pros: Family Atmosphere Cons: ? more

from Lisa 6/8/2009

Although this is not the venue for business owners to comment, I must respond to ""lovehorses08"". I am unable to understand such obvious hate and vileness in another human being. The problem with sites such as this is that misinformation and slanderous, hurtful material can be widely distributed. In this particular case, the death of my horse Eagle and the circumstances surrounding his death have been grossly misrepresented. If you are interested in the true story, please read my review and entry. more

ggg 6/3/2009

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