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Manganaros - 40 Reviews - 488 9th Ave, New York, NY - Lunch Spot Reviews - Phone (212) 563-5331


488 9th Ave
New York, NY 10018
(212) 563-5331
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Manganaros - New York, NY


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If you are in the area, this place is a must. The sandwiches are good, but the lasagna is off the charts. I was stuck at a Javits Center trade show and unfortunately only had tw...


I went here with friends while we were looking around for coffee and a snack during the late afternoon. Gosh, I wish I had known this place was full of tyranical people. I'm Ital...


It's unfortunate that others had a similarly terrible experience to mine. The reality check that in fact I had NOT done anything wrong by simply entering the store is a bit of a relief though... There must be something very wrong with the woman who works there. I won't speculate what, but it must be bad. She's not stable. However, the verbal abuse I received makes it tough to be empathetic. I felt the need to offer fair warning to others who might be seduced by the interesting interior to enter the store. Why take the chance that you'll be abused? Nobody needs that. You have to walk the entire length of the store for this abuse as well, as the food counter is located at the very back of a very long store. And then, after she has gone off on you and you turn around to leave because of course you would not think of ordering anything to eat there, you have to listen to her continued rant as it trails after you. Very unsettling and a real downer. more

LOVE THE PLACE. 2/16/2011

I think this place simply says "NEW YORK" all over it. The women/owner in there is perfect for what she... more

LOVE THE PLACE. 2/16/2011

edwardv1 Provided by Partner
I think this place simply says "NEW YORK" all over it. The women/owner in there is perfect for what she does. I wouldn't change a thing about her... more

Stay Away 2/28/2010

Have been to Managaro many times, poked head in today as we were not sure if it was open and the little woman owner came running from the back... we asked if they were open 'cause it was empty and she said--Do you want to eat or do you want company? She was rude and nasty and as we turned to leave, she called us tourists, ( we are native New Yorker's) with big noses (Jews) and yelled at us while we walked down the street. Pros: Used to Be good Cons: Woman Owner is a shrew more

Give this place a skip 1/14/2010

I used to come here and when I was back in the neighborhood and needed to treat some clients to lunch, I thought this would be fun,. I didn't even mind the prices until I got rude service and poor food. The women are bossy and pushy, demand cash, the place was empty and dusty. That's before the food, My $11 sandwich was on terrible, had very little salami, 2 chunks of cheese with the peel on, and pathetic toppings. For that much money, I expected a classy sandwich and some sort of side. Very irritating and disappointing. I simply can't recommend it to anyone for anything. Even the fun grocery items are gone. Pros: None any more Cons: Rude service, no bang for the buck more

Scrooge lives!! 1/4/2010

My husband and I stopped in with hopes of taking some italian delicacies home for christmas. We were disappointed to find a nonexistant inventory. we were then dismayed when the woman staffing the place informed us to confine our sightseeing to a museum if we didn't plan to buy anything from her. Needless to say, we were shocked by the abuse, especially given what little she had to offer. her behavior was reprehensible and ruined an otherwise lovely christmas trip to the city. more

Totally Rude & Inflexible 11/15/2009

I have been eating at NY Italian Delis my whole life and I have never had such a horrible experience as I did at Manganaro Foods & Restaurant. The lady who was working there was unnecessarily rude from the minute I walked in. I asked them to make a basic chicken sandwich with roasted peppers and greens and she snapped ""order off the menu only!"" There were only three hot sandwiches on the menu?? What kind of NY deli only has 3 options and won't customize? So I ordered a basic chicken parm and asked if she could put sauce on it and she said..""no only oil and vinegar on sandwiches!!"" What?, who does this lady think she is??..I told her forget it..i'm leaving and she yelled ""good go make it at home!"" She was so obnoxious it was comical, and it's not like they had a good selection of food. Do yourself a favor and don't go here, visit the unrelated Manganaro's Heroboy next door, much better and friendlier. Pros: Nothing Cons: Rude, Boring Menu, Etc... more

Best food, fun and family 10/30/2009

If you are in the area, this place is a must. The sandwiches are good, but the lasagna is off the charts. I was stuck at a Javits Center trade show and unfortunately only had two meals here. Pros: Great food and conversation Cons: You need to like great food and converstion. more

Horrible Place, Horrible People, 10/14/2009

It's rude, nasty, dirty, dusty and should be closed by the Board of Health. NEVER NEVER go there. These women are *itches and should go back to the caves from whence they came. Go next door to Manganaro's Hero Boy. It's a little rude, but hey this is NY. Pros: Nothing Cons: Everything more

Horrible Place 8/31/2009

I went in the other day to buy cookies for friends. I was one of two customers in there. There is hardly any product on the shelves and the cookies were in boxes, not on trays, i.e. it looked like they were delivered and not baked on the premises. I asked the woman (apparently the same horrible daughter that everyone here has encountered) when the cookies were baked and if they are delivered. She ignored me and when I asked again said, ""M'am, I'm not going to answer that."" Absolutely rude and disgusting to a perfectly reasonable question that was asked with respect. Deserves to go out of business. I am forced to assign this place one star to get the review published. This place deserves negative a billion stars. more

Microwaved Food. Rudest Service Ever! 8/26/2009

This restaurant was recommended to me by a New Yorker, so I took the subway and walked a long way to get some authentice Italian. What I got was authentic, b**tchy attitude. Apparently, there is some kind of feud between Manganaro & Manganaro's Hero Boy, which is right next door. If you are a tourist like I was, you don't know the difference - same name, right next door to each other. So the first restaurant I saw was Manganaro's Hero's Boy which was closed and then I saw Manganaro's Foods. I thought it was the same restaurant, so I walked in and asked if it was closed (there was not one other person in the restaurant). The lady at the counter answered ""Does it look like we're closed?"" That's when I should have known to leave, but I traveled such a long way I figured I'd eat anyways. When I saw Anthony Bourdain's picture on the wall I tried to be friendly and asked the nasty lady what he ate when he was there. She answered"" I don't know, why don't you go ask next door, but he didn't eat there he ate here."" Then she muttered something about being terribly insulted under her breath. At that point I was still confused about what the hell she was talking about but then I realized she was just being a b*tch. The food was okay, not terrible, nothing to brag about though. It was actually microwaved, pretty gross. Not worth the price. If this lady had half a brain she would explain the feud between the two restaurants and make it interesting instead of abusing the only customers in the restaurant. I really wish I would have walked out of this place. Don't go here, go next door for dinner. Don't make the mistake I made. The food is not worth the price or the attitude. Cons: The woman running this place. more

Rude Staff 8/8/2009

I'm a fairly regular customer for the restaurant and went into the grocery part of the store today since I hadn't been in awhile. When I asked the woman behind the counter if she had Bresaola, she sneered that she had prosciutto. When I asked her how much she was charging for Parmagiano Reggiano, she said $16 a pound and I mentioned to my wife we could get it for $14 in the middle of Pennsylvania. I told her I was sorry and she jumped in with 'you should be'. I'll never go back. Pros: Smells nice Cons: Poor selection, High prices more

Will drive hours for the Manganaro's Special 7/13/2009

My husband and I have been going to Manganaro's for six years now. Last we were there was last Monday 7/6,... more

Will drive hours for the Manganaro's Special 7/13/2009

nochains Provided by Partner
My husband and I have been going to Manganaro's for six years now. Last we were there was last Monday 7/6, walked into the place at 10:30AM, were ... more

THIS IS THE REAL DEAL!!!!!! 6/26/2009


Food was OK, not great. 5/19/2009

I ordered take-out of lasagna and penne alla vodka. The service wasn't rude, wasn't unfriendly, just no nonsense, ""NEXT"". I was disheartened to see the sauce of the penne come out of a bottle. The good news was the pasta was cooked to order, maybe it was cooked partway and only heated up when a customer orders. I know my lasagna went into a microwave to warm up for a few minutes. The lasagna was good, decent portion with big chunks of meat, not ground meat. The penne was so small in portion by comparison. Pros: Fast, no nonsense service Cons: Limited seating, penne alla vodka portion tiny more

Bad attitude 4/30/2009

I went in this place with my girlfriend as I had read about it on the internet and it sounded interesting. One of the daughters (in her 60's) waited on my girlfriend. Just as my date was about to order some cookies the lady behind the counter started yelling at this young boy who worked there. Talked to him like he was an idiot. My girlfriend order the cookies and put a ten dollar bill on the counter. The lady behind the counter looked at my date like she had a third eye in the middle of her forehead and said, ""That isn't going to be enough money, these cookies cost more than that"". One dozen cookies cost $17. We didn't mind the price but the attitude of the woman behind the counter was just terrible. Even after purchasing the cookies she acted like she did us this big favor for just waiting on us. We left with the cookies but after about one block of walking my girlfriend was so mad she was fuming. She made me promise to write a review on this place. DON'T GO THERE!!!! Pros: None that I could find Cons: Very rude lady more

The worst place on the planet! 4/20/2009

Right, it was unique, the rudest woman I've ever seen in my life! Cons: Rude woman more

Disgusting, filthy pigs -- avoid like the plague 4/19/2009

We went to Manganaro's Groceria because like many other people we had seen it on the 'No Reservations' TV show. We had hardly walked eight feet into the store when a sour-faced shrew of a woman pounced on us from behind like a vulture and spat out a curt ""May I help you?"" We turned around, smiling at her politely, and went on to say that this was our first time here, we had seen them on TV. Before I even finished my sentence, she interrupts me with, ""Are you going to have lunch?"" I said, ""Oh, no, not this time, but w--"" I was going to tell her that we live four blocks away and were thinking of getting some of their sliced meats. But I didn't have a chance. As soon as I said we weren't going to eat she replied with, ""Then have a nice day,"" while MOTIONING TOWARD THE DOOR. We got the point and started leaving, and I said, ""I guess we never will have lunch here after all. You are rude."" Her response? ""I just said have a nice day, that's all..."" I go, ""Yes, while pointing us to the door, ma'am?"" And she just shrugged her shoulders and went, ""Yeah, well..."" What in the world would possess a business-owner to behave in this manner? Do they expect you to walk in with your cash in hand, immediately stating your business lest you be kicked out? Did she think we were tourists and that since we weren't going to eat, it wasn't worth even letting us browse around (we actually live four blocks away)? Did she have a problem with us being an interracial couple? I simply cannot think of one good reason for this kind of commercially suicidal behaviour. Look, folks, we have all dealt with the occasional crazy person living here in New York. I've been snapped at by MTA employess, ignored by restaurant waitstaff, given a bad attitude by cab drivers--this all flies over your shoulders when you're a New Yorker. But I have never in my life dealt with such a deliberately absurd and disgusting attitude as this woman gave us the other day. When I told this story about Manganaro's Groceria to my mother, who has been in the food service industry for thirty years, even she was left speechless! To think we walked in there considering given them our money nearly makes me nauseous. Every cent in my pocket is the result of my having sold my time--an irreplaceable commodity--in exchange for that money. When I spend it, I am in effect saying this service or good was worth a small part of my life. It makes me sick to think I even for a moment considered giving it to this ungrateful, rude, and revolting woman. Dear reader, if I may say, Manganaro's Groceria does not deserve your hard-earned dollars. I saw the reviews below of people saying they ordered two $7 sandwiches and were suddenly charged $35 and it made my skin crawl, like yours probably is right now. However long they may have been there, it's obvious they have run their course and the best thing to do now is simply ignore them and let them die off gracefully. There is a reason the TV show segment of 'No Reservations' in which Anthony Bourdain visited this restaurant was called 'Disappearing Manhattan.' Good effin' RIDDANCE. PS. If you need still more proof, make sure you also check out the reviews of this place over at Yelp. Pros: Zero Cons: Hopefully they will soon be gone forever more


I tried to go in to take a look at the store and deli parts of the business and was told that the only way to come and ""look"" at the store is to buy lunch and if I am not buying lunch then ""get out"". Apparently, this was the OWNER of the place! When asked if this is how they treat potential customers, she screamed at me to get out and to never come back. I assured her that that is exactly what I will do! She then proceeded to scream at me as I walked out of the store and down the street. At that point, I could no longer understand what she was saying. Every single person I have spoken to since has said that the place is filthy, the food is awful and the service (if you could call it that) is a nightmare. I will never find out. Pros: you get to be yelled at by owners Cons: dirty, expensive & rude more
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  • Hell's Kitchen may be Clinton to its newer residents, but it's still Hell's Kitchen to the Maganaro family, who have been operating this tiny, unchanged grocery and sandwich shop for three...

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