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Madame Lazonga's Tattoo - 17 Reviews - 1529 Western Ave, Seattle, WA - Other Reviews - Phone (206) 388-4479

Madame Lazonga's Tattoo

1529 Western Ave
Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 388-4479
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Madame Lazonga's Tattoo - Seattle, WA
Madame Lazonga's Tattoo - Seattle, WA
Madame Lazonga's Tattoo - Seattle, WA
Madame Lazonga's Tattoo - Seattle, WA
Madame Lazonga's Tattoo - Seattle, WA
Madame Lazonga's Tattoo - Seattle, WA
Madame Lazonga's Tattoo - Seattle, WA
Madame Lazonga's Tattoo - Seattle, WA
Madame Lazonga's Tattoo - Seattle, WA
Madame Lazonga's Tattoo - Seattle, WA


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I went at Madame Lazonga's Tattoo with a simple idea but walked out with mind blowing work. I highly recommend that let them create a custom tattoo.


My tattoo artist was 10 minutes late. Didn't follow the stencil so now it's lacking symmetry, flow, and continuity. He was kind with personality but seemed a bit distracted. He ca...

Outstanding experience 7/15/2011

I went at Madame Lazonga's Tattoo with a simple idea but walked out with mind blowing work. I highly recommend that let them create a custom tattoo. more

Amazing Tattoo Parlor with Amazing Artists.... 5/17/2011

This is the exact kind of tattoo parlor one should seek out for some high quality inking. The staff is a powerhouse of artistic talent and they are most concerned with making your vision come to life on your skin, not just getting a paycheck. It is quite obvious that everyone here truly loves their job and loves being able to express their art in the tattoo medium (not to say they don't also showcase some amazing paintings and drawings in the shop and in their portfolios: These folks are true artists). And despite all their talent and notoriety, none of them seem to have that high and mighty attitude prevalent in a lot of tattoo artists. I just recently had some work done by Elijah Cole. Up front and honest, he admitted what I wanted done wasn't his usual style but he could definitely manage it. Not only did he do an amazing job, the execution was better than I could have imagined and his style made the image come to life in a way I could not have articulated. Despite having a certain style, he definitely showcases great versatility in his work and is an all around nice, genuine guy. Add to that: the prices here are very decent. Some people might balk at the price of a good tattoo, but if you are paying any less for it, it isn't worth it. High quality work comes with a higher price tag but you can't really put a price on the quality and care you receive from a great artist and a great parlor. There is no comparison between that and the alternative. I highly recommend this shop and Elijah Cole. more

Walk in with an idea, walk out with mind blowing work 4/11/2011

My artist was John Leroux. I came to John with a simple idea for a half sleeve and a few pictures off of Google Images. John created a tattoo better than anything I could dream up. It was everything I described to him and more ( Go to Madame Lazonga's site, click on artists, click on John Leroux and go to tattoo gallery #2. Mine is lion vs snake). My tattoo experience with John and at Madame Lazonga's was outstanding. The place is always clean, everyone is friendly and the work is amazing. The artists take intrest in each others work and make it an inviting place to get tattoo work done. I currently have 3/4 of a second half sleeve completed by John and once again the work is second to none. My wife and friends have also gotten work done by John and all were very pleased. John is friendly, funny and makes getting tattooed for 7 hours an enjoyable experience. I suggest walking in with an idea for what you want and let him create a custom tattoo. more

sloppy 11/20/2010

My tattoo artist was 10 minutes late. Didn't follow the stencil so now it's lacking symmetry, flow, and continuity. He was kind with personality but seemed a bit distracted. He caked the black ink like crazy. Even managed to get some on my forehead. If it is at all possible, i am planning on having a professional artist fix my tattoo. i heard the shop under the needle is good. more

Perfection! 11/16/2010

My tattoo artist is Steph Hanlon. She was amazing! She listened to everything that I wanted when designing my tattoo, and it turned out to be amazing! It was better than I ever thought it could have been. On top of a great experience with her I found the whole place to be nice and relaxing. Everyone was kind and I was at ease, even while getting tattooed for hours! I highly recommend that this is where you go (especially to see Steph) if you want quality work done. I am honored to have a piece of amazing art on my body! more

Best tattoo 11/9/2010

My tattoo artist at Madam Lazongas is Stephanie Hanlon and she has been one of the best artists I have ever worked with. Our first consult she actually listened to everything I had to say and then put her own artistic twist on it. My tattoo is becoming more then I ever expected it to, it has movement and artistic quality that is above my expectations. I would not hesitate to recommend Stephanie to anybody. She is very easy to work with. more

Doesn't get any better. 11/5/2010

I love art, it's part of who I am. I've been drawing my entire life and decided when i turned 19 that i needed a tattoo that represented who i am. I researched portfolios of artists in the Seattle area with hope of finding a tattoo artist that shared my syle and passion and i stumbled upon Madame Lazonga's. I can tell you that every single portfolio i saw was phenominal but one especially popped out to me, Stephanie Hanlon. She is fantastic! I called in and made a consultation appointment. When i showed up for it, the atmosphere was very pleasing and welcoming. Art is a picture of someones mind, in its deepest, most secretive place. The walls are gracefully dressed with work from all of the tattoo artists. You dont see any tacky cliche tattoos in their portfolios, but instead you see their personal and genuine designs. All of the artists there are straight forward and realistic. Steph Hanlon is my favorite, of course, because I have sat for her for more than 14 hours and have a few more to go. She understands im not the richest girl in the world, but she also understands how important this tattoo is to me. Not only did she help me design the EXACT image in my mind for my tattoo, but she made it even better by doing exquisite, priceless work, and giving me a discount because she knew money was an issue for me. Overall, this place is incredible. I highly recommend Steph Hanlon and any other artist in the store. more

I would never go anywhere else 1/18/2010

Madame Lazonga's Produces beautiful one of a kind custom work that is unique from very talented artists. In the past I have gone to Jackie & Ruby who are no longer there and I recently went to Steph Hanlon for the most beautiful angel on my arm & I would never think about going anywhere else for my tattoos. Pros: Amazing custom artwork Cons: N/A more

Vyvyn is a dream!? 1/11/2010

Vyvyn is a dream. I simply adore this women! Sweet, caring, soft spoken - she reminds me of a tattooed Disney Princess. I had the most wonderful experience with her, and everyone who worked by her side was just as wonderful. I went in to get a cover up on my lower back. The original tattoo was done when I was 18 at a place on Capital Hill (I think you know whom I mean) The work was sloppy there, and the tattoo was VERY painful - the so called "tattoo artist" on Capital Hill went too deep into my skin causing scaring. I was scared to get anything done after that. I've wanted a cover up for years now, so 7 years later I choose Vyvyn. Working downtown Seattle and also going to Olympus spa offend I've seen so many beautiful pieces. Every single time I've ask the women whom did her work I was told Vyvyn or Suzy, and I'm talking about me asking 30 + different ladies. I got very excited and contacted Vyvyn for the tattoo. :) The cover up that Vyvyn did for me is roses, a red, highly detailed with leaves and thorns - they are just BREATH TAKING - the work in just beyond words, I can't thank her enough. The work she does is what a tattoo should be, done with skill, heart, soul, ... beautiful - TRUE ART. The tattoo should express you as a whole and make you feel beautiful, this tattoo does just that. Like I said, I can't thank her enough but THANK YOU VYVYN YOU ARE AMAZING! I hope that you can create more art for me in the future. <3 Pros: Amazing. more

Artistic and Professional 1/9/2009

Hands down, these ladies are the finest tattoo artists that I have seen. If you are seeking work that looks like it came from a Cracker Jax box, this is not the studio for you. Creativity and flair is where they shine and the treatment is top notch. Even when you throw them a curveball and want something more difficult or out of the ordinary, they jump right to it with an excited, "can-do" attitiude and the end result will be certain to exceed your expectations. After visiting several other studios in Seattle and in other cities, I would be hard pressed to find anyone that I would trust more that the ladies at Vyvyn's. Pros: Professional, skilled, and friendly - all around the best. Cons: Very popular and sometimes difficult to get an appointment more

Best Tattoo place in Seattle!! 10/8/2008

This is by far, the BEST tattoo place I have ever been in (and I have visited many!). I am IN LOVE with my new ink that was done by Ruby Santiago! Ruby and the other artists were so welcoming and friendly, and given my request to add to a tattoo that I already had Ruby took MY ideas, combined them with HER ideas and incorporated them (freehand!) into my existing tattoo and !voila! a magical transformation was made. I was there with 3 of my family members who also received tattoos on the same day and their ink is also more beautiful than we had even imagined! Price wise, the artist's hourly fees were comparable to others I have seen in the business, the difference here was that the price was well worth the finished tattoo...this is the first time in 4 other tattoo sessions at different shops that I walked away 100% happy and satisfied with my new ink. This one will NOT have to be redone OR added too. I really got what I paid for here! (Ruby, your AWESOME!) As for the shop was clean and well kept, warm, welcoming and very tastefully decorated with artwork and wall hangings and other beautiful things to look at. It kind of made me want to grab a nice hot cup of coffee and hang out all day (oh yea, that's what I did!) :-) I took a stack of card to give to my friends as I have officially deemed this my most favorite tattoo shop ever. I will be getting all of my ink done here in the future. Thank you Madame Lazonga's (aka Vyvyn'ss Tattoo) for a job well done and I can't wait to come see you again! Pros: All women artists, a very tasteful and clean shop Cons: couldn't think of any... more

Awesome Tattoo Shop 8/3/2008

This tattoo shop is one of the best shops that i've ever been to. Their customer service is outstanding, they are friendly and it gives you a warm feeling when you walk in. They have amazing artwork displayed around throughout the entire shop. Their not like all the other tattoo shops i've been to, where they dont greet you and are not willing to work with an idea of a certain artwork that you had created yourself. I got my tattoo done yesterday morning by Suzy Todd(Awesome artist). I love how my tattoo came out. It was better than what i had pictured it. I LOVE IT. Thank You. Yea it did took some time to get my tattoo having to go through a consultation and scheduling appointment. But I have to say it was well worth waiting for. They are artist that give and show their talent at its best. I am gladly to say that i finally found my tattoo shop, and i know for a fact that i'll be back to get more ink from these wonderful Ladies. To anyone that wants a good quality tattoo this is the place to come to. Pros: female artists Cons: 0 more

-Artisitc Tattoo's vs. Regular Joe's!- 8/3/2008

Are you serious about getting a tattoo? Or are you one of those people who just walk into any random tattoo shop demanding a tattoo you just picked off the wall? Here's the deal; after walking into countless tattoo shop's all through many cities, there has only been one shop by far that has been the most impressive. I have noticed one thing about Washington tattoo shop's, they only reject you and send you back out the door. Walking into these random tattoo shop's all you see are clip art images that they either ordered or printed off the internet, posted all over the wall or even in their "portfolio's." If your really serious about getting an awsome tattoo and are one of those people who would rather wait until they have found the right shop and the right artists? Than I suggest Vyvyn's Tattoo shop located directly behind the Pike Market Place in Seattle Washington. This shop is no typical tattoo shop, instead its more inspiring, creative, and straight to the point kind of shop. This shop is filled with outrageous art pieces, magazine reviews, and the artists interests in culture. They greet you when you walk into their shop and present you with their amazing portfolio's in which display their actual work and not some clip art images. You will not be disapointed with the finished product and your tattoo will look awsome! You know their serious about their work when they actually take the time to sit with you and discuss your options and outcomes of your decision. They are not your typical random shop, they are serious about the business and are willing to set the desired time that is needed. I definitely recommend Vyvyn's Tattoo Shop, check it out for your self. Prop's to all of you awsome Chick's! Pros: All Women Artist's Cons: Parking depends more

Completely impressed with my beautiful tattoo!!! 7/1/2008

I researched tattoo shops before coming to Seattle and my first impressions of Madame Lazonga's website lead me to drop in while I was in town. I am so glad I did! The ladies working there are so kind and I did not feel awkward walking into their store. They went above and beyond to help me with my design ideas and I felt very at home and welcome there. Jacqueline was my tattoo artist and I highly recommend her. She is bright, funny, and very talented. My tattoo turned out so beautiful and is truly a piece of art that I am proud to wear around! Pros: Artistic, clean, nice staff Cons: Parking more


The atmosphere was mediocre. Just your common tattoo shop. Cluttered with trinkets & random artwork. Except they charge $100 reguardless of the tattoo. My best friend & I went in to get matching script and came out with two totally different tattoos. Mine was worst of all. My script was screwed! And my friends tattoo looked like amature hour. Fill in the blanks style. At least hers was fixable. Mine on they other hand was a disaster. I wanted fine script. And came out with a major screw up. To make matters worst after I complained about the poor quality & high cost. I was told that it was probably my fault. And what did I want to do about it! Can you believe that! They offered to have their "oldest" artist correct it. But, after my first experience there was no way I was going to have any of those women work on me. All I have to say is that I will never refer anyone to get work done by these women. Not only is the quaility of there work shotty at best they over charge. So don't waste your time or money! Pros: women artist Cons: poor quality & high cost more

Unbeatable tattoo experience 2/22/2008

Vyvyn's Tattoo, a.k.a. Madame Lazonga's, is simply wonderful. The atmosphere is surprisingly warm, relaxed and welcoming for a place where you can really get some serious ink, and the artists are friendly, fun, and wildly talented. I got a fairly large tattoo, maybe 15x7 inches, over the top of a smaller one about 13 years old. It was designed and beautifully executed by Suzy Todd, who's the apprentice there right now. I have to think, only at Vyvyn Lazonga's would the 'apprentice' produce some of the very best body art you'll see anywhere! The design is gorgeous, original and beautifully balanced, it suits my body shape well, the lush colors are shaded in lovely detail and delicacy, and the cover of the old design is impeccable. I can't imagine going anywhere else! Pros: Fantastic, beautiful work, friendly people, relaxing atmosphere Cons: they don't have their own parking, but that's par for the course in Seattle more

Legendary Tattoo Artist & Talented Company 9/13/2005

Vyvyn has been a tattoo legend for many years and I'm glad she makes Seattle her home. She did my first truly large tattoo and it even won an award at the National Tattoo Convention! She's expanded her shop in Pike Place Market, added three more artists and a piercer and henna artist. Melissa Thompson is also working with Vyvyn now and she is really an up and coming tattoo star. Her work is outstanding. It's a really cool and comfortable place, and all the artists are truly talented. For your first tattoo or your next the all female crew at Madame Lazonga's is one of the BEST in the city. Pros: Custom Work, Highly Skilled, Award Winning Cons: Parking more
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Owner Message

  • At Madame Lazonga's Tattoo you will find a friendly staff dedicated to the art of body beautification. We take pride in our comfortable environment and welcome you whether you're just curious, or if you're into collecting large body art.

    The shop's owner, Vyvyn (Pronounced Viveen) Lazonga, began tattooing in 1972 and has had a shop in the famous historic Pike Place Market since 1989. She is world renowned for her art and has garnered many awards in her many years of tattooing. For much of that time she worked alone, and managed everything herself (no easy feat!). In recent years she has brought together a small crew of talented artists to create a safe, and inviting environment where clients can get beautiful custom tattoo work without the intimidation or stress you might find in some of today?s busy street shops.

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    Monday-Saturday 12:00-7:00 pm Sunday 12:00-5:00 pm
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    Pike Place Market, Downtown