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Macy's UGG Shop - 26 Reviews - 151 W 34th St, New York, NY - Women's Clothing Reviews - Phone (212) 494-4586

Macy's UGG Shop

151 W 34th St
New York, NY 10001
(212) 494-4586
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Macy's UGG Shop - New York, NY
Macy's UGG Shop - New York, NY
Macy's UGG Shop - New York, NY


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The Macy's on 34th street takes up the entire block, and it has everything


Macy's Herald Square has one of the best women's lingerie departments going. The selection is vast, and you're bound to find something that actually fits. However, their staff cou...

has everything : ) 1/10/2012

this macys has everything its very exciting to go in here especially during the holiday time its so nice and warm around that time more

Lets go to Macys! 7/7/2011

The Macy's on 34th street takes up the entire block, and it has everything more

Macy's 6/20/2011

Macy's in New York City is a tourist location, Well known through out the world. All out of towners want to visit this department store giant and purchase at least a key chain to say they were there. This location is actually their Flag Ship Store, and used to be the largest store in the world for many years. You can buy clothing, jewelry, electronics, cosmetics, housewares, the list goes on. As far as pricing I consider this store a mid-range level department store. The best time of year at this store is during the holiday months. They put up beautiful, phenomenal window displays and decorations inside the store. This location has a Starbucks and McDonalds. For the ladies, check out the stockings section, they have a large variety. I love their ample selection. If you are visiting from out of state, even if it is New Jersey or Connecticut, make sure you stop by the customer care office and show them your State ID. This will grant you a 10% savings on your purchase. more

Macy's - the worlds largest store 5/16/2011

Macy's is a New York institution, and the world's largest department store. This place is huge! It is worth stopping off at customer services for the 10% off if you are visiting from another country but this unfortunately does not apply to cosmetics. I wouldn't say this place sells much you can't get elsewhere in New York, but it is still worth seeing and like all New York department stores the Christmas Windows are amazing. They offer an amazing range of merchandise an apparel, at prices which are appealing for overseas visitors, particularly as the US dollar exchange rate is so favorable. It’s hard to describe even the size of this store of this store. It takes up an entire city block. Even if you don't buy anything here, its worth a stop just to see how huge the store is. The shop is a bit scruffy and the labels and items on offer a bit downmarket. A much more enjoyable shopping experience can be had at Bloomingdales, or if you're feeling very flush, Saks or Bergdorf's. Signs in the place are terrible so I walked probably every square foot of the place before finding the petite section and as usual found nothing interesting. If you've been to a regular Macys you won't be too surprised except for its size. more

Macy's - Good for mainstream clothes, but thieves with charg 4/18/2011

So... Now we know how Macy's is keeping their profits up. It is a nice enough store for mass made clothing and cooking stuff from Martha Stewart, but...\r \r For your own good PLEASE do not sign up for their credit card. They are CRIMINAL with their late charges. This is clearly how they are making the quarterly numbers. My payment processed 2 days after their due date and based on that they added late charges that ended up totaling $54 on a $17 initial charge. Then when I called they said that they would credit me back part of that but then wanted to charge me $14.95 for pay by phone. The guy on the phone was very aggressive and would never let me actually talk to a supervisor although I asked. I will be cancelling my credit card as soon as that goes through.\r \r So... if you really need your Polo shirt, dockers pants, or Martha Stewart Roaster... Pay with a normal credit card! Otherwise, go somewhere else. more

A department store in manhattan with diversity and variety 1/6/2011

Right in the middle of midtown, the best department store with the best accessories, makeup, flower shows, clothing, shoes, and housewear is there. Pretty much everything you need is there. Macy's is my favorite department store........... The most expensive brand name clothing and the most expensive makeup brands with high quality is located there. It also has a starbucks inside. Macy's have 9 floors or even more. People from everywhere come here to shop. at time there are discounts. The store varies from wigs to wedding dresses and groom wear. There is a sextion for people at every age. They also sell schoolwear ad the best perfumes, especially Chanel. Now on the fourth of July it is muder here. Crowds are so enourmous for the fireworks, that people block almost every street in the city, which causes delays in transportatrion and even more crowds. Security is on your but on that day. The west side highway is crowded as hell,a nd people sleep there several nights before the half hour fireworks display. Even trying to go to the jersey waterfront, the same amount of crowds of people, so you can't escape the crowds, do to Macy's fireworks. Forget about driving a car near there on that day, you'll take untill midnight to get back home. People from the boroughs, naighboring boroughs, other states, and even other other countries come to see the show. The most NYC crowded day of the year. In the spring time, there is a beautiful spectacular flower show. At times they have a puppet show in the winter. more


I've worked here for only 2 days, I couldn't take it anymore, my co-workers were all unprofessional, when I went to the interview, I specifically told my manager that I've had no cosmetic sales experience and she told me that there would be no worries I would have. Great colleges and I would have someone ""guide"" me...YEA RIGHT! all I got were attitudes, every one talking behind each others backs and really bad energy. 2 out of 15 of my colleagues were helpful. The worst place ever! more

welcome here 9/7/2010

Over 200 famous brands,over 80000 products,incredible price,free shipping.If you are looking for footwear,clothing,bags&handbags,jersy and accessories,think about it.welcome to 365buyonline more

Largest Store in the World!!! 9/7/2010

I always come here to do my shopping whenever I can. Superb selection from the world best designers and great prices create a shopping experience like no other. With 8 floors of retail space, each floor seems looking like a mile long of clothing space. It is slightly difficult to search through the entire store without dedicating some free time during the day. There is always something for everyone and that is why Macy's at Herald Square rules the retail world. The only downside is that most of the employees don't show emotion when helping out customers. It doesn't seem as if there were not concentrated at all, but it does not deter from a great shopping experience. more

No Longer Macy's Standard 6/12/2010

totally agree with the previous two reviews. years ago, things were done differently. what brought me back to the place was based on my previous years' experiences with people being nice, welcoming, and knowledgeable. and mostly importantly, efficient. but they are gone. the current people working there show little respect to customers and to their own job. they don't need to smile to show their professionalism (it's a plus, though), but their dimeanor tells people clearly that they have little interest in serving you. these people can't be bothered when they are talking to their friends . when they finally have to turn their face to you, they look at you expressionlessly and utter something you'd have to ask them twice to fully understand. i had never had to make another appointment to have my eyes re-examed for a pair of reading glasses; everything could be done while i was there. that was why i've been a vision express customer for many years. but now they'd want me to come back again for the eye exam. and they can't even reserve the frame that I chose just for a couple of days. i gave up! it's no longer ""express"" and it no longer makes you feel you are a valued customer. bye. Pros: housed in Macy's Cons: everything else more

terrible service 2/2/2010

Don't be fooled by the good ratings . They are all from a few years ago. The sales person was not knowledgable of the different types of lenses and never gave me options to choose from. When my frames were delivered the lenses were loose and not cut right , not to mention uneven . I returned them twice and still they could not get the lenses done correctly. When I tried to return the glasses , I found out that Macy's customer service can not help with the dispute since technically, they only rent from Macy's. Bottom line you are left with no warranty whatsoever.Best advice avoid them at all cost more

Macys has gotten ""LOW CLASS"" 9/10/2009

First let me say the reviews for MAcys Hearld Sqaure store itself have been taken down so i had to write this review here under Vision Express. As a native Nyer, My Mom took me to Macy's as a kid, always a wonderful store with great memories. In recent years I have seen Macy's Herald Square decline. Firstly the salespeople go out of their way to ruin your day and be rude and nasty... They hate their job and their lives and take it out on the customers, they act very ""street-like"" like they are working in a dollar store in the worst area of NYC.. As a Macy's customer I have an elite visa card with them as does my Mother, we spend alot of money there.. Some examples of street like behaviour I have recieved here.. I was shopping with my Mom at Elizabeth Arden, My Mom was interested in buying an eyeliner, the salesgirl was starring at her like she wanted to beat her up the whole time, when my Mom asked simple questions she laughed in her face like my mother is an idiot, then winked at her co-worker and they both laughed for no reason at all and rolled their eyes. 2nd example of rudeness.. I tried on some clothes in the fitting room,3 items that did not fit, as I am coming out, the lady who works in the fiitting room says in a nasty tone ""NOTHING FIT""? I say ""no"", she rolls her eye at me and says ""you mean you could not find anything that fit""? and then she makes noises with her mouth at me.... I just spent $1,000 the same day on a Coach bag btw. 3rd example of rudeness.. As a Macy's elite care customer i am sent $24 certificates to use. I hand over the certificates to the cashier, she yells at me like she wants to beat me up,, ""YOU CANT USE COUPONS"".. I explain that their certificates and i can use them, she yells at me more. Had to call a manaher over who corrected her and i was able to use them. 4th example of rudeness: I was using the bathroom and the bathroom cleaning lady started screaming at the customers saying ""you're all a bunch of filthy pigs who dont clean up"" I heard a lady say she was going to report her... As for Vision Express, I was verbally abused here for no reason by an unprofessional salesperson.. Sadly Macys has gone downhill by hiring rude, steet talk staff. JC Penney's staff are 100% more professional and classy than Macy's. As a lifelong Macy's customer I have decided to cancel my card with them even though I am given $100's of dollars in certifcates because I spend alot of money. Its a shame but I will be shopping at JC Penney now, Lord and Taylor, and Saks. Pros: Huge selection Cons: Rude, low class employees more

I'm not a big shopping fan but you need to see this Macy's if you visit NYC 11/17/2007

In most other cities, Macy's is just one store in a shopping mall. In Manhattan, the Macy's on 34th is bigger than most malls in other cities. This place takes up two Manhattan city blocks and is 9, count 'em, 9 floors. I thought that only part of it would be Macy's and there would be other stores in the building. Nope, it's ALL Macy's. The window displays are attractions on their own and you need to see the wooden escalators, which are probably some of the oldest escalators that are still in use today. I didn't buy anything but I was just amazed at how big this place was. more

Avoid the one day sales and holiday rush! 11/18/2006

Came here for the one day sale preview on a tuesday and this place was a mad house! Holiday sales staff don't know what the hell theyb are selling and dont' know store policies. No shpping carts wven though they are supposed to be supplied to you so you have to figure how to carry large and heavy items around with you around the store. Many itmes are sold out early and you can get pretty frustrated here fast. Don't bring the kids since there is no room for baby strollers and with the crowds here you WILL lose track of your kids. The Cellar is the worse! Place is so unorganized and so many things are sold out fast. No one around on the floor to help you. Next time I'll buy my stuff online!!!!!!! Pros: Some itmes with good prices Cons: CROWDED!, poor sales help, staff doesn't have any knowledge of store policies or sales more

A Must See When In NYC 4/29/2006

I've been to Macys so many times and I love it. It's so nice to go into a department store and have great people wanting to help you. THe variety is excellent. I live on Long Island, and every Macy's I've been to is okay, but nothing compares to the one in NYC. The pricing is great, from expensive and designer items to regular things. My favorite things are Cucina & Co.(great fruit bar), Bliss Product Counter(only sold in this Macys) and the Juniors department on the fourth floor. If you're going to NY, this is one place you have to visit! Pros: Pricing, Service, Cucina & Co. Cons: Crowds , Tourists, Crowds more

Fabolous! 1/3/2006

I love Macy*s. It's just the best. Excellent variety, good value, GREAT service. Pros: Service, Variety, Inexpensive Cons: A bit stressy more

the one and only 7/10/2005

True fact: I hate shopping and I hate crowds. But I do love to visit Macy's Cellar, to ride the escalators all the way to the top floor, to browse around, and just to soak up the environment. It is said Macy's has the oldest wooden escalators in America, and kids of all ages will enjoy the ride even if only window shopping. more

Macys 7/20/2004

Brill store I love it. I live in England and was gop smacked by the size of Macys but every year I come I spend a forture. Its very resonable on prices there a excellent section for the less rich like my self ie DNKY etc and J LO. Pros: excellent choice, cool gifts, very clutter free Cons: , Not any von dutch more

Amazing department store!! 8/9/2003

I come from a small town where we only have department stores like JCPenney, Filene's, and Sears. So when I saw this store...woah! Floors and floors (10, to be exact) of gorgeous designer clothing. I especially love the young men's department, where you'll find D&G(Dolce and Gabbana), Versace, Boss Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Ecko, Sean John, Rocawear, and so much more!! Pros: Great selections, A lot of floors Cons: A bit expensive more

Feel like a million bucks... 6/24/2003

... at only half the cost. There isnt much that hasnt been said about this place. Their products run the gamut from clothes, to jewelry, to home appliances, to electronics, to gourmet food, to luggage, and upholstery. All of the highest quality and more often than not at prices that reflect that. Still though for us mere mortals that may never be able to afford a trip to Saks, this is as close as we can get to upscale shopping. This Macy's is of course the largest department store in the world and can be overwhelming when you first enter, all adding up to the sense of history that cements the venue as one of NY's great extravgences to the rest of the outside world. Pros: selection, atmosphere, window shopping Cons: prices, customer service, lines holiday season more
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  • In 1857, R.H. Macy opened his eponymous dry goods store in New York City. The tally of his first day's receipts: $11.06. These days, under the aegis of Federated Department stores, Macy's anchors...

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