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Macondo - 28 Reviews - 157 E Houston St, New York, NY 10002-1004, New York, NY - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (212) 473-9900


157 E Houston St, New York, NY 10002-1004 (at Between Allen and Eldridge)
New York, NY 10002
(212) 473-9900
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Macondo - New York, NY
Macondo - New York, NY


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Macondo....Get. Over. There! They have this brunch special that you buy one mimosa and you get a few more complimentary mimosas with your brunch! That's unheard of in this city. B...


I've been to Macondo twice for dinner- the first time was so unmemorable that when a friend made a reservation only a year later I didn't remember that I had been there until I ar...

Brunching in Little Italy 12/13/2012

While I was staying in Little Italy I thought I would take advantage of the location try out Macondo, on... more

Brunching in Little Italy 12/13/2012

LaughAttack001 Provided by Partner
While I was staying in Little Italy I thought I would take advantage of the location try out Macondo, on Houston Street (between Allen and Eldridge... more

Trendy, but food is not good 5/15/2011

I've been to Macondo twice for dinner- the first time was so unmemorable that when a friend made a reservation only a year later I didn't remember that I had been there until I arrived. The second time the food was just OK. Most of the reviews talk about the drinks and fusion of ingredients but they don't actually talk about the taste of the food - which is not good! There were 4 of us so we tried a lot of different dishes - the pescado tacos, enchilada de pollo, and the tuna flatbreads and I wasn't impressed by any of them. I think the reason that people go there is because it is a trendy fusion restaurant on the LES and people want to feel hip by eating there. If you are not one of those people and just want delicious food, then I don't recommend trying it! more

Awesome Brunch!! 12/2/2010

Macondo....Get. Over. There! They have this brunch special that you buy one mimosa and you get a few more complimentary mimosas with your brunch! That's unheard of in this city. Brilliant guys! And it's not just some Tropicana and cheap's a choice of three amazing flavors..all made with fresh fruits (insane). I was so impressed. Drinks aside, the food was brilliant. The torrijas, basically a Latino version of French toast, and the pancakes with fresh blueberries, were my favorites for brunch. My friend had the steak and eggs which was unreal. The meat was so juicy and it was presented sliced over fresh greens with a sunny-side egg on top. These corn arepas also came with the dish and are officially my new favorite thing in the world. i asked our waitress, who was so helpful and informative by the way, if we could have two more arepas and she made it happen. Two thumbs way up. To make brunch even more fun, the bathroom walls are made of chalkboard! So you can write funny comments or draw pictures, etc. Awesome idea! Love this place. more

Amazing Tapas 10/13/2010

Ate here last night. Food and cocktails were outstanding. Interesting ingredients mixed...tough to find around the city. Nice vibe also. more

At least the cooks are Latino 8/1/2010

I could eat the Chorishrimp every day for a while. The bocadilla and arepa were whateves. It is funny to see gringos pedal fancy latin street food in a posh LES setting. A great marketing appeal none the less. I will go back for those camarones con patacones and try a few different sides next time and a new drink too. Go make your own decision... Pros: Camarones, Sangria Cons: Its kinda fake more

Great place to party 3/8/2010

Last Friday, March 5 had a Birthday party at Macondo. That was the best party I've ever had.\r \r First of all, this was a theme party: Wig and Glasses. The restaurant was completely willing fully to receive a creative and fun party like mine.\r \r We were about 50 people. The appetizers came overnight, always well served and always delicious. The variety was vast. My friends, both locals and foreigners were happy with the food and service.\r \r Considering the amount of people, the drinks always arrive on time. Cocktails at Macondo are spectacular.\r \r Beverage service was simply excellent. Despite the number of people, the checks were perfect and clear. Hostesses, waiters, waitresses, the staff service was excellent. \r \r The atmosphere, the music, the lighting was fantastic. That was the best place to make a party like this\r This party will be unforgettable.\r \r Thank you Macondo for a great night.\r Pros: Food, service, drinks, atmosphere more

rude waiter 9/14/2009

our waiter was the most obnoxious waiter by far. he was very pushy from the start by trying to sell us drinks and the special of the night - the whole roasted pig ( with the face attached). keep in mind it was a monday night after work and a few girls just trying to enjoy a dinner, we did not need a roasted pig staring at us at the table. when we told him we were not interested, he immediately was so rude and unhelpful. none of us were familiar w/ the latin menu so we obviously had questions, but it was almost as if he was offended by us. this is a place that i'll never go back to. there are too many other good restaurants with the same genre of food with much better service. i've never felt so cheated from a dining experience. Pros: atmosphere Cons: creepy and rude waiter more

Great Late Night Dining! 8/29/2009

My boyfriend and I stumbled into this wonderful restaurant after a late showing at the Sunshine Theater. The food was absolutely delicious! We were pretty unfamiliar with the Latin cuisine on the menu but the server was very helpful with detailed descriptions and we loved everything that was recommended. In fact, the Cuban sandwich was so good, we ordered one to go and took it home with us! I would recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a casual place to eat on the Lower East Side. Not too sceney, but hip and fun. And the cocktails are fabulous! Pros: Delicious Food and Good Service more

Great for a night out with friends~!! 6/28/2009

Went out on a double date & had a fabulous time!! Didn't have any problem getting a table on a rainy Friday at about 8pm but the place filled up shortly thereafter. The waitress (Charlotte i think) was enthusiastic and very attentive to every detail. We ordered an assortment of food to share & a pitcher of the tamarind tequila drink- soo good & not too sweet. The server recommended this specialty sparkling beer drink which you use a flask to drink out of & it proved a great time for all. The food came out one thing tastier than the other- the manager came over and said hello and even sent out a few things just because. The dessert of churros & donuts wasn't too memorable but they were a tasty way to finish the meal. We stayed for over 2hrs and they didn't push us out or make us feel unwelcome ever. I will definitely return to try some more food items & their long tasty drinks. Having worked in many restaurants i appreciate when i can go out and be treated well just because and for that i give this place 5 stars!!! Pros: good food, drink & service, reasonable Cons: smaller drink sizes more

come on, be less obvious 6/10/2009

As somebody else pointed out, most 5 star reviews here have one thing in common: the reviewer has never written about another place, except two people who also gave their sister restaurant Rayuela 5 stars. Sounds suspicious ?, imho rather amateurish, but unfortunately very common and easy to do on this site and others. Let the dice fall where they may, people. If you guys at Macondo are good enough, it will show eventually, but please don't try to manipulate us with these fake testimonials. Having said that, I am going this week and will report about it. Hope Kevin Spacey is not sitting next to me, I'd prefer Benicio del Toro. Pros: enthusiasm, trying (too) hard Cons: dubious critics more

Best cocktail ever! 3/11/2009

Loved It!\r \r I was there last Thursday and waited for my friend at the bar while having a cocktail made with... avocado???? (a little risky I must say... some sort of frozen avocado drink mixed with a hard core Latin liquor) Absolutely amazing!!! Turned out to be that my friend never showed up and so I decided to stay for dinner at the bar. I had three to-die-for tapas including one named pastelon something made with plantains and beef and manchego cheese... Wow!\r \r I wish my ""friend"" would've been there with me. We're trying again next Friday. It's been a while since I've been to a place where I go for the risky options (I'm addicted to the flavors I know) and leave the place more than satisfied.\r \r Beautiful experience. more

Casual hipness with style comes to the Lower East Side 3/10/2009

There are two kinds of restaurants on the LES. One of them is the ultra modern overpriced (com'on its the LES) eateries and the other the neglected dump. Macondo offers the perfect blend of hipness and style in a space that is cool and reasonably priced. Macondo's great savory tapaz are a great welcoming addition to the neighborhood. The reason my friends and I chose this place recently is because we are all on a budget, however we still wanted to eat good food in a great environment. Macondo was the perfect choice. Appropriate service, great music and delicious cocktails made our experience extremely pleasurable. Since there were 6 of us we pretty much tried everything on the menu. There was not one dish that i wish we did not order. Cocktails were flowing, music was blasting and great times were had by all. Pros: Great vibe, good food, excellent cocktails and great music Cons: Extremely busy place so there might be quite a wait for a table more

Edible Shitshow 3/1/2009

Don't let the fancy exterior fool you, the service at Macondo is one hairsbreadth away from that of your local McDonalds-- wait-- Duane Reade. Atrocious. We waited over an hour to be seated after being told by the inept hostesses the wait was 20 minutes. $9 cocktails that taste like watered-down popsicles, bland, lukewarm tacos, a spacey waitress who only materialized every 30 minutes... save yourself the headache. Pros: good location? Cons: watery, over-priced drinks, forgettable food, horrendous service more

Best latin cocktails in NYC - highly recommend! 11/17/2008

I'm a huge fan of latin food & cocktails, but I have yet to find somewhere remotely authentic until now. Macondo's food & drinks are truly innovative & delicious! The service was great, and I loved the atmosphere - especially the chalk-board walls in the bathroom to write quotes on. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and my Tamarindo + Tequila cocktail. I HIGHLY recommend this place! Pros: Ambiance, drinks, creative tapas more

Comida extraordinaria; trato excelente; ambiente maravilloso; decoracion de ensue?o 10/17/2008

He probado casi todos los platos y tengo que decir que la comida es dificilmente mejorable: me da la sensacion que estoy comiendo esas comidas, irrepetibles, que hacia mi abuela con mucho cari?o y sis preocuparle el tiempo. Me encuentro como en casa, rodeado con los amigos que quiero en un ambiente de ensue?o. Merece la pena frecuentarlo. more

A Nobel Prize Winner It Is Not 9/26/2008

Although based on the award winning Gabriel Garcia Marquez novel, Cien A?os de Solidad (One Hundred Years of Solitude), Macondo shares none of the attributes associated with the critically acclaimed work. A clever idea though, with nice decor and a cool Spanish street fare theme going on, but sadly the rest is very inconsistent. We went there expecting a wonderful spanish meal, but the result was a throughly tasteless, underseasoned, and well, bland, experience. \r \r First of all, for a ""tapas"" place, the items on the menu are oddly portioned and pretty pricy. Some things are tiiiiny, while the bocadillos were more than enough food. the waitress suggested 2 or 3 items per person, but depending on what you order, one might be enough. \r \r Not only does Macondo not accept Visa cards (which is ridiculous in my opinion), they are highly overstaffed. The waitress would hover around us and refilled our water every 5 minutes, I'm not exaggerating. The food came fast, aaand was taken away fast as well. A waiter tripped over some lady's bag and dropped what he was carrying, splattering sauce al over my backside and the coat I had draped on my chair. He didn't even apologize! Eventually the waitress brought me some club soda and the manager came over to apologize, offering to pay for the dry cleaning of my coat. However, I would have preferred a refund of my evening and my dinner. \r \r Overall, Macondo has potential, but seriously steep prices for food and drinks and tasteless ""street fair"" aren't going to cut it. What's sad is that the decorations around the restaurant (boxes of salted clams, pickled items, ground coffee in cans) have more food in them than what arrives on your plate. But, try the yucca fries, they're the only correctly seasoned item on the menu. Pros: Good atmosphere, interesting menu Cons: underseasoned food, steep prices, pesky waitstaff more

Sweet corn tamale that barely showed up... 9/11/2008

The food was amazing, served hot and fresh. The style of the restaurant is very clever and well thought out. \r Seems they use a lot of really interesting things like refurbished airline seats and plywood molded into beautiful booths.\r \r It was slightly startling when my girlfriends main course came before even the appetizer...then all of sudden after she was done her main course everything came all at once and then we were rushed.\r \r I was still chewing my last bite, when the plates were zipped away and I had my fork in my hand....\r \r It's a good idea to ask what you are ordering if you are not sure what the items are on the menu, just in case you think you are getting a sweet corn tamale, instead you get a black sausage, with some sort of brown goo that looks completely unappetizing with a garnish of a sweet corn tamale that you'd been dreaming of. However the tamale was amazing....\r \r Service not so great, but food is wonderful. Pros: Ambiance, Food, Drinks Cons: Service more

The best new hot spot!!! 8/12/2008

I went to macondo as soon as they openned and sure enough the place was packed.\r The ambience is trendy charming and well put together. You'll often run into celebrities, on one night I sat next to Kevin Spacey, and I went again and the miss universe was there with a party of 20 beatiful girls.\r \r The tapas are amazing ( I recommend the ""Buenos Aires coca) \r \r Im definetely taking everyone i know to Macondo.\r This place is happening!!!!!\r Pros: everything Cons: amex or cash only more

Best tapas place in Town!!!!!!!!! 8/12/2008

Fastastic tapas!!!!! And the avocado mezcal smoothie is worth the trip alone! Great place to relax and unwind with friends while enjoying delicious food and friedly staff.\r \r I highly recommend for large parties. more
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  • The Lower East Side goes tropical at this bright and airy bar, decorated with faux ivy and fruits suspended in nets that dangle from the ceiling. While the open kitchen serves savory street eats...

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