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M Gym - 56 Reviews - 201 E 67th St, New York, NY - Aerobics Classes Reviews - Phone (212) 327-2170

M Gym

201 E 67th St (at Between 2nd Avenue and 3rd Avenue)
New York, NY 10065
(212) 327-2170
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M Gym - New York, NY



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This gym is the bomb, it's super clean and energetic. I've met the owner of the gym and he's one of the most friendly man i have ever met in my life. He's very intelligent, and he...


I'm surprised to see so many bad reviews, especially based on how much these guys seem to build themselves up. But, I'm gonna have to agree with the negative reviews, unfortunatel...

Best of the Best 2/26/2012

This gym is the bomb, it's super clean and energetic. I've met the owner of the gym and he's one of the most friendly man i have ever met in my life. He's very intelligent, and helpful. The staff is very friendly and welcoming that makes me want to stay in there as much as i can. Every one that goes to the gym seems very happy and pleasant and i would clearly understand why. This is definitely one of my favorite place in the city. Thank you guys for being awesome and generous! -Raquel more

GYM IS AWESOME!! 2/22/2012

This gym is one of the best gyms around in the area. People are nice, as well as the staff. It's always clean and always exceeding other people's expectations. I've read the negative reviews but it clearly seems those people are out of their minds. Everyone is so nice and helpful and I truly can't think of a better place to maintain your fitness lifestyle. I truly recommend this gym to anyone who lives in the area. I've yet seen something negative about this place. Thanks guys for being so helpful and giving a lot to the community! more

Great gym 2/17/2012

This is a great, clean and tranquil space to work out. I just signed up 2 months ago (I was a long time, and now ex-member of NYSC) and really appreciate that there's no wait or huge lines for any of the equipment I need even on busy week nights. I prefer using free weights and the treadmills but they have everything you'll need. Also, the front desk and training staff are super helpful and friendly which makes training here pretty chill and awesome. As for the super negative review from thecactus - it seems like a super bitter ex-employee with a huge ax to grind, retaliated via the internet....a pretty sleazy and gutless move. M gym has been nothing but an exceptionally professional experience. more

come here to seriously work out, not just hang out... 2/16/2012

I've been a member of M Gym for over five years...when it was first Monqi Fitness. I'm thrill to see the updated equipment and massive face-lift the place got in the past few years. They keep the gym spotless and cozy. It's a smaller gym vs a gigantic Equinox or LA Sports Club but then again, it's a lot more personal than those other places. The trainers and staff know you by your name. It's not a place for you to show up and look pretty. You go, you sweat and work out, and you leave. End of story. There's no let-me-try-to-upsell-you with expensive smoothies or salads. There's no spa or fancy bodywash and lotion in the showers. It's a place you go be serious and work out. That's what gyms are for. I've read a couple of the negative reviews that all seemed to appear within a few days of one another. And I felt I needed to step up and defend this place as a long-standing member. I've been training at this gym for over 5 years and often twice a week and I have never once heard anyone on the staff act or speak disrespectfully to each other or to a member. What I do see are the owners run around managing the staff closely to keep the towels stocked, the equipment and floors clean, and be thoughtful to their members. That's a GOOD sign. That's a well-runned gym and a well-staffed gym. more

A great gym... Super clean & cozy 2/15/2012

I absolutely love M Gym... The gym has everything one would need for a great workout or training session. Definitely one of the very best boutique gyms in the city and I have been to a lot of them. The staff is friendly and attractive. They are constantly adding new classes and bringing in new equipment... It is a very well run club... The larger chained gyms could learn a lot from this place. I'm an upper eastsider and a former member of equinox and the sports club la... horriblle, inexperienced trainers at both locations... I found a trainer at M Gym that is just incredible. I'm hooked for life. more

great gym and staff 2/13/2012

My wife and i are members and love the place. I don't understand the reviews below, a former employee with a grudge perhaps......As far as I am concerned, it is not very complicated. Anyone with a head on their shoulders would figure out that taking group classes has nothing to do with personal trainers or the owner. The customer is always right, but there is no customer involved here. I come, do what i have to and go about my day. It is clean, up to date and people are friendly. more

The Customer is Always Right! 2/7/2012

I'm surprised to see so many bad reviews, especially based on how much these guys seem to build themselves up. But, I'm gonna have to agree with the negative reviews, unfortunately. I don't know anything about the employees, or how they work or get along with each other, frankly not my business, but what bothers me is how they treat us, the customers. I came here a few times before to take some classes. Personally, I think their attitudes leave much to be desired. The trainer was rude, the front desk person was rude. I felt like I was ""bothering"" them when I asked questions, and their responses reeked of sarcasm. I think people should not own a client-based business if they do not like working with customers, or if they lack patience to deal with people. Just a thought. On the other hand, a pro is that the equipment was nice and clean. But, who wants to go to a place where your service as a customer feels unappreciated? Not me. Honest opinion, 24 hour fitness on Lex has both nice clean equipment AND great staff! That's where I spend my money now! :-) more

Wonderful Gym 2/6/2012

I don't know why some people say people here is rude... I have been working out here for about a year and a half, and I have NEVER heard/seen anyone yelling or bullying - in fact, people here is really great.The staff & trainers are nice, bright, and helpful. I like their brand-new equipment and its clean environment. It's a great place to work out! more

Great Place to Work!!! 2/4/2012

In response to thecactus012, this clearly is the case of a disgruntled employee who rather than accept the fact she was terminated due to her incompetencies has launched a personal attack on the head trainer of M Gym when finally asked to leave. During her short-term employment, she did not comply with the company?s directives and became very defiant when corrected. She is so vindictive that she has even gone to the extent of having her friends write FALSE reviews to shame the business. The gym and its staff have been falsely represented. HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY. People should not use the Internet as a destructive tool when the problem is themselves!!! SHAME! SHAME! SHAME! As a female employee who has worked at the gym before she started and still continues to work until this day, I can say that her claims are highly fabricated and do not represent mine nor any other female at the gym. This personal attack is simply a way to cover up her own inefficiencies and personal issues that made it difficult for her to carry out her duties effectively. M Gym is a great place to work!!! The head trainer is amazing and very helpful as well as other staff and Management. Come and see for yourself!!! :-) It is a great gym to workout!!! more

very happy here... 1/30/2012

It makes me sad when I read reviews that are so far from the truth. I have been a member here for while, when it was Monqi. The equipment is awesome and it is so clean and things just seem to be very organized. I think the gentleman that took over the place has been nothing but warm and welcoming. He always says good morning to my husband and I. I have discussed with him my back injury and he gave me some great tips on how to safely use the machines. He actually had one of his trainers stretch me and it was amazing..if only i can afford a trainer. Prices for which are very reasonable for this neighborhood and after the tax season I just might. My husband and I are small business owners ourselves and I know how hard it is to wear so many hats and impossible to make everyone happy. Few words to the guys are a nice place and ignore the negativity! more

Sneaky Unethical Business Practices... Shameful! 1/26/2012

I actually wrote this review on google about a week ago.... but I realized, why hold this information from the other review sites as well? People need to know! I just created an account here for the sake of sharing this experience. Sneaky Unethical Business Practices....shame on you! They WILL jerk you for your money given the opportunity. Before purchasing anything, make sure to read the brochure thoroughly before confirming to buy it. If you ask the owner without consulting the brochure to refer to first, he will give you a higher price (than what is writted on the brochure). If he manages to cheat you for your money, it is guaranteed that he will laugh about it later with his business partner. Yes, I have witnessed this in action, a poor gym regular cheated out of a good fifty bucks. Shameful, just shameful. more

Wouldn't Spend My Money or Time Here 1/26/2012

I only came here because my friend told me about it and gave me a pass. She used to complain alot about the owners there and that the staff was pretty rude; I came myself thinking it couldn't be so bad, but she was right! Daaaammmmnnn man, that big trainer guy is a bully! Is he the boss? I went to ask him a question, but he rudely just barked at another worker to help me instead! I'm so glad I dont work here - but I wouldnt come here to work out either. I like my trainers and gym people to SMILE!! I didn't even use the groupon I got - I sold it to my cousin and warned her, ""good luck!"" The only good thing is that the equipment looks all nice and new, but honestly..... who wants to pay to work out when all you hear in the background is angry yelling? Depressing!!! more

Terrible Place to Work - Head Trainer a Sexist Bully 1/20/2012

The worst place to work - ever. Okay, don;t get me wrong, we don't all have jobs that make us jump outta bed, eager to go to every morning, but my belief is that one should not have to DREAD going to work to the extent that I, as well as several other staff (ironically all women) felt. Also, I know we don't all LOVE our bosses... but there is a certain limit on just how much one should have to take from their boss or immediate supervisor. The owner/head trainer is, simply put, a sexist pig, who will not hesitate to belittle you with words or nasty comments, and expect you to shut up and take it - ESPECIALLY if you are a woman. Any opposition to his crude verbal abuse would result in unprofessional scolding (sometimes to the point of actually YELLING, right there in front of the clientele) and worse, to my experience just last night, physical contact. Now yesterday was not my first time being told things like ""You always do this wrong"", ""you can't do anything right"", ""when I tell you something, you just shut up and do it"", etc, etc... but apparently Mr. Ahmed Mohammed didn't like when I confronted him and told him I didn't appreciate his disrespectful tone and treatment of myself and the other female staff. When going to the computer to clock out of my account and leave for good, he continued to very loudly and unprofessionally yell at me, demean me, and get all up in my face while yelling, until he had the nerve to reach over the desk, and actually GRAB my hand from the computer mouse as I was still trying to log out of my work account. After a few more minutes of me confronting him with inappropriate touching on the workplace, and unprofessional disciplinary methods, I quit the job, walked out, and proceeded to write an email to the other person in charge, the Asian woman, about the incident, also informing her that I would likely file a grievance about the actions of her partner. I still have not even received a response from her (and after working here a few months, I am aware that she usually responds to work related emails within the hour, so I am going to assume that she is ignoring my predicament). Ladies, beware. more


Ive worked out in every gym, tried every class, done the videos, sampled the trainers. It was not until Method Gym and the ""other level"" trainers that I discovered what a transformative workout could be. Ahmed, Aimee and crew are intense, inspiring, informative and INSANE!! There is no better feeling than surviving a workout with one of the many talented trainers at Method. more

Best Trainer in NYC 6/21/2011

Super, small state of the art equipment and wonderful trainers. Ahmed Mohamed is from Egypt and is superior to anyone that I had at Equinox. more

LOVE MY BOSS !!!!!!! 6/20/2011

As an employee & fitness trainer at M GYM I've seen quite a few disgruntled employees who deem it acceptable to weep about their personal issues with anyone who will listen , right at the front desk mind you (as did cactus012/baka desu!!!) or to arrive late & expect to be greeted with a warm smile upon their arrival. When one is miserable, they look to take everyone down with them or to be the victims. While we all try to work as a team, there are certain behaviors which become intolerable in a place of work. Her lack of focus & poor self image are the main cause of her problems. I recall requesting of her to book appointments onto the gym calendar only to find it was ignored. I have worked for & with this Head Trainer/Owner to whom she refers, for more than 5 years now & have never been treated with any ""sexist"" or biased behavior, as I have proven myself to be both professional and reliable. Moreover, he has proven himself to be one of the most diligent, goal oriented and hardworking people I know. As former restaurant manager,I find it is imperative to draw the line between friendship and business. These days it is quite difficult to even find young people that respect their workplace & comply with the responsibilities required of them. It's a society of disrespectful youth, towards themselves, as well as others. Sadly this young girl comes from a poor upbringing & has reflected this from the way she presented herself, the way she spoke, and finally her tacky style to bash to someone who endured her issues for far longer than was necessary. more

CLEANIEST gym I've ever been in 6/13/2011

I usually don't write reviews, but after reading the one posted by ""Peck"", I just had to give my two cents because I have no idea what he/she is talking about. Method Gym is the CLEANEST gym I've ever used and their entire staff, including the one Peck referred to as nasty (and in my opinion, the reference to his nationality was really uncalled for), are some of the friendliest and caring trainers, etc I've seen. My wife and I only use the gym, but the staff is always encouraging, ready with info if we have questions and just supportive in a manner that you don't find in the big gyms. I don't think Peck and I were in the same gym because Method Gym is so clean that the floors literally gleam and the machines are so well taken care of I have never once felt squeeved (sp?) out about using the machines. And there are spray dispensers all over the gym for people to wipe up after themselves (although I see the gym's cleaning people hard at work every day) as well as hand sanitizer dispensers. But don't take Peck or my word for it (or my wife who has never liked going to gyms but loves Method because she feels so comfortable and cared about there) - check it out yourself. Guarantee you will find it just as impeccable and friendly as I do, with the latest equipment and every thing you need for a great workout. more

Very dirty, egyptian trainer a bully!! 5/19/2011

The machines are dirty, the handles are sticky, coffee spills on cardio machines, a total disaster. When I made a suggestion to have a wet towel dispenser, so people can clean after themselves, I had my head chewed up by the nasty egyptian trainer, he was very rude, and a total bully. I felt so embarrassed by his loud, passive aggressive behavior that I had to leave, and I will never go there again. Ladies, beware of BULLIES!!! more

A++ Professional - Clean - Beautiful 4/27/2011

Maximize your time and RESULTS with a superb, elite staff of trainers who diversify your work out. more

If you are interested in results.... 2/18/2011

I am a new mother who works 50 hours a week and my time is VERY limited. I train at Method gym 1-2 times a week and because the training staff is so professional and educated - I see results! I never have the same work out twice and they don't just have me do circuit training on the machines...I can do that myself. Also, I am drenched with sweat after each workout. The trainers are interested in their clients getting strong and fit - not having a therapy session. BTW - it is never overly crowded and it is certainly not a meat market. It is relaxed and not intimidating environment. People of all ages come to work out and get healthy. I recommend this gym 100%. more
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  • At M Gym, we aim to provide a relaxed and friendly workout environment for people who want to enhance the quality of their lives. With a variety of group fitness classes ranging from yoga, sculpt, dance and Zumba, to personal training sessions as well as gym use, M Gym combines effective workouts with an encouraging and friendly staff. We aim to create a unique atmosphere with more personal attention to help everyone make a positive difference in their lives both physically and mentally. Come in and take a tour of our facilities, and see for yourself the many services we have to offer. M Gym is your Upper East Side neighborhood fitness facility and we welcome you to come workout, and meet people in your neighborhood!


  • What separates this Upper East Side facility from other gyms is its pricing system--it's strictly pay-per-use; there's no monthly membership fee, and therefore no commitment. The offerings are...

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