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Lyons, Richard - Toothy

New York, NY 10013
(212) 349-2729
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I was there first as a general patient for cleanings and checkup. Then I decided to get braces as I was told they also have orthodontic procedures. Dr. Lyons was very nice and inf...


The orthodontist is well educated in his work but doesn't understand that his usual lower middle class clients cannot afford some treatments after signing a vague contract transit...

Great place to get dental work done 6/4/2009

I was there first as a general patient for cleanings and checkup. Then I decided to get braces as I was told they also have orthodontic procedures. Dr. Lyons was very nice and informed me of what needs to be done and what will be done. There were several consultations before putting on my braces which helped me a lot I did not feel lost on what were being done to me when I sat on the dentist chair. So don't worry if you are looking for a dental place for braces or anything else this is a great place to go to. His office is also really nice looking not like a regular dental office. Looked very high class. Put the only thing is I got lost trying to find the different areas to his office. Too much different stairs! more

Great place to get dental work done 6/4/2009

This dentist office is great, most of the treatments are done in the same office. I was an orthodontist patient there but needed implants because I was missing a tooth. I didn't have to go through the hassle of being redirected to another office. Instead the specialist is the one doing the traveling. They also have another sections in the office for the different dental procedures. Just that we have to walk up the stairs to brush our teeth before he works on our braces. more

Pretty office 5/31/2009

Dr.Richard M Lyons' dentist office is very pretty. His dental chairs are extremely modern and new unlike the other dentist offices you go to where they are still trying to hold everything together with duck tape. The only thing is he has three different parts to his office where you have to climb stairs to get to. But it is better than trying to cram everything in one area so it frees up space for the patients. more

All in One Package Office 3/9/2009

Dr. Lyons is the orthodontist at Dr. Toothys. Dr. Toothy is the most affordable place to get Invisalign. I am lucky to have found this place. I have finished with my Invisalign for about a year now and my teeth are still perfect. It took about a year and a half to finish my Invisalign. Dr. Lyons does everything by himself unlike other orthodontist where they have the assistants do it. Dr. Lyons doesn't charge for refinements and retainers unlike like other orthodontist. His office is very pretty and clean. The assistants are very professional and nice. Some might have a little accent but you can understand everything very clearly. During my Invisalign treatment, I had to have a filling done and the general dentist here is great. He is very professional and only will accept perfection. Dr. Lyons have great music choices. He plays the newest hit songs. Dr. Lyons is there almost everyday of the week. I think the only day he isn't there is Mondays. He even opens on weekends which is great for me. more

Wonderful Orthodontist 11/18/2008

Dr Lyons is the most knowledgeable and patient dentist. His assistants are the unbelievably great. Some of the assistants have accents but I can understand every word they say. Some of these reviews are saying that you have to walk up the stairs but I don’t see the problem, the waiting room you walk into is mostly crowded because they also have a general dentist. The orthodontist informed me about what we needed to do about my teeth and I followed all his instructions and in 2 years my teeth were perfect more

Fabulous Dental Office 11/18/2008

I went to Dr. Lyons for my orthodontic treatment 4 years ago.Dr. Lyons the orthodontist is fabulous.His assistants are the best and very professional.They might be college girls and boys but these are very intelligent young ladies and gentlemen. I took my braces off 2 years ago and my teeth are still perfect, I am often asked by people where I got my orthodontic treatment and I always recommend Dr. Lyons.I still go for my general dentist and Dr. Dmitry and he is the best.I definitely recommend this place. more

Do not recommend! 2/23/2008

I had braces for around 3 years. Dr. Lyons and his staff members have made my visits unbearable. His receptionists are rude and some barely speak a word of English. If you do not speak Chinese, forget it, it's almost impossible to understand them. He hires unprofessional high school -college aged girls to help patients. Dr. Lyons does not answer questions fully, he rushes you to get out after your 2 second procedure is finsished. The wait is 1+ hour. And when they actually do call your name in the loudspeaker, there are 5+ patients waiting near his room. The facility is not user-friendly, all his patients have to walk up 4-5 flights of stairs to get to a room to brush their teeth before seeing Dr. Lyons. The worst thing is after my braces came off, I still have gaps in my teeth. It was as if I never had braces. Extremely unsatisfied with his services. more

Very Professional Place 12/17/2007

Dr. Richard Lyons was recommended to me from a co-worker. This place was not only beautiful in the inside but the service was very professional. i had couple of consultations before I actually got the braces on. They allowed me to choose what kind of braces I wanted and the pros and cons of each. They explain to me step to step on what they were going to do on my teeth. They also provided me with a placksmacker kit which included all the things I needed to take care of my braces like toothbrush, floss, and stuff like that. They also told me that if I needed any refills for the stuff, I can go back and ask them for more. Also every half a year, they would tell me if I needed a cleaning for my teeth. If I didn't have a general dentist, they have a general dentist there. They have great service and provided me with a experience that left me with no regret of going there for my braces. more

The Place for All Your Dental Needs! 11/20/2007

I have been going to Dr. Lyons for many years. His office has a Saks Fifth Avenue style to it with many mirrors and spot lights in the waiting rooms unlike the other gloomy looking dentist I have been to. The environment is very different. Also the floors are so clean that I think I can eat off of the floors. I feel less nervous and he is great at what he does. His braces are like Tiffany's Diamonds. I love the place and the assistances are very helpful. If Dr. Toothy was a brand, it would be one of the best like Gucci. They also have other doctors like an general dentist, hygienist, endodontist ( the person who does root canals) and Dr. Lyons is also a specialist in Laser for cutting gums. My family goes to this office to get most of our dental services from here. It’s very nice and you get your braces and other dental needs here that are fantastic and for a very affordable price. more

Dr. Lyons is the Best Orthodontist in New York 10/24/2007

I have been a patient of Dr. Lyons for a many years. He's a really nice and understanding person. If you have any questions for him, he would answer them. He’s great in his field and have been exceptional helpful in getting my teeth straight. He asked me if I was happy with my teeth before he took them off. I still go there for yearly check up and he’s a great person and he is really funny which made my nervous go away. The assistants are helpful and if you ask them a question, they would answer it right on the spot. I would always go there on weekdays when it's not pack on the weekend. It's probably because most of the people are off on weekends and that's when they do go to the dentist. I took off my braces with straight teeth and a perfect smile. It's one of the better dentist office I've been to, most of the time I would only wait 2 hours but when I went to Dr. Lyons aka Dr. Toothy, I only waited for half an hour to an hour the most unless he's running late. He also let us knows through the intercom that he is late. more

A great orthodontist 12/2/2006

I am most disturbed at the review by this minor about the professionalism of dr. Lyons Besides being a great orthtodontist he is a great leader in his community where he practices. His retainers are great and he studies every patient before and after there visit. I was treated by Dr. Lyons and worked in his office also many many years ago my children come to him now more

ehh.... 11/27/2006

The orthodontist is well educated in his work but doesn't understand that his usual lower middle class clients cannot afford some treatments after signing a vague contract transitioning them to general orthodontics. As a patient of 2 yrs i was scarred from a 1cm uncut wire that left my cheek pierced..I was also undirected on how my rubber bands were to be put on..resulting in an under bite.but soon fixed...I believe 2 yrs was not enough to fix the damages done. After the temporary invisaligns intensified my already swollen gums..after taking them off, my retainers were made and did not result to my expectations. After my check-up, the $400.00 fee for a new pair of retainers to correct my teeth again was unmentioned in the contract......but a nice and understanding retainer specialist understood my situation and reformed my current retainers and my teeth now are fine.....i however paid $50.00, a cheaper and more affective procedure that was unmentioned yet again under the contract. I lost trust in Dr. Richard I. Lyons, he is juggling too many patients to focus on each individual and unique case. more

Great for Kids! 8/18/2005

This dentist is great for children all the way up to the teenage. The waiting room is packed with video game consoles and can accomodate up to 20 kids at once. It's perfect for the kids that get nervous before a checkup or even for parents who don't want to deal with out of control kids. Dr. Lyons accept most dental insurance but be careful, sometimes the minimum wage receptionist may bill you for the wrong exams so double check your invoices! more
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