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Luxe European Salon & Day Spa

385 N Franklin Tpke Ste 3
Ramsey, NJ 07446
(201) 825-4443
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I return often to Luxe for quality hairstyling, coloring, and keratin treatments. My hair has never looked better. I trust them to do what needs to be done and their advice is to...


It's changed, prices have gone up, personal attention to detail down, no more threading done and we're paying for the new salon in our price upgrades. I won't be going back as I...

Knowledgable, patient, quality,... 5/25/2013

I return often to Luxe for quality hairstyling, coloring, and keratin treatments. My hair has never looked better. I trust them to do what needs to be done and their advice is top notch. I have difficult hair as a frizzy brunette and they would not be able to make me look good if I demanded long blonde hair-- let them show you how to look great as I did so that you will. My hair is now dark, shoulder length, smooth and wavy. I love hearing how great I look! more

Go here 10/10/2012

Heather is the best I won't go any where else I just love my high llights more

Do not go there 9/17/2011

I have been going to Luxe for approx 6 months. I used Heather who was Ok (somewhat conservative). I always tipped very well and was always on time. For some reason the last time I went I was kept waiting for over 15 minutes and then left by the sink for over 20 minutes while Heather blew dry someone else's hair. When I asked Heather what was going on she simply started sputtering and lying to me. In short I was treated very badly and will not be going back. FYI Heather's highlighting really stinks. more

As said before, What Happened to a Former Good Shop? 2/17/2011

Linda is the only one I know left that was a good haristylist. The shop has changed drastically as have the prices. In the current economy, you don't continually raise your prices so high it pushes clients out the door. Especially when your services have gone downhill. Lux aka Eurostyle is dolled up in chocolate and white butter soft couches and matching seats even at the sink. Who is paying for the decorator used and the pricey items used when the move was made a few years ago? The clientele of course. I am disappointed in everything at Euro aka Lux and have moved onto another salon that has an excellent group of stylists and whose prices are much more reasonable. It's only a few miles difference from home, the workmanship is excellent, it's comfortable and not uppity like Euro/Lux and my cost is $50 less for what I have done. It's a shame the owners didn't handle all of this before they lost business and their good stylists. Then again, the owner is only there to get her own hair done. I wish I could give Euro no stars based on my last service there. My hair was choppy and it took over 2 months to grow out that horrible cut. more

Heather is the best 1/26/2011

It may take a couple of weeks to get an appointment but if your a woman with long hair its well worth it. If you need extentions she is the only one i have every used that i would recommend friends to. more

Greg's the best! 5/29/2010

Greg is the best colorist! He seems really lowkey, but he does awesome work. And he listens to what you want! more

What Happened to a former good shop 3/17/2010

It sounds like all the long time stylists are gone. Who is Greg? Who is on the desk with an accent? Euro Style/Luxe sure has changed and the prices did when they moved, over and over. I left less then a year ago and will never return. They straightened my hair and burned and ripped it out where I had little pieces sticking up on the top of my head! For over $300, I walked out with a wet head and 20% of my hair gone I saw once I blew it out at home. The girl that did the straightening had to go home and didn't have time to blow dry my hair. Now what is that about? I paid $300 plus gave some nice tips to everyone who worked on me. I didn't know I had missing hair from them tugging on it. The ripped it off leaving short pieces at my part. The straightening was good but I won't ever have it done again, Im afraid of losing more hair. These short hairs will take me years to grow back. No more Luxe/Eurostyle for me. When the stylist has no time to blow out a $300 straightening job something is wrong. I spent another $60 in tips and walked out with a wet head in the winter! They wouldn't even let me blow it partially dry myself. Stay far away, this place and prices changed drastically. Where is Joanne that owns it? I never saw her the whole time. Does Marc still own it with her? Crazy stuff, I don't need to be ripped off in price and HAIR! I cried for 3 days looking at the pieces all gone. more

GREAT VISIT 10/27/2009

love the salon , expensive yes but i get my highlights done with greg worth every penny . My last visit was on a wednesday evening ,very accomidating receptionist with a little accent offered to hang up my jacket and get me coffee. great customer service. more

Overpriced and poor quality work Disagree with last poster 9/8/2009

Threading can be done in many salons for half the price of Eurostyle. It's nice to hear they have a threader again but $20 is a rip-off. In Fairlawn it's as cheap as $4, in Hasbrouck Heights it's $7 and Ridgewood has one place a little higher, $22. They ARE overpriced even for the area for every service they provide. The economy isn't the best. They started threading at $10 and doubled it when the found out people liked it. A 100 percent increase is greed. All of the good people are gone and their clients followed them. I'm one that followed my hairstylist who said she was underpaid and overworked. Their work is mediocre and for the short time I went there I wish I had looked for a new salon sooner. This is not a place I would recommend going to, there are much better in the area for alot less money. A salon that is open 4 days a week is bizarre. The help works long hours those 4 days and people look elsewhere when a salon isn't open normal days. Oh, last poster. When you type in capital letters it's considered yelling on the internet. It isn't proper internet etiquette. more

Look Again !!! 9/4/2009

Good: Linda the stylist is Great !! She patiently listened to what my 16 year old daughter wanted and WOW it was perfect.. It's hard to please a 16 year old, but she is still raving about her hair cut .... Bad: Nothing.. Everything was perfect.. Improvements: None. more

A reply to "DON'T GO TO LUXE if you care about your hair" 8/8/2009

You wrote on Monday, July 13, 2009: After losing a terrific hairstylist of many years, I was referred to Luxe and one of the girls there. I can't believe that they wouldn't want to be sure to make a new client happy so that they would want to return and recommend them to others. I will never go back to that shop and will do everything in my power so others don't have to suffer the same experience that I did." Thanks so much for the heads up. I was referred to Luxee and also have long hair, below my shoulders. I canceled my appointment when I saw the negative posts, especially yours. I found another Day Spa to go to in River Edge where they do longer, face framed hair great! It's owned by a lovely Saddle River resident who takes a personal interest in her business. I have an appointment for my next visit and will let you know if you want to know how I do for my 2nd appointment, the first went great! It's not cheap but not overly expensive. I'm having a facial the same day this time as a treat for myself. :o) Thank you for your posting, it saved my entire head of hair I'm sure. more

In reply to where is Yalda 8/8/2009

" Does anyone know where Yalda works now?? She used to work at Eurostyle, but she's not there anymore! My eyebrows really need her back!!! " Yalda is long gone, she was fired. /sad There are other places to go for threading but no threaders at LuXe. Everyone seems to be gone now except Jo and Mark. The place is going downhill fast. I read/heard that Charm in Hackensack does eyebrows and Ann, the best one from there opened her own place. Watch for a post where she went to, it's closer than Hackensack. Someone emailed me to tell me they're going to find out where she is. Don't go back to this place for hair-styling. It's insanely expensive and no one decent to do it. No threaders, they push for expensive waxing instead. more

They're all gone!!!!!!!!! All the good stylists. 8/8/2009

Everyone that was good is gone except for people with financial vested interests, Mark and Joanne. They overspent on the salon and didn't take care of their clients so they lost many of them. No one I know goes there anymore. The location stinks, it's hard to pull in there safely and the place was overdone when they moved there. Ooo-laaaa fancy furnishings that customers paid for in the end. They should have stayed put or when they moved not spent so much, not raised their prices exhorbitantly as they were high anyway and not put tons of money into a fancy shop that can't pay for itself without ripping off their customers. Haircuts became terrible, blowouts even worse and the cost of hi and lowlites are astronimical. What a shame. I wouldn't be surprised if they close down in the near future. I heard they're rarely busy anymore, sometimes empty. WOW Jo & Mark, what did you do? A bad financial and customer related move. more

DON'T GO TO LUXE if you care about your hair 7/13/2009

After losing a terrific hairstylist of many years, I was referred to Luxe and one of the girls there. I have long hair and wanted my hair styled the same way that it was before. But it had been awhile since my last cut and I needed some shaping. The girl I went to was very nice but too conservative and only trimmed it 1/2". It didn't even look like a had a cut and I needed some shaping around my face. I called back in a week wanting to have a bit more taken off and better shaping around my face. The owner told me the girl who had cut my hair was away and highly recommended another stylist who she said was great with long hair. So I made an appointment since she raved about how good she was with long hair. The stylist seemed very nervous and unsure of herself as she cut my hair. She badmouthed the other stylist saying she had to fix the bad job she did. Before I know it and without my permission she took of a good 6 - 8 inches of my hair. The cut is all choppy in the back and looks like a 10 year old took a pair of scissors to my hair. I am extremely upset as it will take years to grow my hair back. The kicker is that after the damage was done my daughter's friend happened to recommend another stylist at the same salon but cautioned NOT to use the stylist who butchered my hair since "she only cuts short hair". So if the clients know this about the stylist, what on earth possesd the owner to recommend a stylist who can only cut short hair to someone who specifically wanted a stylist who specializes in long hair. It was obvious that she told me a bold-faced lie. I am out the money but that doesn't bother me nearly as much as the damage that was done to my hair. I can't believe that they wouldn't want to be sure to make a new client happy so that they would want to return and recommend them to others. I will never go back to that shop and will do everything in my power so others don't have to suffer the same experience that I did. more

disapointing 3/30/2009

This shop has gone downhill fast. It's pretty but the hair cuts and colour isn't. Very disapointing. :o{ more

long time client that left (x4 including three daughters) 3/21/2008

I rated Charm in Hackensack first as I went from Euro Style/Luxe to Charm, a big change for the BETTER. Longer ride, better service, styling AND THREADING!! What also helps it's less than half the price. I agree with the last two posters. The money that went into the renovations could have been spent on other things, products used, time available for the stylist to blow out your hair or have someone else do conditioning you want and are willing to PAY FOR yet are turned down :| I was so disappointed, what made it difficult was the partial owner's daughter is a friend of my daughters but business is business. I recvd no better service than anyone else due to that and actually overheard them speaking behind others backs including mine (making fun of customers?) Unprofessional and I felt I was one of their better tippers. When you have 3 different people work on you, a shampoo person, your stylist that applies the color, cuts your hair but doesnt blow it out, then a lovely young lady that also went to school with a daughter blow it out but not have the "time" to condition it more than once it's time to leave. Tipping $7 for shampooing $25 for cut and color and another $15 for blowout plus $130+ for cut and color (that went up $10 each time I went to the new, luxurious salon) and I got treated like I owed them something again it was time to say goodbye. At Charm in Hackensack it's simple. Armela is the BEST stylist, colorist and highlight/lowlighter I ever have been to at half the cost. I can take the non stylish decor. I'm not there to sit on white and chocolate leather couches. I want in and out yet it's comfortable to speak to everyone there. The threading another BIG plus at Charm. Yes you wait even with an appt but where else in Bergen County can you have quality threading done especially for $7? When Euro got rid of Yalda after treating her poorly they lost a lot of business. They began charging $10 initially for threading and went up to $20 yes TWENTY dollars (Charm is $7 for eyebrows) That was GREED! Luxe/Euro tried to talk me into waxing when Yalda was gone. I didn't want waxing! They had nothing else to offer. Power shots went down the drain which made my hair feel like silk I must say, no time to do any other conditioners because their newly licensed girl who I allowed to blow out my hair wayyyyy before she was ever licensed "just didn't have time" then something is very wrong. So farewell Euro Style/Luxe. I got tired of a lot of the drama that went on with one of the male stylists too. He forgot the days he sat there with no clients waiting for a phone call to book one. My daughter was one he did have and when he became more popular finally he couldnt give her an appt for 2 to 3 weeks. He forgot who his old clients were and didnt have time to run around like an immature child with a facial product on screaming. (That was some of the silly drama) Good luck Euro Style, you took plenty of my money, raised my prices 3x in a row after you moved in a matter of a few months, did inferior work and forgot how to treat clientèle. Charm isnt fancy but they know how to treat people. They know how to do hair and the do KNOW how to thread with 4 to 6 threaders on at any given time. Be prepared to wait and if you need hair services of all types use Armela, she rocks! I have paid double to triple what she charges and never had better styling done. (AND she gets you in there as quickly as possible, sometimes same day and will stay until later hrs if needed) Unlike Euro that closed THREE days a week, open W TH F SAT??? Closed 3 days a week because they voted on it? Sighhhhhhhh. Another way to lose business. I don't wish anyone bad, I wish the owners the best but maybe they'll learn something from what's being said. Constructive criticism. Best regards Michelle (not afraid to let anyone know my name, they knew my money and children well, sad but we're all at Charm now, happy with the services and kindness we recv. We don't need the decorators services at a salon, I would rather have it at home ;) ) more

Creat space however below average haircut 8/17/2007

YA, I totally agree with the last post. It is nice if the owner renovated the salon; but renovation DID NOT improve the workmanship of their hairdressers! They are still average and some of them EVEN below average. In my view, their prices are not justifying their job. PERIOD. I will take my time to give you more reasons why. It has become very difficult to find your "man” who does the magic. I went to many salons from very expensive to average and let me share this with you: I was very disappointed because all of them made me blend with the rest of the crow. Even do I bring pictures of the haircut I like to have, they still manage to change that style to “something” that they are familiar with. They highlighted my hair. Moreover, I end up looking the same as million others. The point is none of the hairdressers had knowledge to enhance my own beauty. They all did convenient for them haircut and convenient highlights. They all happily collected my money. Therefore, let me tell you something: I am sick and tired of spending big backs on shitty haircuts and basic highlights. I am sad that hairdressers have zero opportunity to improve their professional skills in order to think outside the box, and maybe they are refusing to learn from the best and so on. Moreover, OWNERS! Instead of investing on renovations, invest on your stuff. Send them to back to school. more

Leaving EuroStyle aka Luxe due to change 6/17/2006

It's changed, prices have gone up, personal attention to detail down, no more threading done and we're paying for the new salon in our price upgrades. I won't be going back as I found Yalda's old salon where she did her threading, they do hair as well if not better than EuroStyle aka Luxe, just a longer ride. Name of the salon is Charm in Hackensack on Main St. It's not fancy but it's busy and in business for 40 years. They charge less for cut, color and a full head of properly done highlights than EuroStyle aka Luxe charges for JUST highlights (not even done well) Bye Bye EuroStyle, hello Charm - I don't need a fancy salon to get my hair done in every 3 to 4 weeks. At best, get your eyebrows threaded at Charm and keep paying EuroStyle/Luxe's inflated costs and price increases. $7 for eyebrows is cheap and they're done great! Good luck! Enjoy! -L more

Eurostyle / Luxe European Salon and Spa 1/5/2006

Love this salon. Does anyone know where Yalda works now?? She used to work at Eurostyle, but she's not there anymore! My eyebrows really need her back!!! more


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