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Luminesa Medi-Spa - 17 Reviews - 50 Park Ave (at Between 36th St. and 37th Street), New York, NY - Beauty Salons Reviews - Phone (212) 235-1683

Luminesa Medi-Spa

50 Park Ave (at Between 36th St. and 37th Street)
New York, NY 10016
(212) 235-1683
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Luminesa Medi-Spa - New York, NY
Luminesa Medi-Spa - New York, NY
Luminesa Medi-Spa - New York, NY
Luminesa Medi-Spa - New York, NY
Luminesa Medi-Spa - New York, NY
Luminesa Medi-Spa - New York, NY
Luminesa Medi-Spa - New York, NY
Luminesa Medi-Spa - New York, NY
Luminesa Medi-Spa - New York, NY
Luminesa Medi-Spa - New York, NY
Luminesa Medi-Spa - New York, NY
Luminesa Medi-Spa - New York, NY
Luminesa Medi-Spa - New York, NY
Luminesa Medi-Spa - New York, NY
Luminesa Medi-Spa - New York, NY
Luminesa Medi-Spa - New York, NY
Luminesa Medi-Spa - New York, NY
Luminesa Medi-Spa - New York, NY
Luminesa Medi-Spa - New York, NY
Luminesa Medi-Spa - New York, NY



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My experience at the Cellulite Center At Luminesa Medi-Spa at east 36th Street can best be described using the words fabulous, fantastic, caring, and much needed. The environment...


Last night I did the Slimming treatment, purchased through Living Social for $69. This includes endermologie and sudatonic slimming treatment. Since I know that Living Social sold...

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/7/2013

I had the most wonderful time at Luminesa spa. I received their slimming treatment which is a combination of endermologie and infrared treatment with pleasant oils and cream. I lost so many inches and felt lighter and more energized when I finished the treatment. I will return for regular follow-ups to keep trimming down. The young lady who served me was great. She was informative and caring. Also, I received a $100 certificate to visit Angelo David Hair Salon. My hair was shampooed and set in a private room and I was treated like a queen. My hair looked terrific for my special evening dinner. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/26/2012

I really love the treatment, when I started it I had too much cellulite, i coulnd believe my self how after a couple of sessions my skin started looking so different, and now I am keeping my body in a very good shape!!! I hate to miss a session becasue I love how my body looks now, I am 43 years old and I can say I look better that any 33 years old girl, thanks to this treatment!! :) more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/24/2012

I love this place and the cellulite/slimming treatment. I always loose between 4 and 5 inches with every treatment. In addition, I feel terrific afterwards. I only wish that I could go every week. I know my results would be even better. Glenny is wonderful and knows what she is doing. Luminesa Spa is the best! I highly recommend it! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 11/20/2012

I was amazed with the way I lost 4 inches in my waist and thighs during the first treatment. I felt lighter and my clothes fit so much better. The atmosphere is calm and the endermologie treatment almost made me fall asleep before it was over. more

Incompetent - Horrible experience 12/29/2011

I'd purchased a coupon for an endermologie treatment - so when I found out that the package included the sweating session underneath a heated blanket I agree to test it but I hated it! A sauna does a much better job, cleaner and safer! so I asked them to have only 45 minutes of the endermologie massage instead which they agree. Too bad they fail to write it down on my chart so every session I went I had to explain the whole deal. They end up losing my chart anyway so I didn?t even know my progress. more

Luminesa Cellulite & Slimming Medi-Spa 24 E 36th St, New Yo 11/3/2011

From: PAUL S NGESSAH Date: Sunday, September 11, 2011 Subject: Spa treatment It is good to have someone pamper you while you relax. The treatment at the spa was fantastic more

Fabulous Experience 9/15/2011

My experience at the Cellulite Center At Luminesa Medi-Spa at east 36th Street can best be described using the words fabulous, fantastic, caring, and much needed. The environment at Cellulite Center At Luminesa Medi-Spa is pristine and peaceful, exactly what you more

Wow! Great! 8/24/2011

Wow! Luminesa is beautiful and tranquil, with the highest level of first class customer service. My favorite bit of atmosphere is the cozy garden patio, unexpectedly tucked away in the middle of Manhattan?a perfect little get-away spot to relax on a nice day before or after a slimming treatment. I was impressed by the comfortable indoor lounge also. Most importantly, the treatments really work?you lose inches right where you want to lose them, and if you?re serious about getting rid of cellulite, Endermologie treatments work for that, too. Really satisfied. Thanks. more

Thumbs Up!! 7/28/2011

Their location is ideal and I love how comfortable they make you feel here. Their endermologie sessions are great leaving you looking forward to your next. I highly recommend Sergay, he was professional and really knows his job. I can't wait to try other services they offer. more

living social deal/celluilite reduction package. 7/11/2011

Well. The deal itself is not worth more than $69. I doubt you are receiving the same deal that someone that pays $200 does. The actual endermologie treatment lasts about 10-15 minutes. A machine lightly massaging your tights. The rest is a 45 sweating session underneath a heat blanket. The heat blanket was old, and dirty. They place you under the heat blanket and they cover you with a thin plastic tarp. The plastic tarp does not look as a single use, and between you and I sweating in plastic is not the best thing for your skin, the plastic is not bpa safe, it's just your regular plastic tarp you buy at home depot. The whole experience is not sanitary and far from healthy. Not healthy for your skin! The aesthtician was nice, a young 20 year old that was wearing extremely short shorts, and a tight tanktop, far from professional!!! Well those were my thoughts, in the 45 minutes that you'll go under the blanket you will sweat a lot the special slimming lotion is just Vaseline. I suggest you rather go the sauna, much better for your body than paying $69 for the Social living deal. more

Very Uncomfortable 6/17/2011

Last night I did the Slimming treatment, purchased through Living Social for $69. This includes endermologie and sudatonic slimming treatment. Since I know that Living Social sold over 2,000 of these deals, I thought I should comment so maybe others see this review before they go. There are a lot of things they don't tell you if you don't ask or research before you go. You need to eat 2-3 hours before the treatment, because you aren't supposed to eat anything until 3 hours after the treatment (the treatment itself takes almost 2 hours). You are going to sweat. A lot. So don't have plans for after you are done. You can't have your period. You can't drink caffeine or have any fake sugar the day of. You also can't have any lotion on your body. They measure you before and after the treatment and also take a BMI measurement. I apparently lost over 4 inches, but I think he easily could have measured in a slightly different location to come up with these inches overall. My biggest issue with this by far, was that they conveniently failed to mention that you have to get naked. In front of the MAN that does it. He acted like it was no big deal when asking me to strip down in front of him (he did give me a paper towel to cover my bottom front). I am completely comfortable with my body, but didnt like the feeling that I was giving him a free show. He never actually touched my boobs, but his face was practically in them as he measured me, and then later while he rubbed the oils all over me. Overall, I really don't see a difference in my thighs or butt. I gave the guy a bad tip because I figured I already paid in with getting to look at my boobs for an hour! Creepy! more

IT REALLY WORKS! 2/12/2011

I have been going for endermologie and suada-tonic slimming wraps since 2008. I have see instant results; I lost inches after the first wrap and dimpling also lessened after 2-3 sessions of endermologie. this treatment also helped my circulation and gave me energy as a result. i have become addicted to the suada-tonic treatments for this reason. for me it is a one a week must!! I would highly recommend this spa for it great service, personal treatment, and products that work. more


I loved this place form the very beginning when it opened and never changed it. The experience of a deep massage has been so extremely relaxing that I wish I could do it every day. Sudatonic had added the feeling of fully detoxifying the body. I feel so much better after receiving both. I actually think that this should be done for"" health prevention"" and not only to loose weight. Paulette really makes this place special with her intelligent and warm personality but the rest of the staff is very helpful and nice, besides being good in what they do. more

Seeing is Believing !!! 1/2/2011

After the first Sudatonic Slimming treatment i took at the Luminesa Medi-spa (off Madisson Ave in New York) I saw an instant Transformation. My clothes felt loose, my sytem flushed of toxins. The treatment was pretty enjoyable. And I was very impressed. I continued having the treatment every 3 weeks.( I got a fantastic 10 sessions package rate). I was also motivated to make small diet changes. After Five month and 6 treatments I lost 22 pounds going from 138 to 116 pounds. My body looks amazing. I never felt so good about myself before! I will continue doing this treatment here and there to maintain my cellulite . I never want to think back of the image in the mirror of what my behind really looked like before the first session. To my therapist Doreen who's on maternity leave Thank you for making me purchase the best Birthday gift in my life. more

Horrible experience 12/10/2010

I was so disappointed coming here. I'd purchased a coupon for an endermologie treatment. It was my first time doing enermologie. Not once did anyone explain what the process would entail. After waiting for a bit in a back room where a presentation/sales pitch was given to a couple aestheticians -- awkward! (also I was greeted rudely by an aesthetician although the receptionist seemed perfectly pleasant), I was brought into a room and given a suit (which I'd read about) that was ripped in various areas and very worn out. The woman who did my treatment spoke very little to no English (sadly). I have since purchased an endermologie package at another spa and learned how it is done properly (she basically rubbed the machine as hard as possible all over my body). She left the room and I waited not knowing what to do. I peeked my head out of the door after awhile and asked what I should do -- she pointed to a door across the hall -- I asked if I should wear the suit or what I was doing? And she just pointed -- then another aesthetician came by and said to take it off and go across the hall. I went into the other room for a body wrap treatment -- while I was undressed, I was walked in on numerous times by a couple technicians, had the door opened while I was naked (being measured, undressing, putting my clothes back on). It was an uncomfortable, humiliating experience. I will definitely not be back and would not recommend this place to anyone. I rarely take the time to write reviews but the service and procedure here was so bad. more

Excellent Spa with quality services! :) 12/6/2009

Very happy with this place. Bushra and Paulette are both great. I've signed up for an ""endermologie"" package, but have also tried ""sudatonic"", ""Tri-Active LaserDermology"" and ""oxygen facial"". I've decided to try that place after I've started my ""war"" with cellulite, knowing that you can't get rid of it, but can definitely achieve good results if you eat right, work out and do certain procedures. After trying out many procedures prior, I've decided to try ""endermologie"" and this center had a great deal - 50% off your first procedure. I really liked people working at this place and quality of procedures (you have to do those the right way to achieve good results) and happy to say that after 2.5 months - 25lb are gone and my cellulite has improved significantly. There is no magic to get rid of cellulite, but endermologie has been so far the best solution to help out this process. Pros: people! discounts! more

Prettty and cozy Spa 6/24/2008

This place is a small and cozy spa , it provides you with a personal atmosphere that large spas can not afford. Their individually tailored treatment plan helped me with my weight and cellulite. I had to cancel or reschedule my appointments several times but they never charged me any penalties or anything at all. more

refreshing,relaxing and a great way to do lunch 4/17/2008

The treatment was very refreshing. This was my very first endermology and Sudatonic Body Wrap appointment. At frist I was very nervous but after the treatment with the tech I felt at ease. they were indepth in explaining the process which made me feel even more comfortable. The atmosphere was also relaxing with an ending result of loosing 3inches immediately! How exciting Luminesa Medi Spa has made my day. I highly recommend this place to anyone in search of a welcoming effective experience.And yes I did lose 3inches in one appointment. Pros: great location, nice atmosphere, friendly staff more

The best technician I have ever had, Great service, Beautiful environment 4/2/2008

The technicians were very warm and professional.They answred all the questions i had regarding endermologie. I especially liked how clean and pretty it was when i went inside.I was welcomed like a long lost friend and I must admitt i did not want to get up when the session was over. I just wanted more. I highly recommend this spa for its skilled and friendly technicians as well as, relaxing atmosphere and one on one service. Pros: easy to find,flexible payments Cons: its hard to get in touch with someone there more

lmsfrnyc 12/12/2004

I've had bad cellulite since I was a teenager. I'm now 41 years old and highly recommend the Cellulite Endermologie center. I've tried creams - spending $16 to $175 for a tube & they do not work. I can honestly say that Endermologie works. You will not be wasting your money or your time. I bought the 24 session package in February 2004 and was a little disappointed when at about session 6 or 7 my cellulite actually looked worse! (which I later found out was normal). BUT then at about session 12 or 13 I finally noticed a definite improvement. The grooves & dimples I had on my legs were not as deep! At about session 19-20 it was greatly improved. While I still have cellulite, it is certainly not as bad as it once was. I can wear shorts & not feel unattractive & that says it all! Pros: actually works, relaxing more
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  • Luminesa Cellulite & Slimming Medi-Spa in New York welcomes you to the benefits of Endermologie, the Sudatonic Slimming System, Bioslimming Wrap for Loss of Inches & Firming, Ionithermie Slimming & Detox Treatment, Electro-Lipolysis Stimulation System, Aquarejuvenation & Triactive LaserDermology and advanced anti-aging skin care.
    Luminesa Medi-Spa in New York offers body and facial treatments, waxing & hair removal and a host of other pampering services to make you beautiful all over. Whether you are looking for Cellulite treatment, specialty services like Endermologie or Beauty Services including Bikini Wax, Laser Hair Removal, Facials, or Botox, Luminesa Medi-Spa has a solution for you!
    let us make you look and feel beautiful!


  • Four Long Island and Manhattan locations offer cellulite-reducing and reshaping through endermologie, spa services like facials and waxing, and Botox.

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    Mon-Fri 9am-8pm; Sat 9am-5pm Call for an Appointment
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    Midtown, Midtown South Central, Murray Hill