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First off.... when u call a tow truck late at night ya thats a extra fee cuz guess what they should be sleepin but unlike most of u they work 24/7... there is a hook up fee... bec...


This company is an illegal towing company and they feed you Bullsh*t and lies to tow your car. they have to have written and veberal and visual confirmation from the manager if th...

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/10/2013

I would never recommend any company to hire Lucky Towing. The employees are extremely aggressive and disrespectful. I would give them 0 stars for their service. I walked outside and saw that they were going to tow my car, I let him know that I had a pass but it must of accidently fell off, but I could show him it was in there. He kindly says ok just show me the pass, a drivers license and registration. He physically see's me open the car and pick up the pass. Hand him the registration and driver license then he all of a sudden changes his attitude and tone, these people like to make up their own rules as they go along. He then says if you want your car you have to pay me now or I'll tow it and you will have to pay a lot more money. I don't understand why anyone would pay people like these to work for them. I pay for my parking pass for a reason but the evidence was not enough for him, he saw the chance to take the money of course he took all the money I had. People that make a living like this don't deserve to have a job. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/2/2013

one of lucky towing driver hit my car and is now denying it. The owner WILL NOT take mall calls or call me back. He has told me to come down there 3 times and he is never there. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/1/2013

My 19 y.o. daughter had here car impounded and had 5 days to pay a deposit or Lucky will sell at auction. After gathering all the money they said she needed and getting a ride there, the door was open and she walked right in. They told her it was after hours and they are closed so she had to pay an extra $100.00 (she didn't have) She said we will come back during business hours and they said she will still have to pay the after hours fee because she walked in the door today. As the parent I could not believe this and called them myself. The answer was yes they will be charging the extra $100 because she walked in the door. Even though someone was there and the door was open, this is like a trap trying to catch people already down on their luck. I'm writing to the Attorney General. These people have a contract with the Sheriff dept, they should lose it for this kind of conduct. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/25/2013

Lucky Towing and all tow companies are greedy blood sucking leeches. I believe that if a car parks illegally then yes it should be towed but what these companies charge is outrageous and a total rip off. $547 to unhook the tow truck????? Really and all you who are sticking up for these evil balck hearted scumbags really think that is fair? Again I agree that if people park illegally then a tow truck should be called in but the tow companies have no regulations on what they can charge. I live in a apartment complex and it's funny how what they charge differs from one incident to another when the cars are basically the same. Something needs to be done to regulate the prices and stop these greedy sob's from ripping people off! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/25/2013

Please do something about the car alarms that go off for extended periods of time at night and early in the morning. Thank you. more

Illegal Towing Business 1/2/2012

This company is an illegal towing company and they feed you Bullsh*t and lies to tow your car. they have to have written and veberal and visual confirmation from the manager if they towing from a private property. they are scum and money hungry douch bags. they have no life and patrol lots for cars which is illegal. there was no towing sign no signs in the area stating my car would be towed. they don't deserve one star. save your money and use a different company because these people suck at there job. i would rather push my car than give these SCAM ARTIST any cent of my hard earned money more

know what ur saying before u pop off 7/15/2011

First off.... when u call a tow truck late at night ya thats a extra fee cuz guess what they should be sleepin but unlike most of u they work 24/7... there is a hook up fee... becuz guess what they are big rigs and they have to drive to where ever u are duh! then depending on where ur vehicle needs to go they have there mile rates... and for people on ft. lewis... like u said the MPS had already marked ur car for towing... maybe u should have washed the mark off then ur car wouldnt have been towed so stop complaining it's called common sence, if u already know its marked for towing then hey wash it off.... An ya they charge a storage fee becuz ur car is taking up space that they could be using for others they tow so duh... thats like u gettin a storage unit and paying for it... you people jus want everyhting handed to you.. and Yes when cops or MPS call tow companys it goes off the them not the tow company so if ur son gets his truck stuck in mud what u think a dinky tow truck is going to get it out if that was the case ur son would have gotten out with his truck... so im guessing they had to use the big one..... btw i have had great service from them. more

Unprofesional 3/17/2011

Won't let you give less then 1 star so that is why it has a star. Does not even deserve half a star as far as I am concerned. If you should have to deal with this company; more

take your business elsewhere11 10/10/2010

My husband work for this comapny awhile back and the owner is nothing but a con artisit. They charge you a 2 hour towing fee when it only takes an hour. If you go in after hours to get your car, they charge you an after hours fee. Then they tell you the machine is broke which its not so you have to go down to the atm, then get charged another after hours fee for having them to come right back after grabbing cash. The owner pays you salary and expects you to work 5days a week 24 hours aday with no overtime. Illegeal. Stay away. Oh and the managers of the company call it in not the police. Iknow my facts. And its their fault not there. more

The Business is a Rip Off 5/1/2010

My husband took my children to Wendy's by the Tacoma Mall and there was a comic show. My husband went into Wendy's asked if he could park there and go see Spider Man and then come back and eat lunch. Within in 15 minutes 4 tow trucks showed up and started towing cars. My husband notice this person basically stealing our car and went over and told the tow guy we were going to eat lunch after the kids show spider man. The tow guy said what ever do you have 218 dollars or I am taking your car. My husband used the limited funds we have in our account to get our car back but the other where not so lucky. On top of it the office person was rude and the paper work they filled out was incorrect. They stated they were towing us from Burger King and not Wendy's they did not have my husband sign anything and they used the wrong billing address. This company pulled a basic bait and switch. I have contacted everybody I know to tell them including the news and news paper. If you have to deal with a tow company I hope it is not this one. Update please if you were towed from Wendy's on May 1st please contact me at rbowen12@msn dot com. Wendy's wants to make it right even if this tow company doesn't. I am in the process of making sure Wendy's fires this company and terminates their contract. I just need everybody who was towed or charged to have their cars unhooked to get in touch with Wendy's. If you email me I will get you the contact information for Wendy's. Wendy's district manager is really trying to make this right. Cons: The business rip off my family with 6 children 218 dollars more

Lucky's Towing is a SCAM 1/17/2010

My son, who is a soldier stationed at Fort Lewis, got his truck stuck in the mud on base last night. HE was actually trying to help a friend get his truck ""unstuck"" when he himself fell victim to the mud. The ""MP's"" on base called ""Lucky's Towing"" (very unlucky!) to come out. My son and his friend were unaware of the enormous charges they would be held to. To make a long story short, Lucky's towing is charging my son alone $2,600 plus tax for getting their vehicle out of the mud last night. HE has no way to pay this, and neither do we. Bottom line, it's robbery! He could lose his truck as a result because he has no way to get it out. If he doesn't have it removed within 30 days, they will send it to auction! NEVER EVER use this company!!! They are the biggest crooks to our unsuspecting service men and an absolute disgrace to do them like this! Cons: This place is a scam more

no your fact's befor you speak 12/21/2009

The tow company has a contract with the police the second they call for the tow the price is on police rates not the tow company.... The thing here is do not have the police call your tow truck unless you can't get it off the street cause then you have no choice.... I wouldn't slam this company it's not there fault just do the research and look up your local RCW law's there all in there.... And no tow company can ever charge by the hour for storage on your car so dont say thing's that are NOT TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pros: This is a great company just doing there job. more

bad mojo 1/9/2008

These guy are are bad mojo, My rim got stolen over the holidays, on Fort Lewis while I was on leave. The PM's mark it for towing with lucky towing because it was sitting on the ground while I was on leave. I got new tire and rims put back on it and drove it to work. The next day lucking towing find's my car at the PX and starts to tow it away, they charrged me 1200 to get my car back because they git there own tires for for my car to tow it. more

Not recomended 7/7/2007

I have been towed by this company and I have to say not only are they very overpriced by charging $124 for towing ,$19 for everyday fee they have an additional after hour fee that will cost you $ 35 if you want to pick up your car on a weekend. Pros: no pros Cons: very rude to the point that they used bad language more

Outrageously Over Priced!! and Unnesessary!! 3/8/2007

My husband was involved in a hlt and run accident leaving him, our children, and our car sitting in a ditch. Our car was in really bad shape, but fortunately still driveable. The police officer told my husband that a Tow Truck was on the way. He asked the policeman if he could call a friend of ours to come and tow it. The officer said No that they would have the Tow Company tow it. When the Tow Company arrived they pulled our car out of the ditch. Then proceeded to hook it up. I asked if he was taking it to our house and told No it was being towed to their yard. I was confused on why he was taking our car. We lived 20 blocks away. My husband told him that the car seemed to be ok to drive and was that ok. We were able to drive it home but we were still charged $195.84. more

Over-priced 1/17/2007

One of my soldiers was involved in an accident, and Lucky Towing was called out to tow the car. Cons: Driver not forthright, price-gouging more
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