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Loving Family Animal Hospital


14605 E Arapahoe Rd H (at Jordan Rd.)
Aurora, CO 80016

(720) 689-5485
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Loving Family Animal Hospital - Aurora, CO
Loving Family Animal Hospital - Aurora, CO
Loving Family Animal Hospital - Aurora, CO
Loving Family Animal Hospital - Aurora, CO
Loving Family Animal Hospital - Aurora, CO
Loving Family Animal Hospital - Aurora, CO
Loving Family Animal Hospital - Aurora, CO
Loving Family Animal Hospital - Aurora, CO
Loving Family Animal Hospital - Aurora, CO
Loving Family Animal Hospital - Aurora, CO
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Dr. Weldon is a wonderful, caring and compassionate vet who takes wonderful care of my pug. She is thorough and upfront with the care my pug needs. Her and her team of techs hav...


I gave this clinic 2 stars because it's new and modern. Offering refreshments is a nice touch, but not enough to override the pressure to do every test under the sun. I came in ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/21/2013

AWESOME VET and STAFF! I have used LFAH for all my own dogs for nearly 2 years plus I've sent a large percentage of the rescued Cockers in Rocky Mountain Cocker Rescue (RMCR) to them. RMCR rescues over 150 dogs annually, so she sees a LOT of our dogs and if I could arrange it, she would be the ONLY vet we used. \r \r Dr. Weldon cured my dog of a very serious, wide-spread case of MRSA that was not fixed after seeing a dermatologist and a holistic vet for 8 months. She also healed 2 CCL's on my dogs through laser treatments for a mere fraction of the cost of the traditional surgery recommended by other vets.\r \r Dr. Weldon has caught a lot ear and skin issues in the RMCR dogs that were missed by other vets. One vet kept treating a dog for a skin condition instead of doing skin scrapes and correctly diagnosing the disease, so after a year of treatments and a lot of expense, we took the dog to Dr. Weldon who correctly diagnosed it during the first visit. The dog is now healthy and adopted. \r \r I've used many vets over the years while getting care for the foster dogs of RMCR and can tell you that Dr. Weldon is by FAR superior and her rates are very reasonable. She and her staff take great care of both the animals and their owners. I've seen them stay hours past their closing time to help an owner say good-bye to their beloved dog and to wait while a frantic owner drives over with an injured dog. They could have told the owner to go to an ER vet, but instead they put their personal lives on hold for several more hours while taking care of a beloved pet. \r \r Dr. Weldon and her staff take their time with each visit to ensure all questions are answered and all issues addressed. Yes, she did graduate 1st in her class, which is quite impressive given that it is very difficult to get into vet school to begin with and the competition is fierce. She could be taking it easy and making a lot more money working for a corporation that owns vet clinics. Instead she chose to open her own clinic because she strives for excellence that I just don't see in other vets in Colorado. Her staff have worked with her for years and have followed her from previous employers because they love her work ethic, passion for excellence and desire to give back to the community. \r \r I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't want such a vet for their own pets. Two paws up for Dr. Weldon!! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 8/19/2013

They love your wallet not your pet! $175 for some eardrops.\r My most recent experience at the ""loving"" family vet was absolutely terrible. I needed some eardrops for my dog but they would not give them without an appointment. Of course no appointment was available, so they needed to schedule an emergency appointment instead....Already hesitant at this point I decided to go for my dog's sake. I spent 1 hour and 15 minutes at their facility waiting, in which time they only achieved to take a swab of my dog's ear. I did not get to see the vet and never saw any results after an endless wait, so I left. Today I went to pickup the eardrops and was presented with a $175 bill, for the """"emergency"""" visit. Last time I went there. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 5/31/2013

I have to agree with several others who have reviewed this vet on this site. Dr. Weldon was definitely more interested in padding the bill than in my dog's health. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/19/2013

Used to be good, now $-motivated. When this clinic first opened up, I truly felt like they were interested in my dog's well-being. Now every time I go, it's more and more unnecessary tests and medications. Hard to get out of there for less than $300. Last time I was in, I decided to forego some tests and then I got the hard sell. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 4/1/2013

m.b. is a fake. Loving Family Animal Hospital will take care of your pets like they are members of their own family. m.b. why don't you post your real name and just admit you are an unethical Vet Practice just down the street. LFAH doesn't send x-rays to anyone except orthopedic specialists for surgical cases. Nice try. If you are real tell your md, yeah that's lower case md, brother to treat your dog and see how he does. T.O. Disabled Veteran and a real person. While I'm at it tell your md brother to make a real diagnosis and practice the art of medicine. Not just refer everything away because he has no balls and is lining his and friends pockets with extra consult fees. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/18/2013

John T./Jackonline. I'm a disabled vet myself and guess what my disability rating isn't what it should be but I have a JOB too. Get a JOB. This place offers a 10% discount for your sorry butt that's why they are on petsforpatriots website (by they way their website states ""You agree that you are using the Pets for Patriots website solely at your own risk."" Also you can't read. Use your GI Bill and get educated. petsforpatriots qualifications: Home / Veterinarians / Qualify / Are you in good standing? ""Are you a veterinary clinic, hospital, practice OR PRACTIONER in good standing for at least the past five years?"" Dr. Weldon graduated NUMBER 1 in her class at Colorado State over 10 years ago and has always been in good standing.\r \r I bet you go to the dentist for a check up and tell them you just want the x-rays and you'll read them yourself and decide later if you need the Dr. to look at your teeth. Email me and I'll give you $200 since you are looking for a free hand out. joruli(at) Apparently you haven't lived in the 21st century yet, but I have taken 6 pets to Vet for shots and checkups over the past 12 years and they average about $200 to $300 and Vets don't like to give shots without giving the animal a complete checkup and physical especially on a first visit. You probably just heard what you wanted. The cost of the shots themselves. Take care of your pets or don't have any. Sounds like you can't afford to feed a pet anyway. I feel sorry if you have kids, you probably made them go barefoot because, well shoes are nice, but they aren't an absolute neccessity. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/13/2013

Unethical or incompetent? Took my young dog to this vet for limping and she ran test after test and she still couldn't figure out what was the matter. Got a 2nd opinion from another vet and she made the correct diagnosis on a physical exam, then looked at the x rays from Loving Family and confirmed the problem. This place has developed a reputation in the neighborhood for running lots of tests and throwing lots of drugs at the problem. My younger brother is an MD and I told him about what happened. He suggests that this ""doctor"" should have referred to another vet for a 2nd opinion or maybe invest in some continuing medical education. I have to agree. I've met lots of great vets in my life, but this isn't one of them. Save your $ and save your pet from bad medicine. Go somewhere else. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/18/2012

For a veterinary technician of 6 plus years who is no longer practicing the task of finding a veterinarian that not only meets my standards but also is accustomed to giant breeds is extremely difficult. I found Dr. Weldon through the Big Dogs Huge Paws rescue I volunteer for. I have a very special needs Great Dane with some unusual health issues. I was skeptical when I went in for my first visit. Her staff was very friendly and patient with my toddler. Her technician assistant was very nice and compassionate with my dog and even goofed around with my fussy toddler. Dr. Weldon was awesome with my dane. She was very down to earth and informative. She took the time to explain everything to me. I have read many comments about how she recommends tests that are just outlandish and over the top. As a technician who knows about the tests and what they are for I felt she was not making any recommendations that were drastic. She was right in line with what the specialists recommend. Rather than talking over me or not listening Dr. Weldon treated me like a member of her team in figuring out what the best plan of action was to take care of my dog. Thoroughly discussed all options and what she felt was best practice. She gave me multiple options to choose from so that I wasn't breaking the bank. I would definitely recommend her to all my friends and family. She is an amazing veterinarian who truly cares about her patients. If you have giant breeds and need a doc who gets them, quirks and all, she is the best one in the area hands down! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/27/2012

We have 2 large breed dogs, an Alaskan Malamute and Bernese Mountain Dog. Unfortunately they have needed a lot of TLC. We recently changed vet clinics to Dr Weldon at Loving Family and are SO GLAD that we found her. Dr. Weldon did all the after care for our Malamute after a life saving surgery from a ruptured ulcer and now we recently discovered that our Bernese had another Mast Cell Tumor, this one on her nose. Not only did Dr. Weldon perform the surgery on our Bernese she was extremely informative about what was going on and she made sure that we knew as much as possible about the situation of both of our animals. Our dogs are a part of our family and it was refreshing to find someone who is as passionate and caring for our dogs as we are. I highly recommend if you are looking for a vet or a new clinic to give Dr. Weldon and her staff a call at Loving Family. You won?t be sorry! Patti R. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/27/2012

I am a believer! I have animals, exotic and domestic, that have been to several doctors in the Denver area. Dr. Weldon is hands down the most competent, loving vet that I have been exposed to. She assisted another vet that botched a spay, treats my birds (who are 18 and 10 years old), diagnosed a heart condition that was missed by two other vets and treats my dogs and cat (and cats can be the worst patients) as if they are the best! I would recommend any time! more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/19/2012

Maybe I caught this clinic on a bad day, but my cat is too important to me to risk going back. First they couldn't get my cat's record right (they were going to give a shot he wasn't due for yet, until I stopped them) and then they held him way too tight. I've seen lots of vet techs scruff my cats in the past, but these vet techs took scruffing to a whole new dimension. They were downright rough! My cat wasn't aggressive, wasn't hissing or trying to scratch. He was so freaked out after the vet appointment that he howled all the way home in the car and he's never done that before. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 7/24/2012

Seek Elsewhere For Good Care! We brought our cat to this vet since his claws started to grow back after being declawed years ago. Dr. Weldon declawed him again and afterwards he couldn't walk AT ALL. Her response was ""That happens sometimes."" I wish I never would have had him declawed in the first place, but I absolutely wish I had never set foot in Loving Family Animal Hospital. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 6/20/2012

Compassionate and caring? WHAT A JOKE!! They care alright. They care about getting money. They told me my dog needed tests to the tune of over $700. I got another opinion and the other vet couldn't believe Dr. Weldon's recommendation. She didn't come right out and say that of course because she didn't want to make another vet look bad, but it was obvious what she thought. What she did suggest was some medication and, wouldn't you know it, my dog got better. I was so P.O.'d that I was talking to my neighbor about it and she told me that she's heard the same thing from other parents at her daughter's school. The vet at this hospital may talk a good game and can put on a performance, but the proof is in the pudding. If you're not willing to fork over a mortgage payment, she's not going to be happy. I also didn't like how the vet tech handled my dog. A little too rough for my tastes. I don't mind spending money on my dog--I absolutely LOVE him, but I'd like to know that I'm spending my money smartly. Dr. Weldon has lost ANOTHER client, which it sounds like is happening a lot in our neighborhood. more

Dr. Weldon is a wonderful, caring and 5/1/2012

Dr. Weldon is a wonderful, caring and compassionate vet who takes wonderful care of my pug. She is thorough and upfront with the care my pug needs. Her and her team of techs have provided outstanding care and treat her as one of their own. I trust her and her staff and I never feel pressure to do wasteful procedures. Vet care is something that many pet owners don't ever want to have to do, but when you love your animals like they are your children, you want to provide them with every option possible and Dr. Weldon can do that, and does it at a reasonable price. She is amazing! more

We took our dog Timmy to Loving Family 4/6/2012

We took our dog Timmy to Loving Family Animal Hospital thinking that he wasn't going to make it. Dr. Weldon treated us like we were family and understood how much our Timmy has meant to us. She helped us so much and Timmy had his surgery today at CSU and is going to be just fine. We are so happy you have no idea. Dr. Weldon has been so good to us!! Thank you Dr. Weldon. You can truly see that Dr. Weldon became a veterinarian because of her love for animals and her compassion for their owners. We felt embraced and cared for ever minute. more

I have a neighbor who's a friend of 3/23/2012

I have a neighbor who's a friend of this vet and she asked me to go to this clinic because it's a new business and she wanted to help her get started. I agreed because I remember what it was like to start a new business and I figured the dog needs her shots anyway so why not. Big mistake. The staff was flighty and cavalier about spending my money. They were frustrated when I said I didn't want to buy heartworm tablets from them and instead wanted to buy them online. Ill go back to my last vet because she's closer and was much better in every way. more

Pricey, hard sell 3/6/2012

I gave this clinic 2 stars because it's new and modern. Offering refreshments is a nice touch, but not enough to override the pressure to do every test under the sun. I came in for shots, please just give my cat the shots I came in for. more

BEST VET EVER! I had heard of the nasty 3/1/2012

BEST VET EVER! I had heard of the nasty comments some left and had to voice my opinion. more

Follow up to Nov. 11 review--Confirmed LIAR 1/27/2012

I tried to login again to Citysearch, but can't get in, so I started a new account. I'm the same reviewer as jackonline. My dog cut her foot, and since I wasn't going back to Loving Family, I did a search for a vet offering a military discount. I went to www.petsforpatriots(dot)org and saw that Loving Family was listed there. I wanted to see what you had to do to get listed on that referral list and I found out that she had to LIE to get listed there in the first place. In order to qualify to be on their referral list the first questions asks more


Weldon was our vet at Coal Creek. We took our 4 year old sweet terrier to her to check out a small lump. She told us it was a just a fatty lump and nothing to worry about, Then she told us that she needed her teeth cleaned, which we agreed to. While she was there for the cleaning, she called us and said that we should remove the lump while she was already asleep. We trusted her so we agreed. When we picked up our dog that night, she was so wobbly she couldn't walk straight. We were told that she would snap out of it by the next day, That night, she was barely moving, so we decided to take her to the ER. On our way there, she died in the car. We called the next day to tell Weldon what happened. The hospital manager talked to us on the phone and said she was sorry we lost our dog. We never heard from Weldon. We'll never know what happened, but one thing is for sure and that's that our dog was fine before she went under Weldon's care and then she died less than 6 hours after leaving her care. I saw her name in an ad for her new hospital with a $15 off coupon. I went to her website to see if it was her and saw her fake smiling face and felt prompted to write this review. more
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  • Nothing is more stressful and anxiety inducing than knowing your pet is in pain or is ill. At Loving Family Animal Hospital we always put your pet first. From regular check-ups and grooming to emergency service, we are here to help your animals stay healthy. We hope you can find everything you need.Loving Family Animal Hospital is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. We even have extended hours to help accommodate your schedule as well. With a variety of offerings to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy working with us. Please feel free to contact us.

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