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Love N Care Pet Farm - 20 Reviews - 104 Laura Hill Road, Saint Peters, MO - Other Reviews - Phone (636) 240-3647

Love N Care Pet Farm

104 Laura Hill Road
Saint Peters, MO 63376
(636) 240-3647
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I absolutely love this place the staff is nice and the kennel is clean!\r I have gotten 4 dogs, 2 cats and 1 bunny from Love N Care, im just so satisfied i cant help but to come ...


A freind of mine has worked there for a while. The stories she use to tell me were horribly. She has pictures of a portable building located in the back part of the property. ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 3/31/2015

Boarded my dog for 4 nights with this facility. Before hand I asked if I could bring her blanket, bones and a few toys for her so she could feel more at home. Also i dropped off ample food for her.They said of course and when I dropped off my dog they seemed very nice and professional and felt comfortable leaving my dog there for 4 nights for an unfortunate trip that my family had to make. I did find it strange when the woman was showing me the kennel she went to let out one of the dogs and it hid in fear...she went to grab it and she said ""what are you doing its me I'm not ----[can't remember the name]""--- but I thought maybe it was just a timid I know it's the owner the dog was afraid of.....when I picked up my dog she wouldn't come out of the kennel so the woman working there asked if I could come get her...this was after I had paid them of course and knowing something was up I went to get her and realized that the food I had left her was completely full minus what they had poured into her bowl 4 nights ago. Now keep in mind I left them my cell number as well as my fiancée ' s number and was told I would be called with any issues. They knew I would be back after 3 nights but wouldn't be in until after their closing hours so they had to keep her for 4. With a supposed person on staff 24/7 tending to the dogs I did not receive 1 phone call informing me that my dog wasn't eating so she didn't have to go another night hungry. After seeing her I wanted to get her home feeling that she had been completely mistreated, then I noticed that the blanket, bones, and toys that I had left for her had never been taken out of the bag...the same bag the food was in so they intentionally did not give my dog the items we left to help her through her stay. My fiancé was upset and called the facility and ended up speaking with the owner...after he had mocked her, hung up on her, and then when she called back told her it doesn't matter because we weren't there and our dog didn't really need her toys I went up to demand a refund. He was a coward, didn't look me in the eyes and said that he was sorry our dog didn't eat. I told him it was an issue that our dog's items weren't given to her intentionally and he replied by saying that well she didn't need them. I asked what he meant by the toys were useless since we weren't there to play with her and he said that he has a bunch of dogs in their kennels with a bunch of toys people left that just sit there....I said ""oh, so the other dogs here have their toys in their kennels"" and he replied ""well yea"".... I said that's all I need to know and left....there was no water in my dogs kennel, obvious neglect, and my dog is afraid to be around others when she has always been a sweet dog. DO NOT BRING YOUR DOG HERE....the strange mustache fellow that you get a strange vibe from is the owner. The way he talked to my fiancée shows that now only is this dog abuser uneducated and has no business caring for another life, but for him to treat a person like that....just think what this sick guy is doing to the dogs when no one is looking... in the process of a complaint with the BBB and the humane society....hopefully there is still a chance to save a few dogs and get this place shut down before more helpless animals are abused. more

Portable Buiding In The Back Of The Property 8/28/2014

A freind of mine has worked there for a while. The stories she use to tell me were horribly. She has pictures of a portable building located in the back part of the property. Its a small trailor looking thing that probably has at least 50 dogs in there. The dogs live in a very small space and only certain dogs are let out into the yard. She says they have another kennel in winfield that isnt much better. They charge an outragous amount for a dog. The bourding kennel smells all the time. They offer you play time while you board your dog but they never actually take the dog out they just pocket the money. Do not buy a puppy from these people. Your only making thier pockets deeper!! more

!!!!COME HERE!!!! 5/17/2012

I absolutely love this place the staff is nice and the kennel is clean!\r I have gotten 4 dogs, 2 cats and 1 bunny from Love N Care, im just so satisfied i cant help but to come back and get my pets boarded and groomed here! My pets are always fresh and clean when i take them home. I WOULDN'T GET MY PETS ANY WERE ELS!! more

Best Dog's Here!! 5/6/2012

First of all this place is amazing I come here like every weekend, the staff is full of knowledge and educates me on the different dog breeds. I have gotten all my dogs from Love-N-Care and im proud of it. I have visited my dogs since they were born, not all places let you do that but this place dose and that's why I love them. Now the maternity ward may smell bad to those who don't have dogs but, as a dog owner you understand because lets be honest dogs stink. (I would recommended this place to anyone!) more

The Dogs they sell and the Parent dogs they breed. 11/11/2011

We bought our ""cockwoodle"" two years ago. There was 8 boys and girls (4 boys, 4 girl} in this litter. We were concerned how big this 4 mo old was going to get because of his big feet. They took us back to see his parents without any hesitation. Mom was running around outside in the yard with some other dog and Dad was back in the kennels. Not a small one either. This has been the best dog we have ever had. I've had pedigree dogs and rescue dogs everyone is different. Gus is the dream dog, great attitude, sweet, and not a bad bone in his body. I went back with my daughter and granddaughter to look at the prebred Wheatons a few months ago and they took us back to the kennels to see them right away. I love how they socialize their pups. I would differently recommend them to anyone that is looking to buy a dog. Great people to work with and very socialized sweet loving dogs. Keep up the good work and thank you for Gus he is such a sweetheart. more

Outraged!! 10/14/2011

God help those poor parent dogs. I went looking for a Wheaton Terrier and fell in love with a puppy. I then asked to see where the parents were kept. They wanted to bring them to me. I, after several hours of talking with them, got them to show me several of the back sheds. The dogs were in dark sheds in 4 foot by 4 foot cages down to foot by foot cages. They were stacked on top of each other. It was a beautiful day and only 1 dog was out in their "play areas." I noticed all the dogs outside areas were barred from the inside. The one dog outside was barking and they kept yelling at it. They had 16+ nursing dogs, all of different breeds. Put the numbers together and they have at least 60+ dogs in small cages to make them money-PERIOD. There was no love involved. This is a paycheck for them and major cruelty for the animals. I did not buy from them and ask everyone to be responsible and not fall in love with the adorable puppy but think of the cruelty to the parent dogs and more

The Poor Parent Dogs!! 10/14/2011

This place is horrible. My daughter and I fell in love with a Wheaton Terrier puppy. When we were there, I spoke with the young gal and her uncle. I told her I needed to see where the parents were kept before I bought the puppy. She said she would bring them out, I said no I really want to see their home. There was over 16 nursing females in small confined cages. The other dogs were in dark sheds in VERY small cages. She told me they took turns going outside yet I was there for 2 hours on a 70 degree day and ONLY 1 old dog who looked like she had recently had pups was outside and they kept yelling at her to be quiet. They must have had 60+ dogs in dark sheds and some cages were stacked. We are better people than allow dogs to be treated this way just so we can have a cute puppy. I did not buy from them and I ask do not put money into these peoples hands as they treat these dogs as a product and with no love. This is a puppy mill!!! more

NIGHTMARE! 4/1/2011

First off,I would have given this business a 0 if there was such a thing.(Consider yourselves lucky) This is,as many have stated I believe a puppy mill.We purchased our dog here about 2 years ago.FILTHY.DISGUSTING.DOGS NOT CARED FOR.I feel so sorry for those dogs.You go in the front door, it smells.You go to view the other dogs in the back which looks like an old shed,it smells.What ever dog you wish for "",HEY!We got it!"" more

my little girl 1/25/2011

I just want to tell anyone who thinks about getting a dog from Love 'n' Care DO NOT FOR ANY REASON!!!! I have a 4 1/2 yr old bischon named Sophie that we purchased from here 3 1/2 yrs ago and she has had nothing but problems. Not just normal problems but genetic defects. She has been rushed to Mizzou when was just one year old for genetic problems and is now going back again. She has had over 9000$ in vet bills in three years including both knees redone from luxating patellas and now she has hemivertabrae which are all genetically passed down. I love my little girl to death and to watch her in the pain she is in is not even funny. What do you do though. If you are me you do everything you can to make sure the dog you took into your life is healthy and happy. Unfortunately Love 'N' Doesn't Care doesn't care about the same things I do. I will continue to help my dog with whatever I can but I am not made of money and she doesn't have nine lives. Check with other breeders and do more

Ms 1/1/2011

Anyone that writes they have observed substandard or unhealthy pets at this facility are lying. i and my family have a 25 year relationship with this family owned breeder/kennel. i have personally every square inch of this place and there are no hidden rooms or stacked cages. The following is true. Yes this place is licensed. When you purchase a dog they will honor a full return if take the dog to your own vet and any problem is found at all. Yes they have a vet that you can take your dog to for free for the first checkup but they encourage you to use your own vet and your own expense is you are concerned about theirs. I have 2 dogs we bought from them that lived to 18 and 20 years old. All dogs have been very healthy. Staff are knowledgeable and very helpful. They have little play areas set up where you visit prospective puppies. All parents are on site and the mothers are usually housed with the pups. i have recommended this place to so many people over the years. Ever more

Love 'n' Care? 11/5/2010

I have suspected this might be a puppy mill for some time after visiting and being skeptical about the large "barn" type housing animals lived in. Makes you wonder what goes on behind the closed doors. Does anyone know if this place is USDA licensed? There is a USDA list of licensed breeders but I'm not too sure how outdated it is. Missouri has a bark alert for breeders that are unlicensed and USDA inspectors will investigate. more

Awful. 11/1/2010

Terrible. What you see on the outside is such a far stretch of what is really going on behind closed doors. This is a puppy mill. Its to bad so many people purchase animals at this place, and actually recommend it to others. All you are doing by purchasing from Love N Care is hurting the poor parents of the puppies you are buying. A family member of mine WORKED at this PUPPY MILL, by the way. AND has photos of the REAL living conditions of the parents. more

READ THIS! 10/29/2010

Ok people... I AM NOT BY ANY MEANS a shelter worker, or someone who really gets involved in these kinds of things, HOWEVER, I have read reviews, and I have been here myself, so I HAVE TO SPEAK OUT. I asked to see the parents of a puppy I was interested in purchasing.. They went to get the parents. I followed. They took me through the show room- through an indoor outdoor kennel, and told me to wait there. I snuck up to where they were getting the parents. IT WAS THE MOST DISGUSTING THING I HAVE EVER SEEN. Cages stacked on top of eachother. In a room, the size of a closet. I started crying. I was so took back by it, bc before then, the staff seemed friendly, and the kennel seemed reputable and clean. NO! THIS PLACE IS A PUPPY MILL. PLEASE, believe me. I dont know how they get away with staying in business, but please stop supporting them. I have NO REASON to lie. Why would I? I am just trying to warn people of what kind of a place LOVE N CARE really is. :( Oh and by the way, places that more

Great Staff and Great Dogs 8/5/2010

My experience @ Love'N'Care was GREAT!!\r I actually got an "older Dog" that they had had on the premises for several years - and She is a wonderful companion!!!\r \r I would recommend the wonderful Staff and kennels of Love'N'Care to ALL of my Friends !!!! more

Best Place for Puppies 6/30/2010

We have gotten our 2 Dachshunds from here. Bob and his staff are excellent to work with. Both puppies were very healthy and well cared for before we brought them home. We still go to Love N Care to have them groomed. Would recommend Love N Care to anyone looking for a puppy more

you'll be heart broken 5/15/2010

I have a friend that purchased a dog fro this place 3 yrs. ago. She has spent 3,000 dollars so far on medical problems. Turns out the poor little thing died this past week in her arms.. The family (2 kids) is heart broken. Vet maybe in bed with them more

NOT a "puppy mill." 3/7/2010

I bought my poodle from Love N Care a couple of years ago. It is a kennel and there will always be those people out there that will call any kennel that breeds a "puppy mill," but by the true definition of a puppy mill, Love N Care is NOT a puppy mill. Each dog has an inside and outside area that is kept clean. They show great concern for the mothers. They encourage visitors inside the kennel and encourage prospective purchasers to visit often. They insure that all puppies have their vaccinations. They are very reasonably priced offering a great value to people wanting a specific breed. more

Love 'N' Care is Great to Deal With 8/18/2009

We have bought 5 dogs from Luv "N" care over the past 15 years. My brother got a dog from them and two of our daughters got dogs from them for their families and we all couldn't be happier. The people at Luv "N" Care are very compassionate and a joy to work with. This place is the farthest thing from a puppy mill. Go see for yourself. more

Satisfied Puppy Purchaser 5/4/2009

I bought a puppy a year ago. Before I purchased, I asked to see the breeding facility and the parents which were located on the premises. This is a kennel...and it was clean and the dogs were friendly and well cared for. Before I left I was given a puppy starter kit that included records keeping, immunization chart, puppy food and coupons for vet bills. Our vet was impressed that she had already received all her shots, been dewormed and de-mited. If you want to buy a puppy from a rescue center, I can understand but there's also many of us that want to be sure that we get a dog with few health issues-my last dog of 14 years had many and I just couldn't afford to go that route again (financially or emotionally). By the way, my puppy was a mixed breed so I wasn't looking for a registered dog....just a healthy companion. It was pricey especially for a mixed breed but we are very happy with her. more

PUPPY MILL 3/31/2009

Love 'N' Care could not be farther from the truth this is a puppy mill and only cares about making money. Do not buy a puppy from this place and go to a real groomer that will not use the money to keep breeding dogs. Puppies from here may end up in good homes but the adult dog are use as tools to help make money. DON'T BUY WHEN SO MANY DIED. PLEASE ADOPT FROM A SHELTER.\r THANK YOU more
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