Los Angeles Zoo


5333 Zoo Dr (at at NE corner of Griffith Park)
Los Angeles, CA 90027

(323) 644-4200
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Los Angeles Zoo - Los Angeles, CA
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One of the best zoos in the country with a ton of kid sites, activities, and learning. Over 133 acres set in a natural property with room...


i haven't been to this zoo in ahwile but from what i can remember it was small but still enjoyable. My favortie part is always the monkeys and the runner up would be the birds. St...

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LA Zoo Horrible & Depressing 2011 5/27/2011

Good: It was a depressing experience. I wanted to get a refund about 15 minutes after being there but my ticket said Non-Refundable (imagine that). At least half of the exhibits were empty, weeds and construction EVERYWHERE. In fact, there was more overgrowth of weeds than animals! And the animals that are there look pathetic. There is either some embezzlement going on or someone in charge does NOT know what they are doing!. Bad: I didn't like the pathetic way the animals look. I didn't like the weeds and filth. I didn't like the confusion of the layout. I didn't like the smells. I didn't like the way most of the plants look dry and in need of water. For a zoo, I would rate this one between 1 and 3 out of 10 stars. Pathetic. Dirty, Smelly.. Improvements: I would clean the place up. You don't have to have a budget to be clean. I would like to see the animals cleaner, healthier and having cleaner habitats, I would like to smell more fragrant flowers growing around as apposed to the overwhelming poop smell the zoo currently has.. Other: I realize what the problem is - the CITY owns the zoo and everyone working there is a city employee: this is problem #1. Now we know why our zoo sucks so, so bad! Anything owned and RUN by a bureaucracy remains a shameful mess. Maybe one of the studios will buy the zoo.......and make it a real zoo. I'll go to the San Diego zoo next time and the time after that.. more

LA Zoo 3/27/2010

The LA Zoo is a great place to visit and see animals that most people will never see in their entire life. It's one of the few places you can still visit without having to spend a fortune, e.g. San Diego Zoo, Sea World, Disneyland, etc. Kids love it; they have lots of open spaces, a playground for the kids and good exhibits. For those complaining about animals in captivity, STOP. Zoos across the country are constantly helping with endagered species. I believe the LA Zoo played a great role in bringing back the California Condor population. All in all, you can go to the LA Zoo and park for free, spend a lot less money than you would elsewhere just to see the same animals you would at the San Diego Zoo. more

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Zoo 4/15/2006

San Diego zoo is a million times better than Los Angeles Zoo. The zoo has gotten a little better over the years but it doesnt beat San Diego. The admission fee is okay and parking is absolutely free. I only come to this zoo because its close to my home. more

Animals galore 2/28/2006

This zoo has just about every animal imagineable. What fun! My kid loves this place. We have fun walking around and reading the posts that state fun facts about each animal. We love getting the animal shaped chicken and fries for lunch. Spending a day here is long, but so much fun. more

fun time had by all 11/27/2005

my favorite part of this zoo is the two headed rattlesnake. I hate snakes, but have decided that this snake is the coolest ever. It doesn't compare to the San Diego zoo, but its still a nice place to go for the day. Its better to go during the week, but you may come across a bunch of kids there on a school field trip. The food is expensive, but what else do you expect from an amusement park. would recommend just for the two headed rattle snake. more

A great time for family and friends 11/13/2005

If you haven't been to the Los Angeles Zoo, definitely go because you will have a good time watching the animals, watching the people, and get a work out! It is quite large and very family-friendly, and what many people don't know is that it's also a good place to take a date. I enjoyed the snake exhibit and the gorillas quiet a bit, and you will also find your own favorites as well! more

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ok 10/22/2005

The Los Angeles Zoo is a fun place to go on a day off. Don't go on the weekends though, because it will be packed. However, if you go on the weekends, you may encounter a bunch of school kids on field trips, so I guess its your call. The Zoo has tons of different animals and attractions. However, it does get tiring walking around on a hot day. more

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We Love the Zoo! 9/26/2005

A zoo membership is an amazing thing to have. It means you can go just to look at the sea lions, or only for an hour and it's still worth your while. The zoo is quite large, so if you have small children, they may tire before you see it all. The children’s zoo is lots of fun as is the birdshow. more

Los Angeles Zoo 9/25/2005

I remember going on field trips with my class to the Los Angeles Zoo several years ago and I though then that the place was so cool. As an adult going back, I found this zoo to be rather lacking in the variety of animals they have on exhibit. If you have gone once, a second visit is not really worth it. My daughter though still seems to like seeing any type of animal. more

The LA Zoo 8/21/2005

The L.A. Zoo is a good place to look at amazing animals and all of their habits. They have all kinds of animals at the L.A. Zoo that you may have never seen. The L.A. Zoo is a great place for children to go because they can learn about the animals as they have fun watching them. more

Los Angeles Zoo 8/21/2005

The Los Angeles Zoo is a good place to spend the day with the family. They have free parking available. I often take my kids here and they really enjoy looking at all the different animals. We spend several hours walking around here unless it is a really hot day. If we know that it's going to be a hot day, we usually go there right when it opens because it is just not comfortable to be walking around there in all that heat. more

Want to see animals 8/20/2005

If you have children or you are looking for a place to bring a child you know than you should visit the LA Zoo. This place is great for the kids. They can see so many animals and learn a lot about them too. They can see some cool animals such as tigers and gorillas. more

Los Angeles Zoo 8/20/2005

The layout of this zoo is great. You can see most, if not all the exhibits without having to do a lot of backtracking. The children's zoo is a lot of fun and somewhere else in the park, there is a playground for the kiddies to play. Like most zoos, weather or not you actually see some of the animals is hit or miss. I don't remember being particularly disappointed. Even if you don't see your favorite animal, you're bound to see a celebrity or two. The food is on the expensive side and it wasn't all that great at that. McDonald's would have tasted better and had a better selection. more

Los Angeles Zoo 8/19/2005

My kids love going to the Los Angeles Zoo. We usually take a trip there once a month and go there early in the morning during the weekdays when the zoo isn’t as crowded. They have a children’s zoo where my kids love to pet the animals and they also have a botanical garden. What’s great too is that they have free parking. more

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An okay zoo 8/17/2005

Okay first of all, this isn't the San Diego Zoo, so let's get that out of the way. This may not be the greatest zoo, but if you live in Los Angeles and just want a cheap afternoon of looking at some animals then this is the place to go. There is a lot of walking involved, so be prepared for that with some good walking shoes. more

Awful 8/17/2005

The Los Angeles Zoo, sadly, is a very poor zoo venue, with very few animals, miles of walking, and really not much to speak of. There were very few animals when we went, and the few animals they had were spread across a vast amount of acreage. That meant a long walk (5-10 minutes) between different animals, and the displays were not very helpful. It's really sad that this zoo is in such poor condition, when with the amount of property they have there they couldn't do something better. I would not recommend it to anyone. more

It's a ZOO 8/16/2005

I haven't been to the LA Zoo recently, and it is the only zoo I've ever been to, so maybe my review isn't the most reliable... But as a kid I went several times. What I remember most was the wasps EVERYWHERE. At every trash can. And eating place. And cage. And water fountain. Wasps. It was terrifying when I was little. I also remember it being pretty dirty, but maybe that was just b/c I remember the wasps everywhere, but mostly at the trash cans. I also remember walking a lot, I would always be tired and hot at the end of the day. I'd really like to go back now that I'm older to see if anything has changed, but I would choose the SD Zoo over the LA one any day (even though I've never been...) more

Urban Safari 8/13/2005

They started some renovations couple of months ago welcome to the new los angeles zoo, where you can enjoy watching animals and their habitat. This place is so big that you need a day to explore all the animals. Another place for the family to unwind and enjoy nature. Please visit the place soon because they have some new attractions. more

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Excellent Zoo in the city! 8/8/2005

The LA Zoo is just as nice as San Diego, if not, perhaps a bit better. Very level zoo (San Diego is very hilly). Lots of natural habitat areas for the animals. Some of the animals are hard to see because their "cages" are similar to their wild living environments. All the animals seem to be in great health and happy. Great expo shows and interactions with the animals. Staff are very informative and truly enjoy their work. Tram service available. Easy to get to. more

L A Zoo 8/6/2005

In my opinion this is one of the best zoos in the entire United States of America! The exhibits are clean and well attended. They offer childrens programming throughout the year, including a night where you can camp out with the animals! The food is lacking, so bring your own goodies. Note no straws are provided as they are hazardous to animals if swallowed. Bring your own! more
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  • The LA Zoo is also a nice botanical garden, giving it more of a park-like feel than youd expect in LA. Parking is free (a rarity) and...

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