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Long Island Academy Of Dance

275 Rte 25A
Miller Place, NY 11764
(631) 331-8830
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Where should I start... I love LIAD. I truly would never dance at any other studio. I have been dancing there for 13 years and my family has been there for 30. During my 5th year ...


mann where do I begin! Wll you can't be on the comeptition team untill your 10 and up! At Michelle Ferraro's we have 3-year olds on our comp team!! Mean teachers just don't go!

I wouldnt dance anywhere else 2/11/2012

Where should I start... I love LIAD. I truly would never dance at any other studio. I have been dancing there for 13 years and my family has been there for 30. During my 5th year at LIAD I was going to quit. I had told my mom that I would rather be at my friend’s house then going to dance. When I told my teacher that I wanted to leave she told me what I wanted to do was up to me but me leaving would be a mistake because I had such potential. Thank God I listened to her. Choosing to stay at LIAD was the best decision I’ve ever made. In the past few years I have created friendships that will last a lifetime, and honestly I see more of them then I do any of my school friends. Not just because we’re at dance so often, but because we're with each other every chance we have. I truly mean it when I say I love every dancer at LIAD. This year has been so amazing so far and will only get better. All of us dancers are so close that we consider ourselves to be an ""ohana"". For those readers who do not know what an ohana is, it means family. In fact all of the dance company members this year put that on our shirts, because it’s true, we really are. And for all the people who say that the directors are mean and too harsh, they are mistaken. Yes the teachers will correct you, but what are they not suppose to? They are there to tell you when you're doing something wrong or when a step doesn’t look right. Would you rather them not tell you and then when you go on stage and dance for a huge audience you don’t look right? Cause I know I wouldn’t. And what people are forgetting is not only will they correct you, but they will encourage you. These past two years have been extremely hard for me, yet the directors and all the teachers are always there to tell me that not only am I a beautiful dancer, but I am an amazing person and nothing can bring me down. I will even admit to crying to the directors about some of my struggles. They do not have favorites. Sometimes it may seem that way, but they just appreciate a dancer with passion and dedication. \r \r So basically to tie everything together, LIAD is a studio where friends become family, and the directors are always there for you. \r \r Ohh I guess I should say that we also kick butt at competitions and have amazing choreography that we all love performing. Plus although were not all ballerinas (me included) we all are taught to work on technique from day one. \r \r I LOVE Long Island Academy of Dance :)\r more

One of the best things I've ever done 2/11/2009

When I searched this I already knew about the things that were said on this website and I'm very sorry to see people write certain things. I'm currently an LIAD dancer. I've been dancing for 12 years, and every one of those 12 years has been at LIAD. I'm also on the their competition team and I've been doing that for 5 years. LIAD has definitely been a significant factor throughout my life. While friends at school were on a sports team like field hockey, or volleyball I was on my own team at LIAD, and what a great choice that was. First off, I cannot even begin to describe the amount of friendships I've made through LIAD. These dancers really aren't my friends anymore, they're my sisters & brother :P I see them sometimes more then 4 days a week.. and sometimes those days are not spent at dance, but hanging out with each other because we've created such amazing friendships. All the mother's of the other dancer's have become like my 2nd moms. Whenever I need anything whether it be a hair piece, help with a costume, or even just a hug because I'm sad, those mother's are there. I love all of the teachers including the directors. Yes, I believe that sometimes words can be said harshly, because of the lack of thought put behind what they say before they say it, but I also think they're so strict because they believe that they're dancers can be the best. I don't think they have favorties, but I do think they appreciate the dancers that work the hardest and show respect and love for dancing. Just like a sport, does a coach want a slacker, or someone who works hard? I think that the age LIAD starts their competition dancers is fine. The girls need to be mature enough and able to handle the amount of commitment they need to show. LIAD is an amazing school, you learn so much about dance, and how to do it the right way. We kick the competition out of the water when we compete just about EVERYTIME. I love LIAD & all the people there & I'm so glad that I've been able to go there. Pros: Amazing training and amazing people Cons: Directors can be strict more

Amazing training, but very strict if looking to be serious. 2/7/2009

I have gone to L.I.A.D. for over 10 years now. the training here is unbelievable! i am apart of the competition team & we always have at least 2 dances scoring in the the top 10 for each category. The friends i made here are no longer friends, they have become like my 2nd family. I read in one of the other reviews that all the girls here do, is compete for being the ""best"", it is simply not true! when any one of us does well we are extremely happy for each other! we hang out outside of class & all have a close bond. the training here begins at an early age where they teach simple technique, & as the years progress so do you & your abilities. the teachers are friendly & warm, are all trained in dance & KNOW what they are doing. The directors, where yes it is true they are VERY strict, they can be nice. the age you begin to work with them you have come to the point where you are committed to only dance no school activities or more then likely you are apart of the competition team & have devoted your after school hours to dance & it is now not only fun & games but a serious commitment & they want to work to make you better! if your looking for only fun you dont need to get so serious there are plenty of classes where they are not at the competition level but are still good, but they dont have the same strict, intense atmosphere. but if you want to get serious WORK for it! you cant just expect to be in competition, you need to be ready and skilled enough for it, otherwise you show up at a competition and receive a silver or bronze & that is not fun. all in all the studio has a place for ANYONE! if you want to have fun there are classes for you, if you want to be more serious, you need to push yourself & try your hardest to show the directors what you got! as for the age of being able to compete it is appropriate otherwise you will be too sensitive to the harshness of competition. a plus is recitals are always amazing & enjoyable no matter what level you are watching! Pros: great and entertaining to watch! great training. Cons: can be harsh more

you may have to ask yourself,,is this realli whats best, for me? 11/21/2008

i forgot to mention one important aspect of this school.. theare not leanant in any sense of that word! they will expect u to devote all ur time, and i truly mean that... all ur time( besides school ,to strictly dance, and its just not realistic! u can stiil have a passion for dance, and and to be a well rounded person, its just not realistic to expct that from anyone, it honesly is their way or the highway, ur perspective doesnt matter, and the parents are treated the same! again, u WILL learn honestly its a great learning experience! u put on wonderful shows!, and make good friends, but i am not the only one who has asked myslf,, is all the stress they put on me really worth it?...and that is a personel choice, more

Great learning experience! :)... not the best life experience! :( 11/19/2008

I competed at LIAD for 7 years. No one can argue that you are very well trained, i saw one comment that said it was all one big competition to be the ""best"" and their are ""favorites"", unfortunatley id have to agree with that, if u dont quite fit their ""image"", for their school, you are not exactly treated the same and that can be hard to handle, honestly, in regards to working hard, i believe that was always a plus, you feel like you are truly learning the ART of dance...not just ""putting on a show"". They are not very flexible, and yes they can be VERY harsh, but they do know what they are doing, and that was ALWAYS reassuring. I did wish that they could have had a better balance of discipline, & ""being the best', w/ providing a community for the students where they felt they were supported and valued. unfortunatley with dance it is every hard to find a balance of learning the craft well,... and not having to worry about yur self esteem each time you look in the eyes of the Director!, if you are passionate about dance noone can argue... THEY ARE one of the top contendors, many just wished they had a better balance of things if you know what i mean by that. Pros: you WILL learn Cons: you wont always feel very valued, more

Good if you want to learn how to dance... 9/16/2008

I get so tired of people saying ""Oh the teachers are So hard"" or ""Oh the competition starts so late"" At LIAD they ACTUALLY teach you to dance, and NO they aren't mean! Yes they are strict, but they want to teach the students how to dance. If you don't want that, go to Marchand's where they will sit and talk for an hour and not learn how to dance in the slightest. Their BEST dancers are at par with LIAD mediocre dancers. As for starting competition late, I have been to many competitions, and cute as it may be, seeing a 6 year old on stage doing a solo makes you want to pull your hair out. They are cute, yes, but if you just want to pay to give your son or daughter a chance in the spot light with no training, then LIAD isn't for you! At LIAD they actually TRAIN you, I know it is a crazy concept for all those parents out there who just want their kids to sit around in front of the TV and talk, then dance isn't for you! LIAD is hard, but worth while, they don't have girls on pointe who don't know ballet, you can get seriously hurt! So watch the 'good' dancers from whatever school you chose, and make sure that they are learning technique, or they will get hurt when the teachers rush them on to pointe with out the training.\r \r If you just want to have fun, join a hip hop class, but if you want to learn dance and get in shape, then check Long Island Academy of Dance out. It is worth the trip. Pros: Great experience: learn a lot Cons: Tough! Takes effort and practice more

Not great, but not terrible. 9/16/2007

First, I want to comment on others reviews...\r I think the age to be on the competition team for LIAD is a good age. When young children compete, it's very similar to a recital. I am on the competition team, and I would not want little kids to be on it with me. So, I think the age is good.\r The costumes are not cheaply made, they are from companies like Artstone, and are not cheesy. The production costume is expensive, but they're custom made, so I understand the cost, even though I wish I didn't have to pay it! Plus, the school only charges the price that they bought the costume for, which is NOT top dollar.\r Also, when we compete, we do very well. We have many top scores, overall top scores, perfect scores, and we're also nationally recognized. We are all friends, and have great team spirit.\r Yes, the directors can be nasty, but the teachers are very nice. As you become a higher level, you deal with the directors more often, so it can be hard and stressful. Many girls have quit due to issues with the directors, but I do reccomend this studio, as long as you're not sensative. \r Pros: Nice teachers, great competition team, nice students... Cons: mean directors. more

Don't go! 9/12/2007

mann where do I begin! Wll you can't be on the comeptition team untill your 10 and up! At Michelle Ferraro's we have 3-year olds on our comp team!! Mean teachers just don't go! more

Don't go there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 9/9/2007

I went to this school for 5 years. The directors make you feel very bad about yourself. They have a few favorites who get solos and special treatment. Everyone else is ""dirt"". Forget it if your body is not perfect, just get used to being stuck in the back. Everyone there is always competing against each other for the directors attention. I really didn't feel much team spirit. Everything is about being the 'best' dancer on the team. There are many other better schools in the area that compete in competitions and do better than LIAD. Also their costumes are cheaply made and the school charges you top dollar for them.\r more

Not so great. 9/9/2007

I've been going to LIAD for twelve years, and the girls there are great. I've made so many friends there, and they're all so nice. The teachers there are all EXTREMELY nice, but the directors aren't. They can be mean and nasty, making dance not as fun. If you are looking to dance for fun, I reccomend a different studio. The higher level you become, the more dance takes over you life. If you are in a high level, don't expect to do any school sports, clubs, or plays. The studio does not support you doing activities outside of dance, and we often have to hide what other activities we're doing. Girls have been told by the directors to choose either their school sport or dance. It seems as if the directors believe their way is the only right way. If things change, they expect you to go along with it, without your opinion or a copmlaint. The people here are all wonderful dancers, and they put on an awsome show. The teachers and directors are great coreographers, and they teach excellent technique. But sometimes I wonder if it's worth it. Pros: Great coreography, performances, and technique. Cons: Mean directors. more

Great education, directors are so mean 8/25/2007

I danced there for 9 years i finally quit going there this year. The main directors are horrible to you, they pick there favorties and then your like invisible, at competitons if they didn't think we did the dance perfect, they would yell at us. And yes they are mean. They say ""oh girls we don't have favorites"" oh yes they do, if you're not one of their favorites you will be dragged around, and unaprieciated. There are great teachers there, but they don't respect you, i'm not saying all the teachers there are like that. They not only yell at students, but parents too! i dont really recommend going there. more

Choose another school! 8/16/2007

My grandaughter went to that school for many years and we were relieved when she decided she had enough. The directors are mean!! They not only yell at the students, parents get yelled at too. If you are one of the chosen favorites you get taught and treated well. If your daughter is heavy or doesn't have that perfect performance quality she will learn a whole lot of nothing. If you have hopes to eventually compete and you don't achieve perfection in class it will never happen. You will be shuffled around for years and never put in the competition classes. more

Love it 8/15/2007

The teachers are not mean there!! ive been going there for years and the teachers have never even yelled at me once! if they have yelled at you it only means your not doing a good job or your not paying attention ive gone to many dance studios and this was definetely my favroite i have so much fun there and will be going there for a long time. more

Good dance school, Directors are mean. 7/18/2007

It's a great school, but the directors are so mean they dont care about you, they yell and are nasty. I do not recommend going there! If you don't want to get your feeling hurt then I recommend going somewhere else! God I hate it there. I mean the education is good, the dancers are well educated and they are very good dancers, but ya know. more
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