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London Sizzler Tandoori Bar & Grill - 26 Reviews - 6690 Southwest Fwy, Houston, TX 77074, Houston, TX - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (713) 783-2754

London Sizzler Tandoori Bar & Grill

6690 Southwest Fwy, Houston, TX 77074
Houston, TX 77074
(713) 783-2754
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London Sizzler Tandoori Bar & Grill - Houston, TX
London Sizzler Tandoori Bar & Grill - Houston, TX
London Sizzler Tandoori Bar & Grill - Houston, TX
London Sizzler Tandoori Bar & Grill - Houston, TX
London Sizzler Tandoori Bar & Grill - Houston, TX


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We love London Sizzler. The food was delicious and I wouldn't hesitate to come back. The biryani is tasty, the saag paneer is creamy, the chicken tikka masala a little on the sw...


I went there few weeks back and like always food was great but I did not appreciate the bad attitude of the bar manager. I heard him use profanity multiple times with other staff,...

Nice Indian atmoshere, good food with Full Bar 3/10/2012

willmo44 Provided by Partner
Good food, good atmosphere and you can get a cocktail beer wine (hard to find with most Indian restaurants) only for dinner though however ... more

Flavor good, but not for price 2/5/2011

Just home from there. The service was good, the ambience was good. The three of us split 2 meals, a curried vegetable dish and the butter chicken. I thought this would be plenty, because of the price of the dishes (around $9-$11 each) We paid extra for 2 servings of naan. When it was brought out, it was 2 small bowls of the main dishes and 2 small bowls of rice. The curry sauces were made well- tasty. HOWEVER there was hardly anything IN the sauce. Sparce pieces of chicken and in the veggie- NO VEGGIES, a few bits of tofu (from what i could tell)- and we were still hungry afterwards and the naan was burnt. NOT a good deal for over $30, I expected to at least have some veggies- more SUBSTANCE. more

Delicious happy hour for Indian food! 9/26/2010

We love London Sizzler. The food was delicious and I wouldn't hesitate to come back. The biryani is tasty, the saag paneer is creamy, the chicken tikka masala a little on the sweet tomatoey side, and the naan bread so yummy... damn, I'm hungry now. (see photos) Located in the same shopping strip as Himalaya, I think these two restaurants have the market cornered when it comes to the best Indian food in town. more

Love the food 2/28/2010

Great Indian food at a reasonable price. a good restaurant to introduce newbies to Indian food. more

Love this place! 11/15/2009

Great food, never dissapointed. Do try their Chilli manchurian and ofcourse sweet lassi. Love the ambience. Friendly staff. Pros: everything more

Good Indian food in a nice setting 10/14/2009

London Sizzler is a Indian restaurant at Hillcroft and 59. It is more upscale than a lot of the other selections in the area - they have a full bar and several flat screen TV's - its nice to have a beer and watch sports while I wait for the food to get ready. I typically pick up about once every other week and over a period of time have sampled a good portion of their menu. All of the standard dishes like saag paneer & chana masala have been very good What's best though, in my mind, is some of their "out of the box" dishes. They have really excellent naan rolls and their new lamb "boom" masala was definitely something I'd get again. If you like spicy give the pili pili dish a try - its otherworldly hot. Not sure what the previous reviewer experience was, but in the dozen or so times I have visited this establishment I have found the waitstaff/barstaff to be very friendly and very helpful. After having tried 10 or more Indian restaurants, I have finally found one I can recommend to friends! Pros: excellent food Cons: road construction on Hillcroft more

Great food but very unprofessional bartender 9/29/2009

I went there few weeks back and like always food was great but I did not appreciate the bad attitude of the bar manager. I heard him use profanity multiple times with other staff, throwing a tantrum like a little child. He was not very friendly and seemed intoxicated and this is not the first time i have seen him do it. I still love going there but the days when i dont see the crazy guy behind the bar. Reading other reviews shows it that I am not the only one who experienced this. Pros: awesome food Cons: unprofessional more

Worst food ever !!!! 9/1/2009

We went to this place yesterday ,we ordered panner balti & naan etc.I am not exaggerating but if you know the indian food test then this was not even close ! Gravy was very thin food was completely tasteless ! way more expensive than what you find in other places ! we did not even bbother to pack the food for to go !I wasted my money ! I strongly urge find another place ...even if you have to stay hungry ! I have heard that they have good haidrabadi biryani ..but haven't tried....punjabi food was awful...! Pros: Ambience Cons: everything else,quality of food,price more

London Sizzler: Restaurant from your worse nightmare 4/26/2009

Up-scale chic restaurant which is rather on the expensive side. What do you expect when you go there? Friendly service, great food lovely ambience? Well London Sizzler will be a crashing downer to all your high expectations. I for one had a real time experience of that one. Me and my group of friends went there to try out this much coveted restaurant. It started out pretty well, I had an appetizer, Chilli Paneer, my friend decided to go with Lamb Kaboobs. Later on our group expanded so we asked for another table. They lied on my face informing me there are no tables, so I pointed out an empty table. They rather grudgingly shifted us. This is where the horror began. I ordered a main course, Malai Kofta with rice. This being my favorite vegetarian dish, I have tried it in a few Indian restaurants, all which boasted none of the greatness that London sizzler boasted. After about an hour later (yes we were there forever) the dinner finally arrived To my disappointment it tasted just plain bad. It was too sweet and did not have any salt or spice for that matter. It was just veggies floating in butter syrup. All the other dishes were palable. Including the chicken. The ?Spice? factor seem to be their cost-cutting agenda. I started feeling sick, so I tried to excuse myself, asking for my cheque. The waiter rather rudely informed us ?We do not split cheques?. I tried to get some help from the manager, and guess what; he was ruder and informed us to write down our calculations of what we eat behind the bill. (which took forever to arrive) . When complaining,about their service he told us to not come back and they do not care. ( YES! You heard that right and it?s a quote, I got witness) The cheque was $33 (No alcohol) they added 18% Gratituty. Yes it is compulsory that you tip their bad service. (wonder why?!) I continue to have bad allergic reactions and throwing up all Friday and Saturday, when my doctor informs me I had seafood. (I am badly allergic to seafood). Of-course the paneer chilli was fried in the same oil as shrimp. DO NOT GO THERE, unless you want to pay for your own nightmare! Never going back and would advice everyone I know to stay away!! Shehnai which is a standard buffet service has better food and service and you pay them $10 for all you can eat!! Pros: NONE Cons: BAD FOOD, BAD SERVIXE, OVERCROWDED LOUD AMBIENCE more

Everything was great! 1/24/2009

Great service! We were unsure of what to order and our waiter was incredibly helpful... we had an appetizer, bread, mixed grill and a dessert.... fabulous! We will definitely be back! more

Crappiest service in houston, avoid at all costs 9/19/2008

I used to be one of the most regular patrons of London Sizzler and was appalled with the horrid service and quality there the last time I went. I have spent a good $1000 or so eating there in the past two years with friends and I have always thought, great food, but slow service. This past experience shocked me; it was a good hour and half since we ordered and we still had not received our food; then one of us went to ask what was happening with the food. A lot of orders were taking a while and hence, there was a good five or six complaints every ten minutes. Thus, the manager decided to vent it out on us and said " if you complain, I am going to cancel your food" ; and then, without waiting for our response, proceeded to scream to the chefs to cancel and throw our food away. Then, he refused to apologize and make amends. We then proceeded to finish our appetizers and plan to leave. Some of the juniors who work here and know me asked me to wait, and they would try and appease the chef's and make it again. Then another thirty minutes pass and we have been without food from 830pm to 11pm now and then we realize there is no food. The angry manager "threatens" us to leave and says he wont charge us for our food. We did leave and then as we are waiting outside and speaking, he proceeds to follow us out and demand that we pay for the drinks! This horrid behavior was unwarranted and then, when we go in to pay, he has two items we never even received ever on the bill - this sort of cheap tactics are horrible; and so we complained to the owners, and they were bigger douches than the manager and when we asked to NOT pay for the items we did not recieve, they proceed to just say " take your cards and dont ever come back". On that happy note, we decided to share our love for the manager and the owners and request that no sane person ever go here again. Pros: good food if it ever gets to you; cleanest place on hillcroft Cons: Horrid service, uncaring owners, long wait times, unpleasant senior staff more

Fabulous food, good service, great prices 3/15/2008

We were hesitant to try this restaurant due to the bad reviews we read but I am so glad we gave it a bash! We were in the mood for a casual dinner with exceptional food and that is exactly what we got. Its true- the place is not pretty and the food did not come fast. But, it was well worth the wait. If you want fast food, go to a fast food joint or at least a restaurant thats known for bringing it out quick. This usually means its pre-made. Our waiters (yes- it seems we had more than one or at least others were willing to help) were very helpful and courteous. The samosas were hot and tasty. The curries (we tried 3) were all delicious. The naans were also hot and fresh. We thought the food was the best Indian we've had in Houston and the other patrons were 90% Indian (I always take that as a good sign). I don't say this often but we'll definitely be back! Pros: great food, great prices, great service Cons: could use a better wine list more

Good for Carryout (call in advance to order though), VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY BAD for dine-in. 3/9/2008

Boy oh Boy was this a bad place. The service was horrible. They didn't know what was in half the dishes. On top of that, the waiters took about an hour to bring out the food we had ordered. While waiting, we had to order 2-3 appetizers just to avoid staying hungry. The ambiance was horrible as well. The place was set up all weird and the bar was full of loser guys with big guts staring at girls that were seated. Oh, and London Sizzler actually had food that sizzled while coming out of the kitchen. So much so that the smoke caused 80% of the seated customers to cough and/or sneeze. The foos was decent but the everything else was total garbage. Good for Carryout (call in advance to order though), VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY BAD for dine-in. Pros: Good Food Cons: Very Poor Service, Horrible Amiance, Bar folks Disruptive, VERY long wait for food more

Tasty Sizzler 3/1/2008

This was our first time at this restaurant and we were very impressed. The service was fast and friendly and served with a British accent. The naan was buttery, hot, and fresh. The chutney was a tasty accompaniment. The Chili Manchurian was perfect in its spiciness. Would also suggest the chicken tikki marsala and the chicken curry. Would definitely go again!! Pros: well priced, trendy, tasty food Cons: relatively smaller portions more

Great food at resonable prices. 11/7/2007

First, realize that this is a very casual place. Think London / Indian Pub. Good service. Waiter was friendly and knew the menu. Very tasty and interesting appetizer in the On Puri. Delicious Madras curry. Great Nan bread. Good selection of beer on tab. Just wish it was prettier, but then the prices would be higher. Pros: Food, Service Cons: Ambience more

The spice is nice! 9/1/2007

The food is the draw here. In a city with bland Indian alternatives this place sets itself apart. The dishes have more fire to them but are done very well. Service can be spotty so expect to wait - but its worth it. Pros: Food, prices Cons: Spotty service more

Pankaj Gupta 8/19/2007

We went to this restaurant on last Saturday for dinner. We were 8 people. I had a horrible experience at London Sizzler. We had to wait for more than two hours for our food and service was so horrible that I have never experienced anywhere. The waiters were unprofessional and unapologetic. Rather than saying sorry, they charged us 18% gratituty without giving us a chance to pay tip. I will never ever go to this place in my life. One of waiters was very rude and misbehaved as well. So if you are taking your family or friends and don't want to spoil your evening, don't think about going on this restaurant. Worst restaurant I have ever been to Pros: None Cons: Worst service, unprofessional and misbehaving staff more

Sizzlin!!!! 4/13/2007

Tried this place this evening on the advice of a neighbor, and what a find! Scary part of town at night, but worth it to get some of the finest cuisine I have ever tried! Don't forget to try the Tandoori Wings!!! Pros: Awesome food,Great music Cons: Kinda Seedy part of town more

Best Indian food! 1/24/2007

This is by far one of the coolest hang outs in houston for great food and drinks..Great atmosphere, very friendly ppl..One of the cleanest south asian restaurants in houston. Great affordable prices... Highly recommend.. Pros: Experienced and friendly staff. Great quality food. more

Smokin' 6/3/2006

As a fellow londoner, I must say that the service and ambience are stunningly and pleasantly different - outside the mainstream of authentic Londian (my phrase) restaurants. The staff are extremely friendly and the food is... well, smokin'!! With just the right mix of spices, and an awesome menu selection, London Sizzler remains to be our family's favorite Indian Restaurant. Well Done London! Pros: Delicious Food, Friendly Staff, Super Music more
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Menu for London Sizzler Tandoori Bar & Grill

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North Indian European Cuisine

Owner Message

  • London Sizzler Indian Bar & Grill is a Houston favorite. With a laid-back atmosphere, friendly staff and affordable prices, Indian cuisine couldn't be any better. We offer authentic dishes with a right mix of spices including Tandoori wings, Chicken Tikka Masala and more.

    London Sizzler Indian Bar & Grill also offers a full-service bar and our kitchen stays open till 11:30pm. Bring the family, celebrate a birthday or just stop by for some good food. London Sizzler Indian Bar & Grill creates authentic dishes with a blend of European flavors. You will enjoy the atmosphere, always friendly and up-beat.

    So come in today and enjoy a laid-back family dinner or stop by with a couple of friends to shoot a game of pool and cheer on your favorite sports team, all while listening to great music in a fun atmosphere only at London Sizzler Indian Bar & Grill.


  • Authentic Indian-flavored cuisine served in family-friendly restaurant.

  • 7/9/2007 Provided by Citysearch

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