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Lobo - 46 Reviews - 218 Court St, Brooklyn, NY - Restaurants Reviews - Phone (718) 858-7739


218 Court St (at nr. Warren St.)
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 858-7739
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Lobo - Brooklyn, NY
Lobo - Brooklyn, NY
Lobo - Brooklyn, NY
Lobo - Brooklyn, NY
Lobo - Brooklyn, NY
Lobo - Brooklyn, NY
Lobo - Brooklyn, NY
Lobo - Brooklyn, NY
Lobo - Brooklyn, NY
Lobo - Brooklyn, NY


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Great food, great staff, with none of that annoying kidnapping stuff found in Mexico and no real Texas rednecks in US Presidential training (where they execute you for walking fun...


When Lobo opened where Harvest used to be, it wasn't bad. The food was decent and hte margerita's were great. I hadn't been in quite some time and went back a few nights ago. Wow ...

Editorial review from Citysearch 1/27/2014

used to real Mexican food? This is not it. That said, respectable eats of the Americanized type.\r \r Everything was flavorful and fresh. The actual cooking was perfectly executed. Served perfectly. Everyone in our party cleaned their plates even the two year old.\r \r The drinks are the real stars though. Cocktails and infused spirits are well conceived and delivered.\r \r At first glance I thought it a little rich for faux Mexican food, but the quality and large portions brought it home and I felt I got my money's worth.\r \r This was my third visit and it won't be my last.\r \r Take cash though, no CC accepted. more

Better Tex-Mex in BKLYN than actually in Texas or Mexico 2/22/2012

Great food, great staff, with none of that annoying kidnapping stuff found in Mexico and no real Texas rednecks in US Presidential training (where they execute you for walking funny). more

Our pals love this one, this guy not so much....(but) 5/2/2009

as a former austin Tx native i do like my tex mex and was introduced to the genre at a pretty high level. the fajitas here are totally decent and enjoyable. I also usually like the margaritas (depending which barkeep is on deck, as they vary in quality). They are pretty strong too, 2 and you're fine - 3 is touch and go. Most of the other dishes are mediocre to poor in my view, we've tried most of them and the upstairs is something of a Cacophonous hall of boo. stay downstairs, stick to fajitas and margies and you should be sorted. Pros: The fajitas (especially chipotle shrimp) and margies. Cons: upstairs is loud, most dishes are very middling more

Worst tex-mex in brooklyn 12/31/2008

I eat out a lot and work in the food industry. I went to Lobo in Park Slope tonight and was totally disgusted. Our entrees came while we were eating our apps. Then, I had asked for my entree spicy and was given an entree that was so spicy it was disgusting and tasted like battery acid. When we politely commented we were treated like we were ridiculous. When they replaced my entree, they spilled sauce all over my husbands coat and the original entree I ordered was totally different. This was some of the worst, most indifferent service I have EVER had in my life and I will never go back here. Pros: good margaritas Cons: worst service ever and mediocre food more

What great service! 7/6/2008

This was my first time eating here. Didn't know what to order, but the cheesesteak sounded good. Our waitress, Linda, suggested I substitute the pulled pork for the steak, and boy, was she right! I ordered an extra one to bring back to my roommate. She was terrific as a server -- very patient, sweet and accommodating. I'm coming back AND asking for her. Thanks. more

Great food, drinks, service 6/2/2008

I ended up going here on a saturday night, without a reservation, with 6 friends for my birthday. I'd originally planned to go to Frankies down the street but the rudeness of their greeter drove me away (see the Frankies 457 review I wrote). We came to Lobo and were seated immediately in the backyard and were treated to GREAT mexican food, very strong and yummy margaritas, and great service from the lovely bartendress who did not remotely rush us at all, as we spent hours back there having drinks after everyone else had left the back patio. I wish I'd caught her name, because she was a doll. Thanks, Lobo, for a great, relaxing birthday dinner! We all had a great time. Pros: Food, Drinks, Service, Space more

It was just OK. 5/31/2008

Good mexican restaurants are hard to come by in our area, so I had high hopes for Lobo. Needless to say, I was mildly disappointed. The food was just OK, nothing spectacular. The drinks were expensive, and the service was spotty, even though the restaurant wasn't that crowded. The most disappointing aspect was that they did not serve black beans, only refried. Overall, it wasn't terrible, but the overall dining experience pales in comparison to other restaurants nearby. more


1. the food is great. Edwins Enchaladas with verde sauce and white cheese rocks!\r \r 2. The price is right\r \r 3. The margs are wonderful and fresh... Sangre De Lobo is the Best!\r \r 4. The wait staff is freindly and very interactive\r \r 5. Nothing beats sitting outside this summer with a marg and a taco!!!! Pros: great TEX MEX Cons: nothing! more

Very Bland!!! 4/20/2008

I ate at Lobo's a year ago and it was okay. I really enjoyed the fact that you could eat outdoors, especially on a nice spring day. It wasn't the best nor the worst. However, I went there over the weekend for lunch and the food was not good at all. It was devoid of flavoring. I ordered a fish taco and it had no flavor at all. And, the rice had the same flavor. I was very dissatisfied and couldn't finish my meal. Pros: Outdoor seating Cons: The bland food more

I miss Harvest 4/18/2008

When Lobo opened where Harvest used to be, it wasn't bad. The food was decent and hte margerita's were great. I hadn't been in quite some time and went back a few nights ago. Wow did this place go downhill! THe food was incredibly bland. Hoenstly I didn't even finish it because it wasn't very good. It made me long for the days of Harvest's comfort food which was far superior to what Lobo's has become. We were seated upstairs and honmestly the place didn't look as clean as it used to be either. The service was not offensively bad, but it was pretty lackluster. more

Could you have a worse attitude? I doubt it. 11/12/2007

Lobo used to be a good bet for decent mexican, large portions, and the nicest waitress around (sorry I don't know your name woman with the bandana, but you are the sweetest!), but lately it's fell off. Went to brunch yesterday and had the rudest waiter. He's tall, scruffy looking, and should quit if he's going to have a bad attitude and act like he doesn't want customers in the restaurant. When he seated a huge party so close to us we were being elbowed by the woman sitting against our backs, we politely asked if there was any way the waiter could ask that table to move over just a little. He came back and told us there was nothing he could do in a very snotty way, and when I said ""ok, we'll just try to move our table a little,"" he walked away in a huff. Not to mention the STALE biscuits, tasteless burritos, and coffee you had to light yourself on fire for before anyone would come over to refill it. Listen, I'm not a big brunch fan, so if Lobo's servers are going to treat me like garbage on a weekend morning, I'll stick to my cereal at home or go elsewhere. Save your money and avoid Lobo! Pros: If you get the nice waitress and order something that has taste Cons: Waiter who's rude, food that's sub-par, cash-only more

Taco Bell is 1000 times better 10/13/2007

I am sorry to say their enchiladas are really really sad. They are smaller than cigars then have white Velveeta inside and on the top. I was expecting the rice and refriend beans that come with it to save the day but they only give you a few tablespoons of each. I was still really hungry when we left. more

Very good chili-infused margaritas at this Tex-Mex that i... 7/24/2007

Very good chili-infused margaritas at this Tex-Mex that is in the location that used to be my favorite Park... more

Worst restaurant experience ever! 7/12/2007

Our experience at Lobo was terrible! It started when we asked the waitress a few questions about some dishes & she just read off the menu to us, explaining that she ""never eats those things."" When the food came, everything was swimming in ""queso"" - it looked like melted Velveeta with a plastic skin on top. Then, our raspberry margarita had a white blob floating in it which we were told was egg whites! Why are they putting raw egg in margaritas??? The waitress never apologized for this, the drink was not comped & never once did she check in with us once we get our food except to drop the check. Don't go here! There are so many amazing restaurants in Brooklyn, don't waste your money on this one. Cons: poor service, raw egg in margaritas, terrible food more

i heart lobo. 6/14/2007

we live a few blocks away from the court street lobo and love it dearly. the food may not be earth shatteringly interesting, but it's very good and i consider it comfort food. the margaritas are strong and mercifully free of sour mix. in my eyes, the only down side to this place is that the bar gets filled up quickly and the upstairs dining room can feel a little isolated and creepy when it's mostly empty. Pros: actual margaritas, dependable food Cons: crowded more

great sevice from food runner 5/29/2007

my name is stacey I have been eating at lobo since i moved here 1 year ago from california. i love the brunch and i love the dinner. what really attracts me more than the brunch on saturday mornings is the guy who brings me my food, he's hot stuff and i find it so s*xy when he alwayz looks at himself in the mirror im pretty sure his name is zigi because that is what he told me when i asked for his name because his behind and his smile has my face glowing every saturday morning, i hope he continues to have my food served to me with the same smile he shows me every morning.. more

Boo for the bartender! 5/20/2007

Ok, WE LOVE THIS PLACE! Exceptional Margarita's (finally!) at a good price (yipee!) and mostly nice people that work here but lately this one bartender (I think I heard some one call him Tom) who always looks like he's been up all night (and not from!) is always behind the bar. He'll have three people at the bar and you'll still have to flag him down. Now I don't need a hand holding, telling me your life story kind of bartender (being one myself for 10 years) but damn! Look around man and get off the phone! EVERY TIME we are in, it's the same story with this guy so we opt for the garden (which is lovely) if we can. Just had to let it out!! Otherwise a great place! more


I am from Austin, TX and have been in NYC about 7 years now searching for decent Tex-Mex, but haven't found any, much less good Tex-Mex. Sure there are places to get your fix, or have fun, but the food is nowhere close to the realm of the genuine or delicious food I grew up with. When I heard about Lobo, I was excited, but doubtful, I had heard rave reviews about Rosa Mexicana and others afterall and we know how that turns out, but figured I'd try. I ordered an iced tea, of course, and it came in a BIG glass with a lime and free refills. No nestea, no tiny glass. Now we're on the right track, i thought. Then we ordered Queso. I've made this mistake in NY before, but figured I'd try it. To my shock, it was made the right way! Delish! 2 for 2! Then kept going! I ordered the Sassy Mama Enchiladas which come with a side of rice and beans. Get this, the rice was spiced correctly and did not contain peas! 3 for 3! FANTASTIC! The beans were good without adding salt too! More tea coming. I can't believe i found it! The margaritas were great, the service was good, there is an outside space with a bar, it must be too good to be true! I've been back 3 times now in 10 days. I agree with all of the great reviews. The writers of the bad reviews either like something that is not true tex-mex, work at a competitor, or just plain have no taste. GO THERE TODAY AND SAVE ME A SEAT. Pros: THE BEST Cons: its not closer to me more

Best Tex-Mex I've Found in the City 2/22/2007

I am a Texas native that moved to NYC only 7 months ago, and the only thing that ever made me homesick was the lack of good Tex-Mex food in the City. Living in San Antonio, TX, for 22 years, you become accustomed to good Tex-Mex, and that is exactly what I found at Lobo. The enchilada's were delicious, and my girlfriend said that the Fajita's were delicious as well. My girlfriend and I have eaten at Maudie's restaurant in Austin, TX, as well, and the food is very similar at both places. The atmostphere is authentic and resembles many Tex-Mex spots in Texas. I must agree with many of the other reviews that say the service is below average. We have been twice since we found out about the place, and each time I have had great food with below average service. But for anyone looking for great food, good margarita's, and an authentic environment, this is a definate weekly spot that you must visit. Let's be honest, when you try to find a great place to eat that has a nice environment and strong margarita's, does it matter that the service is slow and you get to drink an extra margarita. Tex-Mex lovers will not be disappointed. Pros: Food, Ambience, Outdoor eating, Margarita's Cons: Service, Cash Only more

So bad I thought I was on Punk'd 2/6/2007

Couldn't believei it! First, the music. LOUD, and weird, and scratchy. It kept pausing, them blasting, then skipping. Numerous tables around me complained that it was very annoying and distracting. Then the service. THe waitress must have been on somethin. I ordered a enchilada entree, which is supposed to include 3 enchiladas, rice and beans. The bus boy gave me a plate with one tiny enchilada, and nothing else.! It took several minutes to flag the waitress to ask if this is correct, and she said no, took it back, and too half an hour to bring me my dinner! She never asked if we wanted drinks. We managed to get one drink from her, and she never came back. Getting the check was another ordeal, several tables around us were in the same boat, in disbelief at how bad everything was, and how they couldn't get the check either! When we finally left, we wished the poor customers still waiting the best of luck! What a mess. Pros: ?? Cons: SERVICE!! Music!! SERVICE!! more
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  • The Scene
    Located in the two-floor space formerly occupied by Harvest, Lobo piles on Southwestern decor that tips perilously close to being kitschy. Sombreros and spurs line the walls;...

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