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Little World Chinese Rstrnt - 39 Reviews - 1356 S State St, Salt Lake City, UT - Lunch Spot Reviews - Phone (801) 467-5213

Little World Chinese Rstrnt

1356 S State St
Salt Lake City, UT 84115
(801) 467-5213
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Although Little World does not appear to be the cleanest place around, it is most definately ethnic & resembles the Chinese culture. I am a Chinese myself, & although I have not b...


I have seen this place evolved over the years.\r It is small enough to manage by family members and big enough to generate good income for the owners. It is hard to believe that...

Editorial review from Citysearch 10/7/2012

I've been going there since 1996 and have really enjoyed their food (although they were closed for a while, I heard by the Health Dept). Anyway, I went there today with a friend. The friend remarked that the Shrimp Chow Mein hardly had any noodles, so I caught the servers attention and asked if we could get more noodles, because we thought there'd be more. She curtly said ""You should have thought of that when you ordered,"" and walked away. We told the other server that we didn't mind paying more and could we get some. \r \r We continued to eat and by the time we finished, no noodles came. The server brought our check and we asked if the noodles that we ordered were coming. She said ""do you want it or not?"" We said ""it's not worth waiting for now,"" up to that point we had been polite (I'm usually pretty gregarious and smiling), but she just stormed away again. I went up to pay (cash, thankfully, I understand they can't be trusted with plastic) and sarcastically told her ""I really appreciated your heartfelt apology,"" to which she mocked me like a 13-year-old ""I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry"" in a sing song baby voice. UNBEFUCKINGLEAVIBLE.\r \r They lost a loyal customer. I guess I should have stopped going there when a friend told me he found a cockroach in his food. more

Editorial review from Citysearch 9/2/2012

In 2009, being alone for Christmas and not wanting to prepare any food, I went to Little China. The dumplings were literally stone hard and dry. Later, when my bank statement came in I was charged for over $100.00 for a $20 meal. Unfortunately, there was nothing I could do to resolve the matter since I waited too long to discover the error. I went through the drive through, but even so, the overcharge seemed to be on purpose. They would not rectify the matter and denied any wrong doing. They were rude and ignored me and walked away or pretended not to understand. I guess all sales are final even when such a huge mistake happens. Beware overcharges especially during the holidays. more

Never Again... Lost customers! 1/7/2012

We've been patronizing Little World for 10+ years, today was the last time we'll ever step foot in that restaurant again. We were treated so horribly by the server, and then she started telling other employees and pointing her finger at us. We felt so uncomfortable and so unaccomodated by her rude demeanor. In today's economy every dollar counts for a business and Litle World will no longer receive our hard earmed dollars again. more

Don't trust them 4/7/2011

Went to the drive up window & placed an order. Gave the employee my debit card for payment. He passed the bag of food to me and the printed credit card receipt for me to sign. I signed the receipt & kept my copy returning the signed copy to him. As I was getting the bag of food settled I realized he had not returned my debit card to me. I walked inside to get my card & was treated as if I were a bother!! They glanced around for my card as they were taking phone calls & taking care of other customers. They were just going around me as if I were in the way. They would not stop & seriously look for my card. Finally one of the employees said to just leave my phone number & they will call if they find it. REALLY!!! do people really fall for this?? I went back out to my car and as I was sitting in front of their business I called & canceled my debit card. And needless to say I would not recommend this place to anyone. more

Worse Than Ever 9/12/2010

It did get a little cleaner, but now it has added things in the food. There were 2 good size pieces of wood in my Chow Mein that I got from take out. If I had swallowed one of them, I would have choked. They looked like they came off a chopping block or a chopstick. It was late and I live too far away to take them back, but I will never go there again. more

Beef Chow Fun 8/31/2010

Little World is definitely a hole in the wall restaurant! 90% of my three stars are given to the Beef Chow Fun they have. It is the best beef chow fun in SLC. However, the other dishes are just so-so. They are not very tasty as I wish. I would rather go to Ho Ho if I want some good Chinese food other than beef chow fun. more

It's a small world after all 8/30/2010

Although Little World does not appear to be the cleanest place around, it is most definately ethnic & resembles the Chinese culture. I am a Chinese myself, & although I have not been to China, I know how things get there & it is not always clean & pretty. There are some areas in Asia, believe it or not, that are as dirty as some places here in the U.S. so do not go & judge this place because it looks different to you. The food is amazing & just simply to die for. My family & I go there whenever we are all free. We go there at least 2 times, if not 3, in one month. This, we do not count weekdays for we only go on weekends. The service can sometimes send the wring message depending on the tone in their voices, or how they serve you, but hey they are working too, so give them a break. My family has come to know one of the waitors there pretty well & whenever we go there, he serves us very kindly, I cannot even explain. Try the different foods. You may not like them all, I myself do not either, but I guarantee you will enjoy most of it. more

What happened??? They used to be good. 7/8/2010

I remember when this place used to be a KFC then it became Little World. Heck I remember walking through the kitchen to get to the bathroom. That was before they were inspected as well as before I got a microbiology degree. Over a decade, perhaps even two, later I cannot believe that I may never visit my once favorite place for chinese food. The last three times I have eaten there I have been unimpressed and give them that one more chance. Well there are no more chances. 1st bad visit the pan fried noodle dish had more grease than noodles. I should have asked for some noodles with my grease, it was bad. Last week the 2nd bad visit. I ordered beef with snow peas and the brown sauce was burnt., It tasted like eating campfire smoke. The 3rd bad visit was the next day. I ordered sweet and sour shrimp in a deluxe combo with an egg roll, shrimp and fried wontons. These deep fried items were all lukewarm at best and well below the required holding temperature. I told them such and they got me a replacement which was probably the same old stuff that they threw in the hot oil for a minute. The shrimp that I had left over was tough and rubbery a mere five hours later and I threw it away. Disappointed. Now where do I go for decent chinese food? Davids Kitchen. I am asian, chinese/asian food is culture, is inherited, is in my blood. This place is being erased from my memory. Pros: Cheap food ...that is cold, old, rubbery or hard. Cons: Burnt food cold food old food tough food cheap fatty beef more

owner still from customers and employes 5/31/2010

I went to have dinner I wasn't done eatting when a very rude woman who is the owner said very loud ""you need to pay now"" I hadded my credit card to her she brings it back with a total of $ 93.12 I ask her for a receipt she gaves me a mean look after 15 minutes she brings it and it has different prices and more food that I order so I go and ask her she tell me very mad ""you have to pay taxes' I told her I don't think is $21 for taxes know she says 'i added money for tip"" i told her you ""can't do that I decide how much i want to leave not you and is not $18"" and she said I will give you your money but you have to leave her the $18 for tip because I don't pay my waitters what you will gave her is the only money she makes"" I can not belive this woman is the owner she stills from customers and from her employes is that legal to do? not to pay your employes? plus she also mention that her price in her menu always change when she wants to, the retaurant looks very durty their restroom is outside the restaurant and their waitters are very rude. Cons: charge more than what you eat more

Real Chinese Food 4/3/2010

Despite the grimy interior of Little World, it is one of the better Chinese restaurants in Salt Lake City. I have been a patron of this place for many years and, have never been disappointed. Though the service at times is not perfect, the food makes up for it. The 'real' family meals, (the portion of the menu that does not include dishes such as Pon Pon Chicken or General Tsao Chicken) offers a wide variety of flavors, and all for an affordable price. The sizzling eggplant dish, the Chef Special Noodles are some of the great dishes offered at this fine establishment. Generally speaking the staff is friendly, if you ask for less salt in their cooking, they will do so. Dishes to try include: Beef Pan Noodles (Dry)! Simply one of the best noodle dishes Little World offers! Eggplant & Shredded Pork Hotpot, is best when it comes out of the kitchen sizzling. Chef Special Noodles, great noodle dish with seafood and good ""wok hay"" or aroma from the wok. Braised Tofu and Vegetables is a delicious almost vegetarian dish. Tucked away on State Street, this is restaurant is a hidden gem. It brings authentic Chinese food to the Salt Lake Valley. Pros: Great Food, Comfortable Atmosphere Cons: Drafty more

Great food 10/22/2009

I go there for the food only every week. Pros: food and servise Cons: noisy more

Yuck... 10/9/2009

To find the inspection reports google, ""Salt Lake City Public Health Inspections"" and then choose, ""Food Service Establishments - Search Page""\r You can get the public health inspection results on restaurants and Little World. Since Citysearch doesn't let us post links, that is the best I could do. Little World scored very poorly. The inspection was done quite some time ago, so either Little World might be doing better at keeping things sanitary and clean or they have had a lot of time to get back into old habits. Yuck. Cons: Public Health Inspection more

Great Chinese Food 9/17/2009

Little World was recommended to me by two different girls from Taiwan as well as the delivery man from another Chinese restaurant. I don't believe that it is necessarily true that people from a given ethnic group are the best judges of that group's food,but I find that I am in agreement with my Chinese friends. The meat or shrimp portions are generous and the vegetables are fresh and not overcooked. The prices are also very good. The atmosphere leaves a lot to be desired, but it is great for take out! Pros: The Food Cons: The Ambiance more

old chinese way to make a buck 8/31/2009

I have seen this place evolved over the years.\r It is small enough to manage by family members and big enough to generate good income for the owners. It is hard to believe that the place can yield over a million dollars sales every years for the past ten years, if I haven't heard that from friends in the community. Eating there is like going to a old WalMart store, you know what is there.\r Pros: quicky lunch Cons: no special more

Great Food! 5/7/2009

This place reminds me of a few restaurants in the San Fran China Town. Friendly (though sometimes absent-minded) staff, great food, and a loud kitchen.\r \r My husband doesn't like Little World much. He thinks he gets sick eating there... but I've never got sick myself.\r \r I like to go with a couple friends and order from their family dinner menu. Depends on how many people there are in your party, you can choose from Dinner for 3 or more. You order from their specialty menu, which has some very authentic choices. You also get their soup of the day with the dinner. I've also been in with only a girlfriend and myself and ordered the dinner for 3. I was stuffed and had a lot of leftovers to take home, but it was a really good deal. Otherwise make sure you try some dishes from their specialty menu, food such as salt shrimp, fatty pork, eggplants, etc... they are the best!\r \r Oh and you have to try their potstickers! They are so good!\r \r Pros: Good food and choices. Cons: Staff sometimes weird. more

Awesome chinese food, Awesome price 3/13/2009

Obviously those americans who complain about the dirtiness of the restaurant have never been to China, or Southeast Asia. Easily the best Asian food for the Price in Salt Lake. \r You can always tell a good ethnic restaurant when the people of that ethnicity eat there. Every time I go to Little World (unless at lunch) a good majority of the people are Asian and speaking Chinese. Pros: some of the best authentic chinese food in town Cons: small dining area, crowded at lunch more

They are the one in town 10/9/2008

Sorry for those people....who's said they are dirty. I can tell you the true even the BIG 5 stars hotel. Their kitchen is very dirty as well, but they hided it....and how much did you pay for one meal in there.....more than $20 per person. Go!! check out Little World, how much did you pay for one person? less than$10. I think as long as they served you the great chinese food, I don't really care. If you have a chance, work at the 5 Stars hotel then you will see what 's the ""real world"" in there!!!!!!! Pros: Great food and cheap and BIG! Cons: Nothing more

Great, if you can get past the ambience. :) 9/10/2008

Huge selection, low prices, and good tasting food makes this place a worthy spot. If you can get past the sticky salt and pepper shakers and somewhat dirty ambiance, then this is a gem in the dirt. Service is inconsistent as w/ most asian servers as they are fast and not service oriented, but they are attentive. \r \r They have a different sections on the menu in which one is more authentic than the rest, and they are always busy. so you now the food is good. Too many options to mention on here what I like. I'm not sure if they use MSG or not, but will ask next time. Again, the food is very good, and the prices are cheap. I wish they would expand... Pros: Food, $, selection Cons: Clean the sticky salt and pepper shakers for crying out loud more

Beat Chinese in Salt Lake 7/25/2008

So what, it's a little dingy and it's a dive, the food is great and you can't beat the prices. So if your uptight about things not looking like the hilton, it's not for you. It's a small place that is always crowded and people constantly getting take out. There hasn't been one thing we tried on the menu that was bad, the service is prompt and yes, the waiters aren't very outgoing, but you just can't get that good of Chinese food anywhere around here. Pros: Great food, great prices, fast service Cons: it could be cleaner more

Some of Salt Lake's Best Chinese 6/30/2008

Little World is a run down, dirty little place, but I have returned time and time again for the food. Excellent, authentic Chinese. My recommnedation is to take the food to go and eat at home or have a Chinese takeout picnic. Definitely worth a try! Pros: Delicious chinese food Cons: Dumpy restaurant more
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  • The Scene
    Not a typical Salt Lake City Chinese restaurant. In the corner, a display of barbecued chicken and duck hangs waiting for buyers--like something you'd see in San Francisco's...

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