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Little Napoli Italian Cuisine - 21 Reviews - 504 Texas St, Houston, TX - Late Night Dining Reviews - Phone (713) 225-3900

Little Napoli Italian Cuisine

504 Texas St
Houston, TX 77002
(713) 225-3900
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Little Napoli Italian Cuisine - Houston, TX
Little Napoli Italian Cuisine - Houston, TX


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I have ordered always heath friendly dishes and i always expect them to lack in flavor ....but not at Little Napoli...EXCELLENT ITALIAN FOOD, great choices on the menu for hea...


My husband and I just got home from eating at Little Napoli for the first time. We live downtown, we'd heard that it was a great little place, and we thought we'd give it a try. ...

Beware the ""DOUBLE DIP SCAM"" 5/5/2012

!!!!!!!ATTENTION!!!!!!! Beware the ""DOUBLE DIP SCAM"" They will bring you a credit card receipt without the itemization. They charged our party of four 18% tip, but even worse, they did not let us know they were including the tip. Trying to get the ""DOUBLE DIP"" Beware!!!!!!!!! more

Affordable Italian 6/18/2011

Little Napoli is an affordable downtown Italian eatery featuring an indoor dining room and an outdoor, ground-level patio. The menu is available on the restaurant's website. Little Napoli is one of my favorite lunch time places due to the superb beef lasagna lunch time special. The service is outstanding and the wait staff always greets everyone with a smile. This is a very family-oriented restaurant. The menu is quite extensive, offering something for everyone. Appetizers include the Portobello mushrooms accompanied by a sweet Marsala sauce at $7.99 and the Napoli sampler which includes coconut shrimp, breaded shrimp, fried calamari and fried mozzarella sticks accompanied by a marinara sauce at $14.99, an excellent choice for sharing with the table. For those who wish to stay on the light and healthy side I recommend the grilled salmon salad which comes with mixed greens, cucumber, artichokes, sun dried tomatoes and olives at $11.99. As for the restaurant’s pasta entrées I recommend the manicotti comprised of three cheeses rolled in pasta sheets and topped with marinara sauce, or the beef cannelloni or the beef lasagna at $9.99. If you prefer seafood with your pasta choose the lobster ravioli a la vodka consisting of lobster stuffed ravioli, sautéed fresh tomatoes, fresh basil with a splash of Alfredo sauce at $14.99, or the seafood Portofino accompanied by mussels, scallops, jumbo shrimp, and mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes, all in a light white garlic butter white wine sauce at $15.99. Other options include entrées such as the mixed grilled chicken and beef Italian kabob accompanied by peppers and onions at $17.99, the grilled lamb chops accompanied by sautéed vegetables and a side of pasta with a pesto sauce at $18.99, the grilled red snapper accompanied by a side of vegetables at $19.99, or the eggplant parmigiana at $10.99. Remember to leave a little room for the dessert tray featuring among other excellent choices tiramisu and wonderfully rich cannelloni. The service is excellent most of the time and the wait staff is always available and ready to assist you, especially if you are undecided between two dishes or in answering any questions you may have regarding their happy hour choices. more

Management is non responsive to Accounting error 4/22/2011

Stopped by during the Holidays with some friends for appetizers. The bill was $45.44 and I left $53.00. Apparently that was not enough because they charged me $56.00. Giving them the benefit of doubt I contacted the management and faxed them the information. They have been non-responsive. Hopefully your experiences are better than mine. more

Excellent Italian Cuisine 2/18/2010

I have ordered always heath friendly dishes and i always expect them to lack in flavor ....but not at Little Napoli...EXCELLENT ITALIAN FOOD, great choices on the menu for heathly platters, Grilled Tuna Salad, red Snapper dish the portions are so large that 2 can eat from them...I love the atmosphere...I've going here for 3 years excellent prices and there is something always new Pros: Grilled Tuna Plate more

Great Food 6/25/2009

I was not a big fan of Italian food until going to eat at Little Napoli. Great pastas, Great grill food. Not to mention that they have a delicious mousse chocolate cake :) my favorite. Pros: Best Italian I've had in Houston Cons: don't go to downtown very often more

Bad service, passive aggressive waiter 6/4/2009

Below is the e-mail my boyfriend tried to send to the e-mail ID on the restaurants website after the horrible experience we had here: Today my girlfriend’s college buddy and husband flew in from Washington DC to visit us. We decided to treat them to some Italian food downtown and decided upon your restaurant. When we walked in the waiter asked us to sit at the 8 top closest to the front door but being that there were 4 of us and we wanted to be close together we asked to sit at a four top farther in the restaurant instead (we were the only customers in the restaurant at that time). This is when the waiter’s attitude shifted significantly. For the rest of the meal he was rude. Not in overt, brash ways, but in subtle ways. He never insulted us or used harsh language but it was like from that moment forward we were no longer the customers which finally gave him something to do, we were instantly the pain he didn’t want to deal with. We had to repeatedly ask for small things, he wouldn’t place the order when we asked him too (I know this for a fact because when I wanted my second drink I had to approach him at the bar – at which point I asked him for more bread – he brought me the drink but no bread was coming). When I asked for the second reorder of bread he said it would be a charge, there were 4 people dining and we ordered two entrees and one large pizza – we certainly weren’t trying to eat the bread only, it is just a nice side to the meal. We were charged 18% gratuity to our table. While in College I waited tables for years, so I tend to be the one to point it out to the manager if service is particularly terrible or over tip when it is fair to good. I’ve never heard of a restaurant which automatically grats a four top, typically this policy is reserved for parties of 6 or more. I’ve waited tables in upscale Italian restraints where the place was so uptight that they would dismiss an employee for less than this. Lo and behold the e-mail keeps bouncing back and the manager is never in the restaurant! Pros: Nothing. Cons: Pretty much everything in the restaurant was sub par. more

HORRIBLE!! 4/10/2009

our service was lousy and the restaurant was not busy at all, maybe 5 tables total. the food was not good at all the westheimer location is 100% better, the waitress (Bella) did not give us the itemized bill and then when i asked for it, it showed 15% auto grat on 4 people. I tried to call the manager, (Ray) 3 times and everytime I was told he was not there. i will never be back to this location. Pros: location? Cons: service, food, auto grat on 4 people!! more

Horrible Customer Service 3/11/2009

Here is the email I sent to management, which conveniently, is not a working email address: As a resident of an apartment complex neighboring the downtown Little Napoli, I have called for their delivery service several times. Time and time again, I have been met with some of the worst customer service I have ever received. However, due to the convenience, I had continued to call back on a rare occasion. This time, an older male answered the phone and gave me grief about every question I asked. He explicitly told me that my Baked Ziti didn't come with a salad and garlic bread, though that is exactly what is written on the online menu. He told me to ""give him my credit card number"" repeatedly, even though I hadn't completed my order. My roommate was telling me his credit card number and I was repeating it to the man on the phone. After he read back a 12-digit number, I told him that he had gotten the number wrong... and I instead handed the phone to my roommate. At that point, he began yelling ""Why did that guy just get on the phone and read a different number?!?!?"" It was then that I decided to cancel my order, and send a complaint. Over and over I have received horrible customer service from this restaurant, yet I continue to give it business and send my friends and neighbors over there to dine-in or order take-out. You can rest assured that I will not be giving any more of my money to Little Napoli ever again, and I will make sure my friends and neighbors do not stand for the treatment I was just given. I am well-aware that customer service has slipped through the cracks in many businesses going through these difficult economic times, but I urge you instead to bolster your customer service (or maybe just implement it, to begin) in order to ensure repeat business. Pros: The food is decent, but not for the price and the hassle Cons: Rude people more

Overpriced Italian 11/29/2008

My husband and I came here because we saw their menu online and thought that the food was very reasonably priced. When we got there, we noticed that they had increased the price of their food. I ordered their spaghetti and meatballs and my husband ordered their ravioli. The food took a while to come and they didn't even give us bread before the meal. Both dishes tasted like they came form a can. The other problem was that we wanted to sit outside, but one side smelled like tobacco because of the cigar shop, and the other side did not have that great of a view. Some guy even came and asked us for money while we were trying to enjoy our meal. I am just glad we did not order their more expensive dishes because I have a feeling we would have been very disappointed. Pros: Indoor ambience, location Cons: Food, service, outdoor ambience more

Good, will get a second chance from me 8/15/2008

I tried this restaurant today after noticing it just the other day. Though quaint and small-ish the ambience was very nice. It is very reminiscent of a real family run Italian establishment back home in Chicago. Being Italian I am very picky about my Italian food, and though not overwhelmed I thought it was good. \r \r I had the eggplant parm. which was sliced a little thick for my taste, but the flavor profile was very nice, the ingredients quality, and the pasta perfectly al dente as it should be. The canoli for dessert was very good as well. \r \r On the minus side the service was less than stellar, and though the food was good it seemed slightly overpriced. Maybe that is due to location and therefore innevitable, as it is a nice main street location. All in all I will go back to give them a try again, so I am reserving final judgment for now. Pros: Nice ambience, great location, decent food Cons: service, value more

Don't be fooled like we were.... 7/29/2008

We've always known that the service at Little Napoli downtown was slow, and sometimes even a bit rude. But we enjoyed the restaurant for its close proximity to Sambuca for after-dinner drinks and live music. We always enjoyed the food, too. But there comes a point when a good meal means NOTHING when you leave this restaurant so angry and frustrated on a saturday evening. Our waitress was literally a B**CH, and I try so hard to not let bad service ruin a nice outing. It got to a point that I was literally picking up plates and handing them to our waitress to clear because having this woman at our table too long was upsetting my in-laws, who were visiting from out-of-town. When she came out to take our order, and we weren't quite ready, she snapped, ""So you aren't ready to order then??"" really rude and snooty, like she couldn't believe we were wasting her time. To top it off, the manager refused to honor our gift certificate from restaurant dot com, even though we bought it recently at their website, for that specific location downtown. He said that the restaurant had changed management and there was nothing he could do. He was very short with us, because god forbid we wasted HIS time, too. To be honest, I'm not surprised to hear that the management had changed. The service was so bad, and patrons few and far between, that it finally made sense. SOMETHING had changed, and you know you have a problem when a manager at a restaurant acts like you are worthless, his customers. Unfortunately, even when food is worth going back for, nothing else is! Spend your money elsewhere and actually enjoy your meal! The manager and his staff need to go take a class in customer service- when did it become okay to yell at your customers!? So rude...i'll save myself any future headaches (and total embarrassment!) and find another italian place to take family and friends...a restaurant that actually appreciates its customers' patronage!! Pros: Food has always been tasty Cons: Service is such a disgrace; Enjoy a tasty meal elsewhere! more

Yummy food. Slow but friendly service. 9/16/2007

I just left the restaurant and the food was excellent. I'd visited before and enjoyed the food and the service was unfriendly And slow. This time it wasn't as fast as I'd like, but the waitress was quite friendly. My friend requested that we put it on our regular restaurant rotation list.\r \r I'll definately return for a third visit! Pros: excellent food, friendly service, nice ambience Cons: slow service more

BEST pizza, live entertainment, nice ambiance, in the middle of downtown! NEVER crowded! 2/9/2007

We come here specifically for the pizza. They use the freshest ingredients and not too much sauce, which makes it taste AWESOME. This place is open late, so it's an awesome place to stop by after clubbing in downtown. The last time we went there was a Jazz band (the lead singer was ASIAN, but sounded like a true New Orleans jazz singer!) They were very entertaining. The wine was excellent, service was great, and great food!! This place offers great coupons on Restaurantdotcom so I would take advantage of those. I have used them before and have had no trouble. We come here every so often becaue it is so great!!! Pros: Great Pizza, Jazz Band, Ambiance Cons: Food can be a little slow at times more

Delicious Pizza! 1/27/2007

Little Napoli's has been a WELCOME addition to downtown! Their service is great, the hours are great, the owners are so nice and friendly, I just can't say enough! The pizza is the best pizza in town, and the rest of the food is outstanding. I can never not get pizza, though.... Pros: Pizza! Cons: Parking more

The manager has left the building. 7/27/2006

My husband and I just got home from eating at Little Napoli for the first time. We live downtown, we'd heard that it was a great little place, and we thought we'd give it a try. Our server was fine, the food was better than average for the price, and the ambiance was nice (we sat outdoors.) A few little glitches in service happened (the server brought one wrong drink, then delivered our salads literally immediately after the appetizer came), but we were happy with everything until the check was dropped. I had printed a $5-off coupon from the Citysearch website right before we left the house. We presented it with a credit card, and our server disappeared for a good five minutes. When she came back, she apologized and said that we couldn't use the coupon because she couldn't find a manager to authorize it. Which would be fine, except a Little Napoli employee was standing on the sidewalk directly next to our table throughout the meal offering passersby $5-off their meal with a coupon she was handing out. When I pointed this out to our server, she shrugged and said that we could wait while she tried to find the manager if we liked. I asked again why she couldn't simply use one of the coupons being handed out on the sidewalk, and she just looked at me blankly. We then paid the full amount and left. My husband called the restaurant to talk to a manager about the situation, and was told that there was no manager in the building (at 9:45 on a Saturday night in a restaurant that is open until 3 AM.) The $5 isn't the issue, it's the fact that the management and staff handled the situation the way they did. We will not be returning. Pros: Good food, nice atmosphere Cons: Service, management more

great service 5/22/2006

Me and my boyfriend dined in Litlle Napoli Down Town.That was the finest italian food I've evr tried.The prices are availible, they have a full bar and nice music. The service was great.We'll go there again. Pros: good food more

excellent service 5/19/2006

i went to little napoli dwnt with my husband and my kids and i had a grill snapper w vegtables and my husband seafood picatta and my kids had spaggetti meatballs and the service was excellent and we engoy the life entertaiment and we really like this restaurant because the atmospher ,clean , best food and fun i know little napoli from the other locatin on westheimer and we love little napoli food. more

little napoli ristorante italiano 5/18/2006

we went to litlle napoli in Downtown , the food is excelent .. i have Salmon Piccata and my Husband has linguini Pescatore and was excelent , and we have a vine and the service was excelent , the food was super fresh, Little napoli is realy my favorite restaurante ,they open late , and serving the full menu and the enterteiment was excelent....and there is Starbuck also, you never will find that in Houston Downtown,..we really love it!!! more

good entertainement 5/18/2006

I was there last friday with my boyfriend and we ordered ribye, salmon picata and chicken parmegiana...We really had good time and good food and It was a very romantic night and we staied there until 3 in the morning... We also enjoyed the good music and atmosfeer of the place Pros: good enterteinement Cons: good food more

Nice 5/18/2006

Very nice place. Romantic great view and food. Soccer all the time on TV, World cup is showing here, except if you wnat to watch Astros or others. I love it. Price is right. Service is great. I LOVE it. Pros: Good Prices, Great service, Wnderful Food more
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  • Family owned Italian restaurant in the Houston Theatre District offering up classic Italian dishes, fine wines and a great view! Signature dishes include Pasta Napoli, Lasagna, Ravioli ala Vodka Sauce


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    This downtown Southern Italian bistro bustles at lunchtime with area office workers taking a needed break to enjoy a casual meal with friends and colleagues. Opt for the cozy...

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